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Magical Travel: 25 Places With Healing Powers

Outside the realm of medical science lay a sea of sites regarded by many as capable of miraculously healing the ill and injured. Some may be affiliated with specific faiths; some may open their metaphorical doors to all peoples. Some may date back to ancient times; some may have only acquired their seemingly magical abilities in modern times. The one thing they have in common, however, is their ability to entice visitors of all types to come see for themselves whether or not these allegedly altruistic energies meet their needs. lease keep in mind that this article does not intend to take the place of professional medical !or spiritual" consultation. #t merely looks at the different places that various people believe possess une$plainable healing powers. The veracity of these claims is left entirely to the reader. Some may label it as superstition, others may find something hopeful and effective. %ut individual interpretation does not change the perceptions of others represented in this article. 1. Lourdes, France One of the most popular destinations for &hristian pilgrims ' especially amongst &atholics ' (ourdes only gained its reputation as a place of healing within the past )*+ years. %eginning in ,ebruary of )-.-, %ernadette Soubirous started seeing visions of the /oly 0other that allegedly drove her to dig up a spring with her own bare, girlish hands. The first reports of its curative powers began trickling in around )-12, and the site plays host to millions of pilgrims as a result. /ailing from every nook and cranny of the globe, they seek out the pools of water formed from Soubirous3s original spring with the hopes that it alleviates their myriad maladies. 2. Stonehenge

The iconic stone monument located in 4iltshire &ounty, 5ngland plays host to several artifacts that lead archaeologists to believe that ancient cultures considered Stonehenge a place of healing. 5ven before the first majestic tablet went up, bluestones dating back to 1+++ %.&. point towards the site3s status as a popular pilgrimage destination. Some of the small rocks can be traced all the way back to sites in South 4ales6sites about ).+ miles away7 %odies buried near Stonehenge also come accompanied by the supposedly magical bits of dolerite and quart8 as well. This only solidifies theories that the monument served a

plethora of purposes ' not only as a conduit for healing and worship, but charting the stars and solstices as well. . !l Santuario do "hi#a$o The first recorded instance of 5l Santuario do &himayo3s healing properties dates back to )-)2, when ,r. Sebastian 9lvare8 discussed the waves of pilgrims headed to Santa ,e, :ew 0e$ico seeking solace from physical ailments. ;nown as <The (ourdes of 9merica,= the holy site continues to draw predominantly &atholic visitors ever since the shrine completed construction in )-)>. 0any believe that the magnificent crucifi$ ,r. 9lvare8 discovered buried in the hills e$ists as the source of the curative energies. The 9rchdiocese of Santa ,e currently owns and operates the lovely chapel, which attracts around 2++,+++ pilgrims annually ' some for the spiritual element, others for the potential healing. %. Machu Picchu :ew 9ge practitioners flock to 0achu icchu, nestled in the 9ndes lateau of eru, believing that it sits upon a major chakra capable of healing visitors and the planet itself. Some shops catering to that community sell oils distilled from orchids found on or near the ancient village, and many shamans and alternative doctors with a heavy spiritual bent prescribe visits to facilitate overall wellness. 0any even host their own pilgrimages, bringing along patients desiring to quell their own ills or pray for the health and safety of 5arth and all its inhabitants. 5. &aag Mandir This ?anua (evu !one of the ,iji islands"@based /indu temple devoted to the snake god :aag has supposedly been gradually growing over the past )A+ years. %eginning at A feet tall, it has over time risen to around ). ' the shrine has been renovated several times in order to accommodate its e$panding height. ?isitors frequently seek out :aag 0andir to heal their fertility issues, leaving offerings of foods, flowers and incense alongside prayers for children. Some even claim that a trip to the temple eventually cured A+ years3 worth of infertility and impotence7 '. The Mineral (aths o) *a#aica

Bamaica boasts at least 2 major mineral springs ' Cockfort 0ineral %ath, %ath ,ountain /otel and 0ilk Civer %ath ' each of them overflowing with their own unique stories of healing. The health benefits of such baths remain disputed, of course, though many swear by their ability to relieve a

variety of different ailments. #f nothing else, they still provide rest and rela$ation from everyday physical and mental stresses7 One story from 0ilk Civer %ath claims that a slave owned by Bonathan (udford received a severe, tragic beating. /e escaped and sought refuge bathing in what eventually became their mineral springs, returning a couple of days later with his injuries entirely healed. +. Wells o) Penwith Sancreed 4ell, 0adron 4ell, 9lsia 4ell, St. (evans /oly 4ell and &hapel 5uny3s 4ell all call &ornwall home, and all of them have served as places of healing since before the advent of &hristianity. One common practice they all share involves the use of clouties. The ill and injured tie pieces of their clothing around nearby trees, with the hopes that the conditions in question will rot away alongside them. 0adron 4ell even sports a number of different <thank yous= for its altruistic services7 &hurches and chapels located in &ornwall utili8e the well waters for baptism ceremonies. ,. Hells -ate #n spite of its name, /ells Date in Cotorua, :ew Eealand plays host to healing mineral mud revered by the :gati Cangiteaorere !more commonly known as the Cotorua 0aori" Tribe for over 1++ years. Today, they operate a spa on the sacred grounds in order to share its unusual geological properties and ' of course ' the curative abilities. #n addition to the usual massages, visitors can rela$ and enjoy baths, facials and scrubs utili8ing both the magical mud and traditional :gati Cangiteaorere techniques. Feto$ification, skin care and antibacterial treatments comprise the main health benefits that spa patrons seek. 9longside the usual rest and rela$ation, obviously7 .. /nsen Onsen lay scattered about various locales in Bapan, but all of them share some degree of healing capabilities. Fepending on the minerals contained in the springs, visitors can pursue solace from a wide spectrum of different conditions. ,or e$ample, carbonated onsen allegedly provide relief from cardiovascular and neurological issues, while those with an acidic composition appeal more to diabetics and individuals suffering from chronic skin disorders. 9ll of them, though, serve as e$cellent stops for anyone desiring a little rest and rela$ation ' necessary components in treating many mental health and stress@related illnesses. 10. Lago de 1titl2n

Thousands of devotees to :ew 9ge spirituality descend upon Duatamala3s (ago Fe 9titlGn every year to take advantage

of the spas, meditation centers, yoga studios and other hallmarks of the faith. /olistic, alternative and traditional 0ayan treatments abound in this lush &entral 9merican haven, and (as irGmides del ;a appears to be one of the most popular destinations for health and healing enthusiasts. ?isitors take part in yoga and meditation sessions, take classes on a variety of relevant topics and pursue certification in different facets of spirituality. 9s they emphasi8e healing and personal growth, people of all religions ' including atheism ' are entirely welcome. 11. (asilica o) the &ational Shrine o) /ur Lad$ o) 13arecida laces of healing associated with &atholicism oftentimes correspond directly with 0arian apparitions, and the one affiliated with 9parecida, %ra8il follows the trend. The largest shrine dedicated to visions of the /oly 0other ever constructed inspires great pride in %ra8il3s peoples, and . million pilgrims travel yearly to pay homage. 9lthough the most well@known miracle associated with Our (ady of 9parecida involves fisherman reeling in a generous bounty after an e$tended battle against futility and emptiness, she is frequently sought after to perform healing rituals as well. 5ven prayers intending to invoke her intercession often request relief from physical, mental and emotional pain. 12. "hichen 4t5a, Me6ico The 0ayan civili8ation considered &hichen #t8a a valuable hub when it came to the healing arts ' a tradition that continues today, enjoyed by visitors of all ethnicities and religious leanings. Spas have sprung up around the archaeological site in order to keep 0ayan treatments alive, and regular healing ceremonies still take place as they did here thousands of years ago. 9long with its religious significance, &hichen #t8a also served as a major political center as well. 1 . 1nguilla 9nguilla, one of the &aribbean #slands, allegedly possesses a <Sacred ?orte$= capable of inspiring creativity, self@awareness and ' of course ' healing. Ceiki practitioners enjoy meditating in the caves and swimming in the water, connecting with the energies that flow through the magical locale for a variety of different ends. 9t least one spa has sprung up that sells the island3s curative properties, offering up soaks and other packages taking advantage of the energy@charged atmosphere. 1%. La Salette, France

(a Salette became one of the few sites supposedly visited by 0ary in the A+th &entury, and the ?atican as well as national

and local clergy frequently send out investigators to dissect the cavalcade of claims regarding healings associated with the place. 9 popular destination for &atholic pilgrims, Our (ady of (a Salette has allegedly quelled the suffering of many individuals who sent her prayers and visited her shrine. The fountain it contains draws visitors into its waters ' often people who desire its energies to cleanse them of physical torment as quickly as possible. 15.Sedona, 1ri5ona :ative 9mericans have long considered the arid deserts of Sedona, 9ri8ona sacred places of healing and worship ' a belief that persists into contemporary times. ilgrims in search of spiritual and physical healing journey to this Southwestern state to consult with shamans on a multitude of matters, hoping to find answers in the flowing energies and breathtaking scenery. Some sign up for retreats and learn how to best harness the powers that be in the interest of their health and well@being. Others prefer e$ploring its mysteries in a more solitary fashion, though their intentions remain the same. 1'. 1#rita3uri 1shra# &onsidered a saint in her native #ndia, Sri 0ata 9mritanandamayi Fevi operates an ashram in her home city of 9mritapuri for pilgrims worldwide ' mainly children ' to come hear her messages of unity, peace and compassion. She is widely believed to possess a healing touch in addition to a kind and generous heart, making her quite popular amongst the ailing. /ealth@related 9shram activities that continue even without her presence include yoga classes and ayurvedic, homeopathic and allopathic treatments. #t is magical because she made it so. 1+. Pilgri#age "hurch o) -uadalu3e This Spanish church houses an incredibly mysterious statue of a 0adonna with skin as black as pitch. Theories abound as to her true origins, but whatever they may be she is still considered a healing presence. Some believe that the statue may serve as a physical conduit between the /oly 0other and her ardent followers ' an avatar on earth through which she stores her power and projects it where people need it most. Hnsurprisingly, the ilgrimage &hurch of Duadalupe sees millions of visitors each year hoping to seek 0ary3s intercession. 1,. The 7ead Sea

#sraeli doctors praise the mud and salt from The Fead Sea as viable treatments for chronic skin diseases such as acne and psoriasis. #t

probably comes as little to no shock, then, that a multitude of entrepreneurs have cashed in on its spiritual and medicinal significance to set up resorts and spas in order to encourage travelers to take advantage of what the area has to offer ' and spend their money7 Still others market the mud and salt as products to be consumed by patients worldwide. 1.. Mount (anahaw 0ount %anahaw looms .+ miles south of the ,ilipino capital of 0anila and attracts pilgrims pulling from both traditional faiths as well as &atholicism. %oth religions regard the volcanic structure and its plentiful caves and waterfalls as sacred, and churches are in no short supply as journeys progress. Fipping oneself in pooling water 1 times is said to act as a general healing ritual that may possibly lead to medical miracles. 20.Med8ugor8e, 9ugoslavia 0edjugorje, Iugoslavia hosted one of the most famous and popular 0arian apparitions, attracting millions of pilgrims yearly. 9 goodly portion of them come specifically to ask the /oly 0other for healing ' some even go so far as to claim her capable of curing multiple sclerosis. The &atholic &hurch constantly sends out priests to investigate these claims before declaring them miracles, of course. 9lthough most stem from reasonable scientific e$planations, the true origins of a few healings remain mysterious. 21. The -anges :iver /indus hold The Danges Civer with the utmost reverence, considering it a deity in its own right. ;nown mostly as a place of death, where sacred cremations take place in order to lead the deceased to 0oksha, the mighty waters also allegedly restore life as well. 0any earnestly believe that bathing in or drinking the water holds the potential to restore one3s body to its original healthy form ' a mindset that leads to millions of men, women and children to make the pilgrimage to its banks every year. 22. Mecca

9ll 0uslims are e$pected to make at least ) hajj in their lifetime, meaning that around A million believers make the journey every year to this sacred site in Saudi 9rabia. Once they arrive, the worshippers engage in a heavily rituali8ed battery of prayers and drink from an ancient spring named Eam8am. Some say it has flowed for around *,+++ years, and followers of #slam consider it sacred for its supposed healing properties. /owever, they believe that the waters only cure those

of true, strong faith ' though that does not stop local merchants from capitali8ing on selling it in jerry cans to anyone willing to pay the price. 2 . 7ragon "ave :estled deep in the hang :ga district of Thailand sits the sacred Fragon &ave, sought after by individuals suffering from the ravages of /#? and cancer ' though other maladies are represented as well. Those curious about its healing properties consult with the %uddhist monks who call it home and charge nothing for their services. Friven by altruism, they teach the pilgrims how to meditate properly and serve up piping hot tree bark tea to the pilgrims camping out and honestly seeking solace from their pains6if not a cure. 2%. ;luru %etter known to <4esterners= as 9yers Cock, Hluru carries great significance to the itjantjatjara and Iankunytjatjara peoples of &entral 9ustralia. Tourists come to gawk at the natural wonder, many never reali8ing that the indigenous tribes consider it a sacred site for spiritual and physical healing. &onsidered one of the most important sites for their culture, leaders annually climb into an obscure cave to pray for the health and rejuvenation of the planet and its inhabitants. Others are welcome to gather around the breathtaking structure and meditate on their own recovery ' or the recovery of a loved one. 25. Ta<le Mountain 9s with many other locales on this list, Table 0ountain in South 9merica garners great reverence amongst :ew 9ge types for its hefty concentration of chakras and ley lines intended to heal individuals and nature alike. #ndividuals hoping to practice alternative medicine often make pilgrimages to this majestic geological formation in order to strengthen their connections to themselves, their peers and the planet itself. Some believe themselves capable of harnessing its psychic energy for distribution elsewhere in the world, most especially those in need of healing and positivity. Cegardless of a reader3s personal opinions, millions of ailing men, woman and children journey to these locales ' and others not listed here7 ' to seek out the healing energies they host. 4hether magical, psychosomatic or simply science that has yet to be e$plained, people still believe that traversing the globe with these sites as their ultimate destination holds the key to their overall health and wellness.