The Theotokos gives her life to God!

“Let the little children come to me, and do not forbid them, for such is the Kingdom of Heaven.” Mark 10:4
Sunday, November 17, 2013 Volume 1, Issue 40

Are we too selfish?
Today’s Gospel reading is kind of a warning to ALL of us—to you, to your parents, to everybody in the whole world!
Today, we hear how a rich man decided it was time to bring in his crops. And that year, he found, he brought in tons of food! It was more than he knew what to do with! What should he do? He thought to himself, “I will pull down my barns and build new, bigger barns. Then I will have enough space to keep all my This saint, St. Xenia, gave all crops!”

her money to the poor and was always thinking of the life to But then God told him, “Tonight you are finished here on earth. How can you use all come!

your crops then?” The warning here is that we should always be looking forward to the next life, the life when we can be with God all the time in Heaven! How can we get ready for the next life? One way is by remembering other people and trying to help them. Let’s try to be generous to others, and not selfish like the man in the story today!

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A Great Feast!
Have you ever tried to imagine your mother and father as kids? What did they look like? What
did they do for fun? Did they ever get in trouble? Sometimes, it’s hard to imagine our other mother, Mary the Theotokos, as a kid too! In most icons, we see her all grown up, and holding baby Jesus. But on Thursday we will celebrate a great feast of our Church. It’s the day that little Mary, as a three-year-old girl, en-

In this icon, Mary, the Theotokos, is only 3 years old!

What’s a Mosaic?
Here is a very old icon of Mary, the Theotokos! It is made up of many, many tiny pieces of squares. When you put them together, you have a beautiful icon!

Answers: Entrance, Theotokos, Mary, Crops, Selfish, Life, Kid. Final word: Generous

tered the Temple. Mary’s parents, Joachim and Anna, knew that their little girl was somebody special and that God wanted her to do great things! They took her to the Temple so that she could dedicate her whole life to God. Mary stayed there until it was time for her to help God in another way—to be the mother of God, our Lord Jesus Christ! This is a special day because we remember how Mary, the Theotokos, our other mother, gave her life to God!
Don’t forget! Thursday is the feastday of the Entrance of the Theotokos into the Temple!

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