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L'onore e il rispetto

L'onore e il rispetto is an Italian television series. There are three seasons, each with six episodes: first season aired in 2006, second in 2009 and third in 2012. First season was directed by Salvatore Samperi, second by Samperi (who died before airing) and Luigi Parisi, third by Parisi and Alessio Inturri. On October 2, 2012 Gabriel Garko announced through an interview with Tgcom 24 [1], which will soon turn a fourth season of the TV series.

First season
Mascalucia, Sicily 1956: Ersilia Fortebracci is a dreamer and progressive woman, who dreams of a different life and away from Sicily where he lives. When her father in law died, she finally managed to convince her husband Pasquale, to sell the estate of the deceased patriarch Rocco, and leaving Sicily to start a new life in the north with his two sons Tonio and Santi, with the hope of making a fortune. In Turin, Ersilia and your family are welcomed by her cousin Nino Vitale, who will introduce to a man, whose name is Pippo 'o Calabrese: this man will help them to invest their savings in an appliance store. But behind this help hide intrigue and trouble, and for the family Fortebracci there is no peace.Pasquale will not be able to defend the local underworld, who will exploit and push him to suicide in 1965, while Ersilia, unable to bear the pain of her husband's death, lose the right, ending up in a nursing home. Tonio and Santi, the Ersilia and deceased Pasquale's sons, will become the two protagonists of this history and will make their way, in their own way, to achieve their goals. Tonio is a smart and impetuous guy, and an unrepentant womanizer, but in an attempt to unmask the traitors of his family and to take revenge, his life takes a turn for the worse, that will take him to the top of the Cosa Nostra's underworld (when the most important figures are don Rosario and don Calogero). Santi instead is the opposite of his brother: he's a shy and introverted boy. He will take the opposite route, the rule of law, becoming magistrate to combat crime through justice and not through vengeance. Tonio, to avenge his father, "killed" by Pippo 'o Calabrese, impregnates his daughter Melina, really in love with Tonio, who will leave her. Only Nella will help her,hosting her and child, to which was given the same name as his father: Antonia (therefore called Tonia). After Pippo will killed by Tonio, while Santi can become a magistrate and falls in love with Melina, promising to do a father to his niece, because Nella is dead, killed by one of the Tonio's two best friends, at the gate that separated the child up for adoption years ago, born of the rape of her stepfather who, in response, had injured his hand, but she had to be (wrongly) imprisoned by the unexpected testimony of the mother, afraid of a possible backlash from her husband; she had also fallen in love with a woman thief, but then gave up running away with the money earned through the robberies. Meanwhile, Tonio falls in love with Olga, a very beautiful and wealthy, and does everything just to be able to win her heart. So he decided to make his wife Olga, beginning to be part of the clan of Don Calogero Rocca. After many vicissitudes, Tonio and Olga marry; but Olga

will be the victim of Tonio, which will close in a room in his new house after discovering a woman's attempt to escape. She's unhappy with Tonio, but she is pregnant also: Tonio is excited to have a son who served, but the wife manages to escape and makes you think the player to have an abortion, the latter causing a strong emotional breakdown. Meanwhile Don Calogero, determined to kill Santi Fortebracci, one of the few incorruptible magistrates in Sicily, is to kidnap the daughter of Tony; so orders at the same Tonio to lead by him his brother to kill him. At the beginning Tonio accepts, but at the decisive moment the protagonist plunges into a desperate battle against all, and manages to kill all the mobsters that appear in front, don Calogero included, but is seriously injured. So Santi comes immediately to his aid and kills the last two gangsters still alive; but Tonio seems that there is nothing more to do. The season ends with Santi who believe Tonio dead, so he takes his daughter Antonia safe and sound at home. Meanwhile Olga, hearing the news of the death of Tonio, almost feels relieved: he is happy, rich, and still waiting for a child, which in Tonio had kept hidden.

Second season
Against the background of Italy of 1969, the exciting and dramatic saga of Fortebracci family continues with Tonio having survived the massacre of the quarry and now tries in every way to embrace his wife Olga. The fates, however, still adverse, will fall on him making revenge his only reason to live. In fact, the woman died in a car accident with her new boyfriend, who wanted to leave for the sake of Tonio: Only Nicolas, their only son, is saved from the tragedy. Convinced by Santi, who is still disappointed by Tonio for deceiving him (in fact, instead of going to process, he had gone to Switzerland with Olga). Tonio accepts jail, but life in prison for someone like him is impossible, especially if all the powerful bosses Sicilian want him dead. The Rocca family, who is the dead don Calogero's family, wants revenge on Tonio, so the family's matriarch, Rosangela Rocca, understanding that his son Dariois is drug dependent and can no longer take the reins of the clan, allies himself with Fred Di Venanzio. She knows Fred, Dario's biological father, and Rodolfo's uncle, a cruel man, just returned in Sirenuse from Belgium (where he has been for seven years), who rapes a long time the sweet sister Carmela and is admired by teenage brother Fortunato. The journalist Alma Vincy is interested in the case of "different brothers", when Santi is a magistrate and Tonio is a mafia, but at the end she works with the same Santi, who will be killed together with her and Nicolas, Tonio's son, by Fortunjato Di Venanzio and a stooge. Between Carmela and Tonio there begins to be affection, because she hides in her house to escape the violent brother, who will fall in love with Assunta Rocca, who is disagrees never with her mother, tha hate Rodolfo. After she will be strangled by Rodolfo, that wanted to use Dario to blackmail Rosangela Rocca, but the same Dario will die of overdose. The Di Venanzio's victim will be the same Rosangela, in a pitiful murder-suicide by herself wanted to be able to hug his family. Fred, ill for some time, will also die, he has designated Tonio as the mafia's new head. Melina will do anything to keep Tonio away, but he finds himself the desire to be a father with Tonia, and save Melina when she is raped by her cousin, killing him. Meanwhile, Carmela, after the death of Rodolfo, believing that Tonio (who falls in love with the judge Francesca De Santis) is responsible and not being able to forgive, decides to leave. Tonio later discovers that it was Fortunato Di Venanzio who killed his brother and his son Nicolas, but when he asks him the truth, the same Fortunato shoots him. The second season ends with the judge

Francesca De Santis who goes to the Di Venanzio's home, where he discovers that Tonio was shot.

Third season
After being fired from Fortunato Di Venanzio, Tonio has spent more than a month in a coma. Now he is awake, but he is tired of living the Mafia wars and his only desire now is to be with his family, whom he loves. In fact, he is getting married to Melina, who has always been understood to be his true love, and he wants so much to Salvatore, his nephew, and Antonia, his daughter with Melina ten years earlier. So he decides to cooperate with the juestice, represented by the judge Francesca De Santis, target of gangs and best friend of Tonio, of which she is falled in love. So he reaveals to Francesca that many families are part of the Mafia's Dome: at the top there are the Mancuso, whose patriarch is don Tano, and to follow there are the Patrono, The Veneziano, The Romeo and what remains of the Di Venanzio (in fact now there is only Fortunato Di Venanzio, while Carmela lives in a convent, and is about to leave for New York, where an aunt is waiting her). A new character, however, will creep into everyone's life. She is Concetta De Nicola, called Tripolina, an ex-prostitute who works for Mancuso. She has five sons, all from different men. The first is Ettore, who is in prison, the second is Giasone, the third is Paride, the wisest and as good as gold (would take a life away from the blood spilled by the Sicilian), the fourth is Venere, who is twelve years old and the Tripolina's favorite because her mother makes her live in a boarding school, away from crime, and the last Patroclo, eight years old, who, however, will be given almost immediately into the custody of another family. When Fortunato Di Venanzio, together with all chieftains' sons, rapes and kills Venere, for Tripolina that's the beginning of a great suffering and desire for revenge. So, also for Tonio who sees his family dead in front of his eyes. He doesn't know that sons of Tripolina had planted a bomb in the car of Melina on behalf of Don Tano Mancuso. Melina and her son Salvatore dead, while Antonia, who had been with Tonio, saves herself. So Tonio, with the help of the judge De Santis, La donna e suo figlio Salvatore muoiono, invece Antonia, che era rimasta con il Fortebracci, si salva. Lui, con l'aiuto della fedele De Santis, puts her in a college, ready to make justice to himself. Ricky, his best friend, will help him and protect Antonia. Meanwhile Tonio finds, thanks to Francesca, that behind the death of Nicolas, his sons, and Santi, his brother, one year ago, there're not only Rodolfo and Fortunato Di Venanzio, but an old boss also, Saro Ferlito, called "The puppeteer" (in in the Sicilian dialect, ""U' burattinaio""). Now Tonio wants kill him, and to do it, pretends to be his friend and enters in the interport of drug, from America to Sirenuse. Meanwhile Carmela found turns out to bear a child by Tonio, in which he finds himself, and spends a night of love. But he disappears when Fortunato is killed with a throat accepted. So Carmela believes that Tonio is your brother's murderer, e and promises revenge. Indeed, Tripolina killed him, and now she wants kill all the godfathers' sons, because they raped and killed her daughter Venere. Tonio went to New York on behalf of Saro Ferlito, where he met Billy Ferlito, nephew of the boss, and the ruthless Tom Di Maggio, who is very suspicious and who immediately puts him to the test: in fact, Jennifer, a stripper, girlfriend of Billy Ferlito, but lover of Lee Di Maggio, Tom's son, does believe Tonio to be an FBI agent who is trying to frame Ferlito and Di Maggio, but Tonio in the new meeting with the two gangsters does not hesitate to reveal the identity of the girl, giving proof of his loyalty to them. Gaining confidence, Tonio thus becomes part of the American Mafia Dome and returns to Sirenuse,

while Carmela is more determine than ever to get back at Tonio, and becomes the lover of Tom Di Maggio, who can not be a new friend of the same Tonio. Returning to Sirenuse, Tonio searches for a company that is failing, to steal it and use it to bring the cocaine from Italy to America. He chooses the Liguorum company, that belongs to the baron Everaldo de Nisi, who lives with his daughter, the beautiful Fabiola. She immediately falls in love with Tonio, and his niece, the cruel and ugly Angelica. Tonio and Fabiola pass beautiful nights together, but fate will separate them forever. In fact Angelica kills her uncle Everelado and her cousin Fabiola, so now she is the sole Ligorum owner: she knows Tonio wants company, and forces him to marry her, because she fell in love with him. Meanwhile Tripolina kills all godfathers' sons, and sides with Tonio. Together they decide to marry one of the sons of the woman, the only uncensored, Paride (who has however a girlfriend, Erminia), with Santina Mancuso, don Tano Mancuso's daughter. The plan succeeds, and after killing Fulvio, responsible for the rape of the daughter, Tripolina takes possession of the villa of Mancuso and their lives, together with his sons. From Turin comes the commissioner Ren Rolla, a strong and alternative man, who is the ex-husband of Francesca De Santis, that will die to save Tonio. Now Tonio wants kill Tripolina and her sons also, because he understood they're Melina and Salvatore's killers. But he must marry Angelica, who he later will kill, electrocuting her with hair dryer in the bath. When Giasone has to kill Erminia, Paride saves her, but he is injured. So his brother kills Erminia, but Paride, who is still alive, shoots several times at Giasone and kills him. Meanwhile Don Tano kills his family and Tripolina, so kills himself in front of Rolla. Carmela pretends to be pregnant with Tom and after the baby is born (who is the son of Tonio) wants to kill Tonio. So by trickery, Di Maggio asks Tonio to comes to New York. Tonio comes to Tom's home and when he sees Carmela, he understands he is finished in a trap, but now it is too late. Tom puts a gun to Tonio's head and this could be the death of Tonio.

Fourth season
The fourth season is now in production.

Season Episodes Prime TV First season 6 2006 Second season 6 2009 Third season 6 2012

Characters Actors

Gabriel Garko plays Tonio Fortebracci (Seasons 1-2-3-4) Serena Autieri plays Olga (Seasons 1-2 first episode) Manuela Arcuri plays Nella (Season 1 fifth episode) Giancarlo Giannini plays Giuseppe Bastianelli, called Pippo O' Calabrese (Season 1 third episode) Virna Lisi plays Ersilia Fortebracci (Season 1 third episode)

Giuseppe Zeno plays Santi Fortebracci (Seasons 1-2 third episode) Cosima Coppola plays Melina Bastianelli (Seasons 1-2-3 first episode) Luigi Maria Burruano plays Don Rosario Liberati (Seasons 1-2 first episode) Antonio Giuliani plays Nino Vitale (Season 1 first episode) Renato Marotta: plays Micky (Season 1) Cristiano Pasca plays Ricky (Seasons 1-2-3-4) Vincent Spano plays Rodolfo Di Venanzio (Season 2) Elena Russo plays Assunta Rocca (Season 2 fourth episode) Sergio Arcuri plays Dario Rocca (Season 2 fourth episode) Valeria Milillo plays Alma Vincy (Season 2 third espisode) Laura Torrisi plays Carmela Di Venanzio (Seasons 2-3-4) Angela Molina plays Donna Rosangela (Season 2 fifth episode) Ben Gazzara plays Fred Di Venanzio (Season 2) Alessandra Martines plays Francesca De Santis (Seasons 2-3 fourth episode) Gabriele Rossi plays Fortunato Di Venanzio (Season 2-3 second episode) Giuliana De Sio plays Concetta Da Nicola, called Tripolina (Season 3) Francesco Fiumarella plays the chief of the security police (Season 3) Eric Roberts plays Tom Di Maggio (Seasons 3-4) Martina Pinto plays Fabiola (Season 3 fifth episode) Ray Lovelock plays Everaldo De Nisi (Season 3 third episode) Francesco Testi plays Ren Rolla (Seasons 3-4) Valerio Morigi plays Ettore (Seasons 3-4) Giulio Forges Davanzati plays Giasone (Seasons 3) Federico Maria Galante plays Paride (Seasons 3-4) Lidya Giordano plays Angelica (Season 3) Viola Velasco plays Erminia (Season 3) Gilberto Idonea plays the procurator Trapanese (Seasons 2-3-4)

These are the songs of Savio Riccardi used in the episodes:

L'onore e il rispetto Rodolfo La Cupola Hotel Roma Funerale Al mercato Tonio e Carmela Sicilianesca Torbido Segreto Senza via di scampo Tonio e Melina Rimpianti Fantasmi del passato L'onore sopra tutto

L'onore e il rispetto
Format 16:9

Created by


Salvatore Samperi, Luigi Parisi & Alessio Inturri Gabriel Garko: Tonio Fortebracci Serena Autieri: Olga Fortebracci Cosima Coppola: Melina Fortebracci Alessandra Martines: Giudice Francesca de Santis Manuela Arcuri: Nella Virna Lisi: Ersilia Fortebracci Laura Torrisi: Carmela di Venanzio Giuliana De Sio: Concetta Da Nicola detta Tripolina Mario Cordova : Don Tano Mancuso Vincent Spano: Rodolfo di Venanzio Elena Russo: Assunta Rocca ngela Molina: Donna Rosangela Martina Pinto: Fabiola De Nisi Ray Lovelock: Everaldo De Nisi Francesco Testi: commissario Ren Rolla Eric Roberts: Tom Di Maggio Giuseppe Zeno: Santi Fortebracci Luigi Maria Burruano: Don Rosario Pino Caruso: Don Calogero Giancarlo Giannini: Giuseppe Bastianelli Pippo o' calabrese Antonio Giuliani: Nino Vitale Tiziana Lodato: Julia Attilio Fontana: Edoardo Sala Renato Marotta: Micky Cristiano Pasca: Ricky Gerardo Amato: Pasquale Fortebracci Gianfranco Barra: Don Luigi Giovanni Scifoni: Cesare Politi Stefano Davanzati: Saverio Sala Silvia De Santis: Maria

Valeria Milillo: Alma Vincy Ben Gazzara: Fred di Venanzio Gabriele Rossi: Fortunato di Venanzio Sergio Arcuri: Dario Rocca Paul Sorvino: Beniamino Sebastiano Lo Monaco: Avvocato Vasile Valentina Persia: Mim Davide Lorino: Don Raffaele Rosa Pianeta: Rosalia Mancuso Valerio Morigi: Ettore Giulio Forges Davanzati: Giasone Federico Maria Galante: Paride Rosalinda Cannav: Venere Cristhopher Cassio Martins Meireles: Lee Lydia Giordano : Angelica De Nisi Viola Velasco: Erminia

Country of origin No. of seasons No. of episodes

Italy 3 18

Production Producer(s) Janus International Broadcast Original run 2006 2012

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