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# " 7

8 9 7 % :&arrator: St. Benedict' the (onastic life and Benedictine spirituality. #$ ##)(usic* #" #7Elena: +o you ha,e your tooth-rushes. # #8Sara: /es' (o(. #9 #7Elena: 0le1' don2t forget that a spiritual retreat is a-out praying' not playing. #% #:0le1: /eah' 3 4no5. "$ "#Elena: /ou 5ill -e good' 5on2t you. "" "70le1: /es (o(. " "8Sara: +on2t 5orry' (o(' 32ll loo4 out for hi(. "9 "7)-us horn* "% ":0le1: 3t2s the -us6 7$ 7#Elena: Beha,e yoursel,es6 7" 77)(usic* 7 78Sara: See you on Sunday. 79 77)(usic* 7%

My Catholic Family St. Benedict: The Monastic Life & Benedictine Spirituality Ep. 7 Transcriptionist: Pg Finished: !"#!$%

#Fr. Michael: ;ell' children' 32( ,ery pleased that you2,e co(e to spend "so(e days li,ing in spiritual retreat. ;e2,e co(e here to spea4 to <od' and 7listen to =i(. But ho5 does <od spea4 to us. Sara. 8Sara: <od spea4s to us through =oly Scripture' 5hen 5e 5orship =i( in 9the Most =oly Sacra(ent' and through our conscience. 7 %Fr. Michael: /ou2re right. That2s 5hy 5e ha,e to -e prepared to hear =i(. :0nd ho5 do 5e prepare oursel,es. #$ ##Fr. Michael: /es' Sara. #" #7Sara: ;e can prepare oursel,es to hear <od -y praying and -eing silent. # #8Fr. Michael: >ery good. #9 #70le1: ?no5@it@all. #% #:)(usic* "$ "#Fr. Michael: ;ell' since 5e2re in a Benedictine MonasteryA "" "70le1: ;hat does Benedictine (ean. " "8Fr. Michael: 3t (eans that the (on4s 5ho li,e here follo5 the rule of St. "9Benedict. "7 "%0le1: ;ho 5as St. Benedict. ": 7$Fr. Michael: 32ll tell you. St. Benedict 5as a great Saint' 5ho 5anted to -e 7#,ery close to <od' to hear =is ,oice and do =is ;ill' -ecause this is the path 7"to true happiness. )(usic* ;e all 5ant to -e happy' don2t 5e. )* ;ell' the 775ay to -e happy is to do 5hat <od 5ants us to do' e,en if it2s hard for us. 7 So' St. Benedict ga,e up his studies in Bo(e' and 5ent to a s(all ,illage 78called Efinde. =is old nurse' 5hose na(e 5as Cirila' ca(e 5ith hi(' as his 79ser,ant. This 5as Duite usual in those days. )(usic* Efinde 5as a s(all 77,illage' 5here Benedict could pray in peace. They stayed there for a 5hile' 7%until one day so(ething happened that changed his life. 7: $)(usic* # 2

# "Cirila: Eh' the Lord ha,e (ercy6 )(usic* Eh no' no. &ot that one6 7

Fr. Michael: Cirila had -ro4en a ,ery ,alua-le pot' 5hich did not -elong to 8her.
9 7Cirila )5eeping*: ;hat 5ill 3 do no5. % :)?noc4 at the door*. #$ ##;o(an F#: Can 3 co(e in. #" #7Cirila: Co(e in. # #8;o(an F#: ;hat are you doing do5n there on the floor. )(usic* Eh6 #9That2s (y pot6 #7 #%Cirila: 32( so sorry. #: "$;o(an F#: =o5 could you do such a thing. "# ""Cirila: 3 a( truly sorry. 32( so clu(syA "7 " )(usic* "8 "9;o(an F#: That 5as the -est pot 3 o5ned. "7 "%)(usic* ": 7$Fr. Michael: Cirila 5as truly sorry a-out 5hat had happened' so 5hen 7#Benedict ca(e ho(e' she told hi( all a-out it. Benedict sa5 that the pot 7"5as ,ery i(portant to Cirila' so he pic4ed up the pieces and 5ent to his 77-edroo(. )(usic* Benedict prayed long and hard' and -lessed the pieces of 7 pottery. 0nd then a (iracle happened' the pieces of pottery fitted 78the(sel,es together again and the pot 5as (ended' as if it had ne,er -een 79-ro4en. 77 7%)(usic* 7: $;o(an F#: 3t 5as a (iracle6 3 sa5 it6 # 3

# "0ll: 0ah6 7

Fr. Michael: Fro( that ti(e on5ards' Benedict couldn2t go any5here 85ithout -eing follo5ed. Many people fro( the ,illage' and fro( ,illages 9near-y' 5ent to see hi(' to as4 hi( to perfor( (ore (iracles. So' Benedict 7had to (o,e a5ay. 0nd this ti(e he 5ent on his o5n' 5ithout Cirila' and he %set up his ho(e in a ca,e in the (ountainside' near a place called Su-iaco. :There' he fasted' and prayed all day long.
#$ ##0le1: =uh. #" #7)(usic* # #80le1: 3 ha,e an idea. #9 #7Sergio: 0n idea. ;hat 4ind of idea. #% #:0le1: 3t2s a 5ay to hear <od. "$ "#Sergio: To hear <od. "" "70le1: Shhhh6 ?eep it do5n' or e,eryone 5ill hear. /ou re(e(-er 5hat Fr. " Michael said. St. Benedict 5ent into the (ountains' to a place that 5as "8isolated. That2s ho5 he heard <od2s ,oice. "9 "7Sergio: /ou 5ant us to cli(- a (ountain. /ou2re craGy. "% ":0le1: &o' not a (ountain' -utA 5hat2s the highest' (ost out@of@the@5ay 7$part of the 5hole (onastery. 7# 7"Sergio: 3 don2t 4no5. 77 7 0le1: 3t2s the church to5er6 78 79Sergio: Ef course6 77 7%0le1: ;e2ll slip a5ay to(orro5' and go cli(- the to5er. 3t2s as high as a 7:(ountain' so once 5e2re up there' 5e2ll -e a-le to hear <od. $ #

#Sergio: E4ay. " 7)(usic* 80le1: E1cellent' this is the perfect spot. Besides' the cross on top of the 9to5er 5ill act li4e an antenna. 3f <od says anything' 5e2re in the ideal place 7to hear =i(. +id you -ring a pen and paper. % :Sergio: /up. #$ ##0le1: ;e ha,e to 5rite do5n e,erything <od says to us. 32,e -rought the #"-oo4 a-out the life of St. Benedict. That 5ay 5e can read a-out 5hat he #7did' and do the sa(e oursel,es. )(usic* ;e2,e -een here an hour and 5e # ha,en2t heard a thing6 )(usic* 3t says here that St. Benedict used to fast. #8May-e that2s the 4ey. #9 #7Sergio: /ou ha,e to fast to hear <od. #% #:0le1: Loo4s li4e it. Co(e on let2s thro5 our sand5iches do5n here. "$ "#Sergio: ;ell' 5ait6 "" "70le1: ;hat. " "8Sergio: 32( really hungry. "9 "70le1: That2s the point. Fasting (eans' -eing hungry. )(usic* +on2t 5orry. "%;e2ll pic4 the( up later. )(usic* So(e (on4s 5ho li,ed near-y as4ed St. ":Benedict to -e their a--ot' -ut Benedict refused. =e said that he li,ed a ,ery 7$si(ple life. But the (on4s -egged hi( to accept' and in the end' he did. )* 7#Benedict2s life 5as hard. =e ate ,ery little' and spent e,ery day praying and 7"(a4ing sacrifices. E,entually' the other (on4s gre5 tired of this 5ay of 77life' and tried to poison hi( 5ith 5ine. 7 78Sergio: They tried to poison hi(. That2s outrageous6 79 770le1: But <od 5as 5atching o,er Benedict. 0nd so(ething surprising 7%happened. ;hen Benedict -lessed the 5ine' the glass -ro4e. Benedict sa5 7:that they had tried to poison hi(' and he left the (onastery. $ #

#Sergio: 32( not surprised he left. " 70le1: =e forga,e the( and 5ent -ac4 to Su-iaco' 5here he -egan to found

(onasteries that 5ould follo5 his 5ay of life.

8 9Sergio: Monasteries li4e this one. 7 %0le1: That2s right. =is (otto 5as Hora et labora. : #$Sergio: =uh6. ;hat did you Iust say. ## #"0le1: HOra et labora #7 # Sergio: That2s the secret6 #8 #9)(usic* #7 #%Br. 0l-ert: T5o -oys you say' -oth around % years old. #: "$Fr. Michael: /es. They (ust -e hiding so(e5here in the (onastery. "# ""Br. 0l-ert: 32ll loo4 for the(' and tell the( to re@Ioin the other children. "7 " Fr. Michael: Than4 you' Br. 0l-ert. Those " specialiGe in causing pro-le(s. "8They2re not -ad children' they2re Iust (ischie,ous. "9 "7Br. 0l-ert: +on2t 5orry' Fr. Michael' 32ll search the (onastery fro( top to "%-otto(. ": 7$)(usic* 7# 7"Sergio: ;hat do you thin4. 3t (ust -e Latin6 77 7 0le1: Ora et labora. 78 79Sergio: 3 -et that they2re (agic 5ords6 77 7%0le1: So you can hear <od2s ,oice6 7: $Sergio: E1actly. May-e <od ans5ers 5hen you say the 5ords. # 6

# "0le1: Let2s try it. ;e2ll yell it fro( up here. <od2s sure to hear us. 7

0le1 & Sergio: Ora et labora!! Ora et laboraaaaa!! Ora et laboraaaaa66

8 9)* 7 %Fr. Michael: Ora et labora (eans Hto pray and to 5or4. These 5ords su( :up St. Benedict2s spiritual (essage. 3t (eans to pray and to 5or4J to turn #$your 5or4 into prayer. ## #"Sara: =o5 can you turn your 5or4 into prayer' Fr. Michael. #7 # Fr. Michael: ;ell' -y offering it to <od' and doing it 5ell K -ecause 5e #8can2t offer -adly@done 5or4 to <od' don2t you agree. #9 #7)* #% #:Sergio: &ot a 5ord' e,en 5hen 5e yelled really loud. "$ "#)Bell rings out* "" "70le1: 0aaaaaaah6 " "8)* "9 "7Sergio: 0le16 0re you o4ay. "% ":)* 7$ 7#0le1: 3 thin4 3 -ro4e (y leg. 7" 77Sergio: ;ait' 32( co(ing do5n. +on2t (o,e. 7 780le1: =o5 could 3 (o,e. 79 77)* 7% 7:Br. 0l-ert: 3s there any-ody up there. $ #

#Sergio: /es6 Lp here in the to5er6 " 7Br. 0l-ert: 3t loo4s li4e 5e found the(. /ou2d -etter tell Fr. Michael. 32ll go

up there and help the( do5n.

8 9)* 7 %Sergio: They2re co(ing to get us. : #$)* ## #"Br. 0l-ert: ;ell' you ha,en2t -ro4en anything. #7 # 0le1: 3t really hurts6 #8 #9Br. 0l-ert: /ou2,e Iust sprained your an4le. #7 #%0le1: =o5 do you 4no5. #: "$Br. 0l-ert: 32( a doctor. "# ""0le1: 0 doctor. 0ren2t you a (on4. "7 " Br. 0l-ert: 32( a (on4' and a doctor. "8 "90le1: 3 thought that (on4s 5ere' 5ell you 4no5' (on4s. /ou 4no5 5hat 3 "7(ean. "% ":Br. 0l-ert: St. Benedict' our founder' 5as a ,ery 5ell@educated (an' and he 7$5anted his children K that2s us K to study to the -est of our a-ilities. 7# 7")(usic* 77 7 Br. 0l-ert: Co(e 5ith (e. 3 5ant to sho5 you the (onastery li-rary. 78)(usic* Shhhh. ;e ha,e to 4eep our ,oices do5n' -ecause the (on4s are 79studying. St. Benedict 4ept (any ancient -oo4s' and had copies (ade of 77the( so that they 5ouldn2t -e lost or destroyed. So you see' than4s to his 7%5or4' (any i(portant classical 5or4s 5ere preser,ed. 7: $0le1: 3 thought that (on4s spent their 5hole ti(e praying. # 8

# "Br. 0l-ert: ;ell' you see' if 5e offer our studies to <od' they -eco(e a 7prayer. So yes' you2re right' (on4s pray all day long' -ecause 5e offer

e,erything 5e do to <od.
8 90le1: ;o56 7 %Br. 0l-ert: =a,e you had any -rea4fast. : #$Sergio: &o. My sto(ach2s gro5ling li4e there 5as a lion inside. ## #"Br. 0l-ert: Co(e 5ith (e. )* This is the (onastery 4itchen. Let2s see 5hat #75e ha,e here. =ere' 5e -a4e this -read oursel,es. Try it K it2s the (ost # delicious -read you2ll e,er taste. #8 #90le1: Than4 you' Br. 0l-ert' -ut 5e can2t eat it. #7 #%Br. 0l-ert: Eh no. ;hy not. #: "$0le1: Because 5e2re doing a spiritual retreat. "# ""Br. 0l-ert: 0nd 5hat does that ha,e to do 5ith eating. "7 " 0le1: ;ell' you see' you go on a retreat to hear <od' right. "8 "9Br. 0l-ert: /es' that2s right. "7 "%0le1: ;ell' 5e2re getting oursel,es ready to hear =i(' and that2s 5hy 5e ":ha,e to fast li4e St. Benedict. 7$ 7#Br. 0l-ert: )chuc4les* <oodness K 5ho told you that. 7" 770le1: 3t 5as in the -oo4 a-out St. Benedict. 3t says he 5ent up to the 7 (ountains to pray and listen to <od' and he fasted e,ery day. 78 79Br. 0l-ert: That2s right' -ut it doesn2t (ean that you ha,e to gi,e up eating 77to hear <od. 7% 7:Sergio: That2s a relief6 $ #

#Br. 0l-ert: ;e can also eat' and gi,e than4s to <od for the food. That 5ay' "you can turn eating into a prayer too. 7

Sergio: +o you (ean that tasty foods and good things can -ring us closer to 8<od.
9 7Br. 0l-ert: Ef course6 <od created the 5orld and filled it 5ith good things6 % :SEB<3E: Li4e chocolate ca4es. #$ ##0LEM: Er stra5-erry Ia(. #" #7Sergio: /uc46 Stra5-erry Ia(. # #80LEM: ;hat2s 5rong 5ith that. 3 lo,e it. #9 #7Br. 0l-ert: )chuc4les* ;ell' yes. ;e can also gi,e than4s to <od for the #%things that 5e li4e. #: "$0le1 & Sergio: /u(6 "# ""Sergio: /ou2re right' it2s delicious6 "7 " )* "8 "9Fr. Michael: <od spea4s 5ithout 5ords -ecause =e spea4s to our heart. "7 "%Sara: 3 don2t understand6 3f <od doesn2t use 5ords' ho5 can 5e understand ":=i(. 7$ 7#Fr. Michael: Because <od (a4es us realiGe things. =e often tal4s to us 7"through the ad,ice that our Spiritual +irector gi,es us' or through our 77friends. 0t other ti(es' =e tal4s to us through the things that happen to us. 7 The i(portant thing is to -e in tune 5ith <od. 78 79Sara: ;hat does that (ean' Hto -e in tune 5ith <od. 77 7%Fr. Michael: 3t (eans you ha,e to -e ready to hear =i(. 0nd that (eans 7:you ha,e to -e in a state of <race' and you ha,e to pray. $ #


#)(usic* " 7Br. 0l-ert: This is the center of the (onastery. 80le1: The center. 9 7Br. 0l-ert: /es' the chapel is the (ost i(portant roo( in the (onastery. %;hate,er the (on4s are doing' 5hether 5e2re studying or 5or4ing' our :hearts are al5ays here' 5ith Eur Lord Nesus in the Ta-ernacle. #$ ##Br. 0l-ert: There' this is a =oly Card of St. Benedict. #" #7)(usic* # #8Fr. Michael: St. Benedict 5as gi,en so(e land in Montecassino' a region of #93taly' and there he -uilt his (ain (onastery. )(usic* Ene day' the (on4s #75ere -uilding one of the 5alls of the (onastery 5hen suddenly A #% #:)* "$ "#Mon4 F": Loo4 out' that 5all' it2s (o,ing6 "" "7Mon4 F7: 3t2s going to collapse6 " "8Mon4 F": Bun' -rothers6 ;e ha,e to get out of here6 Brother6 "9 "7Mon4 F7: &ooooo6 "% ":Fr. Michael: Ene of the (on4s died 5hen the 5all collapsed. 7$ 7#)(usic* 7" 77Fr. Michael: The (on4s too4 the dead (an to St. Benedict2s cell. They 7 5ere ,ery sad. 78 79Mon4 F" )so--ing*: There 5as nothing 5e could do' Father' it happened so 77fast. 7% 7:Mon4 F7: Poor (an. $ #


#BE&E+3CT: Brothers' lea,e (e 5ith hi( for a (o(ent. " 7Mon4 F": 0s you 5ish' Father. 8)* 9 7Benedict: Lord' please -ring this -rother of (ine -ac4 to life. % :)(usic* #$ ##Fr. Michael: <od 5or4ed a great (iracle through the intercession of St. #"Benedict and the (on4 ca(e -ac4 to life. #7 # )(usic* #8 #9Br. 0l-ert: =ere. This is a (edal of St. Benedict so that you re(e(-er to #7offer the 5hole of your day to <od. That 5ay you 5ill li,e according to #%5hat our founder said: Hora et labora' 5hich (eans Hpray and 5or4. #: "$Sergio: /ou see. They 5eren2t (agic 5ords. "# ""0le1: /ou2re right. "7 " Br. 0l-ert: Loo46 En one side there2s St. Benedict' holding the cross in one "8hand and the Boo4 of Bules in the other. ;ith a prayer' HMay 5e at our "9death -e fortified -y =is Presence. En the other is the cross of the =oly "7Father St. Benedict. "% ":)(usic* 7$ 7#0le1: Than4 you' Br. 0l-ert. 7" 77)(usic* 7 78)(usic* 79 77Fr. Michael: ;ell6 ;elco(e to the group6 7% 7:0le1: ;e2re real sorry for going off on our o5n' Fr. Michael. $ #


#Fr. Michael: That2s alright' -ut please don2t do it again. 3s that clear. " 7Sergio: ;e pro(ise. 8Fr. Michael: ;e 5ere finding out a-out the life of St. Benedict. <od told St. 9Benedict 5hen he 5as going to die' so he as4ed his -rothers to dig his gra,e. 7)* Benedict 5as struc4 -y fe,er. En <ood Friday' he recei,ed Co((union. %)* 0 little 5hile later the ti(e ca(e for hi( to go to hea,en. : #$)(usic* ## #"Benedict: ;e (ust ha,e an i((ense desire to go to =ea,en. Eh@oh6 #7 # )* #8 #9Mon4 F : Loo4 at that6 #7 #%)* #: "$Fr. Michael: Those (on4s understood that the light 5as the soul of St. "#Benedict' 5ho had died' and 5as going up to hea,en. "" "7Mon4 F : 3t (ust -e our Father Benedict' flying to eternity. " "8Fr. Michael: That light appeared at the ,ery (o(ent 5hen St. Benedict had "9died. "7 "%)(usic* ": 7$Sara: Mo(' are there Benedictine nuns. 7# 7"Elena: Ef course. St. Benedict2s sister' St' Scholastica' also founded 77con,ents for nuns' 5ith the sa(e spirituality as her -rother Benedict. 7 )(usic* Loo4' 3 ha,e a =oly Card of Saint Scholastica. )(usic* The night 78-efore she died' St. Scholastica as4ed her -rother Benedict to stay 5ith her' 79to tal4 a-out <od' -ut Benedict refused. 77 7%)* 7:


#Benedict: /ou 4no5 3 cannot spend the night a5ay fro( (y (onastery. 32ll "co(e -ac4 to(orro5. 7

8 9Elena: Scholastica 4ne5 that she 5ould die the ne1t (orning' so she prayed 7to <od to allo5 her to spend her last hours 5ith her -rother. )* <od heard %her prayer' and sent such a 5ild stor( that Benedict 5as una-le to lea,e the :(onastery. )(usic* So the -rother and sister could -e together until #$day-rea4' tal4ing a-out <od and eternal life. The -rother and sister 5ere ##-uried together. #" #7Sara: 3t2s as if 0le1 founded (onasteries for (on4s and 3 founded con,ents # for nuns. #8 #9)(usic* #7 #%0le1: /ou 4no5 5hat' dad. 3 learned a lot a-out the life of St. Benedict this #:5ee4. "$ "#Tho(as: 32( ,ery glad. =e 5as a great saint. "" "70le1: 3 offered the pain in (y leg to <od. " "8Tho(as: That little pain is a great treasure for the 5hole Church. "9 "70le1: 3 4no5. 3 also put a holy card of St. Benedict on the des4 5here 3 "%study' so 32ll al5ays re(e(-er to offer <od the ti(e 3 spend studying e,ery ":day. 7$ 7#Tho(as: That2s great6 3t 5ill -e your 5ay of li,ing according to St. 7"Benedict2s (otto: ora et labora' pray and 5or4. 77 7 )(usic* 78 79E;T& 77?0+ 7% 7: $ #


#MoIa 4atoliO4a druPina "S,eti Benedi4t 7MeniO4o Pi,lIenIe in -enedi4tins4a duho,nost

EpiGoda 7
8 9Pripo,edo,alec: S,. Benedi4t' (eniO4o Pi,lIenIe in -enedi4tins4a duho,nost 7)glas-a* %Elena: 0li i(ate s,oIe Go-ne OQet4e. :Sara: +a' (a(a. #$Elena: 0le4s' ne poGa-i' da gre pri duho,nih ,aIah Ga (olite,' ne Ga igro. ##0le4s: +a' ,e(. #"Elena: SaI -oste pridni' 4aIne. #70le4s. +a' (a(a. # Sara: &e s4r-i' (a(a. NaG -o( paGila nanI. #8)a,to-os Gahupa* #90le4s: 0,to-us Ie6 #7Elena: Lepo se o-naOaIta6 #%)glas-a* #:Sara: >idi(o se , nedelIo. "$)glas-a* "# ""P. Michael: Pra,' otroci' Gelo se( ,esel' da ste priOli' da -o(o ne4aI dni "7prePi,eli na duho,nih ,aIah. PriOli s(o' da -i go,orili Bogu in ga posluOali. " Toda 4a4o na( Bog go,ori. Sara. "8Sara: Bog na( go,ori po S,ete( pis(u' 4o ga Qasti(o , naIs,eteIOe( "9Ga4ra(entu' in po naOi ,esti. "7P. Michael: Pra,ilno si po,edala. Rato (ora(o -iti pripra,lIeni' da ga "%sliOi(o. 3n 4a4o se pripra,i(o. ":P. Michael: +a' Sara. 7$Sara: +a sliOi(o Boga' se lah4o pripra,i(o ta4o' da (oli(o in s(o tiho. 7#P. Michael: Relo do-ro. 7"0le4s:>se,ed4a. 77)glas-a* 7 P. Michael: Pra,' 4er s(o , -enedi4tins4e( sa(ostanu A 780le4s: ?aI po(eni -enedi4tins4i. 79P. Michael: Po(eni' da (enihi' 4i Pi,iIo tu4aI' Pi,iIo , s4ladu G ,odilo( s,. 77Benedi4ta. 7%0le4s: ?do Ie -il s,. Benedi4t. 7:P. Michael: Po,edal ,a( -o(. S,. Benedi4t Ie -il ,eli4 s,etni4' 4i Ie hotel $-iti Gelo -liGu Bogu' sliOati nIego, glas in iGpolnIe,ati nIego,o ,olIo' 4er Ie # 15

#to pot do pra,e sreQe. )glas-a* Mi ,si hoQe(o -iti sreQni' (ar ne. )* Pra,' "naQin' 4a4o -iti sreQen' Ie' da dela(o' 4ar Bog hoQe' da dela(o' Qepra, Ie to 7Ga nas teP4o. Ta4o' s,eti Benedi4t Ie pustil s,oI OtudiI , Bi(u in odOel ,

(aIhno ,asico' 4i se Ie i(eno,ala Efinde. &Iego,a stara pestunIa' 4atere i(e 8Ie -ilo Cirila' Ie priOla G nIi( 4ot nIego,a sluPa-nica. To Ie -ilo , tistih Qasih 9preceI o-iQaIno. )glas-a* Efinde Ie -ila (ala ,asica' 4Ier Ie Benedi4t (ogel 7(oliti , (iru. Ta( sta -ila ne4aI Qasa' do4ler se ni ne4ega dne Ggodilo %ne4aI' 4ar Ie spre(enilo nIego,o Pi,lIenIe. :)glas-a* #$Cirila: Eh' <ospod' us(ili se6 )glas-a* Eh ne' ne. &e tega6 ##P. Michael: Cirila Ie raG-ila Gelo dragoceno posodo' 4i Ii ni pripadala. #"Cirila: )Io4aIoQ* ?aI naI GdaI stori(. #7)Tr4anIe na ,rata*. # Sens4a #: 0li lah4o ,stopi(. #8Cirila: >stopite. #9Sens4a #: ?aI delate tu4aI na tleh. )glas-a* Eh6 To Ie (oIa posoda6 #7Cirila: ta4o Pal (i Ie. #%Sens4a#: ?a4o ste lah4o naredili ne4aI ta4Onega. #:Cirila: BesniQno (i Ie Pal. Ta4o nerodna se( A "$)glas-a* "#Sens4a #: To Ie -ila naI-olIOa posoda' 4i se( Io i(ela. "")glas-a* "7P. Michael: Cirili Ie -ilo resniQno Pal Ga to' 4ar se Ie Ggodilo' Gato Ie " Benedi4tu ,se po,edala' 4o se Ie ,rnil do(o,. Benedi4t Ie ,idel' da Ie -ila "8posoda Ga Cirilo Gelo po(e(-na' Gato Ie po-ral delQ4e in Oel , s,oIo "9spalnico. )glas-a* Benedi4t Ie dolgo in goreQe (olil in -lagoslo,il 4oOQ4e "7lonQenine. 3n pote( se Ie Ggodil QudeP' 4oOQ4i lonQenine so se spet sesta,ili "%in lonec Ie -il popra,lIen' 4a4or da se ni ni4oli polo(il. ":)glas-a* 7$Sens4a #: To Ie -il QudeP6 >idela se( ga6 7#>si: 0ah6 7"P. Michael: od tega Qasa dalIe ni (ogel Benedi4t iti ni4a(or' ne da -i 77(noPice hodile Ga nIi(. Mnogo lIudi G ,asi in iG sosednIih ,asi Ie prihaIalo' 7 da -i ga ,ideli' da -i ga prosili Ga ,eQ QudePe,. Ta4o se Ie Benedi4t (oral 78u(a4niti. 3n tisti Qas Ie Oel po s,oIe' -reG Cirile' in naselil se Ie , Ia(i , 79gorah' -liGu 4raIa'i(eno,anega Su-iaco. Ta( se Ie postil in ,es dan (olil. 770le4s: =uh. 7%)glas-a* 7:0le4s: 3(a( ideIo $Sergio: 3deIo. ?a4Ono ideIo.
# 16

#0le4s: To Ie pot' 4a4o posluOati Boga. "Sergio: PosluOati Boga. 70le4s: Shhhh6 TiOIe go,ori' ali pa -odo ,si sliOali. Se spo(niO' 4aI Ie re4el p.

Michael. S,. Benedi4t Ie odOel , gore' na osa(lIen 4raI. Ta4o Ie sliOal -oPIi 8glas. 9Sergio: 0li hoQeO' da se po,Gpne( na goro. Tisi nora. 70le4s: &e' ne na goro' a(pa4 A 4aI Ie naI,iOIi' naI-olI od(a4nIen del %celotnega sa(ostana. :Sergio: &e ,e(. #$0le4s: To Ie cer4,eni G,oni46 ##Sergio: Se,eda6 #"0le4s: Nutri se -o,a iG(uGnila in se -o,a po,Gpela na stolp. Ta4o ,iso4 Ie #74ot gora' ta4o da 4o -o,a en4rat ta(' -o,a sposo-na sliOati Boga. # Sergio: Pra,. #8)glas-a* #90le4s: EdliQno' to Ie siIaIen 4raI. Poleg tega -o 4riP na ,rhu stolpa delo,al #74ot antena. Te Bog reQe 4ar 4oli' s,a na idealne( 4raIu' da ga sliOi,a. 0li si #%prinesel s,inQni4 in papir. #:Sergio: +a. "$0le4s: &apisati (ora,a ,se' 4ar na(a Bog reQe. Prinesla s,a 4nIigo o "#Pi,lIenIu s,etega Benedi4ta. &a ta naQin lah4o -ere,a o te(' 4aI Ie storil' in ""lah4o istostori,a tudi (id,a. )glas-a* Se uro s,a tu4aI in nis,a sliOala "7niQesar6 )glas-a* Tu4aI Ie reQeno' da se Ie s,eti Benedi4t i(el na,ado postiti. " Morda Ie tu4aI 4lIuQ. "8Sergio: 0li se (oraO postiti' da sliOiO Boga. "90le4s: Ta4o se Gdi. Pridi' ,rGi,a dol naIine send,iQe. "7Sergio: Ta4aI' Qa4aI6 "%0le4s: ?aI. ":Sergio: Rares se( laQen. 7$0le4s: SaI' Ga to gre. Postiti se po(eni -iti laQen. )glas-a*. &e s4r-i. PoGneIe 7#Iih -o,a ,Gela. )glas-a* &e4ateri (enihi' 4i so Pi,eli , -liPini' so prosili 7"s,etega Benedi4ta' da -i -il nIiho, opat' toda Benedi4t Ie Ga,rnil. Be4el Ie' 77da Pi,i Gelo preprosto Pi,lIenIe. Toda (enihi so ga (oledo,ali' naI spreI(e' 7 in naGadnIe Ie spreIel. )* Benedi4to,o Pi,lIenIe Ie -ilo teP4o. Relo (alo Ie 78Iedel in Ie ,sa4 dan prePi,el , (olit,i in Prt,ah. &aGadnIe so se drugi (enihi 79utrudili ta4Onega Pi,lIenIa in so ga s4uOaliGastrpiti G ,ino( . 77Sergio: Pos4uOali so ga Gastrupiti. To Ie poOastno6 7%0le4s: Toda Bog Ie ,aro,al Benedi4ta. 3n Ggodilo se Ie ne4aI 7:presenetlIi,ega. ?o Ie Benedi4t -lagoslo,il ,ino' se Ie ste4lo raGpoQilo. $Benedi4t Ie ,idel' da so ga -ili pos4uOali Gastrupiti' in Gapustil Ie sa(ostan.
# 17

#Sergio:&e preseneQa (e' da Ie odOel. "0le4s: Edpustil Ii( Ie in Oel naGaI , Su-iaco' 4Ier Ie GaQel ustana,lIati 7sa(ostane' 4i pre,Geli nIego, naQin Pi,lIenIa.

Sergio: Sa(ostane' 4ot Ie ta tu4aI. 80le4s: Ta4o Ie. &Iego,o geslo Ie -ilo ora et labora. 9Sergo: =uh. ?aI si pra,4ar re4el. 70le4s: Ora et labora %Sergio: To Ie s4ri,nost6 :)gla-sa* #$Br. 0l-ert: +,a fanta' pra,ite' o-a stara o4rog % let. ##P. Michael: +a. Morata se s4ri,ati ne4Ie , sa(ostanu. #"Br.0l-ert: Pois4al Iu -o( in Ii(a re4el' naI se pridruPita preostali( #7otro4o(. # P. Michael: =,ala ,a(' -rat 0l-ert. Ta d,a sta stro4o,nIa4a Ga po,GroQanIe #8tePa,. &ista sla-a otro4a' sa(o na,ihana sta. #9Brat 0l-ert: &e s4r-ite' p. Michael' sa(ostan -o( preis4al od ,rha do tal. #7)glas-a* #%Sergio:?aI pra,iO. To (ora -iti latinOQina6 #:0le4s: Ora et labora. "$Sergio: Prisega(' da so to (agiQne -esede6 "#0le4s: ToreI lah4o sliOiO BoPIi glas6 ""Sergio: ToQno. MogoQe Bog odgo,ori' 4o reQeO te -esede. "70le1: Pos4uOaI,a. Ra,pila Iih -o,a od tu4aI GgoraI. Bog naIu -o goto,o " sliOal. "80le4s in Sergio: Ora et labora!! Ora et laboraaaa!! Ora et laboraaaa!! "9)* "7P. Michael: Ora et labora po(eni U(oli in delaIV. Te -esede po,Ge(aIo "%duho,no sporoQilo s,etega Benedi4ta. Po(eniIo (oliti in delati: o-rniti ,aOe ":delo , (olite,. 7$Sara: ?a4o lah4o o-rnete s,oIe delo , (olite,' p. Michael. 7#P. Michael: Pra,' ta4o' da ga daruIete Bogu in ga do-ro opra,lIate K 4er ne 7"(ore(o daro,ati sla-o opra,lIenega dela Bogu' (ar se ne strinIate. 77)* 7 Sergio: &iti -esede' Qepra, s,a resniQno glasno ,pila. 78)R,on GaG,oni* 790le4s: 0aaaaaah6 77)* 7%Sergio: 0le4s6 0li si do-ro. 7:)* $0le4s: Misli(' da se( si Glo(il nogo.
# 18

#Sergio: PoQa4aI' prihaIa( dol. &e pre(i4aI se. "0le4s: ?a4o -i se lah4o pre(a4nil. 7)*

Brat 0l-ert: 0li Ie 4do tu GgoraI. 8Sergio: +a6 Tu GgoraI' , G,oni4u. 9Brat 0l-ert: Rdi se' 4ot da s(o Iu naOli. BaIe poIdite po,edati p. Michaelu. 7NaG -o( Oel tIa in Iu po(agal spra,iti dol. %)* :Sergio: PrihaIaIo' da naIu odpelIeIo dol. #$Brat 0l-ert: Pra,' niQesar si nisi Glo(il. ##0le4s: Rares -oli6 #"Brat 0l-ert: Sa(o glePenI si si G,il. #70le4s: ?a4o ,este. # Brat 0l-ert: Rdra,ni4 se(. #80le4s: Rdra,ni4. 0li niste (enih. #9Brat 0l-ert: Se( (enih in Gdra,ni4. #70le4s: Mislil se(' da so (enihi' ,este' (enihi. >este' 4aI hoQe( reQi. #%Brat 0l-ert: S,eti Benedi4t' naO ustano,itelI' Ie -il Gelo iGo-raPen (oP in Ie #:hotel' da nIego,i otroci K to s(o (i K Otudira(o , s4ladu s s,oIi(i "$naI-olIOi(i G(oPnost(i. "#)glas-a* ""Brat 0l-ert: Pridita G (ano. Po4aGal ,a(a -o( sa(ostans4o 4nIiPnico. "7)glas-a*. WOOOO. <o,oriti (ora(o potiho(a' 4er (enihi OtudiraIo. S,eti " Benedi4t Ie i(el ,eli4o starih 4nIig in Iih Ie dal prepiso,ati' da se ne -i "8iGgu-ile ali uniQile. Ta4o ,idite' po Gaslugi nIego,ega dela Ie -ilo ohranIenih "9,eli4o po(e(-nih 4lasiQnih del. "70le4s: Mislil se(' da (enihi ,es Qas prePi,iIo , (olit,i. "%Brat 0l-ert: Pra,' ,idite' Qe daruIe(o s,oI OtudiI Bogu' postane (olite,. ":Ta4o' res' pra, i(ate' (enihi ,es dan (oli(o'4er ,se' 4ar dela(o' daruIe(o 7$Bogu. 7#0le4s: Tudo,ito6 7"Brat 0l-ert: 0li sta Pe 4aI GaItr4o,ala. 77Sergio: &e. Po tre-uhu (i 4ruli' 4a4or da -i se po nIe( sprehaIal le,. 7 Brat 0l-ert: Pridi G (ano. )* To Ie sa(ostans4a 4uhuinIa. PogleI(o' 4aI 78i(a(o tu4aI. Tu4aI sa(i peQe(o ta 4ruh. Pos4usita ga K Ie naI-olI o4usen 794ruh' 4ar ga -osta 4daI pos4usila. 770le4s: =,ala ,a(' -rat 0l-ert' toda ne s(e,a Iesti. 7%Brat 0l-ert: Eh' ne. Ra4aI pa ne. 7:0le4s: ?er i(a,a duho,ne ,aIe. $Brat 0l-ert: 3n 4aI i(a to opra,iti s hranIenIe(.
# 19

#0le4s: Pra,' na duho,ne ,aIe greO' da sliOiO Boga' (ar ne. "Brat 0l-ert: +a' ta4o Ie. 70le4s: Pra,' pripra,lIa,a se' da -i ga sliOala' Gato se (ora,a postiti 4a4or

s,eti Benedi4t. 8Brat 0l-ert: )se nas(ehne* MoI Bog K 4do ,a(a Ie to re4el. 90le4s: To s,a naOla , 4nIigi o s,ete( Benedi4tu. PiOe' da Ie Oel , gore' da -i 7(olil in prisluO4o,al Bogu in da se Ie ,sa4 dan postil. %Brat 0l-ert: To Ie res' toda to ne po(eni' da Ie tre-a prenehati Iesti' da -i :sliOali Boga. #$Sergio: ?a4Ono olaIOanIe6 ##Brat 0l-ert: Lah4o tudi Ie(o in se Gah,alIuIe(o Bogu Ga hrano. &a ta #"naQinlah4o spre(enite tudi hranIenIe , (olite,. #7Sergio: 0li hoQete reQi' da nas o4usna hrana in do-re st,ari lah4o pripelIeIo # -liPe 4 Bogu. #8Brat 0l-ert: Se,eda6 Bo Ie us,aril s,et in ga napolnil G do-ri(i st,ar(i6 #9Sergio: ?ot so Qo4oladne torte. #70le1: 0li Iagodni dPe(. #%Sergio: BlIa46 Nagodni dPe(. #:0le4s: ?aI Ie naro-e G nIi(. Relo (i Ie ,OeQ. "$Brat 0l-ert: )se nas(ehne* +a' se,eda. Bogu se lah4o Gah,alIuIe(o Ga "#st,ari' 4i Iih i(a(o radi. ""0le1 in Sergio: &Ia(6 "7Sergio: Pra, i(aO' odliQen Ie6 " )* "8P. Michael: Bog go,ori -reG -esed' 4er go,ori naOe(u srcu. "9Sara: &e raGu(e(. Te Bog ne upora-lIa -esed' 4a4o ga lah4o raGu(e(o. "7P. Michael: ?er na( Bog daIe' da se Ga,eda(o st,ari. Pogosto na( go,ori "%po nas,etu' 4i na( ga da naO duho,ni ,oditelI' ali po priIatelIih. +rugiQ na( ":spet go,ori po st,areh' 4i se na( dogaIaIo. Po(e(-no Ie' da s(o na BoPIi 7$fre4,enci. 7#Sara: ?aI po(eni U-iti na BoPIi fre4,enciV. 7"P. Michael: To po(eni' da (orate -iti pripra,lIeni' da ga sliOite. 3n to 77po(eni' da (orate -iti , stanIu (ilosti in da (orate (oliti. 7 )glas-a* 78Brat 0l-ert: To Ie srediOQe sa(ostana. 790le4s: SrediOQe. 77Brat 0l-ert: +a' 4apela Ie naIpo(e(-neIOi prostor , sa(ostanu. ?ar 4oli 7%poQneIo (enihi' naIsi OtudiraIo ali delaIo' naOa srca so G(eraI tu4aI' GaOi( 7:<ospodo( NeGuso(' , ta-erna4lIu. $Brat 0l-ert: To tu4aI Ie podo-ica s,etega Benedi4ta.
# 20

#)glas-a* "P. Michael: S,ete(u Benedi4tu Ie -ilo dano ne4o Ge(lIiOQe na 7Montecassinu' po4raIini , 3taliIi' in ta( Ie Ggradil s,oI gla,ni sa(ostan.

)glas-a* .&e4ega dne so sa(ostani Gidali enega od Gido, sa(ostana' 4o se Ie 8nenado(a A 9)* 7Menih ": PogleIte' Gid' gi-lIe se6 %Menih 7: RruOil se -o6 :Menih ": Tecite' -ratIe6 Ta4oI (ora(o proQ od tod6 Brat6 #$Menih 7: &eeeeeeee6 ##P. Michael: Eden od (eniho, Ie u(rl' 4o se Ie Gid GruOil. #")glas-a* #7P. Michael: Menihi so ,Geli (rt,ega (oPa , celico s,etega Benedi4ta. Relo # so -ili Palostni #8Menih " )ihtX*: &iQesar nis(o (ogli storiti' oQe' ta4o hitro se Ie Ggodilo. #9Menih 7: L-ogi Qlo,e4. #7Benedi4t: BratIe' pustite (e G nIi( Ga trenute4. #%Menih ": ?ot hoQete' EQe. #:)* "$Benedi4t: <ospod' prosi( pripelIi tega (oIega -rata naGaI , Pi,lIenIe. "#)glas-a* ""P. Michael: Bog Ie naredil ,eli4 QudeP na priproOnIo s,etega Benedi4ta' in "7(enih se Ie ,rnil , Pi,lIenIe. " )glas-a* "8Brat 0l-ert. Tu4aI. To Ie (edalIa s,etega Benedi4ta' ta4o da se spo(nite in "9,sa4 dan daruIete ,es s,oI dan -ogu. &a ta naQin -oste Pi,eli , s4ladu s te(' "74ar Ie re4el naO ustano,itelI: Ora et labora' 4ar po(eni U(oli in delIaV. "%Sergio: >idiO. To niso -ile (agiQne -esede. ":0le1: Pra, i(aO. 7$Brat 0l-ert: PogleI6 &a eni straniIe s,eti Benedi4t' 4i drPi , eni ro4i 4riP' , 7#drugi pa 4nIigo ,odil. R (olit,iIo: U&aI -o(o o- s,oIi s(rtni uri o4replIeni 7"G nIego,o na,GoQnostIo.V &a drugi strani Ie r4iP s,etega oQeta s,etega 77Benedi4ta. 7 )glas-a* 780le1: =,ala ti' -rat 0l-ert. 79)glas-a* 77)glas-a* 7%P. Michael: Pra,6 +o-rodoOli , s4upino6 7:0le4s: Rares na(a Ie Pal' da s,a Ola po s,oIe' p. Michael.


#P. Michael: Ne Pe do-ro' sa(o prosi(' ne poQnita spet Qesa ta4Onega. Ne "Iasno. 7Sergio: E-lIu-i,a.

P. Michael: Ed4ri,ali s(o Pi,lIenIe s,etega Benedi4ta. Bog Ie po,edal 8s,ete(u Benedi4tu' 4daI -o u(rl' ta4o da Ie prosil s,oIe -rate' naI iG4oplIeIo 9nIego, gro-. )* Benedi4ta Ie Gadela ,roQina. &a ,eli4i pete4 Ie preIel 7o-haIilo. )* Malen4ost poGneIe Ie priOel nIego, Qas' dagre , ne-esa. %)glas-a* :Benedi4t: 3(eti (ora(o ,eli4ans4o PelIo' da -i Oli , ne-esa. Eh@oh6 #$)* ##Menih : PogleI to6 #")* #7P. Michael: Ti (enihi so raGu(eli' da Ie luQ duOa s,etega Benedi4ta' 4i Ie # u(rl in Ie Oel , ne-esa. #8Menih : To (ora -iti naO oQe Benedi4t' 4i leti , ,eQnost #9P. Michael: Ta luQ se Ie poIa,ila pra, , trenut4u' 4o Ie s,eti Benedi4t u(rl. #7)glas-a* #%Sara: Ma(a' ali o-staIaIo tudi -enedi4tins4e redo,nice. #:=elena: Se,eda. Sestra s,etega Benedi4ta' s,eta Sholasti4a' Ie pra, ta4o "$ustana,lIala sa(ostane Ga redo,nice' G ena4o duho,nostIo' 4ot so Io i(eli "#sa(ostani nIego,ega -rata Benedi4ta )glas-a*. <leI' i(a( podo-ico s,ete ""Sholasti4e. )glas-a* Tisto noQ' preden Ie u(rla' Ie s,eta Sholasti4a prosila "7s,oIega -rata Benedi4ta' naI ostane G nIo' da -i se pogo,arIala o Bogu' toda " Benedi4t Ie Ga,rnil. "8)* "9Benedi4t: >eO'. +a ne (ore( prePi,eti noQi proQ od (oIega sa(ostana. Spet "7-o( priOel Iutri. "%)glas-a* ":Elena: Sholasti4a Ie ,edela' da -o naslednIe Iutro u(rla' Gato Ie prosila 7$Boga' naI Ii dopusti' da prePi,i GadnIe ure s s,oIi( -rato(. )* Bog Ie usliOal 7#nIeno (olite, in poslal ta4o di,Ii ,ihar' da Benedi4t ni (ogel Gapustiti 7"sa(ostana. )glas-a* Ta4o sta (ogla -iti -rat in sestra s4upaI do IutranIe 77Gore' pogo,arIala sta se o Bogu in o ,eQne( Pi,lIenIu. Brat in sestra sta -ila 7 po4opana s4upaI. 78Sara: Ne' 4a4or da -i 0le4s ustana,lIal sa(ostane Ga (enihe' IaG pa -i 79ustana,lIala Pens4e sa(ostane. 77)glas-a* 7%0le1: >eO 4aI' oQe. Ta teden se( se nauQil ,eli4o o Pi,lIenIu s,etega 7:Benedi4ta. $Tho(as: Relo se( Gado,olIen. To Ie -il ,eli4 s,etni4.
# 22

#0le4s: BoleQino , (oIi nogi se( daro,al Bogu. "To(aP: Ta (ala -oleQina Ie ,eli4 Ga4lad Ga ,so Cer4e, . 70le4s: >e(. Tudi podo-ico s,etega Benedi4ta se( posta,il na (iGo' 4Ier s

uQi(' ta4o da se ,edno spo(ni(' naI Bogu daruIe( Qas' 4i ga ,sa4 dan 8pora-i( Ga uQenIe. 9To(aP: To Ie Qudo,ito6 To -o t,oI naQin' 4a4o Pi,eti , s4ladu G geslo( 7s,etega Benedi4ta: ora et labora' (oli in delaI. %)glas-a* :E;T& #$?0+