Unanswered questions surround JFK’s death in Dallas – and accused assassin Oswald’s killing by Jack Ruby (right)

JFK gunman’s head sewn on another man’s corpse


EE HARVEY OSWALD is Dallas nightclub owner Jack Ruby missing from his grave in and the results of a 1981 exhumation Fort Worth, Texas! that used ONLY dental records to That’s the shocking identify the corpse: conclusion of experts as O Paul Groody, the mortician who GLOBE reveals bombshell embalmed Oswald after he was new evidence of a gunned down Nov. 24, 1963, chilling cover-up surrounding insists he did NOT find the autopsy on the ex-Marine certain identifying marks on accused of killing President the body when it was dug up John F. Kennedy on Nov. 22, in October 1981. 1963, in Dallas. O During the original 1963 And in a gruesomely biautopsy, a craniotomy – zarre twist, witnesses claim opening the skull to examine Paul J. Oswald’s head was attached the brain – was performed on Groody to an unknown man’s body Oswald. Groody confirms the in a desperate bid to cover body he embalmed in 1963 the blood-stained 50-yearhad undergone a craniotomy. old trail of the JFK murder But when the suspected conspirators. assassin was exhumed in Now experts are calling for 1981, Groody saw no indicaOswald’s vault in Shannon tion a craniotomy had been Rose Hill Cemetery to be dug performed on the skull. up so DNA testing can be O Oswald’s grave showed Michael performed on the remains to signs of tampering BEFORE Eddowes determine, once and for all, the 1981 exhumation. It all adds up to a ruthless whitethe identity of the body in the box. GLOBE’s investigation into the washing of the truth about JFK’s mystery reveals these puzzling con- assassination, experts say. “The government has stonewalled flicts between events immediately after Oswald’s death at the hands of the public for decades,” says Chicago

cop-turned-Hollywood private eye Paul Huebl, who has attended nearly 800 autopsies, including exhumations. “It’s been 50 years since Oswald’s death and it’s time to find out whether or not it’s his body and head in that grave. “Dig him up again, do the DNA testing, and let’s get it right for history’s sake!” Back in 1981, the JFK gunman’s grave was opened after Michael Eddowes claimed in his book, The Oswald File, that a look-alike Russian spy was buried in the casket. He insists Oswald’s body is missing. Eddowes believes there were TWO men using the name Lee Harvey Oswald, both being run by U.S. spy agencies and possibly the KGB, which was the former Soviet Union’s

This is the assassin of President Kennedy, but now many people are asking: Is this really Lee Harvey Oswald…or a look-alike?

secret service. The one who assassinated JFK is a Soviet doppelganger named Alek James Hidell, who took over Oswald’s persona and was killed by Ruby, says the author.

Oswald’s body exhumed
After three years of legal wrangling, Oswald’s grave was opened on Oct. 4, 1981, and the remains were taken to Baylor University Medical Center in Dallas. Dr. Linda Norton compared the skull’s teeth with Oswald’s dental records and concluded “beyond any doubt” it was the man who’d been shot by Ruby. Pathologists also noted two rings Oswald’s widow Marina had placed on the body before burial were still there. But, incredibly, only the head –

40 GLOBE / November 18, 2013

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