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warming is inev

2NC/1NR misunderstood 1ac

1AR 2NR assumes expertism is bad we dont support american police our advocacy is not a aff of police state racism tautological and nonfalsiable to prove cia backing





Framework switch side good devolves into monologism our fw subsumes their Ks k rhetoric dooms movements, disinterst predictions good in enviro warming probably a bunch of warming shit something about an embargo

their model is unstable still drilling in regien land is not key ?? 07 conceded drilling inev impacts flow aff

Us sucks at drilling saftey

morgan and hiest 10

alt cant solve

suowski is wrong, pre-BP theres no way the aff can change public opinion try or die, cocneded terminal


only superficially addresses climate change, ignores the even if a single debate cant way it effects social justice solve every debate matters net ben to perm, i/l turns advantage


?? 09 1AC is enviro racism, climate adv is diversion of white supr

?? 04 warming is inev

alt is worst - yusof 11 methane and black carbon have shit i/l, rhetoric still links to k of neolib

subpoint a is methane black carbon mars warming?

warming impacts are anthropogenic to defend neolib

our tech key, not only questions of equity


driling inev is not an asnswer doesnt indicate hot spots bp empiracally disproves impacts neolib root cause rxtend our sudowsky ev, trained internationally built up to norweignin standards which are higher than us us is terrible at doing this, biod resiliant in that particular space the reason that us would get involved is because of venezuala no solvency- their own evs says- not a thersolhd question, embargo is least important, only reinconfres our disinterest link helman lacks warrants, reinscirbes excetionapislaism

1AR indicates warrant behind their claim are false, assume our specificity, if there is a question of investors means us wont get involved fiat resverses


vote negative on presumption for relations

no terminal impact - battling anthing, vagye refference to do not answer immigration structural violence arg not a threshold question, only tangible link is aff to each is an independent solve steuctuaral violence obstacle vote neg now they dont go for any other addvntage

no warrant why spill is inev

no sepcific evidence warming effects people the cuban appraoch is dissporoptiaonaly affected indepedneatlly good worse the aff is a privalaged coop solves warming and fantasy of change enviro racism good evidence as to why we that is just a cover up for are key for us to overcome environmental racism thresolhs aff can never solve try or die nothing racist about us arg stopping warming millions are dead and still dying o/w other claims

nothing is a voting issue perm shows lack of compeition

0 advantage to affirmative aff has no chance to combat neolib intentional genocide

even if they should represent warming apoc, its not offense against our k, shows vacuous things, no way to get a cap and trade regieme do a shitty job at answering our arg, rate will inev be faster mars proves sun is cause aff promotes oil disifnormation corporate media eleminates freedom fighters


if they extended impact defense then you could but they didnt small risk is illogical normative and ethical reason why fiat isgood only institutions have the ability to solve preumption, sexy but not applicable we dont say there arent other issues we just sya this is a starting point a bunch of defense answers that probably arent uswful refuses with usfg but not any other country, means imperialism is inevitable.


1NC Symptomcatic of american empire empire views world in ontological terms allows explanations of terms in context of america leaves american process in terms aspec usfg=colonial psyche maintains networks of oppression DSRB vote neg to reject narrative and aliengment of USFG natives larger system of mpsoing us dominance over cuba whitney 13 politifal discourse of the 1AC reinforces modalities of violence vote neg on presumption - their deinition stands for dominance over everything policy contradictory, new manifest destiny camron 09 1acs ethics of refusal - l marhsall 05

2AC fight for hegemoney locked in now, inev we access all links, our arg doesn't link we are reveresing one of the bad effects of US policy, key I/L turn i/l turn activism, we are not passive nihilism effective scen annalysis is good causes paradigm shifts allows us to rethink justifications we do not claim to be objective policy makers they do not reject existing embargo so alt cant solve case alt is essentialist and patriarchial presumption is dumb, we fiat removal embrago hurts ?? 09 pre-discoursive issues are aff alt does nothing minance over everything no alts are offered, specificity k2 agency warming turns structural violence ?? 11 turns ethics their conceptuionalization of violence is dumb their ev is nonu neolib doesn't cause war - neols 8 alt to oil is failure alt causes resource nationalization - ??? turns movements - ?? 09

2NC/1NR misunderstood 1ac indicts dsrb 0 defense of crimes of USFG we should never align oursleves with usfg mwhy should we use usfg with history of anticuban violence policy tool of disinformation why should one attempt to address this 0 zanswer in 2aC alt is an ethical stance, to refuse to engage inpolitics of ignorance nothing of 1ac changes how we react to cuba 1ac 1 and 2 links, no spillovers relations has been indicted proves our solvency takeouts no defense of heg in 2ac, try to be neutral group perms, cant do both no argument against scenario planning, only bad with sisnniter motives you do not distance, guilty by association - complicity concede their sources ar suspect disinformatiation claim - cant solve alt is step away from settler state must understand one policy In larger context this debat is a ys no question, regardless of empire no link to offfense of specificity

1AR we are not only a negative state action but we solve we stand in a way that is different it would have to be a reversal of these attitudes you are normativity, we cant act we solve better structural

we dont have heg afv, its just a da to alt, double bind classic, cia is nonfalsifiable we did focus on the policy of the K

sisnniter motives

2NR only a risk of offense on this still dont have a defense of usfg is a legitimate actor interpolated by it 0 defense of the settler state much better than the no evidence read disinformation asata shakur employs disinformation to maintain a racist empire cointelpro manifests as nsa and homelandsecurity none of their authors matter only a risk of increasing US legitimacy us is liar and aff advocates it

2AR concedes alt cant do anything about neolib mass suffering is inev with warming only way to change is the state aff key double bind alt is ethically complicit with systemic violence of embargo or adbicate any resoponisbility now is key, we need that short term stange not doing something is equally bad cia may not be responsible but the plan changes US policy dixon, perms solves independent net benefit, fear da dismissing good scholarship good with the line they lie and s we dont read any ev from usfg sudowski defends embargo how much bad scholarship is too much no link ethics d rule is not an impact

mic violence of embargo

plan changes US policy

with the line they lie and suck