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Dynemech AV Mounts Allow Installation on Mezzanines, Upper Floors

AV mounts Dampen Vibrations on Mezzanine Floor

As we know today high prices of real estate in modern cities have propelled air-tight developments and compact construction which necessitate accommodation of large number of high speed production machinery, office complexes and sensitive machinery and equipments in the same buildings. Machinery installation on AV Mounts thus becomes imperative. Mezzanine floors and upper floors are often added as a cost-effective way to increase square footage not only for storage but also for production purposes. As a result, newer buildings often do not dampen vibrations as well as older ones. Add to this the noise and vibrations transmitted from nearby construction, manufacturing, transportation systems or HVAC installations in the same buildings. AV mounts help install all kinds of industrial applications, HVACs, Sheet Metal Fabricating applications , Quality control equipments safely.

Moreover, builders save cost on modern floor slabs by making them thinner and lighter and increasing column spacing. This tends to make modern composite floors flexible and oscillatory. AV mounts helps to dampen all kinds of vibratory motions, shocks and impacts. And of course, vibrations are present in all operations involving machines and motion due to inherent exciting forces. But, such excessive vibrations, may lead to structural and mechanical failures, frequent breakdown and maintenance of machines, human discomfort and noise. Hence, cost effective measures in the form of AV mounts need to be taken to reduce the vibrations within acceptable limits. DYNEMECH vibration dampeners or AV Mounts provide lower natural frequency than the frequency of the suspended floor (generally, the natural frequency of the pads should less than half of the frequency of the suspended floor, which can be easily achieved through Dynemech AV Mounts) so that resonance is avoided besides, decreasing vibration amplitudes. Dynemech has significant experiences in such scenarios as: 1. Installed many machines on suspended floors. AV mounts help to stop vibration transmission within the industrial set-up and outside also.

Vibration Isolation of Machines on AV Mounts

2. Installation of machines which produce shock and vibration on operation like punch presses, shears next to the precision machines.

Heavy Duty Power Press on AV Mounts / Spring Isolators

3. Sensitive machinery like Coordinate measuring machines(CMM) have been installed near press shop. Avmounts or foundation isolation protect sensitive machines from vibrations.

Mitutoyo CMM on AV Mounts / Foundation Isolation

4. Vibration Damping of Heavy duty power presses in residential areas. A variety of avmounts - spring isolators, elastomeric mounts and pneumatic vibration dampeners help to reduce vibrations.

Compressor on AV Mounts / Spring Isolators

5. Highly dynamic machines like rubber mixing mill are accommodated on first floor. Avmounts provide vibration absorption in all kinds of machinery.

Rubber Mixing Mill on AV Mounts / Spring Isolators

6. HVAC Equipments like Compressors , blowers have been installed on suspended floors. Spring avmounts, Elastomeric AV mounts and Pneumatic AV Mountings have been hugely successful in reducing vibrations in HVAC applications.

Vibration Damping in Compressor on AV Mounts / Spring Isolators

Elastomeric avmounts reduce vibrations from Compressor

Pneumatic AV mountings for Vibration Control in Blowers

Besides these many generators have been installed near CNC machine shop and Presses haves been installed near sensitive machinery and equipments with the help of Dynemech AV Mountings.
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