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Greetings, I am a correspondent with the Australian media group, The Global Mail. I am seeking to contact Mr Bandula Jayasekera for an article I am preparing about, and other Sri Lankan topics ahead of the CHOGM. Many thanks Eric Ellis Correspondent NL



On 13 November 2013 02:57, Consulate General of Sri Lanka - Sydney Mr. Eric, Thank you for your email. Ambassador Bandula Jayasekara, Consul General of Sri Lanka to Sydney is in Sri Lanka CHOGM. Please send your profile to the personal email of Ambassador JAYASEKARA. Please send your profile and contact him on mobile Also .

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at present for )

kindly note the proper spellings of the name of the Consul General.

Regards! Personal Assistant to the Consul General Sri Lanka Consulate General Sydney NSW 2000 Tel. (02) Fax : (02)

On 13 Nov, 2013, at 12:07 PM, Eric Ellis

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Mr Jayasekera, Greetings, per my email, please find the following questions. 1. How long have you been Consul-General in Sydney? Did you begin the post in November 2012? 2. When were you posted to Toronto? In what position? During which period? 3. I understand you were formerly the editor of the Daily News in Colombo. Is this correct? When did you serve? 4. How long have you known, personally, the Rajapaksa family? Were your appointments as the Daily News editor, and your diplomatic posts, suggested and approved by President Rajapaksa? 5. Under what basis are you designated an Ambassador, mindful that you do not represent Sri Lanka, a Commonwealth member, in the capital of another Commonwealth member - Australia - and that Sri Lanka is already represented by a High Commissioner? Is ‘Ambassador’ your own, self-appointed designation? 6. You are a frequent user of Twitter and your tweets have been criticised as undiplomatic, among other descriptions. Under what authority do you publicly air your views in the manner you do? Is it the President’s? 7. Diplomats, by tradition and practice, are deemed apolitical/neutral, to represent their nation and not a particular regime or political party. You have often criticised the Lankan opposition in your public statements. How does that tally with your role as a diplomat? 8. Are you formally part of the Sri Lankan diplomatic corps? Did you receive training as a diplomat? 9. What role, if any, did you personally/professionally have in the preparation of the ‘Corrupted Journalism’ material handed this week to visiting CHOGM media? 10. I understand that you were subject to a sexual harrassment claim while serving in New York. Is that why you returned to Colombo? What became of the complaint?

11. How much of the last year, since taking up your post, have you physically spent in Australia? 12. How long do you intend to serve in Sydney? Would you prefer being in Colombo? I look forward to your responses, Many thanks Eric Ellis

On 13 November 2013 10:47, Spokesman Firstly send me your complete profile.

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Finally, I don’t see you as a journalist but a person with a very clear anti Sri Lanka agenda with much hatred towards Sri Lanka. You also seem to be having an excellent relationship and a rapport with similar people. Researchers say you stories proves it beyond doubt and more. They also say you are nothing but a muckraker in tow with them. So should I be even responding to a person like you? But, I just did to say that you stand exposed Mr Ellis. our researchers also said who gave you all the questions. Not surprised with your agenda and dubious character However, once you send me the profile we could meet at my office in Sydney. I am sorry you reached me at a very busy time. Thank you Bandula Jayasekara Sent from my iPad

On 13 Nov, 2013, at 4:35 PM, Eric Ellis Mr Jayasekara, Thank you for what I hope is your initial response to me.

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Firstly, I can mostly assuredly advise you that I am indeed a journalist, a rather conventional one, and have been for 30 years, as a staff foreign correspondent in Asia, the US and Europe for a range of mainstream international media, from Australia’s Fairfax Groupware to Time Warner of the US. 2. I am not sure what you mean by ‘profile.’ If you want me to send you the piece have prepared in advance, by journalistic convention that is not possible. If its a CV you are after, perhaps this can assist.. 3. Given that we haven’t met, I’m also not sure what you mean by me being ‘exposed’ by your researchers, or being of ‘dubious character’ and having an ‘excellent relationship/rapport’ with anyone bearing hatred toward Sri Lanka, or indeed possessing any myself toward a country I have always enjoyed visiting and reporting. I have been visiting and reporting Sri Lanka since the late 1980s, and have enjoyed contacts with Sri Lankans across its social, political and economic spectrum, as my body of work from there indicates. Again, I refer you to my profile/CV. 4. As to the questions I have posed to you, you have the opportunity to answer them - which would be welcome - and your answers will be incorporated into the text where appropriate. I am sure you would prefer to have been engaged prior to publication than not. Of course, you can choose not to answer these questions, as is your right, and that will also be noted in the text. I understand from my editors that we shall publish within the next 24 hours. 5. Thank you for your kind offer to meet. I would ordinarily, and enthusiastically, take you up on that but I am not based in Sydney, and have not been since 1990. Perhaps your researchers missed that detail, as they also seem to have on other information you claim to posses about me. I am based in, and travel from, Amsterdam, and have been since 2010. Should you ever be through The Netherlands, I would be more than happy to meet, or perhaps that meet could be arranged with one of your diplomatic colleagues in NL.

I look forward to hearing from you in the coming day. Enjoy the CHOGM.. All best Eric Ellis The Global Mail

On 13 November 2013 16:53, Spokesman

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Your response is very interesting. You seem to be a thuggish and a violent journalist who is trying to point a gun at my head and say answer my questions within 24 hours come what may or I will shoot you and kill you. I have come across people like you before. I also read your tweets and some of your articles discrediting my country and our people and our leaders. one does not have to go beyond that. You are nothing but a corrupt journalist who is getting paid for discrediting my country. Yes another trash. Go ahead write. You think I care two hoots about your gutter journalism. Na. It will expose you even further. Also read Long arm Sri Lanka’s Toronto envoy in the Toronto Star [the story Mr Jayasekara is referring to can be found here]. Make my day and don’t bother to respond to me and waste my time. Write and enjoy yourself. Good luck with your trash but also add what I have said now. Sent from my iPad

On 13 Nov, 2013, at 9:14 PM, Eric Ellis Thank you, Mr Jayasekara,

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Unfortunately, it seems you have misunderstood my email to you. I’m not holding any proverbial ‘gun’ at your head, nor have I posed any threat of any kind to you. It is disappointing that you have have chosen to interpret my professional inquiries in such a manner. As standard procedure and out of courtesy, I advised you that we were publishing within 24 hrs, and invited you to answer questions and contribute to the piece, again as is standard and appropriate journalistic practice. It seems you have chosen not to respond to my questions, and that will be noted. If you feel you wish to do so after publication, we would be happy to carry any response you may wish to make, within the boundaries of taste. I have read the article you cited. Perhaps you could be so kind as to clarify how it applies to this exchange of emails From Thank you Kind regards Eric Ellis

On 13 Nov 2013, at 17:00, Spokesman

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I told you once that we know who you are. Just another trashy journalists hell bent on discrediting Sri Lanka. Write whatever you wish to and please yourself and your pay masters. I am sorry we cannot pay you like your masters. All you got to add is what I have said in these emails. I head of you only today so I have no interest in reading the trash you write. Write as much as you could. Write every day , all year. Get paid more from your terrorist and NGO pay masters. Enjoy. This correspondence is now closed you corrupt journalist. Sent from my iPad

From: Eric Ellis Date: 13 November 2013 17:01 Subject: Re: To: Spokesman Cc: Consulate


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Thanks again...have a pleasant night..