Republic of the Philippines CONGRESS OF THE PHILIPPINES Metro Manila Fifteenth Congress Third Regular Session Begun and

held in Metro Manila, on Monday, the twenty-third day of July, two thousand twelve. REPUBLIC ACT NO !"#$% AN ACT PRO&I'ING FOR (AN'ATOR) BIO(ETRICS &OTER REGISTRATION Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Philippines in asse!bled" ongress

Se*tion ! #eclaration of Policy. $ It is the policy of the State to establish a clean, complete, permanent and updated list of voters through the adoption of biometric technology. Se*tion + #efinition of %er!s. – As used in this Act: a! o!!ission refers to the "ommission on #lections "$M#%#"!.

b! Bio!etrics refers to the &uantitative analysis that provides a positive identification of an individual such as voice, photograph, fingerprint, signature, iris and'or such other identifiable features. c! #ata apture Machine &# M' is the device (hich captures the biometrics of an individual. d! (alidation is the process of ta)ing the biometrics of registered voters (hose biometrics have not yet been captured. e! #eactivation refers to the removal of the registration record of the registered voter from the corresponding precinct boo) of voters for failure to comply (ith the validation process as re&uired by this Act. f! Reactivation refers to the reinstatement of a deactivated voter. Se*tion # )ho Shall Sub!it for (alidation. $ Registered voters (hose biometrics have not been captured shall submit themselves for validation. Se*tion , )ho Shall the validation. onduct the (alidation. – *he "ity or Municipal #lection $fficer shall conduct

Se*tion - o!!ence!ent of (alidation. $ *he "ommission shall conduct validation beginning +uly ,, -.,/, consistent (ith the continuing registration under Republic Act 0o. 1,12. Se*tion $ Publication and *otice Re+uire!ent. – *he "ommission shall cause the publication of the commencement of the validation in t(o -! ne(spapers of general circulation. *he "ity or

Se*tion !! Prohibited . (ithin si6ty 5. the other parts or provisions hereof shall remain valid and effective. e6ecutive orders.<! days after its publication in at least t(o -! ne(spapers of general circulation.wphi- Se*tion !# Separability lause. promulgate the implementing rules and regulations. obstruct or prevent a registered voter or a ne( voter from submitting his or her biometrics for capture through the use of force.. $ All la(s. Se*tion !" Mandatory Bio!etrics Registration. $ *hose deactivated under the preceding section may apply for reactivation after the May -. other(ise )no(n as the 9$mnibus #lection "ode9: a! Any person (ho shall prohibit. intimidation or monetary consideration: and b! Any public official or person (ho.! FELICIANO BEL(ONTE 0R Spea)er of the =ouse of Representatives .. Repealing lause. as amended. shall un. under any circumstance. – *he database generated by biometric registration shall be secured by the "ommission and shall not be used./ffectivity lause.cts. Se*tion !. – *he "ommission shall.! 0UAN PONCE ENRILE President of the Senate Sgd. rules and regulations inconsistent (ith this Act are hereby repealed or modified accordingly. Se*tion !. under the guise of implementing this Act. $ *he "ommission shall implement a mandatory biometrics registration system for ne( voters. Sgd. Se*tion .5 elections shall be deactivated pursuant to this Act. Se*tion / #atabase Security.5 elections follo(ing the procedure provided in Section -1 of Republic Act 0o. – *he follo(ing shall be election offenses punishable under Sections -5/ and -57 of 8atas Pambansa 8ilang 11. Se*tion !+ Rules and Regulations.12. impede. -. $ If any part of this Act is held invalid or unconstitutional. cause the deactivation or reactivation of any registered voter. Reactivation. decrees.. Se*tion % #eactivation. – *his Act shall ta)e effect fifteen . $ 4oters (ho fail to submit for validation on or before the last day of filing of application for registration for purposes of the May -.Municipal #lection $fficer shall serve individual (ritten notices by registered mail (ith return card to the voters concerned at their latest address in the voter3s registration record and post the list of the voters concerned in the city or municipal bulletin board and in the local "$M#%#" office. for any purpose other than for electoral e6ercises.ustifiably and (ithout due process. 1.! days after the effectivity of this Act. Approved.

. .. Sgd. /752 (as finally passed by the Senate and the =ouse of Representatives on >ecember ...*his Act (hich is a consolidation of Senate 8ill 0o.< -. -./ 2Sgd 3 BENIGNO S A4UINO III President of the Philippines .. respectively.! (ARIL)N B BARUA1)AP Secretary ?eneral =ouse of Representatives Approved: @#8 ..! E((A LIRIO1RE)ES Secretary of Senate Sgd. and =ouse 8ill 0o.and >ecember .-. -.-../.

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