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Event Planning and Management

Successful Events Create Lasting Impressions

New Signature provides full-service event and destination management knowledge and expertise that draw on the vision of our clients and partners without compromising our number one priority: stellar and superior customer service. New Signatures process-driven approach is specifically geared toward taking on complex events requiring substantial creativity and strategic vision. We offer our expertise and guidance whenever needed to ensure success and treat each event as a true collaboration. In addition, we actively manage event budgets in order to maximize value without exceeding allocated expenditures. The types of events that New Signature can help you plan and execute include:

Conferences Gala Dinners Non-profit Fundraisers Political Fundraisers Policy Forums Meetings Trade Shows Golf Events Networking Events Opening Ceremonies Private Events Trade Fairs

Award Ceremonies Board Meetings Seminars Team-Building Events Holiday Parties Press Conferences Product Launches VIP Events Shareholder Meetings Incentive Events Executive Retreats Training Sessions

Full Service Event and Destination Management






Online; Mail; In-Person; Support

Event Definition; Concept Design; Event Programming Communications; Integrated Marketing Plans; Website Design and Management; Internet Marketing; Sponsorships; Promotions and Publicity Project Plan, Budget and Human Resources; Information Systems; Stakeholder Relations; Site Development; Event Logistics; Legal Compliance; Health and Safety; Emergency Readiness Surveys; Attendee Tracking; Data Analysis; Custom Reports; Lessons Learned

Our Partner in Success!

We provide a full complement of integrated services that allow us to plan and execute events from start to finish. You may engage us to manage the entire event or select aspects of the event.

Event Design
Concept Design: Our seasoned team will conduct an analysis of your pre-defined objectives and work with you to craft compelling ideas that effectively bring unique and diverse elements into your events overall message and vision. Theme and Content Development: The theme of an event is the driving force in capturing the targeted audience. Content development is derived from carefully identifying your definition, design and concept of the event. Prior to implementation of the final product, a design mockup will be provided for review and approval. Event Site Selection: Proper venue selection, taking into account an events size and scope, is critical. New Signature's Event Management team will research, physically inspect, select and secure suitable venues for you, though we highly recommend you also participate in a site visit before final approval. Once a venue is approved, our event management team will conduct and manage necessary follow-up logistical visits. Entertainment: Entertainment is an integral component in creating the perfect ambiance for an event. New Signature will work closely with you to identify your entertainment needs, and will utilize our broad network of industry contacts to book the right talent for your event. Contract negotiation and booking will be managed by New Signature while advising you of pertinent decisions. Food and Beverage Planning: New Signature will act as the primary liaison with the venue to determine food and beverage requirements, inclusive of dietary restriction options. Venue menu tastings will be organized and scheduled for you.

Event Design

Dcor: The physical environment sets the tone for how guests feel when they arrive at an event. We always strive for a positive and memorable first impression. It's imperative we communicate your vision through the final set-up. Audio Visual Production and Management: Unlike other event management organizations, New Signature is uniquely positioned with a robust in-house IT team, enabling us to offer a full range of services to manage our clients audio/visual requirements. This seamless combination guarantees instant access to our unparalleled IT expertise. Speakers and Speech Writing: We will assist you in identifying and soliciting speaker participation. We are also positioned to assist in the preparation of program script and speech content.

Marketing and Communications

Event Promotion: In collaboration with the event theme and content development, New Signature's creative team will develop a concept to maximize event exposure and promotion. Website Design & Management: We blend stunning visual design, practical usability, and robust functionality to create compelling websites that engage visitors and provide an exceptional user experience. Each project is a true collaboration and we offer our expertise and guidance whenever needed to ensure success. You can sleep well both during and after your project knowing that New Signatures commitment to quality is with you from concept through to post-build management and support.

30+ Design Awards Since 2009

Marketing and Communications


Invitations, Programs and Signage: We will assist you in identifying the design concept for all collateral materials. Our capabilities include overseeing the graphics, design, and final print production. Exhibit Sales and Support: New Signature recognizes that exhibit sales can be an integral part of enhancing revenue and sponsor relationships. In coordination with you, we will assist in the supervision of the shipping and set-up of booth assignments. Sponsorship Sales: Our experienced in-house team will advise and assist in the implementation of proactive strategies to enhance sponsor relationships by developing customized sponsorship packages

Public Relations: Credible media coverage is critical in communicating your message in today's marketplace. New Signature will formulate a strategy to obtain maximum local, national and/or international coverage to target audiences. We will also create crisis communications strategies -- both reactive and proactive -- as well as provide ongoing counseling and media development. Social Marketing: We will collaborate with you to develop promotional media content and strategies with the goal of securing and maintaining customer engagement. Email Marketing: Email communication is an increasingly important communications channel for maximizing outreach to your audience(s). We will oversee the entire production and can coordinate ongoing submissions. Direct Mail: New Signature will advise on proprietary marketing techniques designed to integrate your objectives with increasing base financial support. We are driven to increase awareness of your organization and/or enhance its image. Advertising: We will advise you on key brand management concepts through advertising and promotional media, specific to their initiatives. Mobile Devices: New Signature will utilize mobile devices to effectively and efficiently communicate with you, staff, vendors and, if applicable, law enforcement, and we will help you do the same. Mobile devices enable all pertinent parties to communicate efficiently and, therefore, secure a safer, more efficient environment.


Online: New Signature will provide a dedicated online database system to process, track, and analyze registration submissions. Informational reports will be generated whenever required. Mail: New Signature will coordinate the production and distribution of various forms of mailers. In Person: Registration is the face of the event; It is the first encounter your guests will have with you on site. Therefore, personable, courteous and well-versed staff will be assigned to meet and greet your guests. Management and Support: New Signature will oversee the process, coordination, planning and execution of all on-site and off-site registration operations. Confirmation Email: Automated emails confirming registration submissions will be created, tracked and managed by our team. Email Reminder: New Signature will execute and manage software implementation to periodically send email reminder updates to registered and unregistered guests. Add to Calendar: New Signature has the resources to update calendars and trigger event reminders for you. Our goal is to ensure as close to 100% event attendance for our clients. Event Change Notifications: Unforeseen circumstances may result in the need to update program content or reschedule an event. No matter what the revision may be, we will handle exporting event change notifications in an expeditious manner.

Administration and Operations

Project Management: New Signature's in-house divisions have successfully positioned our teams to plan, organize, secure and manage resources to bring about the successful completion of all project goals and objectives. Budget Preparation & Management: With client consultation, we will develop a customized event budget. Periodic updates will be provided to you upon request. Negotiation: New Signature will negotiate all vendor contracts/bids/proposals, leveraging our industry contacts and discounts to secure the best deals. We take pride in maintaining an environment spearheaded by ethical integrity. Every negotiation is handled with discretion and fairness, and every contract is reviewed, word for word, to ensure there are no surprises. A negotiation is only final once we are confident your expectations have been met. Planning and Coordination of Logistics: Our goal is to produce events which are efficient and seamless for both you and your attendees. From inception, the planning and coordination of logistics is tailored for perfection. Our team of detail-oriented staff conceives and reviews every possible aspect. Vendor Selection and Management: Our longstanding and successful relationships with industry contacts provide us with an impressive pool of vendor resources. Once the appropriate vendors are selected for the event, New Signature will oversee every aspect inclusive of contract negotiation.

On-Site Staffing & Management: Senior management and seasoned professionals will handle all aspects of on-site logistics. Volunteer Management: Some clients encourage and incorporate the participation of volunteers at their events. To ensure success, we will oversee all aspects of volunteer participation, including pre and post event work. Security Coordination: New Signature will collaborate with various law enforcement agencies to provide all necessary security measures. Information Technology: Organizations are faced with ever-changing compliance requirements, a range of security policies, and a need to know what is happening in and outside their systems. New Signature will collaborate with you to provide the level of information technology services specific to your event and organization. Transcription and Translation: We will identify, secure and oversee translators, sign interpreters or transcription requirements. Photography: New Signature will secure and coordinate photography services. Transportation and Travel: New Signature will secure and coordinate airline and ground transportation services. Hotel Accommodation: New Signature will coordinate, track and oversee hotel reservations.


Assessment and Review

Post-Conference Surveys & Reporting: New Signature will create and manage survey programs tailored to your event. Post-event debriefs are integral in ensuring continued success and customer satisfaction. Attendee Tracking: We will develop reports to track conference participation, pre and post event. Reports will be generated as required.

Contact Us

For more information, contact: Caroline Okumu p. 202.452.5923 x358 / f. 202.478.2107 m. 703.408.8663 Email:


Behind the Scenes

We like to introduce New Signature not by discussing what we can do, but by discussing our culture and what drives us. Providing great customer service is what gets us out of bed in the morning. New Signatures success is driven by our values, which shape the way we do our work, the projects we pursue, and the interactions we have with our customers, colleagues, partners, and suppliers. We pledge to: Be a great company to do business withfor clients and suppliers. Provide only superior services. Foster client communication and provide polite customer service. Educate our clients.  Stay creative and be forward thinking, proactive, entrepreneurial and adaptive. Promote trust and credibility through legal and ethical conduct. Promote diversity of experience, culture, ideas and opinions. Contribute proactively to a better community. New Signature is proud to have received the 2010 National Capital Business Ethics Award. This award recognizes companies that exemplify a strong commitment to business excellence and to the highest standards of civic and social responsibility, integrity and ethical conduct in the Greater Washington region. We are an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and maintain an A rating. New Signature is a trade name of CHH Enterprises, Inc.a Maryland S corporation. The company was founded in March 2003. New Signature has more than 45 full-time employees and has served more than 200 clients. Our headquarters are located in the District of Columbia at 1100 H St. NW, Suite 940 Washington DC 20005; Our Dun & Bradstreet number is 130080059. All required insurance and government filings are current and in good order.


Who We Serve

New Signature provides services to a range of companies: from nonprofit to for profit; from sole proprietorship to Fortune 1000. Each of these clients is equally important in our eyes, and we work with each to understand their business and their priorities. Our experience includes clients from almost all industry sectors, including: non-profit, association and foundation; public affairs; finance and real estate; education; legal; restaurant and hospitality; media and communications; technology; health and medical; government; retail; transportation; and professional services. New Signature develops long-term relationships with clients by emphasizing education, communication, flexibility and an ethical approach to business.

Other Services
IT Consulting and Support: New Signature levels the playing field for our clients by providing them to access to the same technical expertise, best practices and dedicated customer service that normally only the very largest companies enjoy. As a result, clients achieve long-term benefits, such as the ability to focus on their core business, increased employee productivity, improved corporate efficiency and faster execution of new projects, products or initiatives. Cloud Computing: New Signature is the perfect partner to help you understand cloud computing, develop strategy and take advantage of the reliability, flexibility and security of the cloud. We offer a suite of cloud services that enable you to move core IT infrastructure to the cloud, including email and productivity, enterprise applications and network security.

Branding, Website and Database: New Signature combines strategic thinking, distinctive design, and emerging technologies to create and deliver innovative brands and websites that consistently break new ground. New Signatures process driven approach is specifically geared to taking on complex projects that require substantial creativity and strategic vision. Training: New Signature combines strategic thinking, distinctive design, and emerging technologies to create and deliver innovative brands and websites that consistently break new ground. New Signatures process driven approach is specifically geared to taking on complex projects that require substantial creativity and strategic vision.


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