Version History v0.23.0.

4 (contributed by TUSS11) - Fixed scoreboard glitch - Fixed number colors for jerseys that use special number colors (eg. Hornets Mardi Gras, Warriors Home and Away) v0.23.0.3 - Temporarily disabled buggy Jersey name saving feature v0.23.0.2 - Fixed pasting skipping any lines that started with # v0.23.0.1 - Fixed ShAwayTeam1 and ShAwayBase that were switched v0.23 (contributed by TUSS11) - added ability to change the jersey art (for the purpose of dup licating jerseys to have alternate accessory colors). Current teams only. - added "Practice" to jersey names - added a fix to jersey names so the name shows up at the team s elect screen if you change it in Roster Editor - IMPORTANT: do not change the Art for the first jersey. It need s to be the Sixer's home practice jersey. The program calculates the values of a ll jerseys based on it's value. v0.22.4.3 - Fixed crash in very rare occurrences related to window icon v0.22.4.2 - Fixed the tool crashing on startup in some occurrences when a registry setting was saved in the wrong format v0.22.4.1 - Made the "missing column headers" message a bit more helpful v0.22.4 - Added Shoe Trim parameters to Players (code contribution of TU SS11 from OperationSports) v0.22.3.3 - Fixed saving Free Agents v0.22.3.2 - Player with ID 1364 will be skipped when saving the Players ta b while using the 360 profile; editing the player in that spot doesn't work, and that's a known issue, so this will make sure the tool doesn't try to save him a nd thus doesn't show a message about an error during save v0.22.3.1 - Fixed Free Agents entry for all save types - Disabled Team Stats editing for MyCareer saves as the offset c an't be automatically determined for now v0.22.3 - Jerseys table will now begin with the training jerseys which a re earlier in the roster file v0.22.2 - Added "ContYBefOpt" (Contract Years Before Option) parameter i

no matter if game mode save or roster v0.Fixed the Players table not showing up correctly when switchin g back from the Auto 360 profile to Auto PC v0.Tool will not update a player's Free Agent status if the Teams tab isn't properly set-up .21.txt now include version number v0.Fixed bug which would alter the value of whether a player woul d become a restricted or unrestricted free agent incorrectly.22.1 .Errors while saving the Players tab should not result in the t ool crashing anymore. if set to anyt hing but "True".1 . allows you to automatical ly set the IsFA flag to true for players in the FA pool.Check For Updates setting added in Options tab.21.Roster Editor will automatically detect the offsets when loadi ng any compatible file. attempts to fin d all the required offsets in the roster and inputs them in the Options tab auto matically v0.20.21 .Added "Fix IsFA for FAs" in Players tab. don't know what their difference is.Error reports in errorlog_unh. your save has been corrupted. they're the same in most players in the P layers table .txt file and a message will be shown to the user. allows you to unset th e RFA flag in players that are currently free-agents (meant to only be used outs ide of the off-season) v0. the tool will try to save the rest of the players an yway . if your Upcoming F A shows all players as restricted.0.Added "Fix ALL IsFA" in Players tab. will be automatically calculated upon save.Fixed 360 compatibility v0.4 .20. added second IsFA parameter as IsFA2 . and you'll need to copy over the RFA values from a previous. uncorrupted one . no need to edit it ma nually v0.IsFA column is now IsFA1.19. allows you to automat ically set IsFA to "true" for all players in the Free Agents pool .Added RFA column which determines whether a player will be an RFA when they go into free agency .1 . it will tell the tool not to check for updates on start .2 .4.1 .20 . and to false for everyo ne else v0.Changed IsFA* column to IsInFAPool* and included editable IsFA column.n Players tab.Find Offsets button in Find Offsets tab added. they'll be reported to the tracelog.Fixed bug when trying to use Find & Replace on certain kinds o f values such as shoe colors v0.22 .Added "Fix Waived RFAs" in Players tab. this way the tool won't automatically decide on whether to set a player as a Free Agent depending on whether he's assigned to a team or the FA pool .

fixed l ots of buggy cases.4 .Fixed players being put into the FA pool not becoming Free Age nts in-game.Fixed a crash in some occurrences when doing dumb pasting v0. RPot Random 30.4.Last used Find & Replace properties will be remembered when re -opening dialog v0.3 .Greatly improved both smart and dumb pasting behavior.1 .Find & Replace can now make random relative changes to values (e.2 .Added Gear. Find That Hex) functionality . and also players being removed from the FA pool remaining Free Agen ts v0.txt file v0.19.e.g.30 will subtract a random amount between 10 and 30 from the matching players' potential rating) .1 .19.Fixed sorting by HeadCoachOf* in Staff tab v0.17 . Layup Package editing for Players v0.18. RPot -= 20 will subtract 20 from the potential r ating of the matched players) v0. PortaitID to Staff tab .Fixed editing a player's number not being reflected in the tab le v0. e.Find & Replace can now replace values with random ones within a range by using the Random operator and entering the minimum and maximum as the value separated by a semicolon (e.4.Added searching text .Fixed roster corruption in some cases when editing GHeadbandLo go .18 . RPot -=Rand 10.4 .16.19.19.Added Find Offset (i.The Random operator in Find & Replace has been changed to =Ran d v0.1 .2 . multiply.Enumerable properties (such as Signature Skills) can now be pr operly found and replaced .g.4.1.0.Fixed Custom 360 profile re-enabling "Recalculate CRC on Save" .19.Fixed pasting of some values in Players table v0.19.19 .3 .1 . all errors during paste will be reported in the tracelog.v0.19.Added CFID. s ubtract. divide.19.80 will generate random pot ential ratings for the matching players between 30 and 80) v0.Find & Replace can now make relative changes to values (add.Added full Coaching Profile editing in Staff tab v0.g.

16.15.Added missing Custom Team Stats Offset options v0.1 . .2 .16.Added Playbooks tab compatibility for "PC Nov 10" profile .Added Team Stats .Optimized file opening speed v0.Added PlaybookID to new Staff tab (uses dumb-pasting all of th e time for now) . the corresponding name will be shown in the st atus bar v0.Fixed bug which crashed the tool when a pasted value was out o f range v0.2 .Fixed various crashes when opening incompatible rosters .4 ..15.16 .When selecting a roster spot in the Teams tab or a TeamID/Assi gnedTo column in the Players tab.15.2 .1.16.Fixed smart pasting for the Free Agents row in the Teams tab n ot updating players after R18 v0.Fixed crash when the user clicked Open and the last used direc tory no longer existed v0.0 .1.15 .15.1.Fixed crash when opening rosters not compatible with the Staff tab yet v0.1.0.16.Fixed bug with copy-pasting in Playbooks and Staff tab when du mb-pasting was turned off v0.15.Added smart pasting by any column in the Players table (use Do PlayersPasteBy option) v0.1 .15.Fixed dumb pasting not updating the last row v0.Added Run Plays for Staff . crc needs to be calculated only for PC saves v0.Fixed crash when loading rosters if LastStaffID was too small v0.1 .1 .2 .Added Playbook editing (uses dumb-pasting all the time for now ) .3 .Fixed head coach saving for all save types .15.1.Fixed crash when opening some rosters v0.Fixed bug which made the tool not paste last column's data whe n dumb-pasting v0.15.1.

2 .Added Reset button to Options tab v0.0.Added SeasonStats and PlayoffStats for Players . InjuryType.Fixed Free Agents in Custom profile v0.2 .12. BirthMonth. BirthDay.Fixed Free Agents pool for Custom 360 profile v0.13 .1 .Tool will now copy CFNames.3 .3.1 .14.Known Issue: Playbooks and Staff tabs will only work with "PC Ret" and Custom profiles.Added Clothes Type for Players .LastJerseyID will be recalculated each time a roster is loaded .Added PlaybookID (read-only) in Teams tab .0.Fixed saving and pasting Season and Playoff stats for Players v0. BirthYear. or if you click Reset in the Options tab) .Dumb Pasting can now be enabled for all tabs by setting the ap propriate option in the Options tab to "True" .13.Added "Reset Current Teams' Playbooks" in Teams tab which allo ws you to automatically set the Playbooks for the 30 current teams to the defaul t ones (after for example a Head Coach change in Association) .Fixed startup crash introduced in anks to DukeW74 and Medevenx . so that users can experiment to find offsets of incompatible rosters .14 . which tries to skip the garbage bytes a nd make editing possible for players with ID 1365 and higher (known issue with e diting player with ID 1364 remains) v0.3 .13.14.Added YearsPro.Added HeadCoachOf (read-only) in Staff tab . I njuryDays for Players (kudos to TUSS11) .Added Head Coach v0.1. haven't found the offsets for 360 retail or PC Novembe r 10 yet v0.14.Fixed Teams table for save types other than Roster v0.txt to Documents folder (and use it by default on new installations.1 .0.14 if last selected mode was PCNov v0..Fixed Teams & Jerseys tab compatibility for November(?) PC ros ters v0.1 .Columns that are read-only now have an asterisk (*) in their h eader .13.Added Custom offsets function.Added Custom 360 mode.13.1 .14.Added Play Style & Play Types for Players v0.

0. Signature Fre e Throw .2 .Fixed color selection dialog showing up on non-related doubleclicks on the tables v0.Fixed Find & Replace ignoring the last player in the Players t able v0.Fixed paste crash bug in Players table v0. Eyebrows.12.Added "Apply Replace Filters" feature which applies the replac ements based on all the "Find & Replace" filters in a specific folder .9.1 . Goatee . Moustach e. Facial Hair Color.10.1 . may need further expansion v0.10 . Hair Color.1 .Players table filter can be removed by clicking on Filter in t he Find & Replace dialog with an empty Find column v0.Fixed bug that caused edits to some cells in tables not to sav e when pressing Tab to switch to the next cell .2 .Added Filter feature to Find & Replace dialog which filters th e players table according to the specified filters v0.Fixed automatic roster reordering & PlNum correction bug v0.Added TeamID1 & TeamID2 .12.Added team names for all 90 entries (courtesy of Hyperballer21 ) .1 .v0.txt " with a first column that's not Player ID.Pasting TeamID1 & TeamID2 now works v0. Signature Shot Form & Base.Added Dunk Packages.Fixed pasting functionality for some columns in Players table .0.0.Fixed color handling in Jerseys tab.10. since 256 were too few . but any column of the Players table .0.1 .Added "ChooseNameBy" option to allow user to have a "names.Added Height.10.0. Skintone.Fixed hang when saving players v0.12 . nor the FA pool .11 .Fixed a mistake in the order of the Hot Spots .Added the following read-only columns to Players table * AssignedTo: Shows you which team this player is assign ed to in the Teams table * IsFA: Tells you if the player is in the FA pool * IsHidden: Tells you if the player is in no teams.2 .11.Free Agents Pool expanded to 512 spots. courtesy of Hyperballer21 v0.11.Added jersey neck & sock color .Jersey GID and Names added. Beard.0. colors should now show an d be applied correctly . Weight.

Shoe Brand and Shoe Model and all parameters added in this rel ease are pastable v0. Eye Color.9 .Support for MyCareer saves (*. rows with no Player ID set.2.7.5. all such errors will be silently logged to "tracelog.Audio ID has been discovered by DukeW74 to actually be ASA ID v0.2 that caused tool to crash when pasted data lacked one or more columns v0.2 .1 .Added Last Team ID option to force the Teams tab to show more roster entries .Fixed checksum not being updated when saving Jerseys in PC mod e v0.Fixed bug introduced in 0.Teams table now parses data automatically when pasting v0.Tool will now skip any pasted rows that have Player IDs that c an't be parsed (e. erroneous data in a certain column will not chan ge the value at all .2.2.4 .2. instead of st opping the paste.1 .5.txt" file un der "My Documents\NBA 2K13 Roster Editor" v0.5..5.Support for Association saves (*.7.g.2 .Fixed a bug that caused hex values of shoe colors not to updat e in the table after editing v0.Silent errors will now be logged in the "tracelog.Added CAP Hair Type.Added Find & Replace functionality for Players tab .1 .8 .6. Body Type.Added Assistant Coach to Teams tab .FXG) v0.3 .CMG) v0.5.txt" as w ell v0.Added Player Contracts .6 .Fixed Muscle Tone and Body Type editing .Fixed pasting Audio ID .8. Jersey Number .1 .7 . etc).Fill with consecutive works for 76ers again . Muscle Tone.Shoe Brand and Shoe Model are editable .Added Shoe Colors . empty rows.Fixed Jersey editing on the 360 .Added automatic Check for Updates on start-up v0.When pasting.2.Added Jersey Colors v0.

3.1 .Added roster editing for all 30 current teams and the FA pool v0.Added PlType editing (PC & X360) v0.If you have a "names. to allow for multiple files v0.2.3 .3.5.3 .1 .Audio ID added to Players table v0.1 v0.1 .2 .3. the tool will now show y ou the name of the player you're editing v0.4 .3.Ratings.1.txt" file in your "My Documents\NBA 2K13 Roster Editor" with tab-separated Player IDs and names.Added error reports .5 .1.2.3.The tool will now read and write 18 roster entries instead of 15 for every team v0.Teams' PlNum and Player Order will automatically be fixed on s ave .Fixed player entry reading after Player ID 1365 in X360 roster s .1.1 .Copy-pasting for the Players table should work completely v0.4.2.2 .Fixed Hot Spots overwriting Tendencies when pasting to the Pla yers table v0.Fixed bug with PlType not being read correctly v0.3.Ratings.5.1 .Players and Options tab are now spreadsheet like as well . Tendencies and Hot Spots columns now are named .Fixed bug with CF reading/writing introduced in v0.4.Known Issue: (X360) Editing Signature Skills of Jamaal Magloir e on Player ID 1364 doesn't work for now .Fixed bug that would substitute the FA pool with the Bobcats p layers on save v0.2 .v0.2.Fixed various bugs that would cause the tool to crash or misin terpret data when pasting into the Players and Teams tables v0.5.Tool no longer crashes when Search by CF doesn't find a player with that CF ID v0.3.Added support for GenericF editing (PC & X360) .Now the user can change the name of the file to load Player na mes from.5.2 .1 . Tendencies and Hot Spots added to Players .

2 .1 .3 .Added X360 support for the Team Roster editing v0.Added X360 support for the Signature Skills editing v0.2.v0.3 .Initial release .Added support for CF ID & Portrait ID editing (PC & X360) .2.4 .Added Search by CF feature v0.2.6 .2.Added Gatorade Prime Pack and On Court Coach signature skills v0.All 12 player IDs of the 76ers can be changed v0.Added changing the Player ID of the 5th player of the 76ers to test out different Player IDs v0.2.1 .2.5 .Tool can now save changes to roster files v0.The offset of the current player's first signature skill is sh own .Buttons to switch players quickly have been added v0.2 .