Chapter One


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1.1 Title of the Report:
Corporate Social Responsibility of Telecommunication company in Bangladesh

1.2 Background of the Report:
Corporate Social Responsibility stands for business contribution to sustainable development and covers companies’ active participation in different fields: human rights, human resources, relations with clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders, corporate governance, environment and contribution to community and society The purpose of this report is to see what are the companies in Bangladesh doing in respect of CSR practice and how much are they spending on it

1.3 Origin of the Report:
Today practical e!perience is as much essential as academic education that enables someone to be successful business e!ecutive especially in the glove, competitive business environment "n order to gather knowledge and e!perience regarding the organi#ation culture and behavior, the business students have to submit thesis report for the successful completion of their bachelor degree Stamford $niversity Bangladesh is known for the global standard education This thesis report of mine title %Corporate Social Responsibility of telecommunication Companies in Bangladesh& is a process of gathering knowledge regarding the CSR related activities by company

1.4 Objective of the tud!:
The general ob'ective of this report is to complete the degree (s per re)uirement of *B( program of Stamford $niversity Bangladesh, one student needs to work on the report to ac)uire knowledge about the real competitive environment There are some specific ob'ectives of this report these are:  To become familiar with CSR  To observe e!isting practice  To know about other activities related to social welfare carried out  To find the possible information sources

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1." #ethodolog!:
"n the ensuring proper management of the business processes to produce an overall positive impact on society, CSR is very important issue "n order to study this issue, collections of data were made from the secondary sources and liked published materials from primary sources like companies website "nternet and few books related to the CSR were also very much used for collecting information on CSR

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Chapter Two Telecommunication Sector of Bangladesh 4 | Page .

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: Cellular mobile phone company 5acific Bangladesh Telephone 2imited and Bangladesh Telecom got license +.7+ : Reconstructed as Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone 6epartment under *inistry of 5osts and Telecommunications +. with the issuance of a license to a private operator for the provision of inter alia cellular mobile services to compete with the previous monopoly provider of telecommunications services the Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board .-.1 $i%tor! of Teleco&&unication %ector of Banglade%h: The liberali#ation of Bangladesh’s telecommunications sector began with small steps in +..-. : :8.BTTB/ with right to issue license for telecom and wireless services +.-.3 : Card Telephone service introduced in Bangladesh by BTTB and TSS +..BTTB/ Significant changes in the number of fi!ed and mobile services deployed in Bangladesh occurred in the late +.-.-4 : (utomatic 6igital "T9 started in 6haka +. upa#illa +.1 $i%tor! Ti&e line: 2andmarks in the history of telecom industry in Bangladesh • • +-34 : Telegraph branch under 5osts and Telegraph 6epartment.0s and the number of services in operation have subse)uently grown e!ponentially in the past five years The incentives both from government and public sectors have helped to grow this sector "t is now one of the biggest sector of Bangladesh (s a populous country.73 : Reconstructed as Telegraph and Telephone Board +.2. : Bangladesh Rural Telecom (uthority got license to operate e!changes in <00 upa#illa +.1.*o5T/ • • • • • • • • • • • 6 | Page . it1s huge market has attracted many foreign investors to invest in this sector 2.. : Sheba Telecom got license to operate e!change is +.7..-+ : 6igital Tele! 8!change in Bangladesh +. : Reconstructed as Bangladesh Telegraph and Telephone Board .3 : Regulatory power of BTTB transferred to *inistry .T89 Telegraph messaging service introduced in Bangladesh +.-. British "ndia +.-3 : Coinbo! Telephone service introduced in Bangladesh by BTTB +.

= : :rameen5hone got cellular mobile Telephone license +. all mobile operators is to interconnect through "nterconnection 8!change ..TT 6oCo*o bought 40 percent stake in (ktel <00.."5TS5/ @perators launched • • • • • • • • 2.:.: Bapanese ..ational Telecommunications 5olicy +."26TS/ 5olicy <007.: BTTB converted into Bangladesh Telecommunications Company 2imited .BTRC/ <00< : "CT 5olicy <00> : Teletalk cellular mobile launched <003 : 8gypt?based @rascom ac)uired Sheba Telecom <00= : .:TS/ Tele! 8!change venture with British Teleco <00+ : Telecommunication (ct.. : "nternet 5rotocol Telephony Service 5rovider .. introduced in BTTB <00..2 tructure Bangladesh Telecom Network Topology (s defined in the .1."C9/ and all international calls to be handled by 7 | Page .= : Telecom *alaysia "nternational Bangladesh got cellular mobile license +.: Telecom 5olicy <000 : :lobal Telecom Service . to establish Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission .• • • • • • +. : Bharti (irtel ac)uired 70 percent stake in Carid Telecom <00.3 : <nd and 4rd "T9 installed in 6haka +.and "nternational 2ong 6istance Telecommunications Services .BTC2/ with +00A shares owned by :overnment <00..

"nternational :ateway . was + 47< million 2. (!iata Bangladesh 2td: Branded as Robi 3.1.":C/ which is to be connected to the mobile and fi!ed operators through the "C9s The "nterconnection 8!change . subscribers in Bangladesh as of Eebruary <00. License cancelled by BTRC Cestec 2td 6haka Telephone Co 2td D Currently off air. and will pass to the ":Cs if the call is international "C9 will also deliver calls received from ":Cs where the call is destined Below illustrate the structure of interconnection between different interfaces 5ST. License cancelled by BTRC "ntegrated Services 2imited . License cancelled by BTRC Ranks Telecom 2td D Currently off air. Sheba Telecom 2td : Branded as Banglalink 4.4 #obile 'hone Operator% There are = mobile phone operators in Bangladesh These are: 1."C9/ will receive all calls from the mobile and fi!ed operators whenever the call is made to other network and will pass it to the destination network if the call is local."S2/ D branded under the name Sheba 5hone S ( Telecom System 2td Banglaphone 2td • • • • • • • • • • The number of 5ST. license re-awarded Tele Barta 2td D branded under the nameBubok phone D Currently off air Balalabad Telecom 2td D branded under the name Bi'oy 5hone @netel Communication 2td . 2.3 The ' T( or fi)ed operator% in Banglade%h are: • • BTC2 (former BTTB) 5eoples Telecommunication and "nformation Services 2td D Currently off air.1. 5acific Bangladesh Telephone 2td : Branded as Citycell 8 | Page .ational Telecom 2td D Currently off air. :rameenphone 2td : Branded as :rameenphone 2.

6 -nternet 'rotocol Telephon! ervice 'rovider . *GF Teletcom 2td 3. Teletalk Bangladesh 2td : Branded as Teletalk = (irtel Bangla 2td Branded as (irtel The number of mobile phone subscribers in Bangladesh as of Eebruary <00.:8TC@ @nline 2td / < @ff 2ine 9 | Page ."":/ to si! firms through an open auction in Eebruary <00.The incumbent BTTB got the same licenses too Fere is the list of all operators: "nternational :ateway .-C30 operator% 1.--40 Operator 1. BTC2 2. rising to 7= >4 million at the end of Bune <0++ 2." *ong +i%tance Operator% .1 -nterconnection 2)change .1.a% per -*+T 'olic! 2.1.-'T '0 Operator% The "5TS5 operators in Bangladesh are: (ation5ide: 1..ovotel 2imited 4. was >3 <+ million ./0 @n Eebruary <3. :etco Telcommunications 2td 2. . Bangla Trac Communications 2imited 2. three "nternational :ateways .the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission awarded licenses for two "nterconnection 8!changes . *ango Teleservices 2imited 2.":w/."C9/. <00. and one "nternational "nternet :ateway . BTC2 2.5./ -nternational -nternet 4ate5a! .1.1. BTC2 2. FRC Technologies 2imited .":C/ @perators 1. *ir Telecom 3.

et . 2ink 4 Technologies 2td +7 BR(C. 6igital Connectivity 2imited BTS Communications .4 > 3 = "nformation Services .5vt / 2imited <> (dvanced 6ata . "dea .etworks (nd Communications 2td 40 5ritty "nternational .B6/ 2td +4 Ranks "TT 2td +> B6C@* @nline 2td +3 Broad Band Telecom Services 2imited 2imited +.*etronet Bangladesh 2imited +.etwork 2imited (gni Systems 2td "nnovative @nline 2imited 6hakacom 2imited 7. Connect B6 2td .et 10 | P a g e ."S 5R@S 2"*"T86 <.et 2imited << Bangladesh "nternet 8!change 2imited <4 .5vt / 2imited <0 Telnet Communication 2imited <+ 9?. Eusion . Communication @ne .reach .B6/ 2td +0 Royal :reen @nline 2imited ++ :lobal (ccess 2imited +< (ccess Telecom .5vt/ 2imited 4+ (kceycom 2imited Central: + :rameen Cybernet 2imited 2.etworks System 2imited <3 (ki' @nline 2imited <= Bangladesh 8!port "mport Company 2imited <7 "6S Bangladesh <.

B6/ 2td S(6"(T8C 2td Chittagong @nline 2imited Chittagong Telecom Services 2imited F.e!t @nline 2imited B E @ptical Services "T Connect 2imited Sine?+0 .4 > 3 = 7 7onal: + < 4 *Hs *edia G *ultimedia . the Bangladesh Telecommunications Regulatory Commission awarded licenses for "5TS5 "5TS5 operators are regulated by the BTRC 11 | P a g e . T828C@* @n (ugust +-. <00.

Chapter Three Corporate Social Responsibilities 12 | P a g e .

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self?regulating mechanism whereby a business monitors and ensures its active compliance with the spirit of the law. or %u%tainable re%pon%ible bu%ine%%9 Re%pon%ible Bu%ine%%/ is a form of corporate self?regulation integrated into a business model CSR policy functions as a built?in. employees. and international norms The goal of CSR is to embrace responsibility for the company1s actions and encourage a positive impact through its activities on the environment. communities.1 Corporate ocial Re%pon%ibilit!: Corporate %ocial re%pon%ibilit! . %ocial perfor&ance.012/. also called corporate con%cience. • 14 | P a g e .ations %or e)am#le/ ad!ere to t!e tri#le (ottom line . 0!e -. consumers.-> 5roponents argue that corporations make more long term profits by operating with a perspective. while critics argue that CSR distracts from the economic role of businesses @thers argue CSR is merely window?dressing. corporate citi8en%hip. meaning those on whom an organi#ation1s activities have an impact "t was used to describe corporate owners beyond shareholders as a result of an influential book by R 8dward Ereeman. P (li" se"tor organizations .t!e -nited .70s after many multinational corporations formed the term stakeholder. &e'elo#ment ( siness et!i"s is one o% t!e %orms o% a##lied et!i"s t!at e)amines et!i"al #rin"i#les and moral or et!i"al #ro(lems t!at "an arise in a ( siness en'ironment. *t is widel$ a""e#ted t!at CSR ad!eres to similar #rin"i#les ( t wit! no %ormal a"t o% legislation. stakeholders and all other members of the public sphere who may also be considered as stakeholders The term Icorporate social responsibilityI came into common use in the late +. !as de'elo#ed t!e Prin"i#les %or Res#onsi(le *n'estment as g idelines %or in'esting entities.C R. *S+ 26000 is t!e re"ognized international standard %or CSR.3. ethical standards. or an attempt to pre?empt the role of governments as a watchdog over powerful multinational corporations CSR is titled to aid an organization's mission as well as a g ide to w!at t!e "om#an$ stands %or and will #!old to its "ons mers.=0s and early +. Strategic management: a stake older a!!roac in +.

ta! revenues. sustainable resources and adept government to compete effectively Eor society to thrive. Senior Eellow at the Jennedy School at Farvard $niversity and co?founder of ES: Social "mpact (dvisors The article provides insights and relevant e!amples of companies that have developed deep linkages between their business strategies and corporate social responsibility *any approaches to CSR pit businesses against society. educated workforce.3. the Continental 8uropean and the (nglo?Sa!on approaches to CSR (nd even within 8urope the discussion about CSR is very heterogeneous ( more common approach of CSR is philanthropy This includes monetary donations and aid given to local organi#ations and impoverished communities in developing countries Some organi#ations do not like this approach as it does not help build on the skills of the local people. IEairtrade fits very strongly into our commitment to our communities I (nother approach is garnering increasing corporate responsibility interest This is called Creating Shared Kalue. but focuses more on the 15 | P a g e . wealth. procurement of Eair Trade tea and coffee has been adopted by various businesses including J5*: "ts CSR manager commented. emphasi#ing the costs and limitations of compliance with e!ternally imposed social and environmental standards CSK acknowledges trade?offs between short?term profitability and social or environmental goals. profitable and competitive businesses must be developed and supported to create income. or CSK The shared value model is based on the idea that corporate success and social welfare are interdependent ( business needs a healthy. a leading authority on competitive strategy and head of the "nstitute for Strategy and Competitiveness at Farvard Business SchoolL and *ark R Jramer.*ontreal school of CSR/. and opportunities for philanthropy CSK received global attention in the Farvard Business Review article Strategy " Society: T e Link between Com!etiti#e $d#antage and Cor!orate Social Res!onsibility by *ichael 8 5orter.2 :pproache% Some commentators have identified a difference between the Canadian . whereas community?based development generally leads to more sustainable development (nother approach to CSR is to incorporate the CSR strategy directly into the business strategy of an organi#ation Eor instance.

and reporting Eor a business to take responsibility for its actions. as well as measuring and evaluating the impact that those policies have on society and the environment. that business must be fully accountable Social accounting. a concept describing the communication of social and environmental effects of a company1s economic actions to particular interest groups within society and to society at large. auditing. and how customers perceive competitor CSR strategy (fter a comprehensive study of competitor strategy and an internal policy review performed. implementation. is thus an important element of CSR Social accounting emphasi#es the notion of corporate accountability 6 Crowther defines social accounting in this sense as Ian approach to reporting a firm’s activities which stresses the need for the identification of socially relevant behavior. and effectiveness Benchmarking involves reviewing competitor CSR initiatives.opportunities for competitive advantage from building a social value proposition into corporate strategy *any companies use the strategy of benchmarking to compete within their respective industries in CSR policy. the determination of those to whom the company is accountable for its social performance and the development of 16 | P a g e . a comparison can be drawn and a strategy developed for competition with CSR initiatives Social accounting.

"S(R/ provides voluntary technical guidance on eco?efficiency indicators. for e!ample a corporate responsibility or sustainability report andHor an integrated financial and sustainability report "f a company does not publish formal reports. a C@5 can be created as a stand?alone document • • • • • • • • • • • The $nited . based on Bohn 8lkington1s triple bottom line . and to describe the company1s implementation of the Compact1s ten universal principles This information should be fully integrated in the participant’s main medium of stakeholder communications. and corporate governance disclosure 17 | P a g e .4B2/ reporting The 5rince1s (ccounting for Sustainability 5ro'ect1s Connected Reporting Eramework The Eair 2abor (ssociation conducts audits based on its Corkplace Code of Conduct and posts audit results on the E2( website The Eair Cear Eoundation takes a uni)ue approach to verifying labour conditions in companies1 supply chains. to a limited e!tent.ations :lobal Compact re)uires companies to communicate on their progress . auditing and reporting including: • (ccount (bility1s ((+000 standard. using interdisciplinary auditing teams :lobal Reporting "nitiative1s Sustainability Reporting :uidelines :ood Corporation1s Standard developed in association with the "nstitute of Business 8thics 8arth check www earthcheck org Certification H Standard Social (ccountability "nternational1s S(-000 standard Standard 8thics (ei guidelines The "S@ +>000 environmental management standard The $nited . is found in an annual 6irector1s Report. under the re)uirements of $J company law ( number of reporting guidelines or standards have been developed to serve as frameworks for social accounting.or to produce a Communication on 5rogress.appropriate measures and reporting techni)ues I (n e!ample of social accounting. C@5/. corporate responsibility reporting.ations "ntergovernmental Corking :roup of 8!perts on "nternational Standards of (ccounting and Reporting .

and are difficult to )uantify. or may be given a separate unit reporting to the C8@ or in some cases directly to the board Some companies may implement CSR?type values without a clearly defined team or programme 18 | P a g e . style.2.even within the same industry/ Critics dismiss these reports as lip service.e g . legal re)uirements for social accounting. but the reports vary widely in format.The ETS8 :roup publishes the ETS8>:ood "nde!. and Rynes found a correlation between socialHenvironmental performance and financial performance Fowever.BS8/ were re)uired to produce an integrated report in place of an annual financial report and sustainability report (n integrated report includes environmental."RC/ was established to issue guidelines for good practice in this field 3.e g in the Erench bilan social/. as of Bune <0+0. business development or public relations departments of an organi#ation. though international or national agreement on meaningful measurements of social and environmental performance is difficult *any companies now produce e!ternally audited annual reports that cover Sustainable 6evelopment and CSR issues . an evaluation of CSR performance of companies "n some nations. balanced scorecards/ @rlit#ky. businesses may not be looking at short?run financial returns when developing their CSR strategy The definition of CSR used within an organi#ation can vary from the strict Istakeholder impactsI definition used by many CSR advocates and will often include charitable efforts and volunteering CSR may be based within the human resources. though there is a large body of literature e!horting business to adopt measures beyond financial ones . auditing and reporting e!ist .1 'otential bu%ine%% benefit% The scale and nature of the benefits of CSR for an organi#ation can vary depending on the nature of the enterprise.ITriple Bottom 2ine ReportsI/. this re)uirement was implemented in the absence of any formal or legal standards for an integrated report (n "ntegrated Reporting Committee . Schmidt. all companies listed on the Bohannesburg Stock 8!change . 6eming1s Eourteen 5oints. social and economic performance alongside financial performance information and is e!pected to provide users with a more holistic overview of a company Fowever. citing e!amples such as 8nron1s yearly ICorporate Responsibility (nnual ReportI and tobacco corporations1 social reports "n South (frica. and evaluation methodology .

" *icen%e to operate: Corporations are keen to avoid interference in their business through ta!ation or regulations By taking substantive voluntary steps. such as The Co?operative :roup. governments and media Building a genuine culture of 1doing the right thing1 within a corporation can offset these risks 3.The business case for CSR within a company will likely rest on one or more of these arguments: 3.2.4 Brand differentiation: "n crowded marketplaces.3 Ri%k &anage&ent: *anaging risk is a central part of many corporate strategies Reputations that take decades to build up can be ruined in hours through incidents such as corruption scandals or environmental accidents These can also draw unwanted attention from regulators. they can persuade governments and the wider public that they are taking issues such as health and safety.2. The Body Shop and (merican (pparel M+. fundraising activities or community volunteering CSR has been found to encourage customer orientation among frontline employees 3.2 $u&an re%ource%: ( CSR program can be an aid to recruitment and retention.2.2. courts. or 19 | P a g e . particularly when staff can become involved through payroll giving. and having a comprehensive policy can give an advantage CSR can also help improve the perception of a company among its staff.N are built on ethical values Business service organi#ations can benefit too from building a reputation for integrity and best practice 3. diversity. companies strive for a uni)ue selling proposition that can separate them from the competition in the minds of consumers CSR can play a role in building customer loyalty based on distinctive ethical values Several ma'or brands. particularly within the competitive graduate student market 5otential recruits often ask about a firm1s CSR policy during an interview.

be it corporate or otherwise/ is to change the world for the better *any religious and cultural traditions hold that the economy e!ists to serve human beings. and that since only people can have social responsibilities. including concerns about insincerity and hypocrisy 3. corporations are only responsible to their shareholders and not to society as a whole (lthough they accept that corporations should obey the laws of the countries within which they work. as discussed above. and indeed a hindrance to free trade Those who assert that CSR is contrasting with capitalism and are in favor of the free market argue that improvements in health. noting that these countries usually have fewer labor protections.1 Critici%&% and concern%: Critics of CSR as well as proponents debate a number of concerns related to it These include CSR1s relationship to the fundamental purpose and nature of business and )uestionable motives for engaging in CSR./ (ature of bu%ine%%: *ilton Eriedman and others have argued that a corporation1s purpose is to ma!imi#e returns to its shareholders.see for e!ample 8conomic Bustice for all/ *oreover. and thus their citi#ens are at a higher risk of e!ploitation by multinational corporations ( wide variety of individuals and organi#ations operate in between these poles Eor e!ample.2. the R8( 2eadership (lliance asserts that the business of leadership .the environment seriously as good corporate citi#ens with respect to labour standards and impacts on the environment 3.2. so all economic entities have an obligation to society . they assert that corporations have no other obligation to society Some people perceive CSR as in?congruent with the very nature and purpose of business. many CSR proponents point out that CSR can significantly improve long?term corporate profitability because it reduces risks and 20 | P a g e . longevity andHor infant mortality have been created by economic growth attributed to free enterprise Critics of this argument perceive the free market as opposed to the well?being of society and a hindrance to human freedom They claim that the type of capitalism practiced in many developing countries is a form of economic and cultural imperialism.

in *c6onald1s Restaurants v *orris G Steel. rather than voluntary measures. with the very real risk of heart disease Royal 6utch Shell has a much?publici#ed CSR policy and was a pioneer in triple bottom line reporting.well known for its high?profile advertising campaigns on environmental aspects of its operations/. and *c6onald1s . 2ord Bustices 5ill. since the +.B(T/.2. environmental and other practices (ll the same.$J/ in three flower and fruit growing communities across (frica Critics concerned with corporate hypocrisy and insincerity generally suggest that better governmental and international regulation and enforcement. including a partnership with *arks and Spencer . are necessary to ensure that companies behave in a socially responsible manner ( ma'or area of necessary international regulation is the 21 | P a g e . one1s diet may well become high in fat etc . but this did not prevent the <00> scandal concerning its misreporting of oil reserves.see below/ to distract the public from ethical )uestions posed by their core operations They argue that some corporations start CSR programs for the commercial benefit they en'oy through raising their reputation with the public or with government They suggest that corporations which e!ist solely to ma!imi#e profits are unable to advance the interests of society as a whole (nother concern is that sometimes companies claim to promote CSR and be committed to sustainable development but simultaneously engage in harmful business practices Eor e!ample. the petroleum giant B5 . the company has beefed up its CSR programs related to its labor.inefficiencies while offering a host of potential benefits such as enhanced brand reputation and employee engagement 3. the *c6onald1s Corporation1s association with Ronald *c6onald Fouse has been viewed as CSR and relationship marketing *ore recently. which seriously damaged its reputation and led to charges of hypocrisy Since then. the Shell Eoundation has become involved in many pro'ects across the world. *ay and Jeane ruled that it was fair comment to say that *c6onald1s employees worldwide 1do badly in terms of pay and conditions’ and true that 1if one eats enough *c6onald1s food. as CSR has become mainstream.70s.6 #otive%: Some critics believe that CSR programs are undertaken by companies such as British (merican Tobacco .

while some companies use CSR methodologies as a strategic tactic to gain public support for their presence in global markets. environmental restrictions and varying standards of what constitutes Ilabor e!ploitationI are problems that can cost organi#ations millions of dollars Some view ethical issues as simply a costly hindrance.reduction of the capacity of corporations to sue states under investor state dispute settlement provisions in trade or investment treaties if otherwise necessary public health or environment protection legislation has impeded corporate investments @thers. is booming as a result of both technology and globali#ation Consumers are becoming more aware of the environmental and social implications of their day?to?day consumer decisions and are therefore beginning to make purchasing decisions related to their environmental and ethical concerns Fowever. in many developing countries.-=. in addition to the more obvious economic and governmental drivers 3.. tariffs. they have encountered new challenges that impose limits to their growth and potential profits :overnment regulations. 4lobali8ation and &arket force% (s corporations pursue growth through globali#ation. so does the pressure on limited natural resources re)uired to meet rising consumer demand . and limit the reach of CSR by focusing more on direct impacts of the organi#ation as viewed through a systems perspective to identify stakeholders Eor a commonly overlooked motive for CSR. +03/ :lobal competition places a particular pressure on multinational corporations to e!amine not only their own labor practices. 2thical con%u&eri%& The rise in popularity of ethical consumerism over the last two decades can be linked to the rise of CSR (s global population increases. but those of their entire supply chain. Jeim. whereby CSR can also be driven by employees1 personal values. such as 5atricia Cerhane.Ery. from a CSR perspective 22 | P a g e . see also Corporate Social 8ntrepreneurship. argue that CSR should be considered more as a corporate moral responsibility.2. *einers +.2.1. +>7/ "ndustriali#ation. this practice is far from consistent or universal 3.:race and Cohen <003. helping them sustain a competitive advantage by using their social contributions to provide a subconscious level of advertising .

what a company does in trying to benefit society. the history of organi#ations and their growth in power is discussed Corporate social responsibility. companies are becoming interested in processes that can add visibility to their CSR policies and activities @ne method that is gaining increasing popularity is the use of well?grounded training programs. +.2. some of it re)uired by government regulation.-3/.11 ocial a5arene%% and education The role among corporate stakeholders is to work collectively to pressure corporations that are changing Shareholders and investors themselves. are both important topics to consider when looking at ethics in CSR Eor e!ample. where CSR is a ma'or issue.:race and Cohen <003/. fines and damaged reputations for breaching laws or moral norms @rgani#ations also see secondary benefit in increasing employee loyalty and pride in the organi#ation Caterpillar and Best Buy are e!amples of organi#ations that have taken such steps "ncreasingly. a view taken from .7+.12 2thic% training The rise of ethics training inside corporations. versus corporate moral responsibility . is another driver credited with changing the behavior and culture of corporations The aim of such training is to help employees make ethical decisions when the answers are unclear Tullberg believes that humans are built with the capacity to cheat and manipulate.CSK/.2.C*R/. the traditional conception of CSR is being challenged by the more community?conscious Creating Shared Kalue concept . takes a C*R 23 | P a g e . through socially responsible investing are e!erting pressure on corporations to behave responsibly . the development of community awareness in holding businesses responsible for their actions is growing "n recent years. and several companies are refining their collaboration with stakeholders accordingly 3. leveraging the power of the media and the "nternet to increase their scrutiny and collective activism around corporate behavior Through education and dialogue.on?governmental organi#ations are also taking an increasing role.Trivers +. what a company should morally do. in T e Cor!oration.3. and business simulations can play a part in this @ne relevant documentary is T e Cor!oration. hence the need for learning normative values and rules in human behavior The most direct benefit is reducing the likelihood of Idirty handsI . Ray (nderson.

13 *a5% and regulation (nother driver of CSR is the role of independent mediators. :eneral 8lectric failed to clean up the Fudson River after contaminating it with organic pollutants The company continues to argue via the legal process on assignment of liability.Sacconi <00>/ Eor e!ample.. pg >4=/ @n the change of government following the election in . who cites the (ustralian federal government1s actions to avoid compliance with the Jyoto 5rotocol in +. including people and the environment CSR critics such as Robert Reich argue that governments should set the agenda for social responsibility by the way of laws and regulation that will allow a business to conduct themselves responsibly The issues surrounding government regulation pose several problems Regulation in itself is unable to cover every aspect in detail of a corporation1s operations This leads to burdensome legal processes bogged down in interpretations of the law and debatable grey areas .I where if people do not pay attention to the private ways in which we use public resources. people will eventually lose those public resources 3.2. in ensuring that corporations are prevented from harming the broader social good. on the concerns of economic loss and national interest The (ustralian government took the position that signing the Jyoto 5act would have caused more significant economic losses for (ustralia than for any other @8C6 nation . while the cleanup remains stagnant .ovember <007. 5rime *inister Jevin Rudd signed the ratification immediately after assuming office on 4 6ecember <007. Eramework Convention on Climate Change Critics of CSR also point out that organisations pay ta!es to government to ensure that society and the environment are not adversely affected by business activities 24 | P a g e .Sullivan G Schiafo <003/ The second issue is the financial burden that regulation can place on a nation1s economy This view shared by Bulkeley.7.Bulkeley <00+. particularly the government.perspective in order to do what is moral and he begins to shift his company1s focus towards the biosphere by utili#ing carpets in sections so that they will sustain for longer periods This is (nderson thinking in terms of :arret Fardin1s IThe Tragedy of the Commons. 'ust before the meeting of the $.

6enmark has a law on CSR @n += 6ecember <00-. and the company1s stock price dropping 4>A due to several cases of 8 coli spread through @dwalla apple 'uice The company ordered a recall of all apple or carrot 'uice products and introduced a new process called Iflash pasteuri#ationI as well as maintaining lines of communication constantly open with customers 3.-.2.2. higher productivity. the 6anish parliament adopted a bill making it mandatory for the ++00 largest 6anish companies.CSR/ in their annual financial reports The reporting re)uirements became effective on + Banuary <00. improved recruitment. increased retention. and "nformation on what results have been obtained so far and management’s e!pectations for the future with regard to CSRHSR"   3.0A.i e more loyalty.1" takeholder prioritie% "ncreasingly. The re)uired information includes:  "nformation on the companies’ policies for CSR or socially responsible investments . and so on/ 25 | P a g e . corporations are motivated to become more socially responsible because their most important stakeholders e!pect them to understand and address the social and community issues that are relevant to them $nderstanding what causes are important to employees is usually the first priority because of the many interrelated business benefits that can be derived from increased employee engagement .14 Cri%e% and their con%e<uence% @ften it takes a crisis to precipitate attention to CSR @ne of the most active stands against environmental management is the C8R8S 5rinciples that resulted after the 8!!on Kalde# incident in (laska in +.:race and Cohen <00=/ @ther e!amples include the lead poisoning paint used by toy giant *attel.SR"/ "nformation on how such policies are implemented in practice. *agellan *etals in the Cest (ustralian town of 8sperance was responsible for lead contamination killing thousands of birds in the area The company had to cease business immediately and work with independent regulatory bodies to e!ecute a cleanup @dwalla also e!perienced a crisis with sales dropping . investors and state?owned companies to include information on corporate social responsibility . which re)uired a recall of millions of toys globally and caused the company to initiate new risk management and )uality control processes "n another e!ample. .

Jey e!ternal stakeholders include customers, consumers, investors .particularly institutional investors/, communities in the areas where the corporation operates its facilities, regulators, academics, and the media Branco and Rodrigues .<007/ describe the stakeholder perspective of CSR as the inclusion of all groups or constituents .rather than 'ust shareholders/ in managerial decision making related to the organi#ation’s portfolio of socially responsible activities This normative model implies that the CSR collaborations are positively accepted when they are in the interests of stakeholders and may have no effect or be detrimental to the organi#ation if they are not directly related to stakeholder interests The stakeholder perspective suffers from a wheel and spoke network metaphor that does not acknowledge the comple!ity of network interactions that can occur in cross sector partnerships "t also relegates communication to a maintenance function, similar to the e!change perspective 3.2.11 :rgu&ent% for -ncluding +i%abilit! in C R "n recent years CSR is increasingly becoming a part of a large number of companies "t is becoming an important activity for businesses throughout the globe Basically, CSR means that a company1s business model should be socially responsible and environmentally sustainable By socially responsible, it means that the company1s activities should benefit the society and by environmentally sustainable it means that the activities of the company should not harm the environment But nowadays what we can see is that there is an outburst of enthusiasm for environmental causes only Eor eg controlling pollution, global warming, deforestation, mitigate carbon emissions etc Chereas it can be said that, the same enthusiasm is not seen for social welfare This is because most of the social welfare activities of the companies contribute to the welfare of us able bodied people but do not take into account the disabled people who are also a part of the society in which the company e!ists and who amount to at least +0A of the population Therefore, disability must be made a part of CSR policies of the companies and people with disabilities must be allowed to become stakeholders

26 | P a g e

There should be non?discrimination or diversity management awareness?raising and training for employees in the companies that include disability treatment They should include the disability factor in employmentHFR indicators .age distribution, gender, contract type, professional categories andHor activity areas, rotation/ so that the situation of people with disabilities can be compared with that of other employees The companies should take into account the characteristics of people with disabilities when managing human resources .recruitment, selection, contracting and induction, promotion, training, prevention of risks at work/ Customer care staff training should be carried out by the companies aimed at guaranteeing appropriate treatment of people with disabilities They should have a policy or directive aimed at considering or favoring suppliers and subcontractors that employ people with disabilities, including Sheltered Corkshops Thus, carrying out business practice which includes disabled people will help improve the company1s reputation and image in an increasingly competitive environment Einally, disability is one of the factors that can contribute to I6iversityI and 6iversity is a rising value within companies’ management Fowever, disability is often pushed behind in favor of other diversity criteria, thus disability needs to be specifically included within the CSR

27 | P a g e

Chapter Four

CSR of Telecommunication Companies in Bangladesh

28 | P a g e

the phone was for a selected urbani#ed few The cell phone was a lu!ury: a flouting accessory for the select elite The mass could not contemplate mobile telephony as being part of their lives :rameenphone started its 'ourney with the Killage 5hone program: a pioneering initiative to empower rural women of Bangladesh The name :rameenphone translates to %Rural phone& Starting its operations on *arch <=. nearly .7 :rameenphone was also the first operator to introduce the pre?paid service in September +.. international roaming service.. :rameenphone has come a long way :rameenphone pioneered the then breakthrough initiative of mobile to mobile telephony and became the first and only operator to cover . +. introduced value?added services such as K*S. personal ring back tone and many other products and services The entire :rameenphone network is also 86:8H:5RS enabled. the "ndependence 6ay of Bangladesh. :rameenphone is the leading telecommunications service provider in Bangladesh with more than 4= million subscribers as of 6ecember <0++ 29 | P a g e . S*S.7.. S*S? based push?pull services. "t established the first <>?hour Call Center. C(5. allowing access to high?speed "nternet and data services from anywhere within the coverage area There are currently nearly < = million 86:8H:5RS users in the :rameenphone network Today.-A of the country’s people with network Since its inception :rameenphone has built the largest cellular network in the country with over +4.. fa! and data transmission services.000 base stations in more than 7000 locations 5resently.rameenphone Before :rameenphone’s inception. percent of the country1s population is within the coverage area of the :rameenphone network :rameenphone has always been a pioneer in introducing new products and services in the local market :5 was the first company to introduce :S* technology in Bangladesh when it launched its services in *arch +.. 86:8.

3+7 crore in direct and indirect ta!es to the :overnment 8!che)uer over the years • There are now more than +=00 :5 Service 6esks across the country covering nearly all upa#ilas of all districts and . working for the :rameenphone dealers.• :rameenphone has so far invested more than B6T +7.4 crore to build the network infrastructure • :rameenphone is one of the largest ta!payers in the country.0. employees. taking the nation forward remains our top priority Thus our relationship with Bangladesh is built on a partnership which strives to achieve common economic and social goals 30 | P a g e . shareholders. not a destination I @ur work is not 'ust about ensuring connectivityL it is about connecting with people and building relationships. with our subscribers. based on trust. scratch card outlets. vendors. retailers. business partners.000 people are directly dependent on :rameenphone for their livelihood. suppliers. contractors and others Corporate Re%pon%ibilit! I8ven a 'ourney of a thousand miles begins with a single step I ? Chinese proverb (t :rameenphone. we live by the statement I6evelopment is a 'ourney.> :rameenphone Centers in all the divisional cities • • :rameenphone has more than 3000 full and temporary employees 400. as well as the wider community Ce have always believed that good development is good business Chile we maintain our business focus. having contributed more than B6T <>.

Corporate social responsibility. as well as a commitment towards generating greater good for the society by addressing the development needs of the country CR vision: To be recognised as the most socially responsible mobile operator in Bangladesh and in the corporate sector CR goals • Create shared value for :rameenphone and society through our mobile technology "ntegrate responsible business practices in all operations • "ntegrate responsible business practices in all operations @ur Corporate responsibility initiatives focus on creating shared value through: • • • *a!imi#e the enabling effect of mobile telecommunications 5romote safer products and services *inimi#e our carbon footprint @ur CR initiatives is based on 4 main focus areas: 31 | P a g e . as we see it. is a 1complementary1 combination of ethical and responsible corporate behavior.

the reality is sometimes different "n (sia. Bangladesh has one of the highest maternal mortality rates .A women get skilled attendants during delivery Thus.000/ and infant mortality rate . but also to nurture a healthy and prosperous nation Fenceforth.<. reducing infant mortality and improving maternal health has been identified as two of the eight *illennium 6evelopment :oals @b'ective :rameenphone Safe *otherhood G "nfant Care 5ro'ect was designed to ensure high )uality safe motherhood and infant care services to the economically disadvantaged mothers and their infants throughout the country free of cost "t is also aimed to assist in necessary infrastructure development and e!tension of basic healthcare services especially in remote areas 32 | P a g e .$ealth afe #otherhood and -nfant Care 'roject *otherhood is one the most e!traordinary time in a woman’s life and it is possibly the most gratifying e!perience ever Fowever for some.0 per +00.3< per +. it is necessary for Bangladesh to foster a safe motherhood Safe motherhood is not only vital to avoid untimely and painful maternal and child deaths.000/ as only +.

.7=3.SB(/ and ensure emergency referral 5ro'ect (chievements ( total of +.5ro'ect 6uration *ay <007 D . the pro'ect introduced > clinic?on? wheels .services had been provided to economically disadvantaged mothers and infants through the pro'ect across the country (mong these. free primary healthcare services were provided by health professionals via 4<0 static clinics.0-.ovember <0+0 5ro'ect description "n partnership with 5athfinder "nternational and $S("6’s network of Smiling Sun clinics in =+ districts.7= deliveries has been conducted by the skilled professionals 5atiya and Bhola clinics of E6SR and Swanirvar Bangladesh respectively have been upgraded to emergency obstetric care centers 33 | P a g e . +3.i e mobile mini?clinic/ to complement these e!isting service touch?points to enhance the accessibility of services in remote areas Ten mini?ambulances were also provided in order to facilitate home delivery by skilled birth attendants . -000 satellite clinics and =000 community?based health?workers across the country "n addition.

if re)uired 5ro'ect achievement 34 | P a g e . 'ointly with Sightsavers "nternational. organi#ed <> free eye?camps in different parts of the country in coordination with local ..=ree 2!e Ca&p% Bangladesh has the highest number of blind people compared to its population There are about 730. to eradicate blindness from the world by the <0<0 @b'ective :rameenphone. community?based public announcements were carried out in the targeted localities to ensure optimal participation "n these eye ?camps. a global initiative 'ointly launched in +. by CF@ and "(5B.:@ partners 5rior to the days of the eye?camps. Bangladesh is a signatory to the K"S"@. aims to combat blindness in different parts of the country where eye?care services are not readily available 5ro'ect 6uration *arch <007 D Buly <0+0 5ro'ect brief :rameenphone.000 children who live such a life due to cataract or other ocular diseases that could have been cured easily with timely and proper intervention The ma'or challenge to eliminate blindness in Bangladesh is not being able to reach out to the rural and underprivileged population as ma'ority of the country’s eye?care facilities are based in the big cities -0A of Bangladeshis living in the rural areas are completely deprived of all eye?care services Fowever.. <0<0: Right to Sight.000 adults and >0. two types of services were provided: free prescription based on necessary medical check?up. and free cataract surgery. in partnership with Sightsavers "nternational.

0== school children and garment workers were screened through +> special eye? camps where free spectacles were given to refractive error patients (-+ :5arene%% Ca&paign :5arene%% Ca&paign Bangladesh was declared polio free in (ugust <000 Fowever.4<7 patients received free eye?care support and >.ovember <00. no new cases of polio have been reported in Bangladesh Thus.7>4 cataract surgeries were performed through these <> regular eye?camps across the country (round +>. there is strong reason to believe that the disease can be completely eradicated from the country if all children in Bangladesh can be brought under the immuni#ation program even though a si#eable amount of cross?border transmission happening with "ndia and *yanmar keep us in little hope of eliminating the deadly disease completely Objective The main ob'ective of this uni)ue campaign. +new cases were indentified between *arch <007 to .(round 4=. along with the :overnment. is to raise awareness on immuni#ation and help the :overnment of Bangladesh eradicate polio from the country 'roject +uration *arch <007 D till date 'roject detail 35 | P a g e .(nd ever since then."C8E. CF@ G $.

"6s/ :rameenphone is a proud partner of this mass awareness campaign during the .ational "mmuni#ation 6ays . neonatal mortality still makes up 37 per cent of under?3 deaths in Bangladesh and the maternal mortality rate is still among the highest in (sia (ccording to research. the *obile (lliance for *aternal (ction . :rameenphone has 'oined in an innovative new coalition which has been announced by Secretary of State Fillary Rodham Clinton."6s (s a part of the campaign. and outcomes The service aims to reach 300.#4$0 -nitiative Reducing maternal and childhood mortality are key priorities for Bangladesh to reach the *illennium 6evelopment :oals Chile Bangladesh has made significant progress in both maternal and infant deaths in recent years."n an effort to eradicate the re?emergence of polio.*(*(/ that harnesses the power of mobile technology to deliver vital health information to new and e!pectant mothers @b'ective The ob'ectives are to achieve sustained improvements in health knowledge. radio and newspaper announcements urge parents to bring their children to vaccination centers across the country Eree S*S alert are sent to all :rameenphone subscribers. behaviors.. Bangladesh has been observing . awareness of signs of infant illness and seeking care Therefore.000 pregnant women and new mothers within three years 'roject +uration *ay <0++? till date 'roject +e%cription 36 | P a g e . and mobile vaccination centers run throughout the 6haka City Corporation #obile% for health . a critical factor for progress in health outcomes is to increase awareness of health behaviors D such as hygiene awareness.

e!plain the benefits of family planning. connect women with local health services. dispel myths and misconceptions. and infant health The messages will be linked to the women1s delivery to 'oin the partnership %*obiles for Fealth& .et is the coalition coordinator of *>F.*>F/ to support mother and infant health 6 . highlight warning signs. reinforce breast feeding practices. and make new mothers aware of how best to care for their babies 'roject :chieve&ent The *>F initiative is currently in its design and test phase to build a platform to provide both audio and te!t messages with vital information on antenatal.:rameenphone has signed an agreement with 6 . a public?private partnership driven by the $S (gency for "nternational 6evelopment under the stewardship of the Bangladeshi government The *>F initiative uses mobile phones to deliver life?saving health information to e!pectant and new mothers in Bangladesh via voice and S*S *obile health messages are able to )uickly and easily disseminate information that will inform women of ways to care for themselves during pregnancy. giving them critical information at the right stage in their pregnancy and early motherhood 37 | P a g e . neonatal.

:rameenphone is a part of the :rameen Shikkha Scholarship *anagement 5rogram that makes it possible for the bright but underprivileged students to reali#e their educational endeavors Objective This program inspires underprivileged students and gives them the opportunity to study hard and grow as real leaders so that on completion of their studies they may take the challenge to become future leaders of Bangladesh 'roject +uration 38 | P a g e .2ducation cholar%hip Today’s children are the future of tomorrow (nd it is education that opens up unlimited possibilities for them to build the foundation for a bright future Fowever in Bangladesh. >0A of our children have never gone to school. =3A of our people live in the darkness of illiteracy.4A of primary school?going students will never progress beyond primary education 5overty is the main cause behind all this Therefore. and .

provides financial assistance to +00 bright but underprivileged students through a scholarship fund at different academic levels annually The fund is being managed directly by :rameen Shikkha Currently +00 scholarships are being managed through :rameenphone’s fund 'roject :chieve&ent ++ students participated in Figher Secondary Certificate .6ecember <004? till date 'roject +e%cription :rameenphone.aser was raised in the remote village of Jishoregon' along with three other siblings She is the eldest daughter of a small poultry farmer who supports his business through micro? financing by :rameen Bank She has accomplished brilliant results both in FSC .(O/ 8yerin is now preparing to get admission into *edical School 8ach day is a hardship for the family Eor this reason her mother makes contributions to the educational e!penses of the other three children by providing private tuitions and sewing dresses for neighboring children (spiring to be an 8ngineer.(O/ including one :olden (O The rest have scored an P(’ grade 3 students achieved a :5( 3 in Secondary School Certificate .<0+0/ and all of them have passed with flying colors Eour of them have achieved :5( 3 00 . .a#mul has scored :5( 3 00 .SSC/ Cith a strong determination and an aim to become a doctor. in collaboration with :rameen Shikkha. 8yerin (l .a#mul "slam is the only son of * ( *annan and Bhorna Begum They are day laborers who do not possess any land of their own to grow food and crops . an organi#ation of :rameen Bank Eamily.(O/ in both SSC and FSC e!ams Fe also got scholarships in Class K and Class K""" in talent pool Fe has been ac)uiring partial financial support from his maternal uncle who works as a P2ine 39 | P a g e .FSC/ e!amination last year .:olden (O/ and SSC .

(O/ Fe also works as a private tutor to earn money for his family in his spare time . struck Bangladesh in .300 people died.(O/ 5arul is now preparing to get admitted into a university to do her BB( :lokdeep: (on>=or&al 'ri&ar! chool cu& C!clone helter% -ntroduction Cyclone S"6R. 5atuakhali.ovember <007 "t first hit the offshore islands and then swept across the southern coast east to west This caused e!tensive damages *ore than 4 + million people in the <.ow (f#al is preparing himself to be admitted into a *edical School 6aughter of a construction worker. with e!tensive damages of roads and public buildings.Chief’ in a garment factory . (f#al Fosen is the son of a day laborer along with three other siblings Fe was raised in a small house made of mud and straw Fis family was unable to afford higher education. :opalgan'. including the destruction and partial destruction of >. Bhola. Shatkhira and Shariatpur districts Objective (lokdeep aims to provide shelter when natural calamities strike "t otherwise will act as a place to provide non?formal primary education to the poor population of the community 40 | P a g e . Barisal. but (f#al continued to work hard and earned :5( 3 00 . she promised herself to do better in FSC e!am Fer conviction combined with her hard work and dedication earned her a :5( 3 00 .a#mul is now preparing himself to get admitted in an 8ngineering $niversity Cishing to be a 1Clinician1. Jhalkathi. 5arul (khter was raised in a remote village of Eeni district Erustrated on getting an P(’ in the SSC e!am in <00-. 5iro'pur. Barguna. *adaripur. Jhulna.40= educational institutions The most affected areas include Bagerhat. a category > storm.southern districts were reported to have been directly affected by the cyclone "t has been estimated that more than 4.

'roject +uration @ctober <00. who have limited access to up?to?date livelihoods and other information due to their remoteness Objective :rameenphone’s "nformation Boat . as part of its rehabilitation plans in the S"6R affected areas.Tath!o Tori0 > : joint project b! 4ra&eenphone ? C:R2 Banglade%h -ntroduction Cith information comes knowledge "t is believed that it is the lack of effective information services in remote areas of Bangladesh which is the core impediment towards socioeconomic manumission Therefore. constructions of all four (lokdeeps have been completed and are open for use whenever it is necessary Two of the (lokdeeps have already started their operation as non?formal primary school and it is e!pected that the other (lokdeeps will start similar operation in the near future -nfor&ation Boat . committed to provide financial assistance to build four non?formal primary school? cum?cyclone shelters named as P(lokdeep’ in the southern belt of the country R6E and Shushilan. it is necessary to provide an information hub to meet the communication needs of rural communities. to till date 'roject +e%cription :rameenphone. especially in the Char and Faor areas.Tathyo Tori/ has been initiated to break the digital divide? both by educating and empowering rural people with the necessary 41 | P a g e . the two local .:@s that operate in the selected areas are responsible for the overall management of the pro'ect which includes the construction Sand operation of the schools 8ach of the (lokdeep consists with a two?storied building along with ad'acent playground 'roject :chieve&ent (ccording to the plan.

Tathyo Tori/ "nformation boat is a special boat e)uipped with computers.information for their livelihoods The specific focus is on poor and marginali#ed people of the communities 'roject +uration 6ecember <007? 6ecember <0+0 'roject +e%cription :rameenphone in association with Care Bangladesh launched the "nformation Boat .etrokona 42 | P a g e . internet and e?mail facilities with web camera. scanners and television etc . that works as an information hub to meet information and communication needs of the rural communities living in the water?logged areas of Bangladesh The boats move from one place to another on a fi!ed schedule to provide different services Services provided by "nformation Boat ranging from         "nformation services "nternet browsing Computer training 8ntertainment H 8ducational materials Computer compose and printing Kideo conferencing 5C@H Ele!iload services Conduct medical camps depending on the demand from a particular locality 'roject :chieve&ent ( total of four "nformation Boats provided their service to the areas of Sunamgon'. Jishoregon' and . printers.

+=> governments made a pledge to ensure 8ducation for (ll . it is feared that this will go further down Objective The pro'ect aims to collect pledges from individuals as many as possible These pledges will then act as a foundation for its advocacy work on education financing to governments attending the high level summit in South (frica during the Corld Cup 'roject +uration Bune <0+0 'roject +e%cription To support this cause.8E(/ by <0+3 where they agreed to spend 7A of the :65 and $S6 += Billion yearly to fulfill the need to support 8ducation Eor (ll Fowever. in <0+0 it was seen that only > billion is available for the cause and government spent much lower than :65 7A Cith the global meltdown. :rameenphone carried out various kinds of activities These activities included the following 5ress campaign to ma'or national dailies from > Bune <0+0:  Sent appro!imately <3 million S*Ss to :rameenphone subscribers starting from 4 Bune <0+0    TK commercial from ++ Bune <0+0 RB endorsement from all E* radio stations 6ifferent internal activities to motivate the employees to be a part of the cause 43 | P a g e .upporting 1 4O:*: 2ducation for :ll -ntroduction (t the Corld 8ducation Eorum in 6akar in (pril <000.

reflect and act towards the goal of being environment friendly ? promote an understanding that communities are pivotal to changing attitudes towards environmental issues (bove all. though being the lowest contributor to environmental degradation. this initiative has been initiated to display the beauty and diversity of our Click :reen is an internal initiative of this particular 44 | P a g e . is considered to be among the worst?hit countries to the effects of climate change "n view of this.07. as a responsible corporate citi#en :rameenphone launched its environmental and climate change campaign Stay :reen. and for the global economy Bangladesh.'roject :chieve&ent ( total of <-=. Stay Close campaign Objective The purpose of Click :reen is to create climate and environment awareness among the employees of :rameenphone and encourage them to become active agents of sustainable and e)uitable development (t the same time. subscribers have responded to the cause 2nviron&ent Click 4reen -ntroduction Climate change is widely recogni#ed as the greatest global sustainability challenge "ts implications are far?reaching for the environment. for the people. the program has been developed to encourage employees to think.

head office of :rameenphone 'roject :chieve&ent Company wide environmental awareness and more environmentally responsible business behavior Community power pro'ect?( social business approach -ntroduction . to power their base stations The opportunity now e!ists for mobile network operators to provide e!cess electricity beyond the base station and into local communities through partnering 45 | P a g e . and Bune D (ugust <0++ respectively 'roject +e%cription ( 5hotography Competition is being arranged for all :5 8mployees to create climate and environmental awareness among the valued employees of :rameenphone and to inspire P:reen 2ifestyle’ The best pictures will be selected by a 'udges panel out of the photo pool and the top 4 photos will then be displayed in an e!hibition in :5 Fouse. network operators are to an increasing e!tent installing renewable energy e)uipment.0 million out of +>0million population in Bangladesh do not have direct access to electricity and remaining 30 million people have access but reliable and )uality power is still beyond their reach ( large number of these households are situated in remote rural regions that are unlikely to get connected to the national electricity grid This limits socio?economic development and has direct conse)uences at the individual level "n the e!act same off?grid and to create awareness about what we will be missing if we do not act now to protect the planet 'roject +uration <00. such as wind turbines and solar panels.

operation and maintenance so that this part becomes sustainable and re)uire no financial involvement from :rameenphone This will help the local people’s livelihood to grow and also will contribute to the :overnment commitment’s to digital Bangladesh 'roject +uration <0++? till date 'roject +e%cription :rameenphone and $niversity of @slo will initiate a Pcommunity power pro'ect where a solar power plant will be established and provide power to the :rameenphone base station as well as households and local businesses :rameenphone will be the key driver of this model having a consistent power re)uirement for the base station $niversity of @slo will provide the initial capital cost of capacity e!tension and development of the mini grid :rameenphone will provide a stable anchor demand for powering the base station which will contribute to the sustainability of this model 'roject :chieve&ent: 6elivering power supply on regular basis to +>0 households from 3pm to +< am and to + :rameenphone community information center in day time 4ra&eenphone Cli&ate Change 'rogra& :rameenphone being a socially responsible company adopted systematic processes to ensure that. we manage and mitigate the probable negative impact of our business activities on the environment 46 | P a g e .:@HK8C will be responsible for management. wherever possible.Objective The Community power pro'ect plans to develop a robust and cost effective decentrali#ed mini?grid infrastructure based on renewable energy for rural development in Bangladesh This pro'ect aspires testing smart mini?grid to provide energy to single village or cluster of villages The operation is to be carried out as a social business where an .

*ore than + 7 million free primary healthcare services to underprivileged pregnant mothers G their infants • • • Eree eye care support for around <-.ational "mmuni#ation 6ay "nformation boats with digiti#ed livelihood contents and internal access for remote riverine communities • • • • • 8conomic freedom for more than >00.eye sights restored so far (wareness building on varied national issues? ("6S. being environment friendly and creating a momentum with the community and people The ambition of :rameenphone1s Climate Change 5rogram is: • To become the leading corporate company in climate initiatives in Bangladesh within <0+31 Reduce +3A carbon emission by <0+< G >0A by <0+3 Ton C@< as compared to <00level • • • • Corporate Transformation: 1:reen Company1 (ware?8ngage?(dvocacy :5 employees Create momentum Cith community G 5eople o&e of @e! CR initiative%: • Safe *otherhood G "nfant Care 5ro'ect.:rameenphone1s Climate Change 5rogram was initiated in early <00.000 Killage 5hone @perators *ore than 300 Community "nformation Centers? connecting life and learning 5roud sponsor of Bangladesh Special @lympics team 8mployment opportunity to acid survivors Scholarship for underprivileged meritorious students 47 | P a g e .>3.7-0 people 4.with a vision for reducing carbon emission. .

• • • Blood donation camps for underprivileged Thalassaemia patients 8stablishment of Blood Bank at Bogra for underprivileged patients 8mergency relief effort in natural calamities 48 | P a g e .

ew "nternational :ateway Ele!ibility of *obile 5hone + < 4 > 3 = 7 Aeakne%%e% + < 4 > 3 = Cultural :ap *any *en *any *inds Complicated 5ricing Structure "ncomplete *essage through 5romotional (ctivities 5roblem Contained @ffers 2ack of Farmony among SB$s Threat% + < 4 > 3 = *ore Rigid :overnment Regulations $pgraded Technology $sed by Competitors 5olitical "nstability 6evaluation of Taka Risky 5osition of Kaluable Resources . Figh 8thical Standard Opportunitie% + < 4 > 3 = 7 8conomic :rowth of Bangladesh .etwork .etwork (vailability Brand .S!"T analysis of rameenphone trength% :ood @wnership Structure *arket 2eader .ew and Better "nterconnect (greement "ncreasing 6emand for Telecom Services "ncreased Cross Boarder Communication 6eclining 5rices for Fandsets .ame of :rameen "mage Einancial Soundness Skilled Fuman Resources 8ffective Support @rgani#ation 8asy (ccess to the Cidest Rural .o Cooperation from :overnment (gency 49 | P a g e .

airport drop service for the Fa''is/ 50 | P a g e .Corporate Social Responsibility/ activities performed by Banglalink over its life period Banglalink %pecial %ervice% at $aji Ca&p: Eor several years Banglalink provides its services to Fa'' pilgrims Banglalink provides pure drinking water to ha'' camp and Qia international (irport But later on banglalink has added some e!tra facilities. such as pure drinking water. and continues to support the Co!1s ba#aar beach cleaning program Eollowings are the list of some Significant CSR . free phone kiosks and buses for shuttle services .Banglalink %Banglalink&? is the second largest Telecom service provider of Bangladesh "t has an epidemic growth rate of <73A which is absolutely stunning Chen Banglalink came into operation in Bangladesh in <003. emergency charging station and beautification of the premises is an e!emplary initiative which no other multinational has taken Banglalink also contributed to an important tiger conservation pro'ect in the Sundarbans. Eebruary the market situation was not that much good rather than it was competitive enough But Banglalink with its efficient workforce and absolute strategies made a very better position in this competitive market Banglalink continues to play an active role in the area of corporate social responsibility because it honors the significance of Corporate Social Responsibility over any sustainable growth of a business "t always remained cautious "t Banglalink has given 6haka "nternational (irport ? the gateway of Bangladesh a completely new look 5rovision of high )uality passenger trolleys. necessary medicines. phone booths.

Ra'shahi. including distributing "ftar and dinner during the whole month in various orphanages Banglalink %upport% per%on% 5ith di%abilitie% (ction on 6isability and 6evelopment’ . addressed the seminar as chief guest The seminar was @verall ob'ective of the seminar was to create opinion to ensure enabling environment for empowerment of persons with disabilities 51 | P a g e . Banglalink took a special initiative to distribute appro!imately 3000 blankets in various orphanages across the country :rranging -ftar 'art! and en%uring Aelfare of the children%: Today1s children are the future of tomorrow and Banglalink truly believes in this potential Time and again. 6haka The seminar titled &Capacity Building of 5ersons with 6isabilities in Bangladesh? step towards making a difference& D discussed the scope and effort of bringing disabled people within the arena of the %opportunity society& Social Celfare *inister *R 8namul Fa) *ostafa Shahid.uppl!ing =ree Blanket% in e%%ence of B#aking a +ifferenceC "n line with the essence of Imaking a differenceI. Banglalink conducted a number of CSR activities concentrated on helping underprivileged children. on (pril <+ in Spectra Convention Centre. they are the most affected also @rphanages across the country are ill?e)uipped and hence children often have inade)uate means to brace themselves from the cold spell To help these underprivileged children. *5. with the support of Banglalink. focused attention has been given on deprived children through small initiatives that made a big difference in their lives 6uring last Ramadan. Bogra. 5allabi in *irpur 6haka (s children are the most vulnerable. Banglalink conducted a donation of free blankets across the needy community to help them withstand the spate of e!treme cold wave that continued throughout the country Eree Blankets were generally distributed in several orphanages in 6haka. *ymensingh.(66/ held a half?day national seminar.

:@s and human rights activists. . talk and get e!pert’s advice on the problem The promotional charge for the service is Tk < per minute This helped the farmers of any remote areas of Bangladesh to get access in any advice related to their farming in a very convenient way and cheaper way 52 | P a g e . health. vegetable and fruit farming. livestock. rehabilitation and employment The seminar demonstrated empowerment of persons with disabilities through sharing e!periences by the disabled employees and their employers Cith the presence of distinguished representatives of different stakeholders from government. the second leading telecommunications provider in the country.The seminar focused on creating awareness to promote the rights of persons with disabilities D particularly on right to education. social security. poultry. has always supported such social efforts as part of their CSR activities Banglalink on agri>%olution% %ervice *obile phone operator Banglalink launched a new service PBanglalink 'igyasha 7=7=’ which provided suggestions and answers to any )ueries related to agriculture. fisheries etc The service gives people with easy access to advice and solutions to agriculture?related problems To avail the service a Banglalink customer needs to dial 7=7=. corporate. the seminar e!plored opinion on reali#ation of the potential of persons with disabilities Banglalink. academics. accessibility.

Banglalink sponsored a beautification programme in Ra'shahi city as a part of their CSR activities as well as with a intention with increasing the beauty of the Ra'shahi city The programme went implemented in <007 and the inauguration ceremony was launched by Ra'shahi City Corporation *ayor along with chief officials from Banglalink Coa%tal Cleanup project of banglalink Banglalink celebrated the 1"nternational Coastal Clean?up 6ay <00.pon%oring the beautification progra&&e of Raj%hahi Cit!.1 on September <= The event was held at Co!1s Ba#aar sea beach 53 | P a g e .

T incoming G @utgoing "t has also provided incoming facility up lifetime *oreover its contribution to our economy can be notable Aeakne%% + The progress of development of network is far below from the subscriber e!pectation 2ower number of human resource Eailed to identify difference between developed market and developing market Banglalink does follow aggressive marketing but it should follow smooth strategy Banglalink faces coordination problem of *anagement system < 4 > > 3 3 = Opportunitie% + < 4 > Banglalink can use the image of multinational organi#ation "ntroduction of new technology and services 8!pand the market in the rural area Banglalink e!perience facilities can use the strong network Threat% + < The invention of technology which is new modern and consumer oriented (nother invisible threat is land phone operator 54 | P a g e .S!"T analysis of Banglalink #T$% trength + < 4 2ow cost provider regarding its competitor Banglalink’s all connections are "S6 G 8"S6 Banglalink is the only indigenous company using :S* service Erom the very beginning it is providing free T.

communication and technology/. Robi is widening its core CSR area with the launching of new brand in <0+0 Robi has redefined its CSR drive under five thematic aspects ? 8ducation. Robi intends to contribute towards the development of socio economic and ecological condition of the country through enriching people1s lives focusing on their primary needs as well as conserving the uni)ue culture G Feritage of Bangladesh Robi endorses its enabling and positive impact on the society. through its ability to reach out to national development goals by 18mpowering 5eople1 Renewing its CSR philosophy. "CT . primarily.CR/ philosophy. Robi will be working towards "CT development across the country specially in the colleges and libraries Cith special focus on women. through its 1core operations1 or business footprint and secondly. Robi is emphasi#ing on women health and women entrepreneurship Thus Robi aspires to be a powerful agent of change through enriching people1s lives for a better living 55 | P a g e . 8nvironment and Culture G Feritage with prime focus on women empowerment (mong the core areas. Robi engages itself in various types of Corporate Responsibility .Robi Robi dreams of a prosperous and strong nation and thus Robi1s commitment to the society is an integral part of its business Robi intends to build a better Bangladesh by empowering people and by providing support towards the sustainable development of the community "n line with :overnment1s development plan as well as its own Corporate Responsibility . Fealth.CR/ programs Through its CR initiatives. education is the ma'or thrust areas of Robi1s CSR interventions "n line with :overnment1s 16igital Bangladesh Kision <0<+1 .information.

2ngli%h in %chool% 56 | P a g e .

Robi is facilitating the rural and suburban colleges with computers Chile running the program for the rural colleges across the country.Robi Co&puter Corner "n line with :overnment1s 16igital Bangladesh vision <0<+1. Robi has mapped this program into a < year plan to reach => districts of Bangladesh focusing mainly on the Comen1s colleges to increase the rate of "T literacy among the female students 57 | P a g e . Robi is working towards increasing "T literacy as well as access to information highway Eor mass people (long with providing internet connectivity for the mass education.

building a Robi believes that the newborns of today will be the torchbearers of the future brighter. ho&e% in ". our new brand. Robi celebrated life with others born on the same day and stood by all mothers who gave birth on this date at *arie Stopes Clinic facilities across Bangladesh. and sponsor all their medical fees 58 | P a g e . better and safer tomorrow for our nation @n the <-th of *arch.. Robi . Robi . Robi is providing with <0C5 solar panels for each of the homes and thus spreading the light of Robi across the country Robi hi%hu: Birth %pon%or for all the babie% at #arie tope% Clinic born on #ar ch 26D 2. Robi is working closely to ensure that the farthest corner of our motherland is also illuminated with light To contribute towards minimi#ing the ongoing energy crisis in Bangladesh. in partnership with Rahimafroo#.Other -nitiative% Robi 'olli: -llu&inating ".1. was born @n this auspicious occasion. hard>to>reach village% 5ith %olar energ! (s the sun shines across every part of Bangladesh. is illuminating 300 homes in 30 hard?to?reach villages with solar energy all over the country $nder this initiative.

Fead of Corporate (ffairs. leading mobile phone operator. Chief 8!ecutive @fficer and *anaging 6irector. Chief 8!ecutive @fficer and *anaging 6irector.Robi ho%t% -ftar for orphan% in Chittagong 6ate: < September <0+0 *ichael Juehner. Chittagong *ichael Juehner. Robi is pleased to contribute in efforts for welfare of underprivileged children 59 | P a g e . organi#ed an "ftar *ehfi for orphans in Chittagong @ver +00 orphans from %Sha *o'idia "slami Comple! @rphanage& attended the "ftar held at a local restaurant in (grabad. Segufta Resmin Samad. Fead of Communications G *edia Relations of Robi participated at an "ftar *ehfil with the orphans of %Sha *o'idia "slami Comple! @rphanage& organi#ed at a local restaurant in Chittagong @ther senior officials of Robi in Chittagong also had iftar with them Robi. *ohiuddin Babar. *ohiuddin Babar. Segufta Resmin Samad. Fead of Communications G *edia Relations of Robi were present and had "ftar with the orphans @ther senior officials of Robi in Chittagong were also present at the "ftar The children were also given 8id celebration gifts to mark the occasion Robi believes that ensuring the welfare for orphans is the responsibility of the society and as a responsible corporate citi#en. Fead of Corporate (ffairs.

Robi (!iata 2imited and *s working for providing legal and other supportSultana Jamal. Fead of Corporate aids and human rights organi#ation that has been (ffairs.Robi :)iata *i&ited donate% %e5ing &achine% for the underprivileged 5o&en unda!D 31%t Eanuar! 2.1. it is trying to make them self?dependent Since women play the most vital role in building nation. a legal *s Segufta R Samad. Robi (!iata 2imited has donated sewing machines to a number of underprivileged women in cooperation with (in o Salish Jendra . a special program was arranged at the office premises of (in o Salish Jendra . 8!ecutive 6irector. helping them for their own livelihood would increase the possibility of a better future for all 60 | P a g e .(SJ/ where the sewing machines were distributed among the individuals as well as the trainees in 6haka and *ymensingh Robi (!iata 2imited is working on %8mpowering 5eople& and as a small effort to empower the underprivileged women of our society. (SJ is seen with trainees and other officials of services to the deprived citi#ens of the society @n both the organi#ations this occasion.(SJ/.

T? shirts and caps among the cold affected people of .R8C/ distributed 4.orthern region R8C organi#ed this program to help them survive in the spate of e!treme cold wave that is currently continuing throughout the country Robi (!iata 2imited is very much committed to the society with its four core values of Corporate Social Responsibilities in 8ducation G "CT. 8cological "mpact and 5overty (lleviation Robi (!iata 2imited hopes this support would facilitate the vulnerable groups of the country for a better life 'rotibondhita @orbo Eo!: Cith the pledge P5rotibondhita Jorbo Boy. a charitable trust based in 8ngland.Clubfeet is a birth defect with twisted foot . who has speciali#ed hospitals for this treatment in Justia. Robi is providing support to the underprivileged people of the society with a view to turning disability into ability "n the first phase. *eherpur and a floating hospital PBibontori’ Fere. Robi is providing support to the Clubfeet children .000 births/ To combat disability and to create awareness among the mass. persons afflicted often appear to walk on their ankles. (i Fok 5rottoi1. or on the sides of their feet "t is a common birth defect.awareness and on time treatment can help these patients to stand on their own feet and thus have a better life 61 | P a g e . sweaters. 5resident of Robi 8!ecutive Club .Robi :)iata *i&ited %tand% be%ide the cold affected people of (orthern Region Robi (!iata 2imited distributed warm clothes to the 3 unions of :angachara $pa#ila of Rangpur district ( team of Robi (!iata 2imited led by *r 6ewan . Robi has partnered with "mpact Eoundation Bangladesh. the patients are treated by the doctors team from 8ngland and Belgium (s this is an avoidable disability. Robi believes.inverted/ Cithout treatment.000 new clothes including blankets.a#mul Fasan. occurring in about one in every +. Fealth.

Sponsorship etc @ffer )uality products Robi always support entrepreneurs thats why the organi#ation have different product for them named $ddokta G 8asy 2oad Tariff Robi is using better e)uipment to give better service to their customers . 5osturing.etwork problem outside the 6haka and sometimes even inside 6haka The company could not cover all the rural area with their network which is making some dissatisfaction among the customers (verage revenue of Subscriber life cycle is all most e)ual to the sim ta! (s a result it becomes very difficult to take out profit from the operation < < 4 4 > Opportunitie%: + Continuously increase the using rate of mobile phone in Bangladesh that’s why Robi has the opportunity to increase their customer si#e (s Robi is using Bangla name for their products. that’s why they understand which tariff is best for them "ncreasing income of population (s much they earn that much they need to using mobile to fulfill their working re)uirement < There are five competitors are e!isting in Bangladesh for Robi So Robi has to face high competition to retain the customers Because of the aggressiveness of the competitors and customers connection switching behavior. it helps the customer to understanding the meaning of the products very well.ow they are using . Robi is constantly loosing their market share "f it is going on then its very difficult for the company to e!ists 4 4 62 | P a g e .S!"T analysis of Robi trength: + Strong Brand images to overall Customer through (dvertising.okia?Siemens instead of (lka?tell to provide best )uality .etwork :ood relationship with retailer Threat%: + < Restriction regulations of :overnment Aeakne%%: + The customer of Robi face .

J:C/ *r *ichael Seymour.CityCell Citycell .Citycell 'oins hands with Jhulna *etropolitan 5olice . CitycellS recently donated 3 state of the art imported golf?carts to Jurmitola :olf Club . highest standards of technology and a choice of packages at affordable rates The company operates a <>?hour call center with well?trained operators to respond to customer )ueries Citycell’s customer service are open 7 days a week to ensure customers can access Citycell at any convenient time C R .J*5/ in the rally against 6rugs M<00-N. The <3th ($(5 Board *eeting and the -th ("$B?($(5 Conference on :$" 5artnerships for "nnovation. <00- BBE*S in association with Citycell organi#es %Tele?Kideo Fealth Service for (ll& inauguration ceremony 63 | P a g e .ovember <+. Kice?5resident. C8@ of CitycellS handed over the golf carts to *a'or :eneral *d Shafi)ul "slam. <00.5acific Bangladesh Telecom 2imited/ is Bangladesh’s and South (sia’s pioneering mobile communications company and the only C6*( mobile operator in the country Citycell is a customer?driven organi#ation whose mission is to deliver the latest in advanced telecommunication services to Bangladesh The company offers a full array of mobile services for consumers and businesses that are focused on the uni)ue needs of the Bangladeshi community Citycell’s growth strategy is to integrate superior customer service.Corporate ocial Re%pon%ibilit!0: Citycell sponsored the >th (nnual :eneral *eeting . Jurmitola :olf Club at a program organi#ed at the club premises on (ugust 4+.(:*/ of the 5harmaceutical 8!ecutive Club 2imited held at the Bangladesh?China Eriendship Conference Centre on .

case history transfer. Qoom 8K?6@. medical file maintenance and so on can also be done nationwide The aim is to set up a network of remote outlets e)uipped with data device?enabled laptops. is going to set another milestone by e!panding its footprint in the arena of medical health services 6octors at the hospital will be able to remotely observe patients.for the general public/ and +0=0+ .BEE/ with the ob'ective of bringing back the passion for football in the country This agreement is renewable every year for three years @ver the ne!t three years. +?7 (ugust. and signed agreements with all mobile phone operators and 5ST. <00- Cit!cell partner% 5ith B== for the revival of football Citycell signed an agreement with Bangladesh Eootball Eederation . Citycell will provide BEE Tk += 3 crore to run the football tournaments as the federation1s 1partner in progress1 64 | P a g e . offer consultancy and provide prescriptions on line @ther services like pathological test views. companies to provide Telehealth Services 6r C S Jarim inaugurated the service by dialing the short code +0=0+ to contact the Call Centre (s part of the Tele?Fealth Services. managed and financed by Bapan Bangladesh Eriendship Fospital Citycell will provide the technological support through its QoomS 8K?6@ service and network integration BBE*S will provide the e!pert medical resources and organi#e the outlets with channel partners This uni)ue relationship will create a milestone in the medical as well as telecommunication history of Bangladesh to ensure the reach of state?of?the?art medical service to the mass population residing in even the remotest parts of the country Citycell showcased applications of its latest QoomS 8K6@ . BBE*S will provide medical health services through data transfer where patients will no longer need to travel a long distance to doctors’ premises to avail of preliminary medical services Citycell’s revolutionary wireless data solution.8volution?6ata @ptimi#ed/ technology at the inauguration program Several video conferences using the technology were set up between the program venue and different locations around the country Citycell 'oined hands with Bapan Bangladesh Eriendship *edical Services 2imited to increase awareness on the importance of breastfeeding among people of the country on Corld Breastfeeding Ceek.Bapan Bangladesh Eriendship *edical Services 2imited recently received the BTRC’s permission for two short codes: +0=00 .e!clusively for farmers/.

ew technology 2ow network coverage 2ack of education Eew customer care point 2ow configure mobile set Opportunitie% + < 4 > (dvanced technology Secured data transfer 2eader ship in telecommunication services :rowing middle class population + < 4 > 3 = . distributes relief among fire victims. sponsors Saline?pro'ect. donates money for the flood affected.ew companies :lobal companies :overnmental regulations TGT mobile phone Threat of substitute products Ci*a! Companies 65 | P a g e .Cit!cell %tand% be%ide underprivileged children Felps victims of natural disaster in Chittagong M <007 N.o PBusy .etwork (dvanced technology 2ow Cost Centrali#ation 6edicated Staff Q@@* $ltra Threat% Aeakne%% + < 4 > 3 = Eewer staff . *B( Club stage concert to raise money to ease flood hardship. ties up with Bangladesh Red Crescent Society M <003 N. helps intellectually disabled children of SC"6. donates 5hysiotherapy 8)uipment to underprivileged intellectually disabled children M <00> N S!"T &nalysis of Citycell trength + < 4 > 3 = 7 Competitive price . hands over relief to Rotary for the flood victims.

> with an authori#ed capital of Tk <0. registered under the Registrar of the Boint stock companies of Bangladesh Total shares owned by the :overnment of the 5eoples Republic of Bangladesh Ce continue to grow and engage our customers through our clear commitment to offering high )uality products and services as well as leading customer retention and loyalty programmers Teletalk continues to be a part of the revolution that’s connecting millions of Bangladeshi people and around the world Teletalk Bangladesh limited was established keeping a specific role in mind Teletalk has forged ahead and strengthened its path over the years and achieved some feats truly to be proud of. <00> as a public limited company under the Companies (ct. as the only Bangladeshi mobile operator and the only operator with +00A native technical and engineering human resource base..000 being the only government sponsored mobile telephone company in the 66 | P a g e . Teletalk thrives to become the true people’s phone D %(mader 5hone& Basic ob'ectives for which the Company was formed are highlighted here under:  To provide mobile telephone service to the people from the public sector  To ensure fair competition between public and private sectors and thereby to safeguard public interest  To meet a portion of unmitigated high demand of mobile telephone  To create a new source of revenue for the government "ncorporation of Teletalk: Teletalk Bangladesh 2imited . +.the %Company&/ was incorporated on <= 6ecember.TeleTalk Teletalk Bangladesh 2imited is a public limited company.000.000.

and most of the highways Teletalk is continuing its network e!pansion to reach more corners of Bangladesh cope to be e)plored: *?:overnance is derived from e?governance refers to government’s use of information and communication technology to e!change information and services with citi#ens. and other arms of government Teletalk is ready to provide with the help of third party software. businesses. mobile interactivity for the citi#ens of Bangladesh with m?:overnance This may include. to better accommodate its growing customer base as well as to keep the promise of providing better service (s of @n the same day the Company obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business Co&pan!F% (et5ork 2)pan%ion: Teletalk Bangladesh 2imited has continually e!panded its network. but not limited to  *obile based 2ive Citi#en Reporting Solution  *obile $ser "nfo bank . like product price in different parts of the country  5roduct "6 for all consumer productsH @rgani#ation  "nteractivity between :overnment and the Citi#ens 5ossible departments who will be directly benefited from the above services are:  5olice  Rapid (ction Battalion  Eire Service 67 | P a g e . >0< $pa#ilas.6atabase of *obile $sers of Bangladesh/  (griculture information services for the farmers and also for the end users. Teletalk has already established its network foothold in => 6istricts.

where children have engaged in a day long painting competition with Bangladeshi seasonal themes 68 | P a g e . .BR  (griculture 6epartment  BRT(  BST"  BTRC  8lection Commission  Fealth Services C R . Teletalk Bangladesh 2imited still engaged itself in several CSR activities .Corporate ocial Re%pon%ibilit!0 +uring the financial !ear: Teletalk believes in the empowerment of the people as well as the power inherent in all of us to collectively enforce positive change in our own lives (s a company still in its early years.otables among them during the financial year have been described below: 1. Teletalk has established a short code S*S helpline for children with disabilityHdiseases The %=== D Felpline for Children& was established with a view to create a speciali#ed fund for children with dire need of financial assistance (ll S*S sent to this number will be charged and the amount will be retained in a special fund This fund will be used for rehabilitation H treatment of the children 2. ChildrenF% art initiative: Teletalk has created an uni)ue outlet to acknowledge and encourage children’s art Cith association from %Talent 5romotion "nitiative& Teletalk has arranged a children’s art competition.

Blood +onation 'rogra&: Teletalk has sponsored and directly participated in voluntary blood donation program @RC( .Eive Fundred/ pieces of Blankets to the distressed people in the winter through (n'uman *ofidul "slam ". Blanket +i%tribution 'rogra&: "n Rangpur district Teletalk distributed 300 .@ld Ra'shahi Cadet (ssociation/ had organi#ed a blood donation program which was sponsored by Teletalk S!"T analysis of Teletalk trength: :ovt owned public ltd Co G they use the fre)uency of BTC2Chich is covered all around the country Aeakne%%: 5oor customer service G bad product design Opportunit!: 69 | P a g e . Teletalk’s uni)ue way of e!tending help as well as including the community at large was appreciated 1.3. Teletalk Bangladesh 2imited then published a special %Billboard Calendar& based on selected pictures from the competitions 4. #edical Treat&ent for Bu%hra: Teletalk initiated a helping program for Bushra D a patient of blood cancer @ne can send S*S for Bushra to help raise fund for medical treatment Eor a girl of 4 year old needing bone marrow transplantation.

:reat opportunity to e!pand market by upcoming 4: network technolodgy Threat: @ther potential :S* companies 70 | P a g e .

an administrative assistant or a volunteer to drive sustainability throughout an organi#ation in order to deliver value CSR managers must be empowered to work with others in the business to assess key priority areas based on assessment of need and stakeholder e!pectations CSR managers should engage with material social and environmental issues for the company Their role is to manage risks and identify business opportunities inherent in a move towards sustainable development (s the number of CSR manager’s increases in the (sia 5acific region year on year this body of professionals needs internal and e!ternal support and ongoing guidance and clarity as to what is e!cellence in this profession 71 | P a g e .Reco&&endation% CSR managers must have a clear 'ob specification. which identifies the area that they are responsible for and what the company e!pects as value for the position "f the activities of the CSR manager are not aligned with the core activities of the business then the ability of the CSR manager to deliver value is compromised CSR managers must deliver value to the organi#ations which employ them "n order to be able to do this the employer must ensure that the CSR manager has access to the Board in order for the strategy of the company to address long term issues that will create sustainability "t is not feasible to e!pect a 'unior member of staff.

building trust and credibility in the society in which the business operates. and economic considerations into the decision?making structures and processes of business "t is about using innovation to find creative and value?added solutions to societal and environmental challenges "t is about engaging shareholders and other stakeholders and collaborating with them to more effectively manage potential risks and build credibility and trust in society "t is about not only complying with the law in a due diligent way but also about taking account of society’s needs and finding more effective ways to satisfy e!isting and anticipated demands in order to build more sustainable businesses $ltimately. CSR brings a lot of benefits for a corporation and :rameenphone is a bright e!ample for the local companies Companies are very much related with relationship management practice with its clients So when a company can touch the inner spirit of the people and can provide standard service. environmental. providing enhanced goods and services for customers. it is about delivering improved shareholder and debt holder value.Conclu%ion: Corporate social responsibility is about the integration of social. and becoming more sustainable over the longer term 6espite having debate on CSR as a voluntary social welfare or as a marketing tool. it will more likely to be successful 72 | P a g e .

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