ECE558 : Advanced Analog IC Design

Prof. Jae Joon Kim School of Electrical & Computer Engineering Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology
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kr – Phone: +2126 • Office hour: 10:00 ~ 11:40 AM – or other time by appointment ]tx ]ÉÉÇ ^|Å . & Thu.Advanced Analog IC Design(ECE558) • Lecture: Tue & Thu 09:00 ~ 11:05 @EB2-511 • Instructor: Prof. Jae Joon Kim – Office: EB2 (#106). 501-6 – Email: jaejoon@unist.

Behzad Razavi.Grade and text books • • • • • Midterm Exam. Term Project Homework Attendance Textbook (40%) (30%) (20%) (10%) – “Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits". McGraw-Hill ]tx ]ÉÉÇ ^|Å .

Design of Analog CMOS I ntegrated Circuits Behzad Razavi McGraw-Hill ]tx ]ÉÉÇ ^|Å .

Introduction to Switched-Capacitor Circuits Ch13. Nonlinearity and Mismatch Ch14. Layout and Packaging ]tx ]ÉÉÇ ^|Å . Stability and Frequency Compensation Ch11. Basic MOS Device Physics Ch3. Bandgap References Ch12. Single-Stage Amplifiers Ch4. Phase-Locked Loops Ch16.Contents & Lecture Schedule • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Ch1. Operational Amplifiers Ch10. Feedback Ch9. Passive and Active Current Mirrors Ch6. Frequency Response of Amplifiers Ch7. CMOS Processing Technology Ch18. Differential Amplifiers Ch5. Short-Channel Effects and Device Models Ch17. Noise Ch8. Introduction to Analog Design Ch2. Oscillators Ch15.

Chapter 1 Introduction to Analog Design ]tx ]ÉÉÇ ^|Å .

Most systems require ADC/DAC and DSP 3. out-of-band noises & interferers.1 Why Analog? 1. Digital systems require clocks. .need to be digitized for signal processing 2. 4.1. oscillators & phase-locked loops ]tx ]ÉÉÇ ^|Å . Signals are often accompanied by unwanted. addition of an amplifier & an filter. Most natural signals are “analog”.

Applications (Samples) Digital Communications Disk Drive Electronics Sensors (accelerometer) Wireless Transceivers Optical Transceivers ]tx ]ÉÉÇ ^|Å .

browsers. …) EE track DPH track (Device Physics) (Electrical Engineering) CSE tracks (Computer Science & Engineering) ]tx ]ÉÉÇ ^|Å .…) Communication Systems Power Systems SignalProcessing Systems Analog Circuit Abstraction (amplifiers. flip-flops.Abstraction in EE Abstraction Levels Digital Circuit Abstraction (logic gate. filters. Java. …) Operating Systems (Windows7. …) Computer Systems Instruction Set Abstraction (Pentium. …) Communi cation Protocol Abstraction (Modem …) Nature or devices as observed in experiments Lumped Circuit Abstraction (instead of physics laws) Programming Languages (C++.

Abstraction Example Device & Modeling (Integrated inductor) Lumped circuit abstraction Low-Noise Amplifier Low-Noise Oscillator Communication system Bluetooth Headset Analog/digital circuit abstraction Bluetooth SW in iPhone ]tx ]ÉÉÇ ^|Å .