Is electronic cigarette really harmless to health?

In the United States, electronic cigarettes are very popular in recent years, sales of $400 million a year, is expected to more than 10 years cigarette consumption. Manufacturers claim that electronic cigarettes can substitute the traditional tobacco, both meet the demand of smokers to smoke, and no harm to health. However, many doctors and experts can't agree to this. A variety of flavors and very fashionable Earlier this year, the largest electronic cigarette company NJOY a hotel in New York sponsored a private party activity. The scene that guest take photos with about two meters high e-cigarettes replicas. During the dinner, they taste the delicious caviar and cheese, and gracefully, smoking eGo Twist Manual Switch Battery electronic cigarettes, of course. Electronic cigarette smokers seem to have been New York as a kind of fashion. A female guest said: "NJOY has been advocating the benefits of electronic cigarette, namely while enjoy smoking does not harm the health." Many products and offer a variety of strawberry, banana, chocolate, cream, etc "taste" option. Still have influence to the lungs Tile Dallas last year, led by medical journal "chest", a study, observation of electronic cigarette users in smoking lung organ function change within 5 minutes. "Results show that although the electronic smoke so-called" harmless ", actually have an effect on pulmonary system, at least in the short time there is harm." Really help to stop smoking? Some of the reasons for electronic cigarettes sell well, one of the most important is the traditional means quitting the effect not beautiful. Compared with nicotine replacement such as chewing gum, and auxiliary quit smoking such as prescription drugs, many older smokers said that since the change of electronic cigarette, they are more likely to gradually get rid of the dependence on ordinary cigarette. Registered nurses from Virginia Brenda Smith "smoked" for decades, 18 months ago after a friend recommended began to electronic cigarettes. Since then, she gradually reduce smoking, from a pack of reduced to 10 cigarettes a day, every day and then completely quit cigarettes.

Diffcult to control e-cigarette because it not belong to the drug

At present, the eGo-T Battery electronic cigarette industry in regulatory grey zone, manufacturers can do the tobacco companies want to do but can't do: please movie star endorsement. Sales of chocolate, banana, apple and other products. Some electronic cigarette companies on the packaging with the slogan: "electronic cigarette smoking is harmful to our health beneficial health".

France's top medical experts oppose to regulate electronic cigarettes as drugs
According to the French international television station france24 reported Monday, 10 France's top medical experts opposed to the European parliament will be unified electronic cigarettes as drug regulatory purpose. These medical experts think that once is E-Tech multi function Battery electronic cigarettes as a drug regulation, will only be able to communicate in a pharmacy sales, it is not about electronic cigarettes "infinite security" properties, also get in the way of shifting from the traditional tobacco smokers to electronic cigarettes. On Tuesday, the European parliament will start to vote for the new sale of tobacco products regulations, new regulations not only include a ban on selling menthol cigarettes, and reassess electronic cigarettes. In France, the electronic cigarette market at present, sales size is about 1.5 million. The medical experts think that once the regulation is passed, the electronic cigarette industry will be affected, traditional cigarette smokers and even harder to give up. Experts in an open letter calling for: "we suggest continue to research on electronic cigarettes, so that more people are expected to stop smoking." In the domestic a-share companies, hundred million can weft lithium (300014 SZ) for domestic electronic cigarette battery of leading enterprises, mainly for export to Europe, America and other regions. Company said that benefit from the overseas demand for electronic cigarettes, battery sales in good condition. Agency predicts million weft lithium can electronic cigarette battery sales will reach 400 million yuan in 2013, the company revenue of 610 million yuan last year.

Dongfeng shares (601515. SH) and Shanghai green new (002565. SH) is also involved in electronic cigarette business in succession, the former intends to set up the joint-stock company engaging in developing and manufacturing atomizer, while the latter atomizer is offered to set up a holding company in research and development and production.

The French e-cigarettes will accept evaluation of health assessment
More and more smokers quit smoking in the form of electronic cigarette.Now the ministry of health on Tuesday announced will assessment for this kind of consumer goods. Tobacco at extreme reservations about electronic cigarettes. , AFP reported health minister ms figure reina news station in France (France Info) announced on, she asked the ministry of health on a comprehensive survey about electronic cigarettes, evaluate the benefits and risks. According to

the electronic cigarette manufacturers, according to the data provided by the French, about 500000 people in the use of electronic cigarettes. But the data accuracy is hard to estimate, because most people are ordered from foreign suppliers through the network. Since all laws on smoking in public places, the electronic cigarette has become another way different from that of the conventional cigarettes. Electronic cigarette is shaped like a traditional cigarette, but harmless to the surrounding spit out the smoke. Electronic cigarette was invented in 2005 in China. Electronic cigarettes by air switch, smart and intelligent electronic cigarettes chip circuit, ultrasonic atomization generator, atomizing chamber, of lithium ion battery. It is equipped with "electronic liquid pipe, there are equipped with propylene glycol and glycerin and various kinds of aroma, there may be nicotine, to fill the atomizing chamber. Efficiency of the electronic cigarette smoking and its harmful in tobacco scientist caused widespread controversy. Although some tobacco scientists admit that electronic cigarettes may be as well as real cigarette harmful, but most experts point out that the research so far is not enough comprehensive, so can't jump to conclusions. Paris turned neuroscientists at pitie-salpetriere hospital lung more experts had berg admitted: "in such a short period of time, we can't make accurate judgment." He admits the smokers on the use of electronic smoke more than six months without any investigation. In such circumstances, he gave advice is: "if you are a big smokers, may use the electronic cigarette is quite good, but don't use time is too long." Paris mountain (Cochin) hospital tobacco study cardiology doctors, djali also reservations: "if someone is using electronic successfully quit smoking cigarettes, this is good, but we still advise you not to touch the electronic cigarette." Tobacco at la lu also said: "electronic cigarette short-term, medium-term and long-term health effects, our mastery of the material is too little." French food and drug administration (ANSM) since 2011, also suggests smokers do not smoke electronic cigarettes, emphasized from the perspective of the nicotine content of the electronic cigarette, electronic cigarettes could be seen as a pharmaceutical or consumer goods.

E-Cigarettes Linked to Increased Quit Attempts by UK Smokers
The latest data from the Smoking Toolkit Study shows that UK smokers are attempting to quit more often than they did in previous years. If you are wondering what could be causing the spike in quitting attempts, data also shows a major increase in the incidence of e-cigarette use. Could there be a connection? In 2011, only 2 percent of UK smokers were using electronic cigarettes but just two years later, that number has increased to 16 percent. This eight-fold increase in e-cig use could be directly responsible for the major increase in how many smokers report trying to give up tobacco cigarettes. While we cannot say with certainty that the increasing popularity of e-cigarettes is causing more smokers to quit, it definitely seems that there is a correlation. Whether or not you believe that Innokin iClear 30 Dual Coil Clearomizer electronic cigarettes are effective for helping smokers quit, there is no denying that these products are at least causing more smokers to try giving up tobacco. If nothing else, they are igniting an interest in smoking

cessation and peaking the motivations of cigarette users so they start to investigate alternatives to their current cigarette usage. Although e-cigarettes are not designed for use as smoking cessation devices, they do seem to be effective when used as a nicotine replacement. Tobacco Analysis recently pointed out that e-cigs “offer hope to millions of smokers who have been unsuccessful using the FDA-approved smoking cessation products.” Perhaps that is why it is most shocking that so many anti-smoking groups are taking a public stand against e-cigarettes, calling them a gateway product to lure nonsmokers into using nicotine. When talking to actual e-cig users, you will likely hear the exact opposite. The majority of people vaping e-cigs are former smokers that turned to these products as a way out of their previous cigarette habits. The other popular argument against e-cigarettes is that they allow smokers to continue using nicotine for the long-term even after giving up tobacco. While some smokers do choose to continue using nicotine solution in their e-cigarettes, there are others that gradually reduce their nicotine use until they are no longer using any nicotine at all. This is the chief reason why many popular ecig brands offer e-cig cartridges with zero nicotine. The goal for many vapers is to gradually reduce nicotine levels until they are vaping with the zero nicotine e-liquids and cartridges. The recent data from the United Kingdom is just further evidence that e-cigarettes are leading to positive changes in the smoking community. Rather than causing an increase in the number of smokers, which would support the “gateway theory”, we are seeing an increase in the number of smokers that are trying to stop smoking. It seems that e-cigs are having a positive impact and that is just one more reason to celebrate the industry once again! Do you think that e-cigarettes are directly responsible for the increased quit attempts among UK smokers?

Electronic cigarettes from marijuana in disguise,Authorities would restrict people to buy
Today, electronic cigarette has more and more popular as the size of a pencil, the installation of the battery of cigarettes is also regarded as substitute for conventional cigarettes cleaner. Us qiaobao network on October 11, and reports, there are more and more people have the marijuana into electronic cigarettes or steam inside the pen, in public if drug activities like no one's watching. According to the report, along with the legalization of marijuana in recent years, increasingly, Colorado and Washington are recognized as legal marijuana items, more than 20 other states allow used on medical marijuana or small amounts of marijuana use, making it increasingly easy to illegal access to marijuana. Then someone invented to liquid or waxy marijuana in the

electronic cigarette smoking method or steam pen.

Experts said, as a result of using electronic cigarettes smoke liquid or waxy marijuana does not produce special smell, even will not produce the Mars, so a lot of drug addicts can drugs like no one's watching, you can also rest of marijuana to easily fit into a pocket. A long-term taken cannabis on condition of anonymity, told reporters that he was on a train from New York to Baltimore train full use electronic cigarette smoking marijuana, didn't get any attention. From then on, he was glad that Innokin iClear 16 Dual Coil Clearomizer electronic cigarettes provides a convenient taken cannabis.

On the other hand, while adults smoked marijuana is becoming more and more accepted in some areas, but the officials and drugs advisor said with electronic cigarettes illegal marijuana there is a very dangerous, especially when teenagers astray, or marijuana, consequence will be unimaginable. Manhattan psychologist MarianneChai said, the invention of the electronic cigarettes make it harder to find the parents than in the past children were signs of drug use. And Manhattan, said senator LindaRosenthal teenagers use electronic cigarettes may convenient they exposed to more drug made last year she had to push for a ban on selling electronic cigarettes to teenagers legislation. In addition, in New Jersey to sell electronic cigarettes to teenagers are illegal. But federal law is not to buy electronic cigarette age make any restrictions. Police said at the same time, if the owner was arrested on drug charges electronic cigarettes, so the police will have the right to search and detect whether the electronic cigarettes or steam inside the pen illegal possession of drugs.

Fruity cigarette and e-cigarette easy to let teenagers addiction
Canadian medical association journal article said, the electronic cigarette may make more young people to take up the habit of smoking. The article points out that to join the taste of cigarettes, raw fruit and candy with star propaganda, as well as the electronic cigarette, will attract more youth addiction. Ontario Toronto respiratory disease doctor Stanbrook in his article said, society tend to accept electronic cigarette, because most people think that ecigs can help smokers quit smoking. He warned that in Canada, selling electronic cigarette within nicotine is illegal, however, in the United States and the Internet, you can buy nicotine e-cigarette. In addition, according to the survey, 52% of those surveyed students in grade 6 to 12 class, said they had smoked in the past 30 days for fruit or sweets to smell cigarette products. In British

Columbia, the proportion is slightly higher than the national average, with 53% of the students used this kind of product.

The news media can promote the public understanding of electronic cigarettes
According to a study of British scholars,the news media can offer readers about what electronic nicotine delivery system (ENDS), how they work, and information such as their relative advantages of the tobacco control is presented by these topics to discuss several issues, including the attention to celebrity effect, increasing the ENDS to use for the effects of smoking on social regulations, their potential destroyed the smoke-free legislation, and promote the effective smoking cessation aid. The relevant papers on July 24, 2013, published online in the journal tobacco control.

The study search the English and Scottish newspaper in 12 countries and three mainstream media sites between 2007 and 2012, thematic analysis, discusses the meaning and purpose ENDS, whether the user, and how to change smoking behavior, etc. The results showed that newspapers involve a dramatic increasedduring this period ENDS. there are five key themes can be seen from the analysis: avoid smoke-free legislation, risk and uncertainty, healthier choices, celebrity effect and price.