Debunking common myths about U.

S Visa

While some say that it is much easier to get a U.S Visa than an U.K visa, others believe that getting Visa to the U.S implies a number of terms and conditions. Some even believe that U.S. visa becomes invalid faster because it involves a lot of rules and regulations. Now the funny thing about all these ideas regarding Visa USA is that most of them are sheer myths !eople often overestimate the policies of Visa to the USA and the guidelines of the U.S. "mbassy that ma#e them develop misconceptions regarding the same. $ence, let us debun# some of the myths that are related to U.S. Visa. • %yth &' (he visa loses validity if the holder does not travel within si) months

(here is a common misconception that the visa to the USA becomes invalid if the holder does not tour anywhere within si) months of its issuance. (his is not true as the validity of every visa depends upon its mentioned e)piry date. $ence, the same is applicable for U.S Visa too, and it will only lose validity if the e)piry date crosses. • %yth *' +nly a fi)ed number of U.S Visa is issued every year

(his is again a myth. (his has probably generated because it ta#es time to get a visa approval. $ence, believing in this untrue notion that there is a fi)ed ,uota of visa issuance every year is illogical. -f the applicant has the re,uired ,ualifications for obtaining a visa to the U.S and if his supplied documents are valid, he will always be avail to avail a ‫ב‬.‫ויזה לארה‬/U.S. Visa0.

%yth 1' !arents whose children reside in the USA might not get a visa to the country

-t is better to say that this idea is a partial myth. (o be honest, it becomes a concern for the US "mbassy to grant visa to people who have all their children residing in the USA. $owever, this cannot be identified as an invincible factor that can ma#e the organi2ation deny visa. (his is because the embassy has to loo# into the case seriously and grant the visa in occasions when all other supporting documents and credentials of the applicant match with the specified terms and conditions. • %yth 3' A U.S visa with a tenure of si) months is liable to get denied

(here is a common belief that a visa USA is often denied if it has duration of si) months. (his is a myth. -f the applicant is able to provide substantial reason for the application of a si) months visa and meticulously follows the terms and conditions connected with it, he will certainly get U.S. visa without any harassment.

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