Lumilow is an LED Optoelectronics Lighting Design company located in the United Kingdom, Lumilow specialises in LED new and retrofit installations, researching, developing and producing high quality LED lighting products as well as providing professional lighting engineering solutions and integrated services with a strong technological foundation. Lumilow organises the illuminating engineering team concentrated with senior technology engineers and marketing elitists to lead the future of the green world illumination, not only challenge technological arriers in LED mainstream lighting, effectively solved the critical pro lems of LED luminance, luminous efficacy, heat dissipation and rightness decay ut also continuously leads in advanced production and verification equipments, automatic life!test production lines to promote technological innovation and improve manufacturing process with up! to!date techniques and make sure the quality and relia ility of our LED products is up to a professional standard. "e offer a full integrated service from design, manufacturer and installation with our team of very e#perienced electrical engineers who specialise in retrofit and new installation of LED products. $ll Lumilow%s products are designed to cover the LED dimma le spot light, ul , tu e, downlight, flood light etc, and all kinds of commercial LED lighting%s which have passed UL, KE&$, 'E, (O)*, +)E, ,'' certifications. Lumilow honours the contract and agreement to keep our promise in usiness with high quality and price relia le products and humanistic services, Lumilow strives to advance the world of LED lighting, our goal is to provide the est LED lighting option and to uild upon the Lumilow rand while devoting ourselves to the glo al energy of saving and environmental protection.

LED Light Tests
"e feel strongly a out testing LED Lightings efore advertising and-or selling as LED Lights which haven%t een tested appropriately can e dangerous and cost more in the long!term. .hat%s why we make sure all our LED Lightings are tested in a professional standard, we strive in making sure our customer gets the est deal from the est LED Lighting provider which is why we continuously carry out these tests on all of our fittings.

Commercial Use
LED Lighting is ideal for professional situations since a ma/ority of commercial lighting involves recessed or canned lighting and LED ul s release very little of their energy in the way of heat. .heir direct lighting and good intensity allows you to provide focused light where it is most needed, our products tailor the lighting needs to the individual and most importantly, they save money on utilities.

Do you accept small orders? A: 0es, we have a wide range of products availa le to all types of consumers, whether the order is ig or small. Is there a minimum order? A: 0es, we have a minimum order of 12. After sale ser!ices? A: "e are happy to provide a five year warranty to all customers on all products. "hat is the life e#pectancy? A: .he life e#pectancy of our LEDs are 32,222 hours 43.5 years6. Do you offer an installation ser!ice? A: 0es, we offer a full installation service throughout the United Kingdom. Are there any certifications on your products? A: .he following7 'E, (o*), KE&$, E.L, +)E, ,''.