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www. 10151.Pro – a New A Milestone in the History of the Forex Market!  dmiral Markets A Vietnamese Office  obile Trading: M Boundless Freedom!  orexBall™ F Trading Competition  he Elementary and T Incomprehensible ZuluTrade  efer a Friend R to Admiral Markets!  ome Places That You Must S Explore In Australia Mobile Trading: Boundless Freedom! We are pleased to announce the launch of new platforms for mobile trading./fax: +372 630 9303 Publisher: Admiral Markets. Ahtri Editor: Alexander Shtavbonko Designer: Olga Konstantinova dozens of tools and the broadest possible volume control.admiralmarkets. The Elementary and Incomprehensible ZuluTrade.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 Content 4 8 12 14 15 18 22 23  dmiral Markets: A Developing Together with the Forex Market  dmiral. which Admiral Markets offers to their customers absolutely free. which are able to offer an incredible array of profitable combinations. This year is the 10 4 14 Client Magazine ADMIRALÕS summer–autumn 2011 Admiral House (section A) Address: Tallinn. Admiral Markets: Developing Together with the Forex Market. Alexander Tsihilov. 8 floor. support@fxservice. year anniversary since the establishment of Admiral Markets and its Circulation: 5000 ex. Tel. answers our questions. ZuluTrade means thousands of traders. 18 3 .

and did not allow you to open short positions. giving us the current situa- tion where we have 80% of our income coming from the company branches and only 20% still coming from agents. Petersburg. where you can trade currencies and earn profits on the difference in quotes. had no leverage at all. The game was very primitive. this required some startup capital and after a bit of saving I was able to amass the small required amount and was then able to start seriously thinking about a new business direction. T However. Alexander Tsihilov. After some time. President & CEO of Admiral Markets ating company was registered under the name Admiral Investments and Securities Ltd. This strategy has become obsolete though as the company has grown and more and more branches have been created. and did not allow you to open short positions. had no leverage at all." 5 4 . In early 2002 the company began to enter into its’ first partnership agreements with the representatives of a few countries that were former Soviet Union states. The first year was spent building an internal infrastructure and training staff since at this time there were little to no specialists in Russia or even in the world due to the newness of the online Forex market. Nevertheless. the principle itself interested me. However. An interview with the founder of Admiral Markets. mostly due to insufficient company equity which made it difficult to create our own branches. Admiral Telecom. In those days. and Ukraine. and I realized that I had a new client segment to sell Internet access services to – traders. in the beginning we had to do what we had to do. With our agreement.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 Admiral Markets: Developing Together with the Forex Market "The game "FOREX"was very primitive. on the company’s history. After working for just over a year. How did the company develop in the first years? Alexander Tsikhilov. we could provide computers and offices for traders to trade on with a reliable internet connection. After a while. Nevertheless. At the beginning the emphasis was on development of the company through the creation of a network of agents. but from the standpoint that the Internet had finally become a viable instrument for carrying out financial transactions. I started to think about ways to diversify by starting my own online brokerage company. as a director of a small Internet service provider. its’ priorities. the principle itself interested me. 2001 when the first operating company was registered under the name Admiral Investments and Securities Ltd." to broaden our cooperation by having us setup a dealing room and a dedicated internet channel for their traders. Uzbekistan. There were representatives of the company in Latvia. the broker offered A dmiral Markets was officially established on the 5th of March. I was able to find a broker in St. in St. the internet was not as wide spread and the connection quality we enjoy today was only just a dream. and many other things to honor the 10 year anniversary of Admiral Markets. How did it all begin? he company’s history began in the spring of 1999 when I. Petersburg with whom I made an agreement that gave their clients cheaper access to the internet through our ISP. Interested not in terms of trading per se. came across a financial site for the game "Forex". 2001 when the first oper- "Admiral Markets was officially established on the 5th of March.

increase the number of traded financial instruments. Things are quite different indeed. robots. First. Slovenia and Vietnam. the company significantly expanded its presence in different regions throughout the world by opening new offices in Italy. F 7 . automated trading systems. We plan to cover all major regions of the world and plan to be licensed in all major world financial centers in Europe.000 traders. the company really started to take off. Accumulated funds have allowed us to continue expansion into Eastern Europe. the emergence of virtual "offices" where the broker's customer service is completely automated . After the re- T orders. our company has branches in almost every Eastern European country and almost all of our branches lead the market in each country. where competition has been significantly lower. immediate execution of client O Dmitri Laush. and Lithuania brought in three-quarters of our total income. What has changed in the Forex market over the past 10 years? he main competitive advantage that Admiral Markets has is its’ flexibility and ability to adopt different strategies. Bulgaria.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 Which regions have brought the most success to Admiral Markets? he turning point for the company was in 2003. as well as many other very useful functions for the client. Latvia. and strategies which are written in a specially designed programming language MQL. automated trading systems for clients. the three branches in Estonia. We are also currently in the process of opening offices in Argentina. Combine that with the inter-bank market spreads on foreign currency instruments. which was granted by the Estonian Financial Supervision Authority and allowed Admiral Markets to operate throughout the EU. which gave us the idea to change the company's development strategy from Russia to the Baltic countries.from opening accounts. It must be noted though that this should not be taken as a sign of complacency as we are actively developing new regions of the world – South-East Asia. This was the year that we began to extract a relatively decent income from subsidiaries in Estonia and Latvia. Germany. the clients themselves have changed significantly as the average traders back in the beginning are now quite professional. where we opened four more branches . Executive Vice President. which increasingly acquires the status of the World Forex Championship O "The main competitive advantage that Admiral Markets has is its’ flexibility and ability to adopt different strategies. We also introduced professional trading accounts. Spain. scripts. providing excellent customer service. Colombia. the company’s position in Eastern Europe W ver the past 10 years the Forex market industry has changed significantly. continuously introducing new tools for traders. and the Arabic world. Since then. T ver the past year. The company continues to develop the competitive trading competition ForexBall. depending on the current markets’ needs. Experience has shown that it was the right decision – in a few years. which gave us the idea to change the company's development strategy from Russia to the Baltic countries" 6 hen discussing the milestones during the development of the company the biggest would have to be receiving the European Financial License in June 2009. Development Division Director urther priorities are linked to the continuation of active geographic diversification. and the UAE. which are automatically transferred to providers of foreign currency liquidity. Poland. and introduce new projects and services for an improved quality of service. Estonia gional development. Of course. We also went with a modified logo and conducted a full re-branding. Australia. to orders for the movement of investment capital. What were the major milestones in the development of the company? has become much more comfortable. Asia and America. Romania and Croatia. and the business infrastructure was much more developed. depending on the current markets’ needs" with the number of participants in the last round already exceeding 7. the money management system PAMM/LAMM. The company’s mission is to become a significant player in the global online trading services market by providing a full range of opportunities for traders worldwide. Currently. What are the competitive advantages does Admiral Markets have? and the implementation of new projects that enhance the trading and analytical capabilities of our customers should not be underestimated. Latin America. We will continuously expand our range of services. What are the main priorities for the further development of Admiral Markets "In 2003 we began to extract a relatively decent income from subsidiaries in Estonia and Latvia. and much more. In the middle of 2007 we decided to rename the company to Admiral Markets – a name that was far more convenient from a marketing standpoint. What has been achieved over the past year? Admiral Markets Headoffice in Tallinn. Turkey.

ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 Admiral. etc. then this is the account for you.we offer you direct access to the interbank W Forex market. purchasing groceries on a daily basis at the best price would be nearly impossible as you would have to go around to all 10 Hypermarkets to get everything as cheap as possible.e. but they are very interested in buying GBP against JPY. But this is not the case. Often there is a situation where it is not profitable for the bank to sell EUR/USD. every day. Imagine that you live in the city. What do you think. it is a network that connects market participants. Morgan Stanley. the acronym ECN stands for Electronic Communications Network. Moreover. 1 8 9 .Pro gives you the most modern trade and execution technologies for you to take advantage of.1 pips) At first glance. With this technology (ECN) you have the opportunity to take on the Forex market with maximum precision (quotes from 0. as odd as it sounds. selects the best Bid and Ask prices for each currency pair. We get quotes and the liquidity of more than a dozen of the largest banks in the world. would you use this new company’s services? This is the same principle behind ECN in the Forex market. which varies depending on their own specific needs. trading directly with one bank without intermediaries is generally not profitable and is quite uncom- fortable. ECN gathers the bid and ask price for all currency pairs from several banks.1 pips). Deutsche Bank. 0.1 pip spreads. such as the City Bank. today it is a fact . namely. delivers groceries to your house at the lowest prices in town. As a result of mixing and matching the Bid and Ask e provide direct access to the liquidity of the world's largest banks via the ECN (Electronic Communication Network). and more! A few years ago it was impossible but thanks to the development of Internet technologies in general and online trading in particular. To understand how this is possible. In real time we choose the best Bid/Ask price and transmit them into the convenient and reliable trading platform: MetaTrader 4. but milk is the cheapest in Hypermarket 2. As a result. and at the same time another bank is more interested in selling AUD for CHF. With this technology (ECN) you have the opportunity to take on the Forex market with maximum precision (quotes from 0. the process of trading via the ECN can be represented quite simply as I will explain. etc. In the context of speculative trading in the international currency Forex market. let's look at an example. for a very reasonable fee. and hence the price. which has 10 Hypermarkets. and ECN. namely the spread and fee would increase with each step along the path. the traders and banks. iterally. Tomorrow the situation will change and all these stores will offer discounts on other products. I. instant execution NDD (No Dealing Desk Forex Execution). this scheme may seem that the trade goes through an overly long path through two intermediaries. this company goes to each store and gets everything at the cheapest price and brings the savings directly to you. UBS and many others. Admiral Markets. saving you considerable amounts of time and money.00001) and with the minimum spread (from 0. L What is an ECN? Morgan Stanley Credit Suisse Barclays Trader Admiral Markets ECN Goldman Sachs UBS Nomura Pic. Now imagine that a new company appeared in your city which. and the best price for meat is in Hypermarket 3. and translates this information directly to your trading platform without any changes. Banks expose their Bid and Ask prices. Admiral. and the trader would be better off trading directly with any bank. Each of them has its own marketing policy to attract customers by announcing discounts on different products every day. fivedigit spreads.Pro – a New Milestone in the History of the Forex Market! If you are a professional Forex trader.00001) and with the minimum spread (from 0. Let assume that today Hypermarket 1 has the cheapest bread in town. Instead of Hypermarkets and a new company in town we have Supermarket banks. Schematically.

5–0. No matter how huge the Forex market is. Since the Admiral Markets ECN transmits the best spreads directly to your trading terminal without any editing. it has limits. Without a doubt. The NDD is a system where there is a complete lack of hidden spread markups giving an unimpeded flow of quotes from the dealer to the trader transaction which is proportional to the volume traded.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 from different banks. 0. you can trade EUR/USD with a spread of 0. splitting the closing among several banks if needed. based on the ECN. thanks to the ECN most of the problems associated with liquidity are solved. an additional fee is attached to each completed 11 . comfortable. the trader is able to have direct access to the best spreads without having to worry about additional inspections and corrections by the dealing desk. we take out the dealing desk so you can trade without the intermediary. you can buy 1 lot of EUR/USD from UBS and then close your position with Morgan Stanley with a spread of 0.1 pips. This is signifi- cantly lower than the average spread of 2–3 pips offered at individual banks. the total cost to trade 1 lot of EUR/USD will cost about $5–$8 or. As you can see. At the same time. greatly simplifying and accelerating the trading process. All of this was made possible by the ECN. Pro account. NDD stands for “No Dealing Desk” which means exactly what it sounds like. would the broker be interested in giving this option? Since the broker usually makes money from offering slightly higher spreads than the banks. When you open the position UBS has the best Ask price but when you go to close the order Morgan Stanley has the best Bid price. it might be very difficult to find one bank that will be able to offer an attractive price for this large of a volume. or roughly $4 per lot. and profitable for the trader. In such situations.004% of the transaction amount. in terms of pips. In such situations it would be a very bad idea for one to trade directly with this bank on that particular currency pair. this seams counter-productive.1 pip which would be impossible to do when trading directly with a single bank. This is a simple and reliable mechanism for trading which makes the whole process more transparent. the bank’s spread for a certain currency pair can reach tens or even hundreds of times more or less than the real market value. then. Why. if several traders try to buy a total of 300–500 lots for the same currency pair. Now you can see. called “Spikes”. Since the broker no longer hides the real price.8 pips. the bank will deliberately give an undesirable quote that nobody would take. B What is NDD? efore getting into the technical details of the NDD. It should also be noted that. let me explain the basic concept. sometimes it is not profitable for a bank to trade one or more currency pairs at a given moment. these large simultaneous volumes can be split among several banks in smaller chunks keeping a good price for all transactions.Pro. what again is the NDD? The NDD is a system where there is a complete lack of hidden spread markups giving an unimpeded flow of quotes from the dealer to the trader. With the ECN. For example. a commission is charged for each transaction which amounts to 0. So. Admiral. The advancing technologies that are the ECN and NDD in combination with very tight spreads and low commission taken by Admiral Markets will allow you to implement even more advanced trading strategies. but through a slightly different but better intermediary which gives the trader direct access to the banks quotes. is quite attractive to nearly all categories of traders. The same system is used to close the orders. if you have an Admiral Markets Admiral. During these times. To make up for this.

the FOREX market was the logical place to go after the ban and many have started trading with Admiral Markets Ltd. the financial center of Vietnam Hochiminh. Together with this move to the FOREX market. and a growing percentage of the population coming online (30% according to the latest VNNIC). Malaysia. coffee. Currently there are 3 employees headed by Daniel Nguyen all committed to developing Admiral Markets in Vietnam and we look forward to the future. The biggest factors to success will be the education of the populace and innovative marketing strategies. ith a population of roughly 84 million. the percentage of the population currently online is still low in comparison to other countries. For the citizens who understand English. the financial center of Vietnam. Vietnam is a promising market for Admiral Markets. although the amount of people in Vietnam getting online is continuously growing at an increasing rate. the new office opened in the Saigon Trade Center in an excellent building in The new office opened in the Saigon Trade Center in an excellent building in Hochiminh. Admiral Markets Vietnamese Office The Admiral Markets Vietnamese office is the 4th office in the ASEAN region after the offices in Shanghai. Admiral Markets had moved into many other Eastern European countries with similar conditions and through hard work and perseverance. In January. arrived in Vietnam to open the new Admiral Markets office. W For the last 10 years. Lastly. Alexander Tsikhilov noted that even though the conditions in Vietnam right now are not perfect. During his trip to Vietnam. Not all is perfect though and there will be challenges in the coming years Daniel Nguyen. Vietnam Office Director 12 13 . AlenaNeposidyaka. Not all is perfect though and there will be challenges in the coming years. there are also two stock exchanges in Vietnam where the Vietnamese can trade Vietnam is a promising market for Admiral Markets. there were many local electronic gold trading brokers which was very good business for the local banks but this business was banned by the government starting from March 2010.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 on a few commodities such as rubber. who are just getting introduced to the market. a quickly developing economy. After all was said and done. the Regional Director of Asia and Board of Directors member. had managed some remarkable success stories. On the top of the list is the lack of knowledge about the FOREX market among the Vietnamese people. The second hurdle that must be leapt is the strict foreign exchange policy that bans people from investing outside the country without a special license from the government and restrictions on the free flow of capital in and out of the country. and cotton. Admiral Markets President and CEO. and Indonesia.

The top earners get a cash prize with a total prize pool of $50. it is a competition using virtual money that pits Forex traders against each other to see who can generate the most profit within a fixed time frame. All you need is W any form of internet connection on your iPhone.000! The ForexBall™ Rounds here are a total of 4 rounds in the ForexBall™ 2011 competi- tion. we offer all of these features and applications absolutely free of charge! Do not miss the chance to experience the unlimited freedom of movement while having constant access to the major financial markets around the world! B T asically. At the end of each of the standard rounds. Contestants are divided into divisions based on the geographical region that they live in and only compete against other contestants in their own division 15 14 . and even if you don’t have access to a PC. All 4 are standard rounds in which each of the traders start with $5.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 Mobile Trading: Boundless Freedom! Mobile trading is now possible in Admiral Markets! ForexBall™ Trading Competition ForexBall™ is an international trading competition that is carried out on Admiral Markets demo accounts.000 in demo money and trade whichever currencies they want to make as much money as possible within the round's time limit (schedule). or web browser. Contestants are divided into divisions based on the geographical region that they live in and only compete against other contestants in their own division. Android. Just launch the application and your all set. BlackBerry. e are pleased to announce that mobile trading is now possible with Admiral Markets following the recent launch of trading applications for the following platforms: ●● iPhone ●● iPad ●● BlackBerry ●● Android ●● Web Browser These new solutions will give you the freedom to trade regardless of where you are at the moment. the top 5 earners in each division will be declared the winners. giving you the ability to keep your finger on the market’s pulse any time you want! We not only offer the opportunity to trade from virtually any location with an Internet connection. iPad.

ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ForexBall™ Rounds Schedule: ●●Round 1: 21.2011. and the prize fund is 100% real! Additionally. as always.05. in the regular rounds to gain access to the final round. The ForexBall competition gets bigger with each passing year with a rapidly growing number of participants. 12:00 – (London/MetaTrader) 18. The most exciting and tense was the last day of the round when I was able to successfully close a couple of deals and take first place! It was a feeling of triumph! I was pleased with my result and. I was interested in the global competition and the large number of participants from all over the globe. 21:00 (London/MetaTrader) ●● Final: 05.2011.09. As usual. Neither country was able to clinch all 5 top spots.09. clicking on a banner on one of Forex sites where I usually read news and analytics. given the requirements for participation don’t require any investment and the gains are 100% real! Participation is available to anyone who has a demo account with Admiral Markets. They must compete. and money.11. more than that.2011. the participants were not only interested in F 16 17 . compare their strength to others. 21:00 (London/MetaTrader) ●●Round  2: 16. 3rd place $300. Participation was. free with each trader receiving $5. there will be a Final Round for all of the contestants who have made it to the Winners Bracket. and perhaps to better understand the essence of the trading system. but. seeking to defend their native lands’ honor. contestants will not be ebruary 2011 brought us a very special ForexBall round.2011. without spending a dime.2011. The idea is to give traders a way to show their skills off for some financial gain.2011. The round lasted for 2 weeks.2011.025 traders competed for honor. The Russia-Ukraine ForexBall round was a special even for both countries. Russia vs 21:00 (London/MetaTrader) ●●Round 4: 07. only GOLD will be available for trading on the contestants demo accounts. 12:00 – (London/MetaTrader) 27.forexball. who organize the competition for traders from all over the world. Participation in these rounds gives traders an additional opportunity to practice trading in Forex. We are glad to announce the winners and prizes of the Special Round of the ForexBall™ for Russia and Ukraine that ended on February 25th. separated into divisions and will instead be competing against everyone at the same time. United Kingdom. More than 1025 traders from those two countries were competing independently on demo accounts.11. This time. as I had chosen rather cautious trading strategy. At the end of the "Gold Rush" round. Out of the thousands of contestants who participate during the entire ForexBall™ season. com which also holds the history of past rounds and the current round standings. and hoping to win. Only participants from these two countries were admitted into the round with the rest of the contest conditions remaining the same. Going with the sell. there are special rounds which are held locally between traders of one country or several countries in one region. and win. We are confident that this round will long be remembered by traders from both countries. I managed to earn $1000! In just 2 weeks! Now I am waiting for the final battle at the end of the year. from the 14th to the 25th of February.12.05. The tense struggle lasted for two weeks. Despite the rivalry and competitive nature of the ForexBall. The total prize money was $2000. 12:00 – (London/MetaTrader) 01.2011. but in the second half of the week I had moved into the top five. 21:00 (London/MetaTrader) The start and end time of all the major and any special rounds of the ForexBall™ international trading competition are shown for London.2011. the overall idea of this event was to bring traders from these countries a little closer by engaging in an activity that both could enjoy. In this round. try different strategies. with 1st place receiving the lions’ share of $1. We invite you to join us and show us your strength and knowledge of the Forex market and we sincerely hope to see your name among the winners! The success story of a ForexBall ™ contestant "I came to the ForexBall ™ site by accident.12. country.2011. You can read more about this special round and all other rounds on the ForexBall website: www.000 in demo money. because this was a special round.forexball. in addition to receiving prize money. The competition can be found on the website www. More than 1. This is not surprising. At first I was not even in the top 20 of my division. a total of only 5 winners will be declared. Special rounds are held separately from the main ForexBall competition. I wanted to test their strength and see where I stood as a trader. material gain but also in support of their country. It's worth it!" Winners of all special rounds receive real cash prizes but do not go into the final round of the competition. and a little fame. 21:00 (London/MetaTrader) ●●Round 3: 05. I did not expect to win and joined just to fulfill my curiosity. I recommend all traders to try their hand at the international competition ForexBall™. the round's winners will be automatically placed in the "Winners Bracket. the winners do not automatically qualify for the final round of the ForexBall competition. I received a prize of $1000! Incredibly. no more than 125 will make it to the exclusive Winners Bracket to compete in the Final Round which takes place at the end of the year. Anyone familiar with these two countries history or even modern relationships can appreciate the rivalry that this round re-ignited. NB! ForexBall ™ Russia–Ukraine: one on one In a special round called the "Gold Rush" round.000. 2nd place $500. since the registration and participation is 100% free." After all 4 rounds have concluded. credited to their live trading account with Admiral Markets.03. and bringing up the rear was 4th and 5th place both receiving $100. the winners received a real cash prize. In addition to the main ForexBall rounds. At the end of each round. 12:00 – (London/MetaTrader) 16. 12:00 – (London/MetaTrader) 16.04.

elementary idea. Now comes the hard part. all in real time. Let us take an example investor with an initial deposit of $10. the spectators. Using these services. At the time of writing. Enter: ZuluTrade. this investor can get into the millions: "Currently ZuluTrade is partnered with nearly every major Forex broker in the world" f you are seriously involved in the Forex market and want to earn your millions as a trader but are not familiar with Admiral. as this investor is now viewed as a hero. With the help of excel we can see how. or as stated in the title. it is easy to compare the net earned capital. Recalling our high-school math class. In 2006. trader expectations. All of this is quite common but next comes the magic.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 The Elementary and Incomprehensible ZuluTrade With the ZuluTrade platform. Let us try again with a more moderate investor. percentage yield. deciding which trader(s) our investor will trust to turn their $10. To paraphrase a famous Chinese proverb: “if the broker is not among the partners of ZuluTrade. the highest ranked investor was customer AAA227510F with a 2339% annualized ratio of income. the different ranking systems each used their own variables and one could argue the strengths and weaknesses of each system.921 which is the result after the second year of investment. Well. It was a very simple. a talented trader can quickly amass thousands of investors and actually manage millions of dollars while the investors get the opportunity to meticulously put together their list of managers (traders) to manage their accounts. to rank them according to their performance. this account is sure to tank via a virtually guaranteed “StopOut. the part that 18 19 .900/100%*2339% = +$5.” Since the inception of “traders” there has been various ways T N ext up is the part that is the most important. such as Admiral Markets. At the time of writing. and let them trade for you! All transactions that the trader makes are simultaneously made on your trading account as well. Any trader who has a trading account with a partner of ZuluTrade. if this return is sustained. and hundreds of other parameters. the only important thing is to make your account part of the ZuluTrade system and it will start to rank you as a user based on your trading stats and the ranking algorithm created by ZuluTrade. have only been able to sit back and watch the triumph of the leaders and fall of yesterday’s heroes in the financial arena that is the Forex market. we. However. Let’s start from the beginning. connect them to your account.000/100%*2339% = +$233. each looking for wealth and fame. which would bring the thousands of traders together.900 which is the result after the first year of investment. As a result of using the ZuluTrade platform. $233. keeps it all moving forward. I may have misspoke when using the phrase “earn your millions. ZuluTrade or the company ZuluTrade Inc. Leon Iohaymu had the brilliant idea of creating a shared public rating. After connecting your account.” But this does not matter for the moment. I he company ZuluTrade Inc was founded in 2006 and in only a few years they have achieved tremendous popularity among the Forex community with equally impressive financial results. If the information overload does not slow down. The investors account is overloaded with signals and with such a large volume of information. With the advent of monitoring services which monitor the different trades from around the globe in all the different currencies it has become easier to rank each trader.000 into the coveted million. a talented trader can quickly amass thousands of investors while the investors get the opportunity to meticulously put together their list of managers (traders) to manage their accounts. the money. Our investor then goes to ZuluTrade and takes a look at the different traders available and their rankings. we get: $10. From the beginning of these monitoring services. It doesn’t matter if you are using a real or demo account. Here is where the investors get involved. Currently ZuluTrade is partnered with nearly every major Forex broker in the world.” This is often a trite and deceptive advertising slogan instead of a fact although it can become a real situation for an aspiring trader.000 on their trading account with Admiral Markets. investor AVA114517F has three active traders managing their account with a 161% annualized return. Of course it is highly unlikely that the investor would continue to see such results two years straight. Any investor who has an account with a partner of ZuluTrade (Admiral Markets for example) can connect their account to the ZuluTrade platform. can register on the ZuluTrade website and start to get ranked right away.470. they do not exist. under one ranking system. you can begin to choose from any of the ranked traders in the ZuluTrade system. then it is time to take a closer look.

these two traders should give you a smooth and steady situation. you see that Trader1 trades very well during strong trends but stays quiet in the more turbulent times. attach a trader that shows 60% per year. you sell. Let us imagine just a single trader.000 on each investors’ account. get angry at their traders and go to new traders who will eventually end up doing the same.00 $177 795. The longer you stay on that path. depending on the market. For example. there are only a few competent and properly trained ones among them all. For all the inherent simplicity in the ZuluTrade system. After seeing this on a few occasions.515 subscribers with a total balance of $9. huh? Obviously both the first and second examples are more an exception than a rule. when 1 lot is traded. we can use an average balance of $1. You can even go as far as to find the worst traders. This works not only with just one instrument but can be used in combination with many different currency pairs or instruments to add in a level of diversity.000 per year.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 "Anyone can refer new investors to ZuluTrade and will then receive 0. Next we will take a look at the economics of a signal providers’ income. As you can see the only limitation is the investors own imagination and a dash of experimentation.780. made a dozen or so successful trades. which all traders must be wary of. the investor must be able to control his nerves and risks. and the ability to adjust the volume provides an incredible array of profitable combinations. the broker agrees to pay 2 pips from every trade that takes place on an account that is connected to ZuluTrade. “zulumaster1” has 3. giving us 0. The point is to show you the possibilities ZuluTrade brings to the table. “SystemsFX LIVE” has 2. these are real accounts controlled by real people and to dismiss this fact would be silly. They will open an account and deposit $10. and have millions of dollars thrown at you then you might as well just send me your money.” I will now attempt to explain the incomprehensible parts in general terms. If you have the impression that you will be able to join ZuluTrade.01 of capital. there is still a huge level of complexity. Additionally. As you can see. regular. dozens of tools. no matter how great the ZuluTrade platform is.116. Assuming that each trader (signal provider) makes an average of 3-4 trades per week. seek the sweat and blood. Once you being to rummage around the trading history of the signal providers. There is a reason that this article is titled “The Elementary and Incomprehensible ZuluTrade.000 accounts. a highly volatile market. trying to reach that million as well. but it is not fatal. and then expect to be able to pay rent off a monthly $500 profit. greatly reducing risk. Let’s take a closer look at the signal providers’ income. and be prepared. lose it all. the profitability of your account can sometimes exceed the yield of one particular signal. traders coming and going. so let us now take a look at the traders. Only continuously smooth. A general rule would be to try to initially get a 50% yield per year.063. and consistent trading will convince investors to believe and trust in you.81 $464 047. giving you the profit! The ever changing trends. For example.4 to 1 pip from each transaction that is executed on the investors account. Just select any indicator(s) to control the opening and closing of any position. dozens of tools.000 per month or $252. the cautionary tales also hold true for investors. The investor will quickly run out of capital and be out of the game.00% $10 000.” In general. make a few successful trades. one of the most valuable things a person can have.1 lot which will be traded for each transaction. this investor can make a million in 5 years! Pretty great. striving for the dream house. the ones who cannot ever seam to make a profit. it is easy to see that things change. you can invert the trades so that every time they buy. etc. The idea behind any trading system that is based on technical and statistical analysis is quite simple.700 per live account. Money does not come so easily. Ok. combining complimentary traders to assemble your ultimate trading arsenal. Sadly. add some capital and a capital management system. the amount that will go to ZuluTrade will be roughly $20. Pretty sweet deal! That is not all though.00 $26 100. Hundreds of ideas and systems. we can assume 14 transactions per month on an average of 3.4 to 1 pip from each transaction that is executed on the investors account" % APR Start 1st year 2nd year 3rd year 4th year 5th year 161. ZuluTrade will give 0. and then immediately thought of themselves as a trader: you should find a new profession. At the same time. in turn. thousands of tests. and they must both clearly understand that no good comes to a man in this world without hard work. Here I won’t go through every single signal providers’ stats but just wanted to give you a general idea. Add into that the return from trading on their private accounts and you can see a quite comfortable living being made. they will see a 3% loss of their deposit. give or take $5 depending upon the currency pair being traded. we do some simple math and get 14 transactions * 0. Life may give a second chance where one can start with the same initial capital but with more knowledge. P. and you’re ready! This is very close to how ZuluTrade functions with the traders themselves being the indicators. anyone can refer new investors to ZuluTrade and will then receive 0. you see that Trader2 rakes in the profit during the risky times.5 pips * $10 as the price of 1 pip = $21.96 which translates to a rough average of $2.000 is a very sad event. In this article I did cite a few examples of traders who have truly made it but their road was long and arduous.582. the financial market is a dog-eat-dog world and will not tolerate laziness. If you distribute your capital and volumes between them in an intelligent way. and years of continuous trading have separated them from the rest. add them to your account and instead of having it make the same trades. the trader must be able to work smoothly and steadily. you must make some tough decisions. So.401 subscribers and $1. For those who have made it this far.06 $1 211 162. The loss of $5. the people who make it all happen. This is To all who have read a book on trading. one could easily write the book “1000 Tips to Destroy Yourself in the Shortest Time Possible. Or. and the ability to adjust the volume provides an incredible array of profitable combinations lot of experience with this category of people and believe me. the better you will look to potential investors and the more knowledge you will gain yourself as a trader. trading systems becoming more advanced. If you connect the two traders to your investor account. the yacht. Then based on our quick look at the capital per subscriber. I cannot finish on the most hopeful of notes. and how you can use them wisely for your own personal gain. Thousands of traders.000. Therefore. I will give you a farewell bonus. Thousands of traders. You would have lost either way.1 lot * 3000 subscribers * 0. Then.S. but that is not the point of this article. On the contrary. Under the standard agreement with ZuluTrade Inc. I have a 20 21 .00 $68 121. you will find hundreds of combinations that you could make.84 where greed trumps common sense. Most of them do not understand the basic ideas of an investment. Another signal provider. If everyone could make such a return on their investment we would all be rich! Nevertheless.000–$10.5 of the 2 pips taken to the signal provider (trader). It would be nearly impossible to fully comprehend all of its features from end to end. averaging out to be $741 per account. Some people may even be able to inflate their accounts to an incredible sum and in one quick click of the mouse. What they end up doing is watching for month-to-month gains instead of the long term gains.

is there anything new to discover on this continent? Well. the truth is. So the question remains. F here are a few suggestions that I personally suggest you try out. both you and your friend will receive a $20 deposit from Admiral Markets! If the referer and referee reside in different countries with different bonus levels and bonus collecting requirements. many of them probably have already been to the country a few times and have probably seen most of the more popular sights. However. and wildlife. Thus. or many dreaming of their vacations. The Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory is an amazing place for any budding explorer to start their journey.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 Refer a Friend to Admiral Markets! you now have the opportunity to invite all your friends to Admiral Markets! It's easy. there is a lot more. It would be nearly impossible for a single person to explore the entire park as it is the same size as the entire country of Solvenia! With such vastness there are more things to discover than could be counted. first enter your Traders' Room username (e-mail address) as well as your live trading account number. Australia is often one of the places dreamt about. If you are still looking for that gem. fast and most importantly – profitable! To send invitations to your friends. with the required information. Each section of the park varies from the next with ever changing landscapes. Then you can enter your friends’ names and e-mail addresses and we will send an invitation to them Some Places That You Must Explore In Australia D ear traders. Australia is a huge country with many hidden treasures and unexplored areas. the newcomer will receive their bonus according to the referrer country settings. one may wonder if there is anything more to see in the country. Once your friend(s) follows the correct links and opens a real trading account. climate. 22 23 .

you will be greeted by the crystal clear waters of Cape Tribulation. a group of twenty free standing limestone formations which are something to marvel at. this should not put you off as it really is a beautiful road to travel. and much more. as you emerge from the rainforest on the eastern side. One of the most popular stops along the way is the Twelve Apostles. As you enter the rainforest. a good final stop off the beaten path would be the Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia. the Daintree Rainforest is another excellent place to visit for those looking for something a little different. located in the south-eastern area of Australia. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags and get exploring! 24 . you will get a feeling of traveling back to the Jurassic period. As your trip is winding down. you will be able to explore some truly pristine areas. a relaxing sight indeed! An old classic. manta rays. Although this road is already frequented by many travelers and tourists. Of course there is more to explore in Australia and we hope that you would be able to find something that suits your tastes.ADMIRaL'S • SUMMER–aUTUMN 2011 In the neighboring state of Queensland. which would be perfectly natural since this particular forest has remained virtually unchanged for over one hundred fifty million years! To top it off. Since this reef is well off of most tourists’ to-do list. Here you will be able to encounter some of the gentle giants such as whale sharks. the Great Ocean Road in Victoria. This is a must see if you are interested in the varied and exciting marine life found all around Australia. is truly spectacular.