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MARKET ANALYSIS for Matrimony Website Competition: Our direct competitors are:,,,,

We are mainly targeting is our main competitor. Our first target is to acquire their market share. We are providing more facilities ith better quality and service ith less cost and providing some comparative advantages that the customers they ant. Belo is the profile of! "stablished at #$$%, is the Bangladesh&s 'argest (atrimonial service. )hey have the
large market share, )he (arket is highly competitive. Our strength and eakness are listed belo :


*. )hey are the first matrimonial site of bangladesh #.)hey have the largest most database of clients -.)hey are most reno ned matrimonial site of

Weaknesses *. +lthough they are the first matrimonial site they don,t have the media to capture many customer living in many remote corner of the country #. )he sites security is average -.)heir payment system is not easy for customers.


.or starting a matrimonial site there is some legal bindings, like registering a eb domain and register ith google. )here is no legislation of government factors in this business. Other environmental factors that can affect our business that e have no control is natural disaster, people giving false information. T E C!M"ETITI!N ill be competing against three styles of competitors. )hey are: )he first group is online competitors such as, Bangla,,,

)he second group is similar to the first ho ever it is not /nternet!based0 it relies on ne spaper ads as the medium form. )he last type of competitor is the traditional matchmaker services like the 12hatok 3akhi Bhai4 that relies on an agency to capture information regarding the applicants and then makes the matches on their o n. )hese types of competitors are our indirect competitor. Competition an# $%yin& "atterns
!n'ine ser(ices: )he competitors in this segment are online matrimonial sites. )hese services took the business model of the paper!based system and moved it online to reach a broader audience and generate economies of scale. Ne)spaper*base# persona's: )hese competitors have a personal classified system here people rite a little ad about themselves and ho they are looking for and people respond accordingly.

Tra#itiona' matchma+er ser(ices: )his ould be closest competitor, ho ever they do not uses the latest technology available and are lacking media coverage. 5ot many people are subscriber of as they are still to convince the mass of their privacy, security and effectiveness.

)his business is highly competitive and it is rising day by day. 5o , people are more interested in matrimonial sites, because it is less time consuming and it provides ease of access. )heir business is also rising. )hey are proving advertises in social sites only. .rom their operation, e found that their security level is lo 0 they take too much time in processing, their privacy and confidentiality level is lo . But as they are pioneer they have the largest database of applicants. )hey earned revenue from membership plans. 6ight no they offer the most cost effective solution for matrimony hich e are aiming to provide. Why )e are #ifferent from their: +dvanced search ith verified account information, Best privacy and confidentiality guaranty, less processing time, photo atermark technology.