Mefeedia Toolbar – Uninstall Mefeedia Toolbar Completely

Published on November 14, 2013

About Mefeedia Toolbar
Mefeedia toolbar can be downloaded from its website http://www mefeedia com/ where thousands of videos includin! episodes, movies, music are put on Nearl" 30 new videos will be updated on its homepa!e per da" #he toolbar wor$s as a shortcut to assist P% users in accessin! videos that can either be issued lon! a!o or recentl" &ccordin! to Mefeedia, its toolbar is safe to use as man" official a!reements have been made with !reat brands, such as &'% and %'( %oupled with its compatibilit" with man" more applications that covers iPhone, iPad, &ndroid tablets, mobile web, &ndroid #) and the other presentl" popular device, Mefeedia toolbar is widel" used and recommended

Query Mefeedia Toolbar
(ome controversies e*ist in the securit" of Mefeedia toolbar re!ardless of its !ood reputation and powerful promotion +rom the picture attached in the above section, as$ com, one of the search en!ines that P% users want to remove the most, appears alon! with Mefeedia toolbar ,n other word, Mefeedia toolbar introduces in thirdpart" pro!rams &ctuall", the disuse of recommended installation method will definitel" avert the installation of third-part" pro!rams Mefeedia toolbar recommended (till another .uer" on Mefeedia toolbar is that the tard" response of the whole computer as well as the browser after its installation ,n fact, Mefeedia toolbar ta$es up no more than 2/ of %P0 resource

#he slu!!ish P% performance can be caused b" low-powered s"stem or the increasin! caches stored in the s"stem after streamin! and downloadin! the videos without cleansin! thereafter

Why Uninstall Mefeedia Toolbar?
,t is recommended to uninstall Mefeedia toolbar if it was mounted throu!h recommended installation method for such method leads to modifications on re!istr" $e"s in the $ernel part of a s"stem, which ma" tend to arouse some minimal but tan!led problems, error messa!e for e*ample, or even worse, lead to the formation of vulnerabilit" which can be easil" e*ploited b" some a!!ressive infections li$e m"search sweetpac$s com virus #o enhance the secure coefficient and en1o" a lon!-term P% e*perience perfectl", it is su!!ested to uninstall Mefeedia toolbar and reinstall it with custom method to other dis$s of a s"stem #o completel" uninstall Mefeedia toolbar for a less consumption of %P0 and the wipeout of an" potential factor that ma" tri!!er s"stem failure, manual wa"s are offered hereinafter (hould there be an" re.uirement for professional help, please live chat with e*perts from VilmaTech Online Support here

Ways to Uninstall Mefeedia Toolbar

Option A
0ninstall Mefeedia toolbar from %ontrol Panel or Windo!s " users#

2i!ht clic$ on 30npin from (tart4 at the bottom-left corner of the des$top

%hoose 3%ontrol Panel4 from the pop-up menu

or Windo!s $%&'%Vista
• •

5et into %ontrol Panel from (tart Menu %lic$ on 30ninstall a pro!ram4 under Pro!rams area on %ontrol Panel window

• •

6oo$ for Mefeedia toolbar and ri!ht clic$ on it to select 0ninstall/%han!e option +ollow the uninstall wi7ards to finish the uninstall process

Option (
0ninstall Mefeedia toolbar from browsers ‘Reset to Default’ button is capable of making Mefeedia toolbar disappeared. However, some settings may remain being modified by Mefeedia toolbar. Manual modification on browser settings is thus wanted. or irefo) users#

%lic$ on the #ools menu of +irefo* to select 8mana!e &dd-ons9 option ,ndications of Mefeedia toolbar should be e*terminated or eradicated from :*tensions tab and Plu!ins tab respectivel" ,f the version is below 2;, one should bac$ to the 8mana!e &dd-ons9 option a!ain and choose 3#oolbars4 to uninstall Mefeedia toolbar there

or *oo+le Chrome users# %lic$ on 3%ustomi7e and control4 5oo!le %hrome icon to select 3(ettin!s4 <it 3mana!e search en!ine4 on the ri!ht pane if default homepa!e is modified =hen done, hit on 3:*tension4 option on the left pane to remove the indication of Mefeedia toolbar in the ri!ht pane

or ,nternet -)plorer users# <it on #ools menu and choose 3Mana!e &dd-ons4 option +ind and clic$ on somethin! useless includin! Mefeedia toolbar in 3#oolbars and :*tensions4 and 3(earch Providers4 respectivel" %lic$ 3>isable4/ 32emove4 to uninstall Mefeedia toolbar

o completely uninstall Mefeedia toolbar, modifications in database and other key sections are indispensable. !ircumspection is always demanded when going through the following steps.

Step one – .isable Mefeedia toolbar/s startup item !ith in0built utility1

or Windo!s $%&'%Vista users#

<old and press =in $e" and 2 $e" to!ether to brin! up 2un bo*

• •

#"pe 3M(%?N+,54 there and hit enter $e" to !et ("stem %onfi!uration window <it startup items of Mefeedia toolbar and press 8>isable all9 to confirm the chan!e

or Windo!s " users#
• • •

<over mouse over the border of des$top to enable (earch charm bar #"pe 3#as$4 or 3#as$ Mana!er4 and hit :nter $e" to brin! up #as$ Mana!er <it (tartup tab to find Mefeedia toolbar44s startup items and disable them

Step t!o – Sho! hidden files to find out and delete those hidden item +enerated by Mefeedia toolbar1

or Windo!s $%&'%Vista users#

?pen 3+older ?ptions4 from 3%ontrol Panel4

• •

<it )iew tab to tic$ 3(how hidden files and folders and non-tic$ <ide protected operatin! s"stem files @2ecommendedA4 %lic$ 3?B4 to confirm the modification

or Windo!s " users#

:nable =indows :*plorer from the (tart (creen

• •

(elect )iew tab on =indows :*plorer window to tic$ 3+ile name e*tensions4 and 3<idden items4 options Press 8?B9 to confirm the modification

Step three – 2emo3e related re+istry entries related to Mefeedia toolbar so as to +et rid of it thorou+hly1

or Windo!s " users# t"pe 3re!edit4/3re!edit e*e4 in (earch charm bar <it :nter $e" to !et into database or Windo!s $%&'%Vista users 6aunch 2un bo* a!ain and t"pe 3re!edit4 <it :nter $e" to !et into database "ollow the below steps when getting into database. or ,- users#

+ind <B:CD%022:N#D0(:2E MicrosoftE,nternet :*plorerE ,ndications of Mefeedia toolbar can be located in its sub-cate!ories: :*plorer 'ars, :*tensions and #oolbar 2i!ht clic$ on an" indication to select 8delete9 option or *oo+le Chrome users#

+ind <B:CD6?%&6DM&%<,N:E(?+#=&2:E5oo!le ,ndications of Mefeedia toolbar can be located in its sub-cate!ories:%lients, %lient(tate and %lient(tateMedium 2i!ht clic$ on an" indication to select 8delete9 option +ind <B:CD%022:N#D0(:2E(oftwareE5oo!leE0pdate 2i!ht clic$ on an" indication of Mefeedia toolbar to select 8delete9 option +ind <B:CD%022:N#D0(:2E(oftwareE5oo!leE ,ndications of Mefeedia toolbar can be located in its sub-cate!or" F %ommon 2i!ht clic$ on an" indication to select 8delete9 option

or Mo4illa

irefo) users#

• •

+ind <B:CD%022:N#D0(:2E MicrosoftEMo7illaE +irefo* ,ndications of Mefeedia toolbar can be located in its subcate!or" F :*tensions 2i!ht clic$ on an" indication to select 8delete9 option +ind <B:CD%022:N#D0(:2E MicrosoftEMo7illaPlu!ins 2i!ht clic$ on an" indication to select 8delete9 option +ind <B:CD6?%&6DM&%<,N:E(?+#=&2:EMo7illaPlu!ins 2i!ht clic$ on an" indication to select 8delete9 option

Conclusion# Mefeedia toolbar serves as a convenient wa" to obtain latest videos for entertainment or information #he default installation method of such toolbar mi!ht !ive rise to more consumption of computer resource because of additional installation of third-part" pro!rams and accumulation of downloaded videos/ caches (ome tan!led problems such as error messa!e mi!ht also be cau!ht b" P% users who installed Mefeedia toolbar throu!h recommended wa" that !enerates path and directories deep in the tar!et s"stem 2andom modifications in $ernel part of a machine is alwa"s not a proper

proposal for the default confi!urations are meant to safe!uard a machine from bein! attac$ed %omplete uninstall of Mefeedia toolbar is thus recommended before reinstall it onto the tar!et computer in other part of the s"stem (o far, there4s no pro!ram to help solve the issues related to the $ernel part of a machine automaticall", manual wa" becomes in conse.uence the top option to uninstall Mefeedia toolbar completel" from a computer #o crown it all, manual wa" can also avert the fra!ment issue caused b" incomplete uninstall ?ne more thin! to which attention should be paid is that to restart the computer after the completion of all steps shown above to save chan!es ,f the re-installation of Mefeedia toolbar is re.uired, reinstall it throu!h custom wa" (hould there be an" confusion about the steps !iven above, please feel free to as$ for e*plicit e*planation and !uidance from computer professionals of VilmaTech Online Support