 Better living conditions

 Quality Education

 Better future prospects

 Lead peaceful life

 The most peaceful country in the world

 Family Class

 Independent

 Refugees

 Work Experience

 Education

 Language Abilities

 Point Structure

 Arranged Employment

 Federal Skilled Worker – (Professional Employment)

 Provincial Nomination Program

The Federal Skilled Worker visa generally depends on education,
work experience, language skills, arranged employment and
Provincial Nomination Program helps in assessing the individuals
who are willing to immigrate and settle in a particular province.

 New Canadian Experience Class — (Foreign Workers)

 Quebec Experience Class — (Quebec Workers)

The new Canadian Experience Class is mainly for the foreign
workers who aspire to become permanent residents (PR).
Technical work experience and education are the fundamental
Quebec Experience Class lays fewer than two categories one is for
foreign students and another is for temporary workers.
• valld work experlence whlch ls llsLed on Lhe Canadlan naLlonal CccupaLlonal LlsL

• MeeL Lhe mlnlmum language requlremenL of Canadlan Language 8enchmark

• LducaLlon quallflcaLlon

• Þroof of funds

• A valld offer of arranged employmenL
• ?ou musL be currenLly employed and have held a skllled [ob ln Cuebec for aL leasL 12
months of the last 24 months

• ?ou musL be presenL ln Cuebec as a Lemporary worker or
in a frame work of youth exchange program and have a
legal status as a temporary resident

• ?ou have Lo obLaln an ellglble Cuebec dlploma, or mosL be ln
the process of doing so

• ?ou should have knowledge of lrench language
• ?ou musL conform Lo Lhe condlLlons on your sLay as a forelgn sLudenL
• The provinces and territories in Canada have an agreement with the Government of
Canada that allows immigrants who wish to settle in that province or territory.
• If the immigrant chooses to migrate to Canada as a provincial nominee, he/she must
first apply to the province or territory where he/she wishes to settle and complete
the provincial nomination process
• 1he provlnce or LerrlLory wlll conslder your appllcaLlon based on Lhe lmmlgraLlon needs
and your intentions to settle there.
• ?ou need Lo meeL Lhe requlremenLs whlch lnclude LhaL

a foreign worker who has a minimum of one

year of full time skilled work experience in Canada

within the past 36 months, and intend to settle

outside the province of Quebec
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