Our support network means that you are never alone when it comes to your power needs. available and supported – Eaton makes this happen by providing you with the very best quality of products. . global infrastructure and people. Our focus is to provide smart.With Eaton® as your power solutions provider you are never alone Keeping you in power – continuous. clean power is the core foundation of any dependable communications network. Ready. reliable and innovative solutions to ensure that network power is always on while also striving to help you meet your other business objectives. efficient.

distribution and control. precision. A global player in the telecommunications power industry and part of Eaton Corporation – a global diversified industrial manufacturer and leader in electrical power quality. Leading by example: embedded in our philosophy is the consideration of the environment and our communities. batteries and ancillary equipment. fuel cells.a rigorous standard for managing and improving environmental performance. Services: Eaton offers a wide range of services anywhere in the world including site investigation and support.YOU’RE NOT ALOnE Empowering you – Comprehensive Product and Service Solutions Your network power system is a power chain that can be managed just like a supply chain. Eaton has a first class capability to ensure that you get a seamless and high quality power solution right along your power chain. Eaton has pledged to reduce its own greenhouse gas emissions intensity by 18% (adjusted for production) by 2012. By your side – Technical Expertise and Support For more than 40 years Eaton has been providing tailored standby power management solutions for telecommunications networks around the world. project management and full turnkey integration services. and support services like our “Green Building” project – all aimed at helping our customers achieve their green efficiency goals. efficiency and automation – without added complexity. Virtually all of Eaton’s facilities worldwide are ISO 14001 compliant . We are proud of our excellent reputation for strong pre. We are a leader in developing new technologies such as integrated clean fuel-cell backup power solutions. Heinemann range: offers both thermal circuit breakers for low-current applications and hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers for high-performance high-current applications. Asia and Europe. cabinets and enclosures. Systems offer flexibility. batteries and other products. .and post-installation service support including design. generator startup optimization software (see case study). Eaton offers very high reliability power systems through • Six Sigma design • accelerated life cycle testing • field environmental protection • rigorous field follow-up Eaton power systems offer a complete solution for intelligent remote control and monitoring of batteries. Regional sales headquarters are located in USA. including helping our suppliers to be greener. Always thinking – Intelligent and Reliable Power Systems Reliability is paramount. design. integration and operational skills. Green Technology Innovation and Stewardship Eaton strives to provide customers with greener solutions through smarter and more efficient system designs that extend the life of rectifiers. Quick response is ensured through a network of fully trained on-site technicians and regional Eaton repair sites strategically positioned around the globe for fast turn around. Eaton also participates in a variety of volunteer government partnership green programs. and our field proven practices. installation. and the environmental sensitivity of how we conduct our own business worldwide is of prime importance. with sales offices in over 30 countries and representation in over 100 countries. Furthermore. remote monitoring. power management software. reliability. Global Partner with Local Focus A locally based and local knowledge telecommunications power solutions company with an on-site presence from installation right through to maintenance servicing. and ancillary equipment. Powerware range: including AC and DC power systems.

CaPaBILITIES OVERVIEW A complete range of secure power products and services ensures a seamless solution Eaton can provide a complete range of fully integrated localized solutions. TRAIN ONSI & MATE SERVI INTEN CING ANCE INSTA DESIG INTEGN & RATIO N TURN SOLU KEY TION S PROJ MAN ECT AGEM EN FULL MON NETWOR ITORI NG K T NETW MON ORK PO SOFTITORING WER WARE LLATI ON AC PO MON WER ITORI NG ING OUTD SERVI CES SOFTW ARE RAIL ENVIR ONM CONTR ENTAL OL OOR SHEL TERS DC PO RECT WER M AR INE INDU STRIA L PRIVA TE EN TERP R . For brand new applications or for integration with existing infrastructure. From small customized solutions to very large-scale project equipment fulfillment with full project management. delivered seamlessly from its in-house capability.

Products and Services Eaton’s product and service range and experience extends right along the power chain. SERV ICE & REPA IR BATT MONERY ITORI NG SITE MONSERVICES ITORI NG ENVIR RESO ONMEN APPL URCE TAL ICATI ONS SOLA NS BATT ERIES EXTR A LOW DISTR OLTA & BREIBUTIOV GE AKER N S FUEL UPS S CELLS LOW VOLT DISTR AGE & BREIBUTION AKER S GENE RATO OLUT IONS SEISM IC SO LUTIO R MO DULE RS DC PO SYST WER EMS R TIFIER MED/ HIGH DISTR VOLT AGE & BREIBUTION AKER S S AC PO WER AC SU RGE P ROTE CTION UT ILIT Y RISE TELEC DATA CENT ERS OMM UNIC ATION S . Markets Expertise in quality secure power solutions to the following market sectors: • Telecommunications • Data centers • Utility • Rail • Marine • Industrial • Private enterprise Global Manufacturing and Logistics Eaton’s global manufacturing capability and world-class logistics infrastructure ensures highly competitive power solutions that are delivered with the flexibility and delivery lead times that you expect from a major player in the telecoms power market. enclosures and software tools combined with a comprehensive service offering ensures the right solution is identified for your current and future network power needs and can be fully supported thereafter. A wide range of high quality Heinemann and Powerware AC and DC power products.

from small–medium private enterprise network power requirements to any situation in a large-scale core network. Ranging from 0. Heinemann Electrical Protection Solutions Eaton offers a full range of hydraulic-magnetic circuit breakers and integrated panel solutions ideally suited for telecom applications. They are fully scaleable and modular which conveniently allows for changing power requirements in the future.72 kW (30A – 1500A) as single cabinet solutions that are suitable for end-ofrow or centralized architecture. Outdoor Enclosures – Outdoor cabinets and enclosures are available to suit most applications.DC PROdUcT RanGE and APPLIcaTIOn Eaton has a solution for every telecommunications network power need Powerware Powerware DC Power Solutions Range A comprehensive range of Powerware DC power solutions make it easy to select a solution for any application – big or small. Systems range in size up to 750kW (1000A . METRO POWER SOLUTIONS* Powerware Metro Power Solutions provide high power density solutions that range in size from 1. At the heart of the system. MOB SWITC ILE HIN CENTER G NEXT G EN DATA C ERATION NE TWORK OMMU NICATIO NS BASE S CONTRTATION OLLER Up to 750 kW . fuel cells and generators can be integrated to optimize any solution. provide precise trip characteristics across a very broad temperature range and will trip instantaneously upon short-circuit. Expert advice is available on the system that will best suit your needs. Backup power – A range of backup power options including batteries.15000A) with flexible AC and DC distribution options available. METR NETWOO RK CORE NETWO RK CENTR EXCHAAL NGE LO EXCHA CAL NGE Up to 72 kW CORE POWER SOLUTIONS* Powerware Core Power Solutions provide high reliability and security of power. Eaton Powerware rectifiers are based on a design architecture that is proven in the field over thousands of millions of hours.1 to 1200 Amps.8 . the individual breakers carry 100% of rated current without nuisance trips at elevated temperatures.

Powerware.75A) and offer intuitive plug-and-go installation.93. ACCESS POWER SOLUTIONS* Powerware Access Power Solutions offer high power density solutions ranging in size from 1. From small and unobtrusive “Pedestal” cabinets ideal for DSLAM rollouts through to large roadside cabinets for broadband WiFi nodes and micro cell sites. ENTERPRISE POWER SOLUTIONS* Powerware Enterprise Power Solutions offer the perfect solution for the modern business.Technology Advances Eaton’s 3G products are new and innovative. They include increased power and enhanced power density for space critical applications. and suitable for rapid deployment. and maintenance free operation. allowing us to provide you with more solution options than ever before. Features of Eaton’s 3G products are designed to save network OPEX and CAPEX. 1. VoIP/IP PBX for any business network.6 kW (37.5 kW ENTERP RISE NETWO RK PoE PRIVAT ROADS ID CABINEE T DSLAM ROADS CABINEIDE T E BUSIN ESS PABX + - OTHER INTEGRATED POWER OPTIONS • Fuel cells • Batteries • Solar modules • Gen sets • Inverters • Converters • Circuit breakers • UPS ACCES S NETWO RK VoIP LO EXCHA CAL NGE ENCLOSURES WIMAX LARG ACCES E BUISINESS S (LBA) CABINE T / WIFI Café Eaton offers a wide range of outdoor enclosures.6 kW 900W 4.5A – 450A) in single cabinet solutions with or without integrated battery backup and a wide range of power distribution options. Eaton Access Power Solutions have a user-friendly interface making them easy to install and commission.5kW ( for the full range of Powerware DC Products .75A . Product applications include: PABX. greatly enhanced user interface. Solutions range in size from 900W .8 – 21. and expanded intelligent control and monitoring options. The slim line profile option makes it suitable for limited space situations such as server rooms.8 21. Enclosures come with a range of heat exchange and air conditioning options. PoE. BA TRANSSE CE STATIOIVER N C NET ARRIER WOR K * See our product catalog or visit www. greater system flexibility.4.

Network Monitoring Full 24/7 power system and battery monitoring and reporting services offered by Eaton provide remote diagnostics for performance maximization. Typical projects Eaton has completed include the integration of network access equipment into roadside cabinets and the on-site installation and commissioning of telecommunications equipment. Integration of equipment with an appropriate power system and batteries into one of Eaton’s own range of outdoor enclosures or into a custom designed enclosure can be carried out on-site or in an Eaton factory. . Integration Services and Installation Telecommunications integration services provide a complete install. Eaton can also provide extensive network PowerChain Management™ consulting expertise to help you achieve targeted reductions in network capital (CAPEX) and operating expenses (OPEX) with existing network infrastructure. Courses can be arranged at an Eaton location or at a customer’s site. testing and integration service for any type of communications or other electronic equipment to world leading standards of quality. After-Sales Service and Repairs Eaton Regional Repair Sites. are strategically located around the world to provide rapid turnaround times. Individually tailored service contracts are available so customers can choose the ongoing service package that best suits their requirements. Fully trained Eaton customer service engineers can carry out all installation tasks or supervise and assist local staff. unlimited out-of-warranty repairs. on-site maintenance and battery testing and conditioning. Training A comprehensive range of training courses designed to provide the right level of product knowledge with practical demonstrations and hands-on learning. Options include extended warranty periods. immediate replacement. Project Management See the case study with British Telecom (opposite) as an example of our extensive experience in full project management. staffed by fully trained technicians.GLOBaL SERVIcES CaPaBILITy Eaton offers a comprehensive range of network power services Design and Consultation Services Skilled engineering staff can provide a full design service for power systems to specifically suit individual applications and sites.

Ofcom. Eaton is tasked with mobilising hundreds of projects in parallel. Eaton provided products and services solutions into BT’s local exchanges – including DC power systems. This has enabled BT to meet a demanding schedule of secure and well-managed exchange access for communications providers. The Challenge: Unbundle the local loop against a tight timeline With the requirement of BT Group to eventually unbundle the whole of its Local Access Network. allowing communications providers fair and equivalent access to its exchanges and network services. BT has committed to unbundle the local loop against a challenging timeline. Within the first 20 months alone. The Background: BT’s Local Loop Unbundling As a result of BT Group’s undertakings to the UK telecommunications regulator. the physical exchange environment has had to change considerably. flexibility. are an example of how Eaton can perform as a global supplier. distribution systems. BT Wholesale and Openreach. BT chose Eaton to help with these challenges because it understood the value of close project-based relationships. Eaton was tasked with providing the resources. . Eaton installed over 20MW of power plant. Eaton has consistently achieved 99100% on-time delivery. Now. reliability. to ensure important large-scale projects with critical timelines can succeed. In line with the regulatory strategy. with growing UK consumer and business demand for network services. project management and quality products and services that this huge undertaking has demanded. With a 15-day turnaround between order receipt and site completion. delivery and implementation speed.Customer Case Study: British Telecommunications plc (BT) Eaton’s project-based relationships with the BT Group’s businesses. This is an example of Eaton project management demonstrating flexibility. power monitoring systems and installation solutions.

COnTROL and OPTImIZaTIOn Maximum flexibility and network performance Eaton power systems offer intelligent control and flexible monitoring features that increase network reliability. Input/ output expansion can be handled simply and easily by adding more SiteSure-3G™ modules. . Optimization Features Eaton can provide extensive network PowerChain Management™ consulting expertise to help you achieve targeted reductions in network operating expenses (OPEX). Or you can use other industry standard packages such as HP OpenView and Netcool. SNMP version 3 and Web configuration) for real time information at the click of a mouse. Monitoring Software: Remote Monitoring and Control Packages Powerware systems are available with Eaton’s own monitoring and control software package. With many benefits including early warning of potential failures. and Eaton Fuel Optimizer for optimizing operating costs between generators and batteries. Examples include Load Based Rectifier Shutdown (LBRS) .MOnITORInG. The built in intelligence of the controller automatically optimizes the efficiency of systems by managing the many highly customizable parameters. asset protection. Wide Ranging Site Monitoring and Control SiteSure-3G™ is a suite of solutions for the monitoring and control of a wide range of external devices with either digital or analog inputs and outputs. Eaton is constantly developing new and innovative automated control software to optimize network power asset life and efficiency.designed to improve system energy efficiency and life span. it is a cost effective option for network wide deployment. in sites with large system backup capacity. security. and remote battery testing. capital expenditure (CAPEX) and greenhouse gas emissions. Remote Battery Cell Monitoring and Fault Diagnosis CellSure™ provides real time status information down to individual cell level. information about reserve time remaining on discharge. and operating efficiency. PowerManager II™. battery life maximization protocols such as auto periodic equalize and thermal compensation. Intelligent System Control The SC200 system controller lets you monitor all of your power systems using high-level communication capabilities (Ethernet.

Eaton’s EFO technology intervenes on the AC failure alarm. Eaton’s EFO solution reduced run time hours per site by almost half. which is the typical generator start signal in preparation to take over AC grid supply and recharge the standby batteries. The trade-off between battery life and associated generator savings is optimized. Input from a shelter temperature alarm is also used to either trigger the fan to run (if outside conditions are appropriate) or to force the generator to start for AC powered air conditioning.associated with mounting diesel fuel and run-time-scheduled servicing costs. The above costs can easily contribute to a serious erosion of profits. Results for the African Network Operator With a baseline average of 1500 genset run-time hours per site per year. To maintain the network. EFO intervention means that batteries will cover the outage for many short outages without generator startups. EFO reduces repeated and continuous short battery discharges with insufficient time to reach top of charge between cycles which. EFO can save network operating costs of frequent generator start-ups and repeated generator ‘run-on time’ and ‘motor cool down’ . With genset run time dramatically reduced.Eaton’s Fuel Optimizer Technology Saves $Millions – Case Study of an African Network Operator Eaton’s Fuel Optimizer (EFO) technology was developed for an African customer deploying GSM technology in remote areas where frequent AC supply outages are common. That’s 6. and 4.88 fewer services required per site. EFO also controls how long the generator will run for where the AC grid supply has returned but where a periodic full battery charge or top-of-charge is required. On a per annum basis there was an average of 2. Eaton’s battery monitoring provides this information via the controller. in excess of US$1million per year across the network. so were the costs of scheduled servicing. Optimizing the system between generator and battery would provide the opportunity for significant savings. Additionally.256 sites. In longer AC outages. the use of permanent backup generators at sites was necessary but costly. This equated to an annual reduction of diesel fuel usage of more than 2000 liters per site per annum. EFO produced total operating expense savings (net of annualized battery cost increases). EFO allows extended battery backup to a predetermined depth of discharge (along with its known added cost to the battery life) before a generator start signal is given. . These fuel and servicing costsavings more than compensated for the reduced battery life that added two thirds cost to the battery bill over an otherwise (conservatively estimated) five year battery life.37 per liter. leads to a capacity ‘staircase effect’ and resulting “State of Charge” alarm activation. Avoiding frequent periods of running generators under zero load may also avoid possible ‘glazing’ of the cylinders and resulting reduced useful generator life.500 fewer service visits across the network.55 million liters saved annually across the network of 2. Based upon a diesel price of US$0.

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