STEEP analysis (Social, Technological, Economical, Environmental, and Political) is a framework to gauge how the external environment will

have an impact on the strategic planning of M to remain competitive! " STEEP analysis of challenges faced #y Mitsu#ishi automo#ile industry is as follows$%

&. Mitsu#ishi is always confronted with language #arrier for the reason that it is a 'apanese owned multinational #rand! (n this case, most elderly 'apanese employees speak their native language such as )ihongo ('apanese language)! "ccording to *ao (+,,-) this is one reason why there are some dispositions and miscommunications #etween the employers and managers located in 'apan and employees who are working outside 'apan! The mode of writing that are utili.ed #y the 'apanese administrators of Mitsu#ishi conveys further misunderstanding with other non%'apanese employees who neither speak nor write )ihongo language! "nother issue is the age #ecause most 'apanese employees are not keen on volunteering to learn any much longer #ecause they feel that they are already old enough to #e trained and to know more insights or practices ("rmstrong, +,,/)! 2. Technological- do some research? Employees are not always technological savvy #ecause they are exposed to certain areas that need computer skills to accomplish their tasks! This includes sales, production, and as an agent #ecause it is more with personal dealership rather than #eing involved with paper works while they are serving their own responsi#ilities with the company ("rmstrong, +,,/)! Employees need to #e oriented on how to use a computer, which still needs more time and effort due to the complexity of processing and manipulating data in order to accomplish tasks in relation with the company0s productivity! Employees need to #e oriented with their responsi#ilities at work #efore they are

")"12S(S 34 ") ()TE5)"T(3)"1 67S()ESS$ M(TS76(S8( 35P35"T(3) going to #e exposed #ecause they need to understand the function of each machine that they are going to handle! (n this case.. +.&&)! .9)! + Terminology 2011 Tohoko earthquak e " ma:or earth.uake phenomenon occurred in 'apan0s northeast coast that caused an intensity &. ground shaking and produced massive tsunami as #ased from Mitsu#ishi hemical orporation (+. they will learn how to deal with a certain facility that keeps the company to #ecome more versatile while helping other employees to #ecome efficient and competitive with the company (Storey.

")"12S(S 34 ") ()TE5)"T(3)"1 67S()ESS$ M(TS76(S8( 35P35"T(3) Financial crisis < "n event where numerous financial institutions filed for #ankruptcy that impacted other #usinesses! (t generated inflation increase.9)! Human Resource Managem ent Natural Disasters " systematic management process that aims to improve services of the company to #ecome more productive! This includes promoting the productivity of the company0s facilities as well as improving the financial investments to #oost consumer demand and production of more commodities! " natural phenomenon that naturally destroys infrastructures and facilities of an operating facility! This includes typhoons. earth.. and volcanic eruption as mentioned #y 1afam#ois = 1oko (+. tornado. affecting socio%economic lifestyle of local and international #usinesses and residents across the world as indicated #y Storey (+. tsunami.uake.&+)! Nihongo 'apanese national language that is only commonly practiced across 'apanese as .

uired amount of fee that applies to any product and service that complies with the regulation of economic means according to ?aniels (+.")"12S(S 34 ") ()TE5)"T(3)"1 67S()ESS$ M(TS76(S8( 35P35"T(3) > Taxation policies Tax well as 'apanese companies according to *ao (+.&+) (s a re..-)! "n economic related policy that aims to protect local and foreign investments of products and services as indicated #y ?aniels (+.&+)! .