“24 April 1973” it is the date when a child was born in Maharastra India. Nobody knows that the one day he beco es a world!s "op bats an and #od o$ %ricket. “&achin 'a esh "end(lkar” it is the na e o$ the child who write his na e in world cricket history in )olden words. &achin is the na e o$ hi and 'a esh is the $ather!s na e o$ hi and he belon)s to a iddle class $a ily.

In a school ti e he has scored 329 in a school cricket atch when his sports teacher says that he de$initely beca e a )reat player in the $(t(re. A$ter this when he was playin) o(r $irst international cricket atch a)ainst *akistan at +arachi he was ,(st 1- years old. &achin is inant /e bats0 bowls and throws with his ri)ht hand b(t writes with his le$t hand. /is style o$ playin) was really a))ressi1e and in1enti1e any people know hi as a 23ittle Master.

&achin!s %areer statistics 4.
%o petition Matches '(ns scored ;attin) a1era)e 188s<:8s "op score ;alls bowled >ickets 4;owlin) a1era)e : wickets in innin)s 18 wickets in atch ;est bowlin) %atches<st( pin)s "est 199 1:0947 :3.71 :1<-7 249= 40199 1:4 :4.88 8 8 3<18 11:<? 56I 4-3 1904244.93 49<9288= 908:4 78 44.49 2 n<a :<32 148<? 7% 389 2:0312 :7.92 91<11: 249= 70:-3 281 -2.19 8 8 3<18 19-<? 3A ::1 210999 4:.:4 -8<114 288= 180238 42.17 2 n<a :<32 17:<?

&achin Award!s /istory 4. National hono(rs *ad a @ibh(shan0 India!s second hi)hest ci1ilian award0 2889. Maharashtra ;h(shan Award0 Maharashtra &tate!s hi)hest %i1ilian Award in 2881. *ad a &hri0 India!s $o(rth hi)hest ci1ilian award0 1999. 'a,i1 #andhi +hel 'atna0 India!s hi)hest hono(r )i1en $or achie1e ent in sports0 1997?99. Ar,(na Award0 by the #o1ern ent o$ India in reco)nition o$ his o(tstandin) achie1e ent in sports0 1994. 5ther hono(rs >isden 3eadin) %ricketer in the >orld4 2818. I%% Award.&ir #ar$ield &obers trophy $or cricketer o$ the year 2818. 3# *eople!s %hoice Award4 2818. I%% >orld "est AI4 28890 28180 2811. I%% >orld 56I AI4 28840 28870 2818. *layer o$ the to(rna ent in 2883 %ricket >orld %(p. 'a,i1 #andhi Awards ? &ports4 288:. >isden %ricketer o$ the Bear4 1997. In 5ctober 28180 he was awarded $or 5(tstandin) Achie1e ent in &port and the *eoples %hoice Award at "he Asian Awards in 3ondon.C298D 5n 29 Ean(ary 28110 he won the !%astrol Indian %ricketer o$ the Bear! award. ;%%I %ricketer o$ the Bear! award on 31 May 2811. 5n 3 &epte ber 28180 he was ade a /onorary #ro(p captain by the Indian Air 7orce. 5n 11 E(ne 28120 he was )i1en >isden India 5(tstandin) Achie1e ent award. /onorary Me ber o$ the 5rder o$ A(stralia0 )i1en by the A(stralian )o1ern ent on No1e ber 2812.

;ooks o$ sachin tend(lkar 4.

Now the #reat Innin) ca e on to endin) a)ainst >.I in wankhede stadi( ( bai0 India."his is 288 test atch o$ hi . &o we appreciate his contrib(tion and sal(te hi $or it per$or ance he is a real sports person who born in any years $ar.

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