IES Exam Tips Any one can never make a comparison of Government Service with anything.

Where ever the question about Indian Engineering Services, actua y these have very high position. !ere, you p ay a ro e in a making a p an and e"ecuting it not for money, for any person but your be oved country and their peop e. #o matter how much you get in private sector. So in this way, you can p ay very important ro e in India$s deve opment and making its future bright. %ike &ivi Servants in India, the Engineers recruited through Indian Engineering Services get very high honors in government and society. At present government is spending more than '( percent of India)s G*+ in Engineering. Given the e"tent of tasks and functions managed by the pub ic sector this e"tends to a fair y broad segment of the economy covering the ,ai roads, -i itary, +ub ic works, +ower, .e ecommunications, etc. Government of India recruits its coveted Engineers through competitive e"ams he d each year by /nion +ub ic Service &ommission. 0or this, a combined competitive e"amination is conducted by the /+S&. .here are two parts of Indian Engineering Services written e"am, 1b2ective +apers of 344 marks and &onventiona +apers of 544 marks i.e. tota '444 marks. 6eside it there is persona ity test of 744 marks. IES e"am tota carries '744 marks. 1b2ective +apers consist of three papers each carrying 744 marks of two hour duration. !ere first paper is of Genera Abi ity .est divided in two parts8Genera Eng ish and Genera Studies and ast two papers are from your chosen Engineering sub2ects. +art two of e"am is consist of two &onventiona +apers of each 744 marks are from Engineering sub2ects. !ere Genera Studies is very important, because without qua ifying in this paper, your other papers wi not be eva uated and your a efforts wi go in waste. So be carefu and prepare this paper systematica y. Standard and Sy abi98.he standard of paper in Genera Abi ity .est wi be such as may be e"pected of a Engineering:Science Graduate. .he standard of papers in other sub2ects wi appro"imate y be that of an Engineering *egree E"amination of an Indian /niversity. .here wi be no practica e"amination in any of the sub2ects. ;ey to Success9  *etermination and positive attitude  !ard work and systematic study  Inner motivation  Strong wi power and faith in yourse f  0ocused and positive approach  *edication, time management  Se f8confidence Wi<I= aunches /+S& IES 1n ine +reparation &ourse for -echanica , >isit9 http9::goo.g :fp=n5b Artic e source9 upscporta