VERSION 2.0 2010-08 Cosmo converter is based on the old industrial video converter launch of an innovative industrial Video Converter of industrial fully automated operation. Quick reference:

Performance and characteristic: 1.) MDA, CGA, EGA, RGB, RGB SOG, RGBS,RGB cs, RGBHV, YUV Signal auto scan Horizontal Scanning Frequency: 12K-40K, Vertical Scanning Frequency: unconstrained). 2.) Vertical Resolution: 160-600 lines, auto scan. 3.) Horizontal resolution: unconstrained, auto scan. 4.) Supports sync separation, CS composite sync, SOG green sync, YPbPr (SOY) sync. 5.) Supports monochrome, Grayscale, color signal input. DC12V : Power Supply, DC 5-12V/1.0A. VGA OUT : Standard VGA/SVGA,800*600/60hz 15 Pin Video in : 15 Pin D-SUB input 9 Pin Video in : 9 Pin D-SUB input MENU : To assess OSD menu. +?: To adjust the OSD menu. V : Vertical Scanning Frequency. H/CS : Horizontal Scanning Frequency, or composite sync. R/Pr : Red signal, or the color of the PR. G/Y : Green signal, or chromatic aberration of Y. B/Pb : Blue signal, or chromatic aberration of Pb. LED1 : Power LED.

1.) H_Position 2.) Width 3.) V_Position 4.) Higth 5.) Phase 6.) Style 7.) Sync

: Moves the position of the display area on the screen. : adjust the width of the menu. : Moves the position of the display area on the screen vertically. : Adjust the height of the menu. : Adjust the phase of the menu. : Signal style, RGB(A) Analog, RGB(D) Digital TTL,YUV. : Signal Sync mode: Separate (HV), Composite(S), SOG, SOY. Automatic recognition of video input sync, or custom of video input sync. 8.) Resistance : Input impedance: 75 ohm or 750 ohm. 9.) Scanning : Interlaced or Progressive. 10.) Exit : Save and Exit. 11.) 15 seconds, don't press any key, the menu automatically and exit. (No signal input, the OSD menu will display) Control buttons: 1.) Menu : To access OSD menu. 2.) +,- :To adjust the OSD menu. Using the Screen Adjustment Menu: (OSD : On Screen Display) STEP 1 Connected to signal, no display or display color is not correct, adjust the Signal style ( RGB(A) Analog/RGB(D) Digital TTL/YUV). STEP 2 Converter can automatically identify the sync signal, if the display distortions that need to manually adjust the sync signal ( Separate (HV) / Composite (S) / SOG, SOY ). STEP 3 If the screen shows elongated, and the overflow to the bottom of the screen, choose the scanning mode adjusted: Progressive, or screen display is still only half of the monitor, choose the scanning mode to adjust to: interlaced. STEP 4 Adjust the horizontal position, horizontal size, vertical position, vertical size of the item, adjust the monitor to display properly. STEP 5 Input impedance: Select the correct input impedance. STEP 6 Adjustment the phase until the display clearly. STEP 7 Save and exit.

Cosmo converter Inctroduction This converter supports RGB/CGA/EGA signal converting to VGA signal, which can be fed to monitor ,CRT monitor ,projector, TV,and many other devices, replacing your old display with ease. It has clear graph,stable performance,is widely used in digital control CNC monitor ,industrial monitor ,imported DCS monitor , analytical device, navigation monitor , medical device , airport system, railway system, financial device , special monitor , game arcade, entertainment monitor, highly adaptive to different parameters. It is the best old monitor replacement solution nowadays. Specifications: Supported signal source:RGB SOG(green Sync ) RGB SOB(blue Sync ) RGB SOR(red Sync ) RGBS (composite Sync ) RGBHV ( discrete Sync ) 1, support 12k to 40k H video signal ,automatical y recognized, no limitation on V value. 2, support RGB & YPbPr video format. 3, support interlace scan & progressive scan. 4, support vertical resolution from 200 lines to 600 lines,automatical y recognized. 5, support any kind of horizontal freq,automatical y recognized. 6, support discrete Sync signal , composite Sync signal or Sync signal composite on video signal, automatical y recognized. 7, output 800*600 V freq 60Hz standard VGA signal or customized resolution. 8,output support: al kinds of LCD display ,CRT monitor ,LCD TV and so on. Application: Digital control monitor & industrial monitor repalcement. It has been widely used in industrial ,business , analytical device industrial monitor products. It is used to replace old devices with special CRT monitor components. This product is widely used, including: Automatic Control System for industry,DCS (distributed control system) & special instrument system, digital control CNC. Soldering robots. Financial ATM device. PCB board manufacturing device. Airport, Safety X-ray checking device. MVC007 can convert video signal from RGB signal (4pin,9pin,7pin,including B/W and so on) to VGA standard signal, which can be fed into LCD monitor ,CRT monitor ,projector, LCD TV and so on. Replace old display system. It has clear graphs , stable performance and is widely used in many fields. 1956, FANUC company stared. They make digital control system & industrial robots. They have made more than 40 products since 1960s. The digital control equipments they are producing are F0,F10/F11/F12,F15,F16,F18 series. F00 /F100/F110/F120/F150 series add MMC on F0/F10/F12/F15, that is CNC,PMC,MMC three-in-one CNC. FANUC digital control systems are famous for their functionalities, reliabilities. Most of FANUC monitor on FANUC digital control CNC from 1980 to 1990 are very old and dying. However, there is no support for these old CRT monitors. In order to make these FANUC CNC to work for a longer time, we must replace these monitors with new LCD monitors. The following are examples of replacing old FANUC monitor with the help of our converter. FANUC O-M original monitor (blinks after long time working):

FANUC O-M digital control CNC video signal connection: FANUC O-M digital control CNC video signal connection with MVC007 after modification:

FANUC O-M digital control display after monitor replacement: FANUC O-M digital control CNC display after monitor replacement:

this can also apply to FANUC monitors : A61L-0001-0071/A61L-0001-0072/A61L-0001-0076/A61L-0001-0079/A61L-0001-0086/A61L-00010090/A61L-0001-0093/A61L-0001-0095/A61L-0001-0077/A61L-0001-0078/A61L-0001-0087/A61L0001-0074/A61L-0001-0094/A61L-0001-0096

Signal types:9pin monitor ,monochrome monitor , B/W monitor ,multi-color monitor , color monitor ,B NC monitor ,RGB monitor . This video converter has been strictly tested and are proved to be able to replace FANUC O-M monitor , industrial monitor , medical monitor replacement. In the field of monitor replacement we have got a lot of experience. We have lots of solutions which you can most probably use in your case. We hope to get your business, make your old digital control device working as before, saving your time and money.NUM monitor NUM company has been doing their business for a long time. For recent 30 years, NUM machines has been used in many industrial fields. NUM760 Earlier NUM machines display systems are almost dead. The company never support new monitor nor replacement device; Therefore, we need to replace NUM monitor with some standard monitor.The fol owing is an introduction to NUM760 monitor replacement.

Replacement of NUM signal source board: NUM

This NUM signal source board has good quality. signal connector is on the left top of that board, signal wire is black, includes: H( red cable ), V( yellow cable ), video ( blue cable ), GND (yel ow green & white cable ) We use Cosmo converter, converting NUM760 signal to standard VGA signal. Converter signal input definition: This NUM monitor wire connections: NUM signal wire( red wire )<-> MVC007 H( pin 13) NUM signal wire( yel ow wire )<-> MVC007 V( pin 14) NUM signal wire( blue wire )<-> MVC007 R,G,B pin (connect to pin 1,2,3) NUM signal wire(yel ow green wire & white wire )<-> MVC007 GND ( pin 4,5,6,7,8,10,11 one of them), no other wire is needed. Connect to the new monitor , using converter set to RGBHV, done!

NUM760. The result of the replacement is really stable. It solved the problem caused by aging NUM monitor. Brief introduction : Cosmo converter industrial , digital control display signal converter can make NUM signal source devices' non standard signal source convert to VGA standard signal ,directly used on LCD monitor ,CRT monitor This converter can perfectly replace your old display with stable output. It is widely used in many NUM digital control device replacement. Signal supported format:(MDA,CGA,EGA,VGA, monochrome, B/W signals etc. ): RGBSOG(green Sync ) RGBSOB(blue Sync ) RGBSOR(red Sync ) RGBS (composite Sync ) RGBHV ( discrete Sync )

********************Input******************** Signals:MDA,CGA,EGA,RGB,RGB Sog,RGBS,RGBHV,YPbPr Interface: 5BNC, 9pin,3pin,6pin,14pin,15pin,20pin,25pin Horizontal Frequency Rate(H):12kHz to 40kHz automatically recognized ********************Output******************** Supports:D-15pin standard VGA/SVGA,Resolution:800*600/60HZ, 640*480/60hz Interface: D-Sub 15 PIN standard VGA port ********************Power******************** DC 12V 1.0A Note: 1.YPbPr = YUV 2.Input Horizontal Frequency Rate 12kHz to 40kHz automatically recognized. 3.Support RGB/RGBSOG/RGBHV CGA/EGA/MDA and YPbPr 4.Support Interlaced Scanning and Line by Line Scanning. 5.Support Vertical Resolution from line200 to line 600 automatically recognized. 6.Support variable Horizontal Resolution automatically recognized. 7.Support RGBHV (separate sync) ,RGBS (composite sync), automatically recognized 8.Output resolution: 800*600/60Hz standard VGA or custom-resolution. CNC Monitor Replacement Solution Cosmo converter uses the latest technology to replace your old or damaged industrial CRT monitor with a common monitor. It brings you very good images in a very low price.

Replacement solution: There are many old display from 1980s. For example, MDT1283B Totoku Crt display(9" mono amber crt) on Mazak system series controls. Cosmo converter+LCDs is an equivalent replacement monitor for these old displays, and will physically and electronically work in all Mitsubishi system controls that were originally fitted with the MDT1283B. It will also work for many other systems like:              SMT Monitor Repair&Replacement Magnetek CRT Display Replacements Mazak MDT1283B Monitor Replacement Fanuc MDT947B-2B Monitor Replacement Fanuc MDT947B-1A Monitor Replacement Tatung CD14JDS Monitor Replacement Tatung CD14JBS Monitor Replacement Tatung CD14 Monitor Replacement Heidenhain BE411 Monitor Replacement Heidenhain BE211 Monitor Replacement Heidenhain BC110B Monitor Replacement Mazak HM12-PDB Monitor Replacement Mazak ME-12PDB Monitor Replacement

Other Applications:        SSMT monitors Injection molding machine monitor CNC monitors Wire cutting display EGA monitor CGA display RGB monitor

                                   

SMT liquid crystal display LCD / CRT. Injection molding machine LCD Wire LCD / CRT EGA LCD / CRT CGA LCD / CRT RGB LCD / CRT Industrial LCD monitors industrial LCD / CRT Industrial LCD monitors industrial LCD / CRT.Automatic patch panel display B super-display monitors FANUC displays Mitsubishi monitor Balance machine monitor Thickness monitor GPS monitors Car LCD monitor Printer monitor 9-pin monitor LCD Bowling AMF LCD Brunswick LCD monitors GPS LCDs Bowling Scoreboard bowling counter bowling LCD screen RGB switch VGA RGBS switch VGA RGBHV switch VGA CGA transfer VGA EGA VGA converter switch RGBS converter RGB converter power plant equipment displays industrial control equipment industrial displays

DCS display million have some of the key words: liquid crystal display CNC machine tools, used to replace domestic early from Japan, Germany, the United States, Switzerland, the Netherlands, South Korea and other countries, the original imported CNC lathes, CNC milling, CNC grinding machines, CNC planer, NC punching, CNC wire cutting, CNC drilling, CNC laser cutting, CNC welding machines or large CNC machining center used in a large number of CRT (cathode ray tube) monitors, the product applied to all early use of CRT monitors for CNC system, typically:  Japan FANUC company FANUC6, FANUC10, 11, 16, 18, 20, 0, 16 T, 16M CNC systems such as the display.  German SIEMENS (Siemens) company SIEMENS8,810,820,8403,3 T, etc.CNC system  Japan MAZAK's MAZATROL, MITSUBISHI-QUICK TURN, MAZAK-MPLUS, TPLUS and other systems.  Japan OKUMA companies OSP5000, OSP3000, OSP8000, OSP5020 other CNC system.  German HEIDENHAIN (Heidenhain) Company TNC407, 410,415,406,425,426,430, etc. CNC system, the Japanese HITACHI-SEIKI Company, the Netherlands PHILIPS companies, brand CNC system, direct installation process is simple, good effect. FANUC, OKUMA, MITSUBISHI, HITACHI, SIEMENS, MAZAK, TOSHIBA, MATSUSHITA, PANASONIC, PHILIPS, and other brands.

Models it can be used for: FANUC A61L-0001-0072 A61L-0001-0074 A61L-0001-0076 A61L-0001-0077 A61L-0001-0078 A61L-0001-0079 A61L-0001-0086 A61L-0001-0087 A61L-0001-0090 A61L-0001-0092 A61L-0001-0093 A61L-0001-0094 A61L-0001-0095 A61L-0001-0096 MAZAK C-3240 C-3470 C-5470 8DSP40 26S14O19L CD1472D1M CDT-14148B MDT1283-B MDT925PS MDT962B ME12-PDB HM12-PDB GE 44A717111 44A719977 44A719978 44A719979 MATSUSHITA KF-M7099H TR-9DD1B TR-9DK1 TR-9DK1A TR-9DK1B TR-9DKYC TR-9K1B TX-901AB TR-120S9C TX-1204 TX-1204AC TX-1208AA TX-1404 TX-1404AB TX-1424, TX-1424AB TX-1424AD, TX-1425B TX-1450AB, TX-1450ABA TX-1450AB5, TX-1450AE special

MITSUBISHI C-3240LP C3470 C-5470NS CDT14111B CDT14148B MDT1283B-2A MDT1216 MDT947 MDT947B MDT947B-1A MDT947B-2B MDT962B-1A

HITACHI C14C-1472DF C14C-1472D1F C-5470YE CD1472D1M CD1472D1M-2 CDT14111B CDT14111B-8A TX1424AD C14C-1472DFA TX1425B TX1450A TX1450AE

TOSHIBA D9CM-01A D9MM-11A D9MR-10A D9MR-51B D14CM-01A D14CM-06A D15CM-04A D15CM-06A

SIEMENS 6FC3988-7AF01 6FC4600-0AR04 6FC4600-0AR50 6FC5103-0AB01 QDM-9WD-110 QDM-9WD-120 QDM-9WD-121 SC-1200 SM0901 576744TA 576745TA


HEIDENHAIN BC110B BC120 BE211 BE411 MAGNETEK 1051091000 14531400102 14531400107 576744TA 576745TA 579417TA