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“It is not possible to prepare a project report without the assistance & encouragement of other people. This one is certainly no exception.” On the very outset of this report, I would like to extend my sincere & heartfelt obligation towards all the personages who have helped me in this endeavor. Without their active guidance, help, cooperation & encouragement, I would not have made headway in the project .I am ineffably indebted to Mr. Abhishek Mitra and Ms.Sreedipa Basu for conscientious guidance and encouragement to accomplish this project .I am extremely thankful and pay my gratitude to my faculty Mr. Somnath chaterjee for his valuable guidance and support on completion of this project in its presently. I extend my gratitude to Durgapur Institute of Management & Science for giving me this opportunity. I also acknowledge with a deep sense of reverence, my gratitude towards my parents and member of my family, who has always supported me morally as well as economically. At last but not least gratitude goes to all of my friends who directly or indirectly helped me to complete this project report. Any omission in this brief acknowledgement does not mean lack of gratitude.

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I Subhajit Kundu do hereby declare that the project entitled “Advertising & Promotion Policy of Mindrush Technology”. Is an original work. The contents of this project report reflects the work done by me during the Summer Internship project of the Master of Business Administration in Mindrush Technology Pvt .Ltd, Kolkata from June 2013 to July 2013.

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PROJECT’S GUIDE CERTIFICATE(INTERNAL) This is to certify that the project work titled “Advertising & Promotion Policy of Mindrush Technology” is a bonafide work carried out by me. Signature of Project Guide Name: Date: 5|Page . submitted to Mindrush Technology Pvt.Ltd in partial fulfillment of project work in MBA final year 3rd Semester in Durgapur Institute of Management & Science. The project work is original and not submitted earlier for the award of any degree diploma in any other university or institution.

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The history and structure of education system in India has not been stable. With India having a history of invasion during the feudal period, the system of imparting education also kept changing. Indian educational system has molded itself on the pattern of British education system. PostIndependence, all government’s greatly emphasized the importance of spreading education to all corners of the country. The central and state governments in accordance with constitutional directives have tried their best to implement them. Keeping all these developments in mind, we can safely assume that, although Indian Education System has noticeable blemishes, things have definitely improved in the last decade. Indian education policy makers have tried to prepare a welldefined curriculum, which enables Indian students maintain their position in the top quartile on international stage. Currently, with hundreds of universities and thousands of colleges affiliated to them, India has positioned itself comfortably as a country that provides quality higher education to its people in specific and to the world in general.

Private Initiatives and GATS
Education in India was not open for private participation. However, off late, the government has given permission to private bodies to run schools and colleges for profit. Now the WTO (World Trade Organization) has widened its sphere of control by introducing GATS (General Agreement on Trade in Services). GATS is a legally enforceable agreement aimed at deregulating international markets in services, including education. This covers not only services in production sectors (banking, transportation) but also essential social services like healthcare and education. Increased demand for education has led to major changes in supply. Higher education has now entered the market fray. Universities that had a virtual monopoly for decades and even centuries are now encountering a range of competitors - virtual consortia, global branches of universities, forprofit institutions - that are vying for revenues and profits.

Structure The Constitutional
Till late 70s, school education was on the State List of the constitution, which meant that states had the final say in their respective education systems. However, in 1976, education was transferred to the Concurrent list and currently the Centre makes the policies on education while the States just follow it.


Market Structure and Size
India is one of the largest markets for education in the world in terms of number of students. Currently, there are over 1 MM schools in India providing education to over 200 MM students. The number of teachers in India currently stands at 5.8 MM (Source: Everonn RHP).

Type of Institutions Number(In MM)

(i)Higher education institutes and others High Schools Hr./Sr. Secondary (ii) Institutions running Diploma and Certificate courses Polytechnics Teacher training institutions Tech., Indus., Arts & Crafts Total (iii) Universities and colleges Universities Colleges 543 16,009 1,171 1,465 5,114 7,750 1.1 1.0

Indian Education System - Segmentation The Indian Education System can be broadly divided into three segments; namely Schools, which include pre schools and the K12 segment, Professional colleges imparting education in the field of medicine, engineering and management, and lastly, Vocational training institutes, which includes IT training and teacher training institutes.


Higher Education
The growth of higher education in India has been commendable. However, on the flip side, India's spending on higher education (as % of GDP) has been among the lowest in the world. In 1951, India's spending on higher education was 0.2% of the GDP, whichincreased to 1% in 1980s. But the share in higher education dropped considerably in mid-90s to about 0.4% and since then, the spending on higher education has been languishing in this range. Currently, both public and private institutions operate simultaneously. But as far as universities are concerned, only central and state government can open a new university and that too by legislation in parliament and state. Debate over private universities has continued for more than a decade. In 1995, the Private Universities (Establishment and Regulation) bill was introduced in the Parliament. While a central legislation for private universities is still pending for want of a consensus, several state governments have established private universities through state legislation. Today, there are 10 private universities in Indian higher education. The resources and spending of government on higher education is not enough to tackle the rapid growth in the enrollment in higher education, which India is currently witnessing. Also, the management and supervision of the government funded higher education institutes is fairly dismal.To improve quality of imparting higher education and to attract foreign students, the government may have to allow private institutes to operate in the country in a free manner. While free entry and exit of foreign institutes into India may take time due to political issues, private sector initiatives in higher education have started making their presence felt.

Vocational Training
This is the third segment in education services. Vocation is an occupational skill on which a person is specifically trained. Currently, in India there are many privately owned institutes that are providing vocational training. NIIT's ,Mindrush’s, Aptech's core IT training business comes within the ambit of vocational training institutes. .

IT Training
The IT sector currently employes around 1.7 MM people and has grown at a CAGR of 26.6% from FY04 to FY07 (Source: NASSCOM). Thus, the requirement for skilled people in the sector continues to grow at a healthy rate, which will definitely benefit companies like NIIT and Aptech. The Global IT training industry has grown a little over 3% in CY07 and stood at US$24 Bn. More importantly, the IT industry is facing a shortage of employable professionals and going forward, this problem is likely to worsen. So there is ample scope for growth of core IT training companies like NIIT and Aptech.

10 | P a g e

Vocational Courses IT Training Company Number of centres NIIT Aptech Jetking Mindrush Public Limited Public Limited Public Limited Private Limited 500 400 100 85 Stages of IT integration 11 | P a g e .

Companies and Their Market ShareThe market of the IT training services in increasing. because in today’s market scenario all the MNC’s and the leading and average software recruits those candidates who have extra qualification in their CV beyond domain knowledge. 12 | P a g e .

results in stimulating the development of villages.  Infrastructure. Training and education reduce dependency on agricultural income. alleviating poverty and filling emerging India's talent void. The youth with enhanced skills and alternative sources of income tend to invest and save more to improve their standard of living and create security for the future. opening new markets and expediting the expansion of urban markets to rural and semi-urban areas. Thus. the industry require trained and experienced professionals most of all are b-tech graduates. thus.Drivers to the growth of IT Training Industry Increase level of income and education An increased presence of skilled and educated youth in rural India.Any education industry needs to have a good infrastructure . that’s why it is costly to retain a old employee or to find a new one. 13 | P a g e . further. but now a days all the trained people wants to work in the software industry. The Main Concern For The IT Education Industry  Human Resource. triggering the return of previously migrated youth because of new opportunities and the availability of jobs in It Industry. This enhanced lifestyle and higher purchasing capacity qualifies them as consumers. The younger generations are empowered and manage to procure alternative jobs to tap into more sustainable sources of income generation.trainers are the most valuable asset of this industry.

Information Security. Android. The flagship offering of Mindrush is providing on information security which is delivered to its audience all over the world via computer based Training Courses . With its strong presence in UK. Nigeria and South Africa apart from other countries. Global Presence Clients 14 | P a g e . We have strong linkages with the industry Being partners with organizations like Microsoft Corporation.Mindrush Technology is headquartered at Kolkata. PHP. Ruby on Rails. Sri Lanka. IBM.Mindrush has grown from an information security training startup to a multi national IT training brand with extensive reach in south east Asia.HP and Symantec we have conducted training programs in many big corporate houses of India Mindrush has been training and certifying experts on subjects ranging from Ethical Hacking . Mindrush is an established name with its high technology training and knowledge base solution since September 2007 . Cloud computing to Technical Analysis with its range of Technology Certification Programs.Onsite Training Program and Company/ franchise owned learning centers.

Ambedkar Institute of Technology .some of them being J&K Police. Faculty of Management Studies .IITKanpur . MISSION STATEMENT "Our objective is to provide High Technology Training Solutions for Individuals and Corporate.North Eastern Police Academy. We take this opportunity to a mutually beneficial collaboration between Mindrush Technology and the esteemed Institute. we have conducted training programs in most wellknown corporate houses of India. Godrej. Included in our Client list are names such as IIT Bombay.Delhi College of Engineering. We have also catered to various governmental organizations . Android Applications. HP and Symantec.Stephens College. Fidelity Investments . Delhi Police .Dew soft . Similarly Certifications for Android.St. 15 | P a g e . Govt Of India and many more." We currently provide training over subjects ranging from Network Security. IBM. SpiceJet. Some prominent names of Institutions and Organizations that we have catered to are as follows: Mindrush has been Training and Certifying experts in Ethical Hacking and Information Security with its Certified Information Security Expert (CISE) certification. Computer Society of India. seminars globally.Central Bureau of Investigation.etc . Computer Society of India American Megatrends . We are an established name in providing high-end technical trainings for Information security (Ethical Hacking). Directorate of Revenue Intelligence and the Indian Army. IBM. workshops.  Information Security (Ethical hacking)  Android Applications  Cloud computing  SEO/Online Marketing  Technical Analysis  PHP/My SQL  Core Java  Advanced Java Have strong networking and tie-ups within the industry.FICCI .IIT Kharagpur . we would conduct Seminars and workshops. under which. We wish to be the official partner for conducting Technical Training Sessions in your institution. General Motors. are alsoglobally recognized.Some of Our Corporate Clients are DLF India.We have provided our services to some of the best colleges in the India. FICCI. Exploit Development to Malware Analysis. In the near future our aim is to cover an even wide number of HK Domains. summer training on the topics mentioned above. Cloud Computing. in a cost effective manner. Being partners with organizations like Microsoft Corporation. without compromising on quality.L&T. and provide all the required training.Ventures .Colt Telecom. Mantra Ventures. Web Application Security.

28th April 2012 – Mindrush is now a NASSCOM and DSCI member company. 15th January 2011 . UK & Kuwait. Opening Soon in many more countries! 1st August 2010 .Operation started first time at Kolkata.New centers now open in Malaysia. (Business Wire). 10th September 2007 . 16 | P a g e .17th August 2012 . 27th February 2012 .Ethical Hacking and Information Security Training operations begin in South Africa.New Website Launched! 15th November 2010 .As per Alexa Ranking. 19th April 2011 .New Centers now open at Bangalore and Pune. we are now the Most Popular IT Education Corporate Website in India (Business Wire).Mindrush wins Newsmakers Achievers' 2011 Award for "Best Ethical Hacking Training".

 Trained more than 40. Delhi College of Engineering. FMS Delhi. among other prominent institutions. Stephens College. IIT Delhi .  Collective experience of delivering more than 100.NIT Trichy.  Presence in more than 20 Countries via Classroom centers and Distance Learning Programs. Colt Telecom. BITS Goa.  Maintaining a CAGR of 300% since Inception.000 Students globally.  Made Clients including Government of India. IBM and Microsoft. St. FICCI.IIT Kharagpur . 17 | P a g e . Fidelity Investments.000 Hours of High Technology Training. BITS Pilani.  Conducted Training Programs for IIT Bombay. DLF.

Partners- 18 | P a g e .


Online Security Breaches are happening at a very fast rate and experts are needed to check and cure these. Training Duration: 50 Hours Pre-requisite: Basic Knowledge of Computers and Internet 20 | P a g e . etc and Secure coding Practices. Wordpress. Some Details about networking will also be covered. The Program covers all aspects of Information Security and Ethical Hacking. Drupal.0 CISE (Certified Information Security Expert) certification is one of the most recognized International certification in Information Security and Ethical Hacking. Training Duration: 40 Hours Pre-requisite: Basic Knowledge of Computers and Internet CERTIFIED PHP PROFESSIONAL In this course. we will also cover Network Programming using PHP. the demand for ITS Experts is going to rise substantially worldwide. According to NASSCOM. XML. ITS (IT Security) Experts are in demand. ITS is a THE next big thing in ICT and you should make the best of it. enabling one to become an Information Security Expert. details regarding the basic as well as advance level of web programming will be explained along with basic knowledge of the Internet and web Servers. JavaScript. DHTML. Content Management Systems such as Joomla.CERTIFIED INFORMATION SECURITY EXPERT LEVEL 1 VERSION 2 CISE Level 1 v 2. Apart from this.

The Program covers all aspects of intraday as well as positional trading. SMO and Web Analytics will be explained along with basic knowledge of the Internet and Search engines. details regarding the basic and advanced levels of Search Engine Optimization. once your basics are clear. enabling one to become an Self Sufficient Technical based Trader. Training Duration: 40 Hours Pre-requisite: Basic Knowledge of Computers and Internet Certified Technical Analyst This Training Program aims to create professionals who can predict the movement of the stock markets and who can make money even when the market goes down! No Previous knowledge is required to take this training program since this starts from the very basic level. CTA (Certified Technical Analyst) certification is one of the most recognized Indian certification in the field of Technical Analysis. In this Training Program. at the same time.Certified Online Marketing Professional Our Online Marketing Training Program is designed for people who have basic knowledge of computers & websites. and have the desire to learn Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing. However. the same training program will provide advanced knowledge as well. this is the Training Program that you are looking for to learn Online Marketing from scratch and become an expert Online Marketing Professional. PPC. As a whole. Some Details about networking will also be covered. Training Duration: 40 Hours Pre-requisite: None 21 | P a g e .

starting at problem definition. with the trainer explaining each concept. Java has become the dominant platform for modern software development for reasons of reliability. requirements analysis. students will develop a stand-alone application. UNIX and other platforms. In addition. and compiled Java programs run without recompilation on Macintosh. Java is a mature language that can be used to write entire standalone or server applications. virtualization. Java is also a portable language.).Cloud Computing Classroom Training Cloud computing is an agile. multiple inheritance. We also cover popular cloud services including AWS. 22 | P a g e . Training Duration: 40 Hours Pre-requisite: None Core Java Classroom Training This course provides in-depth coverage of the basics of Java language and the technique of objectoriented programming (OOP) Students learn from hundreds of live-code examples. secure. cost effective and scalable method for delivery of computing and delivery of data. maintainability and ease of development. reliable. and the details of Java coding and testing. Google app engine and Windows Azure. Microsoft Windows. Java is an object-oriented programming language in the same family as C and C++ and solves many of their complexities (pointers. private clouds etc. memory allocation. End users access cloud based applications through a web browser or a light weight desktop or mobile app while the business software and data are stored on servers at a remote location. system design. etc. In this program we will cover everything about cloud computing.

this program teaches about the topics mentioned above. Applet. The Reason is Simple. various topic including android file systems. Because of the Knowledge Barrier. Training Duration: 40 Hours Pre-requisite: Basic Knowledge of Core Java CERTIFIED INFORMATION SECURITY EXPERT LEVEL 2: Exploit Writing CISE Level 2: EW As more and more Vulnerabilities are being Discovered. In short. data storage. only a Small "Elite" Group of Information Security Researchers have these skills. JSP. we develop user interface & user layout. it requires a good level of knowledge to understand Vulnerabilities and code them and until now. you will learn how to make your Java applications more efficient using Swing. from scratch. Computer Attackers are exploiting them by writing exploits to attack them. Telephony and multimedia file is also covered. interaction with GPS. Moving on. In this Java training course. it becomes very difficult if not impossible for a Regular Security Administrator to understand and analyze the Risks and Scope of a Flaw or a Vulnerability. when an Enterprise is dependent upon a Vulnerable Application. Training Duration: 40 Hours Pre-requisite: None Android Classroom Training This Training Program has been developed to enable a beginner to understand Android Application Development. Things get even worse. Then. EJB and communicate with other programs using Java networking classes. This Program aims to impart highly technical skills of Vulnerability Analysis and Exploit writing to the participants such that they are able to customize and create 23 | P a g e . access databases.This course provides extensive experience with the Java language and its advanced features. Servlet. We will first understand the Android Application Development Architecture and its basic components.

Virtual Private Networks. Network Encryption. Familiarity with Linux & Windows is required. We will be practically understanding various network based attacks. Intrusion Prevention Systems.Exploits for Custom Applications or Widely used Commercial Applications. Training Duration: 40 Hours Pre-requisite: CISE Level 1. We cover building an appropriate Network Security Infrastructure required to Monitor and Secure a Network. Virtual LANs. Wireless Network Security. Training Duration: 40 Hours Pre-requisite: CISE Level 1. CERTIFIED INFORMATION SECURITY EXPERT LEVEL 2: Network Security CISE Level 2: NS This training Program aims at imparting skills required to secure a Network from Internal and External Threats by understanding and analyzing the Vulnerabilities which exist in a Network. wired or wireless by using the correct Hardware. Experience with programming in any language is recommended but not required. Firewalls. Software and Penetration Testing Ethical Hacking Infrastructure. 24 | P a g e . DNS Tunneling and Network Forensics. Intrusion Detection Systems.

gifts. Meaning of Sales Promotion Every businessman wants to increase the sale of goods that he deals in. said. You may have also observed in your neighboring markets notices of “winter sale”.store magazine. There are also exchange offers. sales promotion differs from advertising and personal selling in terms of its approach and technique. offered free with some products. advertising can be used as means of communication to inform potential customers about the incentives offered for sales promotion. These offers are not available to the customers throughout the year. soap is an item which is required on a regular basis. All these are incentives offered by manufacturers or dealers to increase the sale of their goods. end of the seasons. Personal selling involves face-to-face contact with specific individuals. Moreover. “trade fairs”. pencil box. the manufactures has to take effective steps in meeting the consumers in the markets. it increases sales of the product. its price fixed and the methods of distribution decided. After the nature of product is decided. an extra soap cake will be given to you free of cost under “buy 2 get 3” scheme. You might also have seen gifts like lunch box. like in exchange of existing model of television you can get a new model at a reduced price. "I know that half of my advertising is wasted but I don't know which half. You might have heard about “lakhpati bano”. You feel attracted to Gbuy as by doing so you are saving money on one soap. demonstrations. shows. “summer sale”. pen. Thus. Sales promotion adopts short term." Promotion is the final element in the marketing mix. when how and at what prices. Personal selling can as well include communication of the incentives to individual customers. These incentives may be in the form of free samples. During festivals. year ending and some other occasions these schemes are 25 | P a g e . contests etc. “discount up to 50%” and many other schemes to attract customers to buy certain products.One of the most difficult marketing decisions facing companies is how much to spend on promotional John Wanamaker. All these measures normally motivate the customers to buy more and thus. This approach of selling goods is known as “Sales Promotion”. It is also their duty to make the customers know where. “win a tour to Singapore”. The products would be available. discount coupons. the departmental . non-recurring methods to boost up sales in different ways. shampoo pouch etc. This is an approach of increasing sale of a product and it is quite different from what you have learnt in the earlier two lessons. You have learnt about advertising and personal selling in the earlier lessons. In the present consumer oriented markets it is the duty of manufacturers to know what is required by the consumer. They also help in increasing sales of goods. The shopkeeper suggests that if you buy two soap cakes. Let us learn more about it in this lesson. while advertising is directed towards a large number of potential customers. Suppose you go to the market to buy soap. and so you can keep the extra two cakes to be used later. He can adopt several ways for that purpose. “scratch the card and win a prize” etc. “30% extra in a pack of one kg”. But.

(i) To introduce new products: Have you ever heard about distribution of free samples? Perhaps you know that many companies distribute free samples while introducing new products. (iii) To maintain sales of seasonal products: There are some products like air conditioner. The objectives are: i. fan. These are some of the tools used to encourage the customers to buy the goods. Some businessmen distribute samples among selected persons in order to popularize the product. coffee powder. Similarly you may get discount on winter clothes during summer. customers are generally attracted towards the product that offers discount. Objectives of Sales Promotion You have learnt that the main objective of sales promotion is to increase sales. etc on buying. To attract new customers and retain the existing ones iii. sales promotion consists of all activities other than advertising and personal selling that help to increase sales of a particular commodity. To maintain sales of seasonal products iv.To meet the challenge of competition Let us learn about these objectives in details. Let us know more about some of the commonly used tools of sales promotion. For example. glycerin soap etc. Thus. you can buy air conditioner in winter at a reduced price. while purchasing various items from the market.  Tools of Sales Promotion To increase the sale of any product manufactures or producers adopt different measures like sample. winter clothes. specimen copies are distributed among teachers. To introduce new products and services ii. gift. For example. bonus. etc. These are distributed to attract consumers to try out a new product and thereby create new customers. Sometimes these free samples are also distributed by the shopkeeper even without purchasing any item from his shop. sunscreen lotion. gift.generally found in the market. While moving in the market. (i) Free samples: You might have received free samples of shampoo. These are known as tools or techniques or methods of sales promotion. However. Thus. So sales promotion measures have become essential to retain the market share of the seller or producer in the product-market. there are also some other objectives of sales promotion.. cooler. it helps to retain the existing customers. in the case of textbooks. refrigerator. in the case of medicine free samples are distributed among physicians. washing powder. New products frequently come to the market and at the same time improvement also takes place. room heater. Which are used only in particular seasons? To maintain the sale of these types of products normally the manufacturers and dealers give off-season discount. and at the same time it also attracts some new Customers to buy the product. prize. 26 | P a g e . and many more. (ii) To attract new customers and retain the existing ones: Sales promotion measures help to attract or create new customers for the products. (iv) To meet the challenge of competition: Today’s business faces competition all the time. The consumers after using these free samples may develop a taste for it and buy the products later for consumption.

This tool induces customers to buy that product more frequently to collect the stamps of required value. Rs. IN this way customers may get some item free as mentioned on the marked area or may avail of price-off. mug with Bournvita. Rs. (vi) Fairs and Exhibitions: Fairs and exhibitions may be organized at local. The customers are required to collect these stamps of sufficient value within a particular period in order to avail of some benefits. 30% extra in a pack of one kg. regional. is a well-known example of Fairs and Exhibitions as a tool of sales promotion. (ix) Money Back offer: Under this scheme customers are given assurance that full value of the product will be returned to them if they are not satisfied after using the product.500’ or ‘exchange your black and white television with a colour television’ are various popular examples of exchange scheme. Promotional expenditures might amount to 30-50% of sales in case in cosmetics industry and only 10-20% in the industrial equipment industry. a low and high spending companies can be found. This is useful for drawing attention to product improvement. 1000 off on cooler’ etc. are the examples of premium or bonus given free with the purchase of a product. (vii) Trading stamps: In case of some specific products trading stamps are distributed among the customers according to the value of their purchase. 15 off on a pack of 250 grams of Taj Mahal tea. This creates confidence among the customers with regard to the quality of the product. (iii) Exchange schemes: It refers to offering exchange of old product for a new product at a price less than the original price of the product. national or international level to introduce new products. ‘Rs. Under this scheme a customer scratch a specific marked area on the package of the product and gets the benefit according to the message written there. This is also useful for encouraging and rewarding existing customers. These coupons can be presented to the retailer while buying the product. or sometimes visit different places on special tour arranged by the manufacturers. (viii) Scratch and win offer: To induce the customer to buy a particular product ‘scratch and win’ scheme is also offered. 27 | P a g e .(ii) Premium or Bonus offer: A milk shaker along with Nescafe. The holder of the coupon gets the product at a discount. (v) Coupons: Sometimes. ‘International Trade Fair’ in New Delhi at Pragati Maidan. coupons are issued by manufacturers either in the packet of a product or through an advertisement printed in the newspaper or magazine or through mail.Thus it is not surprising that industries and companies vary considerably in how much they spend on promotion. ‘show this and get Rs. Within a industry. This type of scheme is designed to boost up sales in off-season and sometimes while introducing a new product in the market. Goods are displayed and demonstrated and their sale is also conducted at a reasonable discount. products are sold at a price lower than the original price. This technique is particularly useful while introducing new products in the market. toothbrush with 500 grams of toothpaste. ‘Bring your old mixer-cum-juicer and exchange it for a new one just by paying Rs. are some of the common schemes. which is held from 14th to 27th November every year. 15 off on purchase of 5 kg. you might have come across coupons like. For example. 2 off on purchase of lifebuoy soap. of Annapurna Atta’. The reduced price under this scheme attracts the attention of the prospective customers towards new or improved products. They are effective in inducing consumers to buy a particular product. demonstrate the products and to explain special features and usefulness of the products. (iv) Price-off offer: Under this offer.

After the nature of product is decided. 3. demonstrations and other non securing selling efforts. its price fixed and the methods of distribution decided. the manufactures has to take effective steps in meeting the consumers in the markets. Meaning of Promotion The term promotion is the term and includes mainly three type of sales activity : 1. Face to face personal selling (Salesman ship). In the present consumer oriented markets it is the duty of manufacturers to know what is required by the consumer. 2.O.Deciding on the promotion mix Companies face the task of distributing the total promotion budget over the five promotional tools : • Advertising • Sales Promotion • Public Relations and Publicity • Sales Force • Direct Marketing. Mass impersonal selling methods (Advertising). Promotion is the final element in the marketing mix.P. Activities other than personal selling and advertising such as point of purchase display (P. when how and at what prices. Whatever method a company adopts for promoting its product it must be from above mentioned method.) show and exhibitions. It is also their duty to make the customers know where. This form of activity is called ‘Sales Promotion’. The products would be available. 28 | P a g e .

2. The firm adopting this strategy would spend more on advertising and sales promotion rather than in personal selling. Promotion on the other hand is broader in its outlook and includes a variety of activities used ultimately for increasing sales volume. publicity and public relations. 2. 29 | P a g e . But selling is a narrow term which includes only transfer of title or personal selling. A push blend emphasizes personal selling. Promotion and Selling The term promotion is very often used as a synonym for selling. Promotion has come to mean the over all co-ordination of advertising selling. Push Blend.There are two type of promotion blends :1. Sales promotion. The purpose of pull blend to pre-sell to the final consumers. there exit same difference of opinion on the real connection of the term sales promotion. This method would tends to push the product through the channel of distribution. 1. A pull blend is one in which mass impersonal. So that they demand the product at the retail level of distribution. Pull Blend. Promotion is a helping function designed to make all other marketing activities more effective and efficient. Basically promotion is an "exercise" in information persecution and influence. is only a part of the promotion. These efforts pull down the product from the manufacturer. Promotion and Sales Promotion Similarly the terms sales promotion can not be taken to mean what is commonly does. Naturally firms adopting this method develop a strong sales force at both the distributor and the dealer level. Both of these are closely related to the channel of Distribution. sales efforts are given the greatest emphasis. But sales promotion as such helps only the selling activity still.

These sales promotion merges on one side in to advertising and on the other in to personal salesman ship. trade shows. The consumers many receive a price reduction of the stated values of the coupon at the time of purchase. catalogues. Coupons act as a short run stimulus to the sale of the product. Its purpose is to increase the desire of salesman.). But it is not easy to measure the effectiveness of a coupon offer. The retailer receives reimbursement for the value of the coupon form the manufacturer. What is important is that a coupon offer does not spoil the named price of the brand nor does it un pair the margin of the dealers. distributors. It is concerned with the dissemination of information to whole salers. 30 | P a g e . Personal selling and advertising do include prospects to make these decisions. Sale promotion provides an extra stimulus. retailers etc. They encourage the retailer to stock the product. One over knows how many customer would have bought the product without the incentive. Sales promotion on the other hand. Hence a price of product literature distributed by retailers in sales promotion.g. To same advertising includes all forms of mass media communication directed towards influencing the end consumer. since they are directly tied with the purchase of the item. distributors and dealers to sell a certain brand to make consumers more eager to buy that brand. It is also difficult to find out how many customers were held after the coupon offer expired. The various schemes of sale promotion at Consumer’s Level may include  Coupons (A Chit of Stated Value) These are given directly to the consumer these coupons are in most cases kept inside the package. premiums. windows displays and other aids. Sales promotion makes use of direct mail. customers (both actual and potential. retailers. includes the form of mass communication directed towards information and influencing the channel of distribution (e.Sales Promotion and Advertising There is no universally accepted distribution between these two terms. Application and dissemination of material and techniques that supplement advertising and personal selling. and to the salesman). samples. Sales promotion is concerned with the creation. sales contests.

Sample have to be mailed to potential customers or to be distributed through retail shops. Secondly that is not conductive to building up brand loyalty. The distribution costs are also high. There is the cost of producing samples. This helps the consumer to verify the real quality of the product.  Samples In the hope of converting a prospect into a customer a sample (Some demo classes of the training) may be given. Many experts on sales promotion fed that ‘Off Schemes’ are among the weaker and less desirable methods of promotion. Price-off-offer (Also known as bargain offer price packs) This offer is intended to stimulate the sales during a slump season. Sampling is a fast method of demand creation because one knows the result as soon as the consumer has had time to use the sample and buy the brand. Various pair manufacturing companies offer this method. Consumers may simply shift to the products that offer this scheme. In this method the customer is offered a reduction from the printed price list. For developing brand loyalty this method is quite useful. 31 | P a g e . It is also used when a substitute for competing product enters the market.  Money Refund Offer An offer usually stated on the package is that manufacturers will return with in a stated period part or all of the purchaser’s money if he is not completely satisfied with the product. There are also problems when the real product does not resemble the sample supplied. These can be trade resentment particularly when the retailer raises the price to retain his margin.  Disadvantage of Sampler Offering sample in quit expensive.

Factory in pack premium are particularly goods for product meant for children. and such other items are packed with the product in the box itself. (b) Factory in pack premium these are popular in the case of Body food and Tin food items. These stamps are redeemable through premium catalogues at the stamp redemption centres.  Buy-Back Allowance This an allowance following a previous trade deal not offer a certain amount of money for new purchases based on the quantity of purchases on the first trade deal. It extends the life of a trade deal and helps to prevent part deal sales decline. Other Steps by Manufacturer for Promoting Sales Dealers can be helps in different ways 32 | P a g e . These are very attractive and qutie popular among the children. Glass etc.  Premium There are various forms of premiums provided by the manufacturer as sales promotional devices :(a) Coupons are supplied for effecting price reductions. Spoons. It greatly strengthens the buyer’s motivation to cooperate on the first deal. The number and value of stamp that the buyer receives depends on the values of the purchase. The Binaca Toothpaste packs contain animal shape toys. Measuring. This is possible for the manufacturer purchases the items in bulk at a premium and his cost per unit as is substantially low. (c) Self Liquidating Premiums :The cost of the premium is collected from the buyer himself. But when the buyers pays for it he has to pay only a considerably low price for the premium. Trading Stamps A premium in the form of stamps is given by the sellers to consumers while selling goods. Cups.

3. 6. By taking the return back. When the manufacturers use various sales efforts to obtain increased sales volume for his product it is called aggressive selling or offensive selling.1. their like and dislike complaints and criticism. substitutes etc. 4. Supplying suitable packages and useful things. the monetary incentive evokes immediate response. to protect his already established market against against his competitors is termed as defensive selling. 33 | P a g e . Manufacturers have to make efforts to sell all they produce. Offering Reasonable Terms of Sale:Of all the forms of encouragement. The sales efforts which a manufacturer makes to retain his customers i. Aggressive Selling  Meaning Goods are produced for market. In contrast to this aggressive selling is concerned with the sales efforts made with the express objective of selling more by expanding the market for the product of the selling firm. Hence every producer must offer the most responsible terms of sale such as longer periods of credit and higher rates of descants. 5. Communicating Market News:Often this service is reciprocal the manufacturer may acquaint his dealer with the fact relating to his production and prices while the dealer may familiarize him in return with the information bearing on charges in the consumer's demand. 2. Inviting to Sales Conference and Convention:The gestures of regard and respect pave the way for better relation and co-operation.e. By furnishing them with sales literature and display materials.

(a) Coupons :A coupon of a giving value is sent to the consumer. Consumer Promotion.Method of Aggressive Selling  Sales promotion efforts use for aggressive selling may be divided in two classes 1. (b) Extra Product :Instead of giving any cash allowance extra product is given with each unit of product ordered. By presenting this coupon to the retailer consumers can purchase a particular product mentioned on the coupon at a reduced price. For instance if a box normally contains 20 Cakes of Soap. (c) Gifts :-Various gifts are awarded in return for an order of a particular magnitude Consumer Promotion Under consumer promotion method special incentives are offered to the consumers to buy the firms product. Such incentive may take one or more of the following firm :(a) Cash Allowance :A definite percentage of discount is allowed on the purchase of given unit of a product. Trade Promotion. In the coupon to such consumer (consumers presenting the 34 | P a g e . Trade Promotion Under trade promotion methods special incentives are offered to the trader to buy products of the firm. The retailer sells the products mentioned. The more prominent amongst such incentives are as following. special box contains 25 cakes may be made and sold at the same price as that of the box of 20 cakes. 2.

the firm offers an article at an attracting price if the consumer send a given sum of money accompanied by a given number of box tops from the packages of a particular product the benefit to the consumer is that he receives the articles at a bargain price. 35 | P a g e . A firm selling new product or an extensively improved product finds this methods useful. (i) Direct method of selling through. (ii) Offer of door to door selling. (iii) Hire purchase and installment payment methods of selling and by forming combination. (b) Self Liquidating Offers :Under this system. Other Methods of Aggressive Selling :(i) Employment of ‘Missionary Salesman also known as Promotional Salesman’. the firm may develop its own sales force to call directly on retailers. (ii) Instead of using under and agreement with the manufacturer at a price lower than the user retail price. It is also helpful in obtaining large displays in the shops. (c) Bargain Packs :Under this system a product is sold at a reduced price for a short period Bargain pack method encourages new consumers to try the product. Thus the consumer get the benefit of reduced price to the extent of the value of the coupons. The above mentioned methods may be reinforced by adopting. Also a firm whose market is hold by competitors whose free sampling almost expensive. (d) Sampling :The method involves giving the product or a small quantity of the product to a consumer free with the hope that the customer will be favourable impressed with its actual use and will eventually become a regular purchaser of the product. These salesman call upon retailers and aggressively promote a product.

(iv) New territory exploitation sales promotion has a particularly important role in developing the company’s product in new territories. (vi) Letters to dealer and Customer. (v) Increment and promotions. 36 | P a g e . In fact. an ingenious sales manager can devise any number of incentives schemes for promoting the sales volume.(iii) The firm may follow a compromise method by employing a manufacturer’s agent and giving him a large enough commission to encourage him to sell product intensively and aggressively.

PROCESS Product As per products concern product line and width are changing as per demand. 4. PEOPLE 7. as it is a service sector and it is not a monopoly because of that price drive a different role Place 37 | P a g e . PRODUCT PRICE PLACE PROMOTION But in service sector there are 3 more p’s which are 5. company has to change the services as per them. So Mindrush is introducing some new courses like integrated circuit. i OS development to gain more market share. Price Price is a major factor at service sector.Marketing mix of a service sector differs from product’ marketing mix. in products marketing mix there are only 4 p’s which are 1. As students are the end customer of the services. The software companies are demanding more qualified students who have b-tech degree and also some other degree regarding their domain. In Mindrush services are changing rapidly due to changes in demand of the student and the current market. 3. 2. PHYSICAL EVIDENCE 6.

Promotion Physical Evidence People Process 38 | P a g e .

 Weaknesses Commodity Price Risks Exchange Rate Risk  Opportunities Leading Growth  Threats Risk Factors Business Risks 39 | P a g e . Strengths The Quality Advantage A Buying Experience Like No Other Quality Service across 1036 Cities .

Threats from Competitors TATA CMC ARDENT GLOBSYN Marketing Strategy  Objectives  Target Markets  Positioning  Strategies Product 40 | P a g e .

The project is basically based on “Advertising And Promotion Policy of Mindrush” In the project.BCA. Research approach : Survey method 3.and then I have to inform them about the training program of Mindrush .MBA students can go through the training at any stage.Others Colleges which are in that particular territories . Sample size : 88 Customers.The project is done through Two stages .MBA & Polytechnic Colleges-In the first stage I have to visit the college to meet their TPO/PRINCIPAL. then have to visit those colleges regular basis. area of working is decided by the company according to territories wise and given the list of all the Technical. 6. Data source : Primary & secondary 2. Research instrument : Questionnaire.second one . Contact method : Personal contact First StageB-Tech.MBA.MCA students at Mindrush’s learning center for SUMMER TRAINING PROGARME which is in the syllabus of the student which should be done at particular semester. and asked them to send their B-tech. 41 | P a g e . SAMPLING PLAN FOR THE PROJECT: 1. polytechnic student can get the training at any time to enhance their skills. I tried to promote the Online Training program at MBA colleges . to promote the services of Mindrush.First I have to visit the particular college website to find the name of the concern person of that convince them to conduct a workshop in their institution.I also have to meet the students to inform them about the training program. 7. Geographical area : West Bengal 5.

What is your mobile no? III. Is any IT program had been conducted in your institution? IV. Which company is providing summer training to your student? VI. I. Do you want to conduct a workshop In your institution ? VII. If you want to conduct a workshop it will be on which subject? VIII. What do you like about the company which is providing Workshop & training to your student? X. From where do you know about Mindrush? XIII..Following questions I have used to get the information about the college. Do you know about Mindrush? XII. Which company is providing workshop in your institution? V. Do you like to send the student at learning center of the company for summer training program? XI. What is your name? II. Which company do you prefer for IT training program? IX. Do you like about the training programs of Mindrush? Here is the list of the colleges which I Have visited in 2 months of project work 42 | P a g e .

24. 16. 25. 9. 2. 13. 14. 34. Salt Lake Camellia Institute of Technology Pailan College of Management and Technology Future Institute of Engineering and Management Calcutta Institute of Engineering and Management Indian Institute of Information Management and Business Studies National Institute of Technical Teachers Training and Research Marine Engineering and Research Institute Syamaprasad Institute of Technology and Management Supreme College of Engineering Camellia Institute of technology Camellia Institute of Engineering Camellia School of Engineering & Technology Budge Budge Institute Of Technology BATANAGAR INSTITUTE OF ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT AND SCIENC Bengal Institute Of Technology Annex College NSHM College of management & Technology. 28. 12. 26. 5. Institute of Engineering JIS College of Engineering Techno India Netaji Subhas Engineering College Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology Indian Statistical Institute (ISI) Guru Nanak Institute of Technology Govt. College of Engineering and Leather Technology.Kolkata Interested Interested Not Interested Interested Not Interested Interested All ready Done Interested Not Interested Interested Interested Interested Not Interested Interested Not Interested Interested Interested Not Interested Not Interested Interested All ready Done Interested Not Interested Interested Interested Interested Not Interested Interested Not Interested Interested Interested Not Interested 43 | P a g e . 23. 7.COLLEGE NAME TECHNICAL COLLEGES REMARKS All ready Done 1. 33. 29. 10. George college of management and Science Institute of Engineering & Management Narula Institute of Technology RCC Institute of Information Technology Goverment College of Engineering &Ceramic Technology B. 27. 19. 4. 6. 8. 31.Poddar Institute of Management & Technology School of IT. 17.P. WBUT Bengal Institute of Technology St Thomas College of Engineering. 20. 22. 3. 18. 11. 30. 21. 32. University of Kalyani. 15.

Dr. Neotia Institute of management science 37. 64. Central Calcutta Polytechnic MANAGEMENT COLLEGES 59. 60. Ramkrishna Mission Silpapitha 53.School of Information Technology 44. The Calcutta Technical School 56.35. Indian Institute of Software Technology (IIST) 41. NIAS 47.College of Management 43. Jnan Chandra Ghosh Polytechnic 57. Adamas Institute of Techno 48. Dream institute of Technology 50. 63.Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College 38. Regent Education and Research Foundation Group of Institutions Kolkata. South Asian Management Technologies Future Business School NPC College of Science & Management Birla School of Management Nopany Institute of Professional Studies Gurukul Management Studies IBRAD School of Management and Sustainable Development 66. Birla Institute of Technology 58. Prajnanananda Institute of Technology and Management Interested Interested Interested Interested Interested Not Interested Interested Interested Not Interested Interested Interested All ready done Interested All ready Done Interested Not Interested Interested Interested Interested All ready Done Interested Not Interested Interested Interested Not Interested Not Interested Interested Interested Not Interested Not Interested All Ready done Interested Interested Not Interested 44 | P a g e . 62. IEM .BUIE POLYTECHNIC COLLEGES 52. Ideal institute of Engineering 42. IEM . Meghnad Saha Institute of Technology Kolkata. Institute Of technology And Marine Engineering(NITMAS) 51. Dr Sudhir Chandra Sur Degree Engineering College 46. 65. Heritage Institute of Technology 45. Advanced Institute Of Modern Management & Tec 49.West Bengal 39. Womens Polytechnic 55.West Bengal 40. Footwear Design & Development Institute 52. 61. North Calcutta Polytechnic 54. Shree SwamiVivekananda Institute Of Science and Technology 36.

67. Institute of Management Study 71. Indian Association for the Cultivation of Science 81. Nexgen Institute Of Business and Technology Interested 68. Institute of Business Management and Research 75. Bhavans Institute of Management Science SCIENCE AND ARTS COLLEGE All ready Done Interested Not Interested 77. Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Interested All ready done Management 70. Mary's Interested Not Interested 84. Bhairab Ganguly College Not Interested 79. The Calcutta Anglo Gujarati College 69. BIT Extension Centre Kolkata Interested 78. NIPS School of Hotel Management All ready done 72. St. George College of Management and Science Interested 73. St. jis group Not Interested 45 | P a g e . George College Interested 76. Xaviers College 83. Jawahari Debi Birla Institute of Home Science Not Interested 80. RTG Animate Animation Academy All ready Done 82. Dinabandhu Andrews Institute of Technology and Interested Management Not Interested 74.

I. Is any IT program had been conducted in your institution? Yes 68% No 32% II. Which company is providing workshop in your institution? Tata CMC 42% Globsyn20% Ardent 24% Mindrush14% 46 | P a g e .

Which company is providing summer training to your student? IV.III. Do you know about Mindrush? 47 | P a g e .

From where do you know about Mindrush? VI. Do you want to conduct a workshop in your institution? 48 | P a g e .V.

VII. Which company do you prefer for IT training program? 49 | P a g e . If you conduct a workshop it will be on ich subject? VIII.

What do expect from the training company? Best in Price 19% Best in Quality of Teacher 24% Best in Infrastructure 22% Good in overall 35% 50 | P a g e .IX.

51 | P a g e .between them 48 26 10 57 % 31 % 12%  Interested  Not Interested  All Ready Done o o o 57 colleges were interested to conduct wokshop and summer training program 31 colleges were not interested to conduct wokshop and summer training program 12 colleges had all ready done the workshop and training.X. Do you like to send your student to the learning center instead of conducting training programme in your institute? o The total number of college is 84.

ABHISEK GUPTA 70. D SARKAR 12. BIKU DEY 9. on that day pre-counseling was going on. SUVODIP SARKAR 40. AMITAVA DAS 13. SIMANTI TALUKDAR 18. SOHELI ROY 85. PRIYA JAFAR 68. SUBHAJIT GOSWAMI 84. PRASUN PAL 52. STUDENTS NAME 1. DIP BISWAS 6. KOLEY 15.D. CHANRAJEET SINGH 74. ARKA TALAPATRA 19. ATANU G 3. SHANKAR MANNA 17. NILOY SAHA 4. CHANDRIMA SEN 67.list of them are given bellow. SAHEB MONDAL 75. ARNUP KUNDU 36. M. KUNTAL MURMU 34. SUPRIYO KR. SUMAN SAHA 47. RAKESH ROY 43. SANJOY GHOSH 51. RAJESH SARKAR 78. The name of the students with whom I met . HAZRA 41. B. SOMRUP CHATERJEE 46. ATANU SUTRADHAR 79. SHETAL TODI 2. ARNAB MEHETA 80. SHER ALI 42.SAIKH 71. because of that there was a huge number of student. SUBARNA DAS 37. SOUVIK KAYAL 82. ABDUL KHAN 73. RAHUL GANGULI 16. SABIR HUSSAIN 72. SUMANA SAHA 52 | P a g e . OENDRILA GHOSH 48. VARUN THAKUR 35. APURBA KUALA 77. C. M. SUPRIYA GUPTA 45.Second StageIn the second stage company send me to Netaji Indoor Stadium on 19.13 to meet the students face to face and to inform them about Mindrush. SUMAN SINGHA 50. SANJAN KUMARI 8. BIDYA PRADHAN 44. AMARJIT DAS 5. SEKH SAMMINUDDIN 11. RAJSEKHAR GUPTA 81. KALINJOY CHOWDHURY 10. ARIJIT GHOSH 49. ROY 39. ARJUN BAJPAI 69. KUMARJIT DAS 7. APARAJITA MUKHERJEE 76. INDRAJIT ROY 14. PIYALI PATHAK 83.6.DAS 38.


5. Generalization and interpretation 6. 3. Extensive literature survey 3. RESEARCH METHODOLOGY RESEARCH PROCESS: Before embarking on the details of research methodology and techniques. To suggest few sales promotion techniques to improve the brand awareness amongst consumers. To convince the TPO/Principal to conduct seminar/workshop/training in their institution. Collecting the data By observation through personal interview By questionnaires 2. Formulating the research problem 2. Execution of the project 3. Preparing the research design 5. Determining the research design 1. Preparation of the report 54 | P a g e . To study the consumer perception about the Mindrush. 4. To change some advertisement policy of Mindrush. Research process consists of series of actions or steps necessary to effectively carry out research and the desired sequencing of these steps. Analysis of data 4. and include some new technique. it seems appropriate to present a brief overview of the research process. 1. 2. To have an overview about Mindrush 6. Development of working hypothesis 4. 7. Hypothesis-testing 5.OBJECTIVES AND SCOPES 1. To promote the Mindrush’s services. To increase the market share of Mindrush as per volume of sale and profit.

I collected those data from college website which are Concern persons Name and college address. . The figure below depicts a model of consumer research process. Primary Data of the research was collected by me on the time of the project work by visiting the colleges and by meeting students.Basicaly I visited most of the colleges of all over West Bengal. Define the Objectives of the Research STEP1: Define The Objectives Of The Research STEP2:Collecting and evaluating secondary data STEP3:Designing a primary research study STEP4:Collection of Primary data STEP5:Processing and Interpretation of Data Therefore to achieve the objectives of my research I have used Descriptive method for research Secondary Data There was a small use of secondary data. 55 | P a g e . and to know about the price of competitor’s services.RESEARCH PROCESS:The research was carried out as per steps of consumer research process. Primary Data The primary data of the project is collected by visiting the individual college in the territory that is assigned by the company.

VII. III.QUESTIONNEAIR I. What is your name? What is your mobile no? Is any IT program had been conducted in your institution? Which company is providing workshop in your institution? Which company is providing summer training to your student? If you want to conduct a workshop it will be on which subject? Do you want to conduct a workshop In your institution ? Which company do you prefer for IT training program? What do you like about the company which is providing Workshop & training to your student? X. II. IV. XII. V. VIII. Do you like to send the student at learning center of the company for summer training program? XI. XIII. IX. VI. Do you know about Mindrush? From where do you knew about Mindrush? Do you like about the training programs of Mindrush? SAMPLE SIZE The sample size of the colleges is 84 & Sample size of the students is 100 56 | P a g e .

DATA ANAYLSIS Share Of taking training program from various company- Benefits of taking training from Mindrush  Good Infrastructure  Globally Acceptable Certification Program  Highly Talented Teachers Reason for not taking training from Mindrush Price is too high  Lesser chance of bargaining  No extra offers 57 | P a g e .

Table. 58 | P a g e .Some Facilities Should Be Added-  Some promotional offer should be introduced.  In some areas the advertisement should be done properly o o o BANKURA PURULIA DURGAPUR RESEARCH TOOLS I have used some of statistical tools those are   Pie Chart Bar Chart.

 Most of colleges expense more than Rs.  General students are also want to do a special training like PHP.JAVA to get a job.  After conducting the survey I have found that the Internet security program is much popular than other programs. 59 | P a g e .OBSERVATIONS AND FINDING  In most Of the colleges the training program and workshop is conducting by TATA CMC and ARDENT  Per year more than 50 students are doing their summer training program from the IT training institute of each college  Because of competitive market many colleges are want to conduct the workshop for their students which will give them knowledge beyond their domain knowledge.50000 for their students in IT training .

After conducting the survey and field work I have seen that some portion should be improved yet. As it is a service sector it has some different features from product industry. 7. The company should increase their learning center.As per market the course fees of Mindrush is higher than the competitors. 5. 2. which will give Mindrush a good competitive advantage. Efforts should be increased for Customer Relationship MANAGEMENT. 60 | P a g e . as it is a service sector it should have proper physical evidence. 6. The company should provide more consumer value. Follow-ups should be increased. 3. so it needs to emphasize on- 1. Infrastructure-Company should make a good expenditure on infrastructure. More financing options should be available. that’s why Mindrush is somehow lagging behind. 4. so Mindrush need to cut the excess cost or price.but it needs to take a good foothold in westbengal. Course Fee.RECOMMENDATIONS Mindrush has a good brand name golbaly.

so organization doesn’t disclose it properly. Making appointments to the Management personnel is tough job. to work with the company.Limitations:  The time was limited.    Respondent’s answers might have influence or bias.  All the concern people of the colleges was not respond properly in the first time .so a regular visit with those person is required . 61 | P a g e .2 months is too short time to cover all the colleges of West Bengal. because they are very busy. Information is collected from the customers and dealers only.  Customer information is highly confidential.  Got fewer time to interact with the colleges.  Some customers refuse to co-operate and do not disclose their Genuine opinion.

So the company has a wide scope to get a good market share .FUTURE SCOPES  As the IT industry is growing rapidly and will increase more than this in future so a lot of good skilled people is required.  Now the company is only providing training . 62 | P a g e . and to spread its service line and future it can include some other new courses.and to grab a good foothold in West Bengal.  It has a good chance to spread its business.  As IT professionals are working with them company can also launch a software service.

co. 63 | P a g e .google.BIBLIOGRAPHY AND REFERENCE Bibliography Reference  

Ltd.ConSclusion This survey was done to identify various problems and level of satisfaction of consumers. it becomes a difficult task to satisfy every customer. 64 | P a g e . so that efforts might done to satisfy them which would result in building long-term relationships between customer and company. advertising and sales promotion of Mindrush. This research is also done to know the views of the customer towards the services and quality and services of Mindrush Technology Pvt. Due to delivery in customer needs and expectations. therefore to satisfy each and every customer the important of building relationship with them existed. for this purpose a number of questions were asked to find out behavior of the customers.