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$4.00 user/month
(annual commitment)

$8.00 user/month
(annual commitment)

$20.00 user/month
(annual commitment)

Buy now Unlimited number of users

Buy now Unlimited number of users

Buy now Unlimited number of users

Business-class email Acti e !irectory inte"ration

Business-class email Acti e !irectory inte"ration #ile s$arin" %eb conferencin" Enterprise social Office %eb Apps

Business-class email Acti e !irectory inte"ration #ile s$arin" %eb conferencin" Enterprise social Office %eb Apps !es&top ersions of'
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e!isco ery (enter )lan details )lan details )lan details #ree trial for 3* days
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Office applications
,ubscription to Office for up to 5 )(s-.acs per user/ 0ncludes des&top ersions of %ord1 Excel1 )ower)oint1 Outloo&1 One2ote16 )ublis$er16 Access16 +ync1 and 0nfo)at$/6

Business-class email
3et business-class email16 s$ared calendars1 5* 3B of stora"e space per user1 and t$e ability to use your own domain name/

Acti e !irectory inte"ration
.ana"e user credentials and permissions/ ,in"le si"n-on and sync$roni4ation wit$ Acti e !irectory/

)ublic website

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11/14/2013 2:50 PM

$are)oint sites pro ide wor&spaces wit$ customi4able security settin"s for indi idual teams wit$in t$e or"ani4ation/ Office %eb Apps (reate and edit %ord1 Excel1 )ower)oint1 and One2ote files ia a web browser/ (View only) .obile for i)$one and Android p$ones Access1 edit1 and iew %ord1 Excel1 and )ower)oint documents on i)$ones and Android p$ones/ Ot$er mobile apps Access1 edit1 and iew %ord1 Excel1 and )ower)oint documents on %indows )$ones/ Use t$e One2ote1 O%A1 +ync .imple file s$arin" ..$are)oint 2ewsfeed apps on most de ices/9 >ammer Enterprise Enterprise social networ&in" wit$ ad anced support1 security1 administration1 and inte"rations/ 2 of 3 11/14/2013 2:50 PM .obile1 and .tore and s$are email and documents in pro=ect-specific folders1 allowin" for easier team collaboration/ Office .&ype users/ .pam and malware protection )remium anti-malware protection and anti-spam filterin"/ (ommunity and p$one support 08-le el web support and 69-: p$one support for critical issues/ 3uaranteed .< uptime1 financially bac&ed ser ice le el a"reement (. .&y!ri e )ro "i es eac$ user 65 3B of personal stora"e t$ey can access from anyw$ere and t$at syncs3 wit$ t$eir )(/ Easily s$are files internally and externally and control w$o sees and edits t$em/ %eb conferencin"1 presence1 and 0./.. (onduct meetin"s o er t$e web wit$ 7! ideo conferencin"1 screen s$arin"1 and instant messa"in"/ .ite mailboxes .ar&et your business wit$ a website t$at is easy to set up1 usin" your own company domain name/ 2o additional $ostin" fees/ .microsoft.< uptime 3et peace of mind &nowin" your ser ices are a ailable wit$ a "uaranteed ..1 and audio callin" wit$ .Office.+A)/ 0ntranet site for your teams ./.$are presence1 0.Compare Office 365 for business plans

Ad anced email Arc$i in" and le"al $old capabilities1 plus unlimited stora"e/ e!isco ery (enter 8ools to support compliance/ Office 365 Enterprise plans enable you to combine t$e Office 365 Enterprise E51 E31 and E9 plans1 t$e Office 365 Enterprise A5 plan (for &ios& wor&ers)1 and t$e full ran"e of standalone offers for indi idual ser ices/ +earn more about combinin" ser ices in Office 365 plans/ 5 6 %indows )( client pro"rams and-or features only/ (annot be used across de ices/ Users can connect t$e followin" ersions of Outloo& to t$eir business-class email1 so t$ey can use t$e ric$ client application t$ey already &now' t$e latest ersion of Outloo&1 Outloo& 6*5*1 Outloo& 6**: (wit$ sli"$tly limited functionality)1 Outloo& 6*55 for .ac/ 8$e .Compare Office 365 for business plans .&y!ri e )ro sync client is also a ailable/ 9 3 8$ese mobile apps do not reDuire a subscription1 but may $a e ot$er reDuirements/ +earn more/ .icrosoft (orporation/ All ri"$ts reser ed/ 3 of 3 11/14/2013 2:50 PM .ac1 and Outloo& 6**B for .$are)oint sites and Exc$an"e mailboxes/ Ad anced oice 7osted oicemail support wit$ auto attendant capabilities/ Business 0ntelli"ence (reate and mana"e interacti e das$boards wit$ multiple data sources/ (ompare all plans Education plans 3o ernment plans 2onprofit plans Office for $ome #A@ 0ndi idual ser ices' in addition to Exc$an"e Online1 t$ere are indi idual ser ices for .earc$ across .ac1 and Office 6**B for ..ite !irectory (ontact Us http://office.$are)oint Online and +ync Online/ Aios& plans are also a ailable for des&less wor&ers/ Office options' if your or"ani4ation is =ust loo&in" for Office and no 08 ser ices1 t$ere are two options for businesses t$at need applications for a lar"er employee base and t$ere is also Office 365 )ro)lus1 a subscription-based ersion t$at offers additional capabilities/ )lans t$at do not include t$e des&top ersion of Office (Exc$an"e Online )lan 51 Office 365 .microsoft.mall Business1 and Office 365 Enterprise E5) wor& wit$ t$e latest ersion of Office1 Office 6*5*1 Office 6**: (wit$ sli"$tly limited functionality)1 Office 6*55 for .ubmit #eedbac& +e"al 8rademar&s )ri acy and (oo&ies Accessibility ? 6*53 .&y!ri e )ro sync client is a ailable wit$ Office 6*53 or wit$ Office 365 subscriptions t$at include Office 6*53 applications/ 0f you donCt $a e Office 6*531 a free download of t$e .com/en-us/business/compare-office-365-for-bus.