Fifty Shades of Grey Movie release date moved to Valentine’s Day 2015

Troubled movie will not be released until 2015

t’s offi!ial" The troubled Fifty Shades of Grey movie will not be shown as e#$e!ted on %u&ust 1st 201'" Sadly( the movie’s release date will now not be until Valentine’s Day wee)end of 2015" *ow disa$$ointin& for fans that this movie whi!h has been do&&ed with $roblems and late !astin& announ!ements" The movie( whi!h stars rish a!tor( +amie Dornan and Da)ota +ohnson as ,hristian Grey and %nastasia Steele( has been what !an only be des!ribed as frau&ht with $roblems" The mu!hawaited announ!ement !ame on Se$tember 2nd of this year that ,harlie *unnam and Da)ota +ohnson would $lay the leads after months of s$e!ulation" From there( outra&ed fans laun!hed a $etition to raise o$$osition to this !astin&" Then at the end of Se$tember( ,harlie *unnam withdrew from the !itin& s!hedulin& !lashes .althou&h we are yet to establish that as the truth and we may never )now/ and the ra!e was on to find a re$la!ement" Da)ota +ohnson has remained loyal to the movie and stood ba!) as +amie Dornan was announ!ed as ,harlie’s re$la!ement" 0umor is rife with 1niversal denyin& that the release date has been $ushed ba!) due to the hole !aused by ,harlie’s withdrawal from the role" Filmin& was due to start in Van!ouver at the be&innin& of this month( however( that was announ!ed as we re$orted as bein& $ushed ba!) to De!ember"