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&. 2he ideal cycle on which the steam power plant wor(s is1 (a) Carnot cycle (b) 3an(ine cycle (c) 4tto cycle (d) 5oule cycle

Continuous Comprehensive Evaluation Examination


Course Code -11EE301 Course Title: Thermal Engineering & Mechanics
Name of Pro ramme ! Common to "#E EEE,E$I $ ICE %emester!III !ection " # &ate! &uration! 3 hours $%&ective 'uestions 'a(imum 'ar)s! *+ ()*x)+)* Mar,s-

%. 2he power actually developed by the engine cylinder of an 0.C engine is (nown as (a) 6ra(e power (b) indicated power (c) actual power

7. 2he ratio of wor( done per cycle to the stro(e volume of the compressor is (nown as (a) compressor capacity (c)compressor efficiency (b) compressor ratio (d) mean effective pressure

1. When neither mass nor energy is allowed to cross the boundary of a system it is then called (a) Closed system (b) open system (d) none of these (c) isolated system

8. 9uring a refrigeration cycle1 heat is re:ected by the refrigerant na (a)compressor (b)condenser evaporator (d) expansion valve 1$. 4ne tonne of refrigeration is e#ual to (a) 21 (5*min (b) 21$ (5*min (c) +2$ (5*min (d) &2$ (5*min (c)

2. Which of the following is the extensive property of a thermodynamic system? (a) ressure (b) volume (d) density !. "tmospheric pressure is e#ual to (a) 1.$1! bar (d) all of these (b) %&$ mm of 'g (c) 1$1.! ()*m 2 (c) temperature

11. 2he value of gas constant 3 is ;;;;;;;. 12. 2he viscosity temperature of li#uids ;;;;;; with the increase of

+. ,elvin - lanc(.s law deals with (a) Conservation of wor( (b) conservation of heat conservation of mass (d) conservation of heat into wor( /. 0n a constant volume process1 heat transferred is e#ual to. (a) Wor( done (b) change in internal energy in enthalpy (d)none of these (c) change (c)

1!. <lip is the difference between ;;;;;;. 1+. ressure head in the cylinder at the middle of suction stro(e is ;;;;;;. 1/. 4tto cycle is also (nown as constant ;;;;;;. Cycle

(i) "n ideal 4tto cycle has a compression ratio of 7. What is meant by mean effective pressure? 17. ressure1 volume1 and temperature at the end of the operation !. (b).. 18. Explain the wor(ing principle of elton wheel turbine and explain its performance curves 43 2/. 9efine viscosity? <ection . " refrigeration machine using 3@12 as refrigerant operates between the temperatures @%DC and !&DC. $.%/ m! of hydrogen gas is initially at a pressure of 1 bar and temperature 28$. (a). Change of internal energy during each process (1$) 43 . 0t is compressed isentropically to 1/ bar. 'eat added during isothermal expansion 2.22. 9efine ??1. 0f co efficient of friction for these pipes is same and e#ual to $. )ext it is expanded at constant temperature to original volume1 finally heat re:ection ta(es place at constant volume and the gas pressure is restored to the original condition of pressure. (a).(b) What is a Carnot cycle? 6riefly discuss about the four process which consititute the cycle (1$) 2!. Calculate the 3an(ine efficiency by using steam tables (1$) <ection . 1%."t the beginning of the compression process1 air is at 1$$ ( a and 1%CC1 and 7$$ (5*(g of heat is transferred to air during the constant@ volume heat@addition process.(a) 2hree pipes of +$$mm1 2$$mm1 and !$$mm diameters have lengths of +$$m1 2$$m1 and !$$m respectively. 9efine specific speed 2$. 2he ends of this compound pipe connected with two tan(s1 whose difference of water levels is 1&m. "ccounting for the variation of specific heats of air with temperature1 determine (a) the maximum temperature and pressure that occur during the cycle1 (b) the networ( output1 (c) the thermal efficiency1 and (d ) the mean effective pressure for the cycle. AindB 1. (a).1 bar. 9raw the 2@< diagram of 3an(ine cycle and explain it.$$/1 9etermine the discharge through a compound pipe neclecting first the minor losses and then including them (1$) (43) 2+ (b) 6riefly discuss about the various losses occurred in flow through pipes and explain it 2/.C ?ar(s) Compulsory 9escriptive =uestion 21. 2hey are connected in serious to ma(e a compound pipe. <hort "nswer =uestions (/x2>1$ ?ar(s) 1&. 2he compression is isentropic and there is no under cooling in the condenser (1$) 2+. " steam power plant is supplied with dry saturated steam at a pressure of 12 bar and exhausts in to a condenser at $.9 9escriptive =uestions with Choice ?ar(s) (+x1$>+$ 22. (b). (1$) 43 (1x1$>1$ 2!. Explain the wor(ing principle of single acting and double acting reciprocating pump !ection " .