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/he "om#le!it& o) this mira"le is mind2(oggling. 2 . and that is ==.%no$ $h&< We also understand that there is onl& one thing on arth that heals or "ures the human (od&. >ust as it has )or all our "lients.. . /he natural $a& o) (ringing &our (od& (a"% into health $or%s *00 out o) *00 times. /his a##roa"h al$a&s $or%s (e"ause &our (od& 3innate intelligen"e4 onl& %no$s health.than ever in the histor& o) man%ind. most disease2ridden "ivili0ation in the histor& o) man%ind. most over$eight.ur ine!#ensive.'odern Ameri"a s#ends more mone& on disease #revention than an& other "ivili0ation in histor&. #regnant or not. /he human (od&< We understand $hat "auses disease and $e understand ho$ disease is reversed. ho$ and $h& &our (od& $ill give &ou o#timum health ever& time using trul& natural methods. nature is smarter than man "an thin%. anti2aging. 'ean$hile./he smarter $e get. living 3i) &ou "an "all it that. /o (elieve that this same innate intelligen"e needs man’s hel# to %ee# that (a(& health& de)ies logi"< As nature is not onl& smarter than man thin%s. ho$ to reverse disease. Ho$ "an this (e #ossi(le7 Who %no$s $h& this is7 We at . Dis"over true health no$. male or )emale. .'. no matter $hat (lood t&#e or dosha &ou ma& (e. ho$ to #revent disease. $e su##l& a health& non2to!i" egg and seed4. IT’S COMMON!!! 'ore mone& has (een s#ent and more %no$ledge gained in the realm o) health and disease sin"e *+00 than in all o) #revious histor& "om(ined. No matter $here &ou live. most de#ressed. /hese so"ieties are virtuall& disease2)ree.DISEASE IS NOT NATURAL. the si"%er $e (e"ome. .. Whether it’s $eight loss. )rom in)ants to seniors. right no$. 1et $e are the si"%est.ased on these )a"ts. small ailments or the most serious o) diseases.NA/8R ’9 W:9D. (e"ome &ounger as &ou gro$ older 2 it’s sim#le. Des#ite the tremendous advan"es in medi"al s"ien"e over the #ast *00 &ears. logi" $ould di"tate. there are *+ other "ivili0ations living to an average age o) *00 2 *20. non2invasive methods o) Natural Health Counseling $ill allo$ &our (od& to heal itsel). :nnate intelligen"e ma%es a #er)e"t (a(& ever& time 3#rovided. /he& are in health until the da& the& die. there is more disease . as the last *2 &ears o) li)e on average are usuall& not #leasant4 to an average age o) 56. /hrough our Natural Health Counseling &ou $ill learn $hat "auses disease. ine!#ensive and highl& e))e"tive.toda&.

"an"er. $e are si"%er toda& 3right no$4 than $e have ever (een. 9o mu"h more "ould (e said regarding the tremendous advan"es made in medi"al s"ien"e o) toda& as "om#ared to *+00.Is There A Need For Natural Healin ! 3A4:n *+00. o)ten )rom 2 or more diseasesE this is a F@0? in"rease in disease sin"e *+00. /hese "ivili0ations have no nutritionists.4. (ut it’s not 2 it’s >ust "ommon< /here are *+ other "ivili0ations in"luding the Hun0a o) the northern Himala&as living to an average age o) *20 &ears. 3C4/he hos#ital industr& is "urrentl& ran%ed in the to# @ industries in the 8nited 9tates. 3D4'ulti2trillions o) dollars have (een s#ent on disease #revention sin"e *+00. do"tors. 3H4/he training o) toda&’s do"tors is )ar su#erior to the training availa(le in *+00.49in"e *+00 $e have gained more %no$ledge in disease #revention than in all #revious histor& "om(ined. /he Ameri"an 'edi"al Asso"iation and the World Health . /he& do not )all a#art as the& get older. hos#itals. :n )a"t. #harma"ies nor disease.' %no$ ho$< :s there a need )or &ou to understand natural healing7 1ou (et there is< Wh&7 . /here $ere ver& )e$ Allo#athi" 3traditional4 do"tors in *+00. 3. 9o logi" $ould di"tate there is mu"h less disease toda& than in *+00. . /here $ere ver& )e$ hos#itals in *+00. this )alling a#art o) the (od& as $e get older seems normal. /hese "ivili0ations are in virtual health until the last )e$ da&s o) their long health& lives.000 #harma"euti"al outlets. /here $ere )e$ ADrug 9tores. 'ost remar%a(le o) all.e"ause natural healing $or%s ever& time. 3B4/he eCui#ment and methods used toda& in the diagnosis and treatment o) disease are in"redi(le $hen "om#ared to $hat $as used in *+00. dia(etes. 9"ien"e "om#ares their 502&ear2old $omen to our F02&ear2old $omen in loo%s and #h&siolog&. 3 . :magine all the (oo%s that )ill the medi"al ar"hives. :n )a"t. the& o)ten don’t have their (a(ies until the& rea"h their 50’s. Ho$ is this #ossi(le7 We at NA/8R ’9 W:9D. distri(uting "ountless amounts o) drugs dail&. over 50? o) Ameri"a’s #o#ulation (e&ond the age o) 40 su))ers )rom some )orm o) a "hroni" degenerative disease. the& don’t %no$ $hat disease is. 3 4/here are "urrentl& some @00. 3D4/oda& $e have one o) the (est do"tor2#atient ratios in the $orld. 20? o) all Ameri"ans over the age o) 40 su))ered )rom some )orm o) "hroni" degenerative disease 3heart disease. et". right7 Des#ite all the tremendous advan"es in medi"ine sin"e the turn o) the "entur&.Ameri"a is in the $orst e#idemi" o) "hroni" degenerative disease that man%ind has ever %no$n<When "om#ared to ea"h other and to other $esterni0ed " *+00.rgani0ation (oth admit.

/he num(er o) #h&si"ians on hard drugs 3heroin. A""ording to the Ameri"an 'edi"al Asso"iation $e are "urrentl& living to an average age o) 56. A""ording to a series arti"les #rinted in the Ne$ 1or% /imes.The M"th o# Health in A$eri%a /he medi"al industr& $ould have us (elieve that $e are the healthiest. /he truth is Ameri"a is a si"% "ountr&< ++? o) its inha(itants su))er in some manner )rom minor ailments to ver& deadl& diseases.400. Not onl& did the #eo#le o) the earl& *+00s o)ten live longer than the #eo#le o) toda&. :n *++6 the third leading "ause o) death in Ameri"a $as. it made the #eo#le o) the earl& *+00s seem li%e the& had short li)e s#ans. • • 4 . not "olds and )lu. the last *2 3on average4 o) our 56 &ears are s#ent "erti)ia(l& si"% (& a #h&si"ian.9. /he medi"al industr& $ould have us (elieve that $e are a"tuall& living longer toda& than $e did in *+00. (est2)ed nation on earth. Pu(li" Health 9ervi"e re"ogni0es a mere F. When &ou )a"tor in the a(normall& high in)ant mortalit& rate o) the earl& *+00s $ith the #eo#le’s li)es#an that survived in)an"&.000 o) our over 25@. the& lived a mu"h higher Cualit& o) li)e than $e do toda&. :n those "ities $here the stri%es too% #la"e. We’re tal%ing ma>or dis"om)orts. are &ou read&7 'edi"al Drugs< /he @th leading "ause o) death in the 8nited 9tates is in)e"tious disease "ontra"ted $hile sta&ing in a hos#ital. /hat is not an a""urate statement. Ameri"aHs $orst drug o))enders are #h&si"ians.000. /he )ollo$ing are some alarming statisti"s o) Ameri"a’s health #i"ture : thin% the #u(li" should (e made a$are o)G • • • /here have (een )our medi"al do"tor stri%es in the last *0 &ears. /he truth is the #eo#le o) the earl& *+00s $ho lived #ast in)an"& usuall& lived as long i) not longer lives than do the #eo#le $ho live #ast in)an"& o) toda&. "o"aine. :n the earl& *+00s $e had an a(normall& high in)ant mortalit& rate due to unsanitar& "onditions and malnutrition. o#ium et". Ho$ever. the death rate dro##ed (et$een 40 and 60?.4 is a(out *+ times greater then the num(er addi"ted to the same drug among the general #o#ulation. /he 8.000 #eo#le as (eing health&< /his is onl& * ?.

000 3*. I5? o) all "ases o) #olio in the 89 $ere "aused (& the #olio va""ine. :n *+20 $e dro##ed to J2.000. :n *+I4 K400 (illion $ere s#ent on Lhealth "are.I00 in &earl& medi"al "osts.L Nearl& all Ameri"ans su))er )rom digestive disorders.000 3*0?4 asthmati"s in this "ountr&.000. .000.000. During WW:: $e $ent (a"% u# to J*.000 are made to hos#ital emergen"& rooms and "lini"s.000. e"0ema. )amil& vegeta(le gardens $ere "ommon and do"tors $ere a$a& at $ar. verett Coo# "on"luded in his stud& o) $h& $e get disease that. /here are a(out 6*.000 visits are made to #h&si"ians annuall& in the 8.@?4 have (ad teeth. /he most )reCuentl& used drugs are "a))eine.000. :nsulin $as dis"overed in *+22. A(out **. Another estimated *I0. . :n *+00 dia(etes $as the 25th leading "ause o) death. A(out 60. theine 3in tea4. . /here are a(out 25. /his means diseases "aused (& do"tor’s treatments. /he $ar ended and (& *+5I $e $ere ran%ed 5+th. :n 2004 it $as the Frd leading "ause o) death.000.000 36@?4 su))er less severe )orms o) s%in disease su"h as a"ne.000.400.@00. 60? are over$eight.000 Ameri"ans are hoo%ed on one or more drug ha(its. As sugar and meat $ere hard to get. moles. mouth$ashes.000.000 3*F?4 have no teeth o) their o$n.9. . An estimated @@.ver @.ver 60? o) the Ameri"an #o#ulation su))ers )rom de)e"tive vision.ver @0? o) Ameri"ans su))er )rom "hroni" digestive disorders.000..@00.ver 25.L a"h )amil& $as saddled $ith an average o) K6. F6. theo(romine 3in "o"oa and "ho"olate4 and vinegar. 'ost o) our #o#ulation 3+I.000. 3in "o))ee and so)t drin%s4.9. as#irin.000.) the *00 #arti"i#ating nations. $arts. (lot"hes. the Ameri"an mouth is a disaster area.000 Ameri"ans 34?4 su))er )rom the s%in disease #soriasis. )luoridated $ater. /he average Ameri"an "hild has si! "avities (& s"hool age.4 /rillion4 $ere s#ent in 2002 on health "are 3thatHs $hat the& "all it2 a"tuall& itHs $hat Ameri"ans s#end on diseases4. . Nine out o) ten Ameri"ans 3200.000.000 Ameri"ans 320?4 su))er high (lood #ressure 3h&#ertension4.000.000 Ameri"ans 322?4 su))er )rom allergies. al"ohol. Consti#ation is a national disease.A.@00. /here are some *+.000.. K*.000 322?4 insomnia"s in Ameri"a. /ranCuili0ers are a $a& o) li)e )or millions o) Ameri"ans. Ameri"a $as rated the healthiest in *+00. A(out *. . /he Washington Post stated that des#ite thousands o) tons o) tooth#aste.0004 su))er )rom "logged "olons. it $as *00?. :n *+I0.ver 40.ver +F. :n *+55 9urgeon Deneral teeth are s&m#tomati" o) (ad diet. $e $ere +@th.000 35?4 dia(eti"s or near dia(eti"s in Ameri"a. mostl& indire"tl& through ta!es. :n *++0 $e $ere ran%ed last 3*00 th4 and have remained there.000 slee#ing #ills are "onsumed annuall&. .000. de"a&ed and de)ormed teeth are so #revalent that the& are "onsidered normal. Another F@0. /hat "om#ares to @I. dental "avities. 5 . An estimated 20. salt and other "ondiments.I out o) *0 diseases are "aused (& im#ro#er diet. . 1et nearl& all Ameri"ans are malnourished in one $a& or another des#ite gross overeating. /he 8. . and )rom *+I0 through *+I+. ni"otine.ver 200. /he Ith largest %iller o) Ameri"ans is "alled iatrogeni" disease.000 Ameri"ans 3*0?4 su))er )rom Lmental illness. Billings.000 (ar(iturate and am#hetamine #ills are ta%en annuall& (& Ameri"ans.6? in *+@4.• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • /he Bederal Center o) Disease Control admitted that (et$een *+5F and *+IF.000. et". /oda& I6? o) Ameri"aHs "hildren "annot #ass a minimum #h&si"al )itness test. rashes.000.000 Ameri"ans 3F4?4 are o(ese.000.000 Ameri"ans $ill s#end some time in a hos#ital ea"h &ear. Pu(li" Health 9ervi"e determined $hi"h nation $as the healthiest in the $orld. et".

000.000. .000 Ameri"ans 322?4 su))er )rom severe heart disease. /hese "onditions are largel& the result o) a #athogeni" diet o) "oo%ed. • A##ro!imatel& out o) )ive Ameri"ans under the age o) *5 alread& has a "hroni" disease. Auto#sies o) our most )it &oung men $ho died on the Morean (attle)ields sho$ed that 55? o) them alread& had heart disease.000.ver 600. • /here are over 2*@. am#hetamines. /hree out o) ten Ameri"ans 3FF?4 $ill have "an"er this &ear.A. tranCuili0ers. Heart s#e"ialists sa& ever&one over thirt& has some )orm o) heart disease.000 Ameri"ans undergo surger& ea"h &ear. nutrition "ourses amount to less then F hours o) training. (eing (ut one o) some *I #oisons ta%en into the s&stem (& smo%ers.iologists state that a health& heart should serve the organism )or at least F00 &ears. • • • • • • • • 6 . :n man& "ountries almost no "an"er e!ists. (ar(iturates.000 3600 (illion4 "igarettes are smo%ed annuall& in the 8. #ro"essed. and over *+. Ni"otine is a deadl& nar"oti".000 as#irin are ta%en dail& in the 8.000. de)e"tive or other$ise seriousl& handi"a##ed (e"ause o) (rain #ro(lems.000. • Ameri"ans $ill su))er a(out I0 million "olds this &ear.000. Auto#sies have indi"ated that ever& "hild over the age o) )our alread& has in"i#ient to severe "ardia" #ro(lems.000. nota(l& the analgesi"s. /his is a(out +@ #er"ent o) our #o#ula"e.000 Ameri"ans 3*6?4 su))er )rom tinnitus or Lringing in the ears.000 tons4 o) as#irin a &ear.L • Nearl& @0.000.000. Ameri"ans eat an average o) *50 #ounds ea"h &ear.000 $omen su(mitted to h&stere"tomies.000. • Arthritis and rheumati" "om#laints $ill a))e"t 55? o) our adult F0 have training in nutrition and among those F0. a nar"oti" drug.000 Ameri"ans use to(a""o. • Almost ever& (a(& in Ameri"a has alread& (een drugged (e)ore (irth.H distur(ed. . /his amounts to a(out @0. 'ost mental de)i"ien"ies result )rom the "hild (eing drugged via the mother during #regnan"&. either (& #h&si"ians or (& drugs in the motherHs (loodstream $hen she is drugged 3$hi"h is o)ten4. • .000. 8ntreated "an"er vi"tims a"tuall& live u# to )our times longer than treated individuals.ver 6*.9.000. • An estimated 44.000 Ameri"ans 34F?4 drin% al"ohol. 50@. . Hardl& an Ameri"an alive has not at some time (een su(>e"ted to nar"oti" drugs (& their #h&si"ians or "ommonl& sold nostrums the&Hve (ought themselves.9. #reserved and im#ro#er )oods.000. o#ium2(ased drugs 3"ough medi"ines4.ver **+.000.A. et".ver I. .000 su))erers 3*0?4 o) arthritis. /here are *2@ medi"al s"hools in the 8nited 9tates.000 35?4 are "hroni" al"oholi"s. • Ameri"ans "onsume a(out F@0 trillion 3F@0. 9ome 20.000 sugar addi"ts in Ameri"a. Currentl& there are a##ro!imatel& 25.000 #ounds 32@. I0? o) these #eo#le $ill die and their death $ill (e attri(uted to "an"er. drug ha(its and la"% o) health)ul #ra"ti"es. . Nearl& @0? o) Ameri"ans die o) heart disease or "ardiovas"ular #ro(lems. A(out 60. • :n *+5@. Can"er is the num(er one "ause o) death among our "hildren. /he average "hild under )our $ill su))er eight "olds a &ear. as#irins.• • Nearl& all Ameri"ans su))er )rom leu%o"&tolsis and a #athologi"all& high heart(eat. 3m& nutritional training lasted &ears4 9urve&s.000 "hildren are Hmentall& retarded.000 Ameri"ans 35?4 su))er )rom ul"ers. • .000. tests and health evaluation #rograms reveal that Ameri"aHs #h&si"ians are si"%er and more diseased than the average Ameri"an.0004 "u#s o) "o))ee a &ear.000.

"ause.and the .) "ourse not< /he )ire 3the "ause4 $as le)t untou"hed.$ith.NAO D B:C NC: 94 in the (od&.diseases su"h as A:D9. that $hen it "omes to something "alled .CR:9:9 CAR . not im#roved. /his (e"ause $e need to $or% .more dangerous disease.Com#lementar&.o) one’s .N:C/1 and N8/R/:. 9AR9 and '.ut $hen it "omes to treating ailments. Charles Partito "are. As this term suggests.s&m#tom.s&m#toms. illness or disease. /he human (od& $as not designed to have s&m#toms.'9.or .N W.are guaranteed to go a$a&. /his as a result o) (eing treated (& traditional health "are. /raditional medi"ine "om#letel& ignores the ."ause. 'ost o) the statisti"s listed herein are more then 20 &ears oldE sin"e then all o) the statisti"s have $orsened. and the .s&m#tomE.o) the "risis "are as#e"t o) traditional health "are." "are. 'ost #eo#le (elieve that s&m#toms are >ust a #art o) li)e.CA89 . Cutting the $ires sto#s the ringing 3the s&m#tom4 (ut did $e a"tuall& #ut out the )ire (& "utting the alarm $ires7 . and is guaranteed to do )urther damage. there are numerous .NM 1 P. Natural Health CounselorP Nutritionist 7 . /reating onl& the . :n )a"t.. $hen in )a"t it is the "ontinuation o) the same old disease."$. gun shot $ounds.91'P/.the . o)ten illogi"al and at times do$n right (ar(ari".is li%e "utting the $ires to a )ire then guaranteed to re2mani)est itsel) into something mu"h $orse later do$n the road.N.s& the )ire.Alternative.4. /his is (e"ause the medi"al mindset is trained e!"lusivel& in the diagnoses and treatment o) one’s . Dr. /he )ire alarm is onl& the . .3/. /he onl& reason $e get s&m#toms is (e"ause $e have done something $rong. Oet it (e said.3"ar a""idents. to get rid o). et". At that #oint &our do"tor $ill then tell &ou that &ou have a . or to eliminate. traditional health "are is a "om#lete )ailure.and leave the .then mas%ing these s&m#toms $ith drugs and surgeries.along side.s&m#tom.D./here are man& more alarming statisti"s that "ould (e added to this list. /he #ro#er term $ould (e . Deal $ith onl& the .Remove the . traditional medi"al "are is (& )ar the ver& (est in the $orld< :t is )or this reason that $e need to eliminate the term .

(ut the "ause remani)ests itsel) into the se"ond stage o) disease "alledG . &our do"tor $ill "over these s&m#toms $ith more #o$er)ul medi"ines. Ho$ do $e (e"ome to!i"7 /he onl& $a& $e (e"ome to!i" and nutritionall& de)i"ient is through $hat $e "onsume. .) "ourse. on a "ertain level disease 3all s&m#toms are a )orm o) disease to one degree or another4 is our )riend. this stage is "alledG . as the (od& is )ar too si"%. it "ertainl& is smart enough to undo disease and give us health. dia(etes. the F rd stage o) disease $ill (egin and this stage is "alledG .D A/HDet rid o) the "ause 3to!i"it&4 and add the nutrients that the (od& is la"%ing 3during an& o) the *st )our stages o) disease4.!i"it&-. 9&m#toms o) "hroni" disease ma& in"ludeG ul"ers. /he "hemi"als that "om#ose the medi"ine $ill mas% the s&m#toms (ut the "ause 3to!i"it&4 is never dealt $ith. #rovided $e give our (od& $hat it is designed to "onsume./his is sim#l& a )orm o) vi"arious elimination. arthritis. diverti"ulitis. diarrhea and )ever. 9o. 9o the s&m#toms are sto##ed.) "ourse.During this stage there is ver& little vi"arious elimination (& the (od&. also %no$n as BO8. heart disease. i) innate intelligen"e is smart enough to give us disease to %ee# us alive longer. allergies. We earn disease< :n )a"t. Neither man nor medi"ine is "a#a(le o) healing the (od&E onl& the (od& is "a#a(le o) healing itsel). 3Please %ee# in mind that this little #am#hlet $as not $ritten )or the #ur#ose o) de)ending or dis"ussing e!haustivel& the a(ove assertions4 8 . as the (od& is "om#letel& sel)2 "ontained. /hese s&m#toms too $ill (e mas%ed (& &our do"tor’s meds allo$ing the "ause 3to!i"it&4 to again multi#l& into the 4th stage o) disease %no$n asG . the (od& or . so the s&m#toms in"rease to in"lude vomiting.CHR. %idne&P(ladder #ro(lems or stones. /his is the #remise o) Natural Healing and this is $h& Natural Healing is hundreds o) #er"ent more su""ess)ul than traditional health "are in restoring health. "an"er. s%in disorders.The & sta es o# Disease' /he )irst stage o) disease is "alled . as the (od& has little vitalit& le)t. our (od& 3innate intelligen"e4 gives us disease in the )a"e o) our $rong doing in order to %ee# us alive longer.N:C D:9 A9 .innate intelligen"e.2AC8/ .98. :n other $ords.N:C D D N RA/:Q D:9 A9 . et". /hus one $ill "ontinue $ith the same li)est&le 2 allo$ing to!i"it& to )urther (uild in the (od&. and as a result. When the normal "hannels o) eliminating meta(oli" and to!i" $aste (e"ome "ongested due too mu"h to!i"it&. . Ho$ever. "om#letel& ignoring the "ause 2 . h&#ertension./his stage is a "ontinuation o) vi"arious elimination (& the (od&. /his is also re)erred to as a "ommon "old.#la"es this $aste in mu"us mem(ranes and sends the mu"us to the nasal "avities )or elimination out o) the nostrils. "olitis.During this stage o) disease there is no vi"arious elimination (eing #er)ormed (& the (od&. the "ause 3to!i"it&4 again ignored thus allo$ing the @ th and )inal stage o) disease to develo#. /hese s&m#toms ma& in"lude senilit&. asthma. #leuris&.CHR. et". We then treat the s&m#tom 3runn& or stu))& nose4 $ith medi"ine. and health $ill a(ound. As $ithout disease $e "ould die instantl&.AC8/ . em#h&sema. the (od& is no$ more to!i". these s&m#toms too are mas%ed via surger& and medi"ations.

@II2. No matter $here &ou live.Nutrition and its Relationshi# to Health. /his a##roa"h $or%s ever& time< 8nli%e /raditional Health Care $e a"tuall& edu"ate &ou on $hat is going on inside &our (od&.or .4 8nli%e /raditional Health Care $e re"ogni0e that the main "auses o) Dis2ease and Disease are due to a la"% o) nutrition. and reading material. Candida 3&east4. #rostate. intestinal. $ith rare e!"e#tion.Health&. anti2aging. We do this throughG Phone Consultations Bree ta#ed le"tures.nothing in (et$een. We deal $ith the a"tual "ause and not >ust the s&m#tom. )ertilit&. All their tests are designed to )ind si"% or de)ormed "ells. a"id re)lu!. (reathing #ro(lems.4+6.Dis2ease."all us toll )ree at I66. and $h& it’s going to (e healed and sta& healed. a"hes and #ains.Diseased.. Nature’s Wisdom has a #rogram that $ill $or% )or &ou< 1ou $ill in a sense (e"ome &ounger as &ou gro$ older< Bor more in)ormation and a )ree invalua(le 'PF Do$nload 2 . . #arasites. Ho$ it ha##ened. /here are @ (asi" reasons $h& Nature’s Wisdom has hundreds o) #er"ent more "lient su""ess rate than an& /raditional means o) restoring one’s healthG We re"ogni0e that it is onl& the (od& that is "a#a(le o) healing the (od&. No matter &our age.Health&. 9o (ased on the results o) &our tests. and to!i"it&. $e re"ommend in $riting a diet (ased on &our (od&’s nutritional needs allo$ing &our (od& to heal itsel).What is Nature’s Wisdom7 Nature’s Wisdom is a nutritional "ounseling servi"e $or%ing $orld $ide on im#lementing the t&#es o) )oods and $hole )ood su##lementation 3i) an&4 ne"essar& )or the human (od& 3de#ending on the individual’s needs4 in order to )a"ilitate and maintain the highest #lateau o) #h&si"al health. ADD. . (lood #ressure to the most serious o) diseases and an&thing in (et$een. Nutritionists or H&gienists do not understand the human (od&’s true needs o) nutrition. 3Oearn more a(out our testing on the ne!t #age. /raditional Health Care onl& sees the (od& as . :) no si"% "ells are )ound then &ou are la(eled . and su(seCuentl& "annot (ring a(out nor maintain true health. Do"tors. se!. more energ&.esides Health& or Diseased there is a F rd state that in )a"t most (odies are in.ur test re"ogni0es all F states..46F. hormonal. 9o $hether it’s $eight loss. "hemi"al #oisoning.Nothing "ould (e )urther )rom the truth< . s%in #ro(lems. /his state is "alled .ur :nternational J is +0+.'eaning not Cuite health& &et not te"hni"all& diseased. ra"e or "reed. 8n)ortunatel&. heada"hes.F2@2 9 .

1ou $ill dis"overG (our )od"’s Current Nutritional State Ho* +ell (ou Assi$ilate +hat (ou Eat Real Ans*ers As To +h" "ou Feel The +a" (ou Do A *a" To Restore And Maintain (our Health /his is done through our ela(orate testingE Dr.H le.rodu%in To (our Health +h" (ou Cra.els . . Partito $ill #ersonall& determine &our "om#lete health #i"ture (& anal&0ing the )ollo$ingG Li. Si$/le.Health throu h the $ail! Brom the #riva"& and "onvenien"e o) &our o$n home. /he #ri"e in"ludes return !#ress overnight #a"%agingE >ust #la"e it in the mail.e The Foods That Har$ (ou +hat 2ita$ins (ou’re De#i%ient +hat Minerals (ou’re De#i%ient I# (ou’re De#i%ient In A$ino A%ids I# (ou’re De#i%ient In Fatt" A%ids And So Mu%h More."om. saving (oth time and mone& on #rodu"ts &ou don’t and -idne" %on estion Adrenal +hat (ou Di est I# The Nutrients (ou Are A1sor1in Are )ein Assi$ilated )" (our )od" +hi%h Foods Are The Most Har$#ul And Health .atholo " s%reenin +hi%h Food T"/es (ou Are And Are Not Di estin O# +hi%h En0"$es (ou Are De#i%ient I# (our Food Is )ein .ur :nternational J is +0+.@II2 or email us at "harlesRe>uva. Bor more details #lease "all us toll )ree at I66. "onvenient.lan For (our )od"’s Indi. #erha#s )or the )irst time ever. /his eliminates all the guess$or%. &ou $ill.F2@2 10 . ine!#ensive and it $or%s (etter then an&thing else on earth< /he tests "ost a##ro!imatel& K25@. In%ludin A Co$/lete.idual Nutritional Needs +hi%h +ill Allo* (our )od" To Heal Itsel#4 :t’s 9im#le. +ritten Ste/3)"3Ste/ Nutritional Is . gain true insight into $here &our (od& stands nutritionall&.els Chloride and" A1sor1ed Ho* +ell (our Li.

Without the aid o) medi"ine or surger&. and o(esit&. 3Charles age FI 2F0 l(s riddled $ith . /hen : met Dr. Partito Dr. Ro((insE as a result Charles "ured himsel) o) liver.:n"ura( the (od& is "a#a(le o) healing the (od&. (& age 40 : "ould >og non2sto# )or 2 hours. No$ he does his testing through the mail and his "onsultations over the #hone. and (e"ause o) his #henomenal su""esses $ith his lo"al "lientele he de"ided to ta%e his message $orld$ide. and a noted le"turer on Natural Healing. Charles Partito. . Dr. Dr.At the age o) FI : $as literall& )alling a#art at the seams.D.disease43Charles 40 something*6@ l(s a)ter a 2 hour >og. : $as no longer o(ese and healthier then : have (een sin"e : $as a "hild. #rostate diseases. As a result his unsur#assed "lient su""ess rate is no$ $orld$ide. adrenal )atigue. "atara"ts. :t seemed this $as m& destin& a)ter (eing a su#erior athlete all through m& &outh 3$hi"h in"luded a Dolden Dlove a$ard and "ollege )oot(all o))ers4. Ro((ins and learned a(out true natural healing. "om#letel& disease )ree4 11 . N.e>uva. Partito earned a degree (& stud&ing )ood "hemistr& and its relationshi# to the human (od& at the College o) Natural Health. Partito is a )ounding mem(er o) the 'ountain Healing Arts Asso"iation. is a "erti)ied Natural Health Counselor and a "erti)ied Nutritional Consultant. o) )ive su""ess)ul "or#orations in"luding >uva :ntestinal Cleanse and Re>uvenation s&stem 3$$$. Charles studied under the legendar& Dr.: "ouldn’t $al% more than *00 &ards $ithout )alling to m& %nees gas#ing )or air. H&#ogl&"emia. Nature’s Wisdom. With his message o) . Partito then o#ened his natural healing "lini".'eet Dr.."om4.he has had in"al"ula(le su""esses as this a##roa"h $or%s ever& time )or ever&(od&. (ut &ou must give &our (od& $hat it $as designed to "onsume in order to a"hieve true health. He is the C . : literall& (e"ame &ounger as : gre$ older. : tried numerous treatments and diets (ut nothing $or%ed. lung. Dr. s%in and gum disorders. intestinal.

or needed dia#ers.. : reall& donHt have an& Cuestions. : $as )or"ed to $ear adult dia#ers as : lost "ontrol o) m& (o$els. Almost ever&thing : ate : vomited (a"% u#. Partito re"entl& re"eived some #ress "overage (e"ause o) his $or% assisting an A:D9 #atient in ridding himsel) o) A:D9. Dr. #lease let me %no$. He dis"overed that .not to mention the 4@ #ounds : lost< : am eternall& grate)ul to him )or hel#ing me $ith m& son as $ell. : >ust $anted to let &ou %no$ that : never re"eived an& o) the su##lements. :) $e donHt need to tal%. He has also had su""ess hel#ing #atients "ure themselves o) ever&thing )rom asthma to allergies to "an"er. :t originall& $as the si0e o) a Mi$i. '& lum# is >ust a(out gone. No$ at age 50 m& diverti"ulitis is "om#letel& "ured< : no$ $or% out a )e$ times a $ee% at the g&mE : do &oga and Pilates as $ell. : thought it to (e . : %no$ Natural Healing saved m& li)eE : reall& did (e"ome &ounger as : gre$ older< 9hirle& P)iel. Partito re"ommends that m& (od& $ould in )a"t heal itsel).Natural Healing. : do$nloaded the re"i#es )rom lainaHs $e(site and m& )riend gave me a >ui"ing )or li)e (oo% as $ell as a vegetarian "oo%(oo% that she #u(lished. Charles is the o$ner o) >uva. '& do"tor 3at the time4 $ould give me shots and #ills that tem#oraril& relieved m& s&m#toms (ut the& al$a&s "ame (a"%. Oa%e Arro$head CA Hi Charles. : "ould $al% $ith almost no #ain. *0 da&s later : no longer vomited. Partito )or over seven months no$. : $ill s#ea% $ith &ou on 'onda&. the (est intestinal "leanse on the #lanet< 2Oaura Cruger Bo! /here are literall& hundreds o) testimonials li%e these. 3 ReG a rare t&#e o) (reast "an"er4 Ho#e &ou had a good /han%sgiving. : $as (ed ridden )or nearl& a &ear.that Dr. Charles Partito N. : am "om#letel& out o) ever&thing. ho$ever. 12 . and : am ha##& to re#ort in"reased energ& levels. a de"rease in the severit& o) m& h&#ogl&"emia2it is on itHs $a& out2and diminished de)i"ien"ies. /hen one da& : $as told i) : tried this . Oittle (& little : am $or%ing to$ard (e"oming I0? Ra$.(ut $ith nothing to lose : thought :’d give it a tr&. :t is smaller than a tin& #ea. Dr.ho"us #o"us. a disease a))e"ting the large (o$el.Testi$onials At the age o) 6I : $as diagnosed $ith Diverti"ulitis. When : tried to get out o) (ed : $ould )all to the )loor (e"ause the #ain $as so intense. usuall& $orse then (e)ore. stelle 3)rom a maga0ine arti"le4 : have (een $or%ing $ith Dr.en>amin had severe "al"ium and vitamin " de)i"ien"ies $hi"h $e are no$ "orre"ting. : $as in su"h #ain most the time that : literall& $anted to die..D.

5uotes to .Natures Birst Oa$ .'oliere .Disease is a natural result o(tained )rom an unnatural li)est&le.Hi##o"rates . Ri"hard Anderson .Dr..Ann Wigmore .'ost #eo#le "ommit slo$ sui"ide (& $hat the& #la"e at the ti# o) their )or%./here are some truths $hi"h are so o(vious and )or that ver& reason are not re"ogni0ed (& ordinar& #eo#le.Pon"e de Oeon $andered around loo%ing )or the )ountain o) &outh and all the $hile his mare $as gra0ing on it..onder . dead or denatured )oodstu))s.Death "annot )eed li)e.Dr.Denesis *G2+ . Nature laughs at its so2"alled s"ienti)i" %no$ledge.William Words$orth .. it is no $onder so )e$ #eo#le are "on"erned a(out the #ro(lem o) internal )ilth. un"ultured./homas dison .Natures Birst Oa$ .Natures Birst Oa$ /hen Dod said. /here are no s#e"i)i" diseasesE there are s#e"i)i" disease "onditions./homas 'o))et .Do"tors sim#l& address the s&m#toms "aused (& the "onsum#tion o) "oo%ed.....Oet &our )ood (e &our medi"ine and &our medi"ine (e &our )ood./he s#e"i)i" disease do"trine is the grand re)uge o) the $ea%. su"h as no$ rule the medi"al #ro)ession. /he& $ill (e &ours )or )ood.With su"h great em#hasis #la"ed on "leanliness in so"iet&.Nature never did (etra& a heart that loved her.: give &ou ever& seed2(aring #lant on the )a"e o) the $hole arth and ever& tree that has )ruit $ith seed in it.Nearl& all #eo#le die o) their medi"ines.. Charles Partito 13 .Bloren"e Nightingale ./he Sui"e 'an... . and not o) their illnesses..8ntil humanit& "an du#li"ate a (lade o) grass. unsta(le minds.Humans dig their graves $ith their o$n teeth and die more (& those )ated instruments then (& the $ea#ons o) their enemies.

do no harm<. Denius /he do"tor o) the )uture $ill give no medi"ine.2is Medi%atri6 Naturae7 333 8The Healin . in $hi"h $e are )eeding #eo#le #oisons tr&ing to "orre"t the rea"tions o) starvation.Dr. . or the ina(ilit& to ta%e a" o) the (iggest tragedies o) human "ivili0ation is the #re"eden"e o) "hemi"al thera#& over nutrition. 1ou "annot #oison the (od& (a"% into health-.. Ro&al Oee. : have never seen a #erson $ho died o) old age &et.en>amin Rush #h&si"ian. D. the time $ill "ome $hen medi"ine $ill organi0e itsel) into an under"over di"tatorshi# to restri"t the art o) healing.. and in the "ause and #revention o) disease.8nless $e #ut medi"al )reedom in the " Chemistr&.Na#oleon Hill ND 14 .Dr. du"ator. in diet. Patriot leader and signer o) the De"laration o) :nde#enden"e ... PhD. le"turer .What ma%es me so "ertain that the natural human li)es#an is )ar in e!"ess o) the a"tual one is this.D. o) #oisons over )ood.Hi##o"rates . We invaria(l& die (e"ause one vital #art has $orn out too earl& in #ro#ortion to the rest o) the (od&.All medi"ines are s&ntheti"E #oisonous to the human (od&.Pro"rastination... Soel Ro((ins '. Bounder o) /he College o) Natural Health. N.Birst. Writer. (ut $ill interest his #atients in the "are o) the human )rame. :n . :t is the su(stitution o) arti)i"ial thera#& over natural. 9"ientist.. /homas Se))erson ..Dr.o*er o# Nature7 . Dr. :nventor. Among all m& auto#sies 3and : have #re)ormed over *0004.C.D. is the num(er one reason )or )ailure. author. Hans 9el&e ..