Tech MATLAB PROJECTS 2013-2014
BMS1. BMS2. BMS3. BMS4. BMS5. BMS6. BMS7. BMS8. BMS9. BMS10. BMS11. BMS12. BMS13. BMS14. BMS15. BMS16. BMS17. Power Quality Improvement Using Repetitive Controlled Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Various Faults Sag/Swell Migration Using Multi Converter Uni ied Power Quality Conditioner ! "ew #ig$%& iciency Single%P$ase 'rans ormer less Pv Inverter 'opology ! "ew !pproac$ to Multi unctional Dynamic Voltage Restorer Implementation or &mergency Control in Distri(ution Systems Dynamic Sta(ility Improvement o an Integrated )rid%Connected * s$ore +ind Farm and Marine%Current Farm Using a S'!'C*M ,ow Fre-uency *scillations Damping (y Static Sync$ronous Series Compensator &-uipped wit$ an !u.iliary Fu//y ,ogic Controller Fault Detection and Mitigation in Multilevel Converter S'!'C*Ms UPQC%S0 ! "ovel Concept o Simultaneous Voltage Sag/Swell and ,oad Reactive Power Compensations Utili/ing Series Inverter o UPQC &nergy Management and Power Control o a #y(rid !ctive +ind )enerator or Distri(uted Power )eneration and )rid Integration Modeling !nd Simulation Researc$ *n Closed ,oop Servo System Design * ! #y(rid PID Plus Fu//y Controller For Speed Control * Induction Motors ! "ovel '$ree%P$ase 'o Five%P$ase 'rans ormation Using ! Special 'rans ormer Connection Super Capacitors !nd 1attery Power Management For #y(rid Ve$icle !pplications Using Multi 1oost !nd Full 1ridge Converters Direct 'or-ue Control For Dou(ly Fed Induction Mac$ine%1ased +ind 'ur(ines Under Voltage Dips !nd +it$out Crow(ar Protection Implementation !nd Control * !n #y(rid Multilevel Converter +it$ Floating DC% ,in2s For Current +ave orm Improvement ! Facts Device0 Distri(uted Power%Flow Controller 3Dp c4 ! "ew 56%Pulse VSC Con iguration Using Multi%,evel DC Voltage Rein7ection For &special !pplications

BMS18. BMS19. BMS20. BMS21. BMS22. BMS23. BMS24. BMS25. BMS26. BMS27. BMS28. BMS29. BMS30. BMS31. BMS32. BMS33. BMS34. BMS35. BMS36. BMS37. BMS38. BMS39. BMS40.

&n$ancement * Power Quality In Distri(ution System Using D%S'!'C*M Instantaneous Power Control * D%S'!'C*M +it$ Consideration * Power Factor Correction +ind Farm 'o +ea2%)rid Connection Using UPQC Custom Power Device Single%P$ase 'o '$ree%P$ase Drive System Using 'wo Parallel Single%P$ase Recti iers ! Voltage Controlled !d7usta(le Speed PM1,DCM Drive Using ! Single%Stage PFC #al %1ridge Converter ! S'!'C*M%Control Sc$eme For )rid Connected +ind &nergy System For Power Quality Improvement !n Inrus$ Mitigation 'ec$ni-ue * ,oad 'rans ormers For '$e Series Voltage Sag Compensator Relia(ility &valuation o 1ul2 Power Systems Incorporating UPFC Ripple Current Reduction o a Fuel Cell or a Single%P$ase Isolated Converter Using a DC !ctive Filter +it$ a Center 'ap Power%Management Strategies or a )rid%Connected PV%FC #y(rid System &n$ancement o Microtur(ine%)enerator *utput Voltage Quality t$roug$ !pplication o Matri. Converter Inter ace !n & icient !C8DC Step%Up Converter or ,ow%Voltage &nergy #arvesting 1idirectional Switc$ Commutation or a Matri. Converter Supplying a Series Resonant ,oad ! Fast%!cting DC%,in2 Voltage Controller or '$ree%P$ase DS'!'C*M to Compensate !C and DC ,oads ! Modular Fuel Cell9 Modular DC8DC Converter Concept or #ig$ Per ormance and &n$anced Relia(ility Seven%,evel S$unt !ctive Power Filter or #ig$%Power Drive Systems ! "ew Com(ined Model For Simulation * Mutual & ects 1etween ,FC !nd !VR ,oops Control * Voltage Source Inverters Using P+M/SVP+MV For !d7usta(le Speed Drive !pplications ! Single%P$ase Voltage%Controlled )rid%Connected P$otovoltaic System +it$ Power Quality Conditioner Functionality Sensorless Current Control * '$ree%P$ase Inverter%1ased Distri(uted )eneration Multi Converter Uni ied Power%Quality Conditioning System0 MC%UPQC Dynamic Modeling !nd Simulation * #y(rid Power Systems 1ased *n Renewa(le &nergy Voltage Flic2er Compensation Using S'!'C*M

BMS41. BMS42. BMS43. BMS44. BMS45. BMS46. BMS47. BMS48. BMS49. BMS50.

! Versatile Control Sc$eme For ! Dynamic Voltage Restorer For Power%Quality Improvement So t Computing 'ec$ni-ues For '$e Control * !n !ctive Power Filter ! Varia(le%Speed9 Sensor ,ess9 Induction Motor Drive Using DC ,in2 Measurements Reduced Rating VSC +it$ ! :ig/ag 'rans ormer For Current Compensation In ! '$ree%P$ase Four%+ire Distri(ution System :ero%Voltage 'ransition Current%Fed Full%1ridge Pwm Converter ! "ovel !pproac$ * Dc Voltage Control For Cascaded #%1ridge Converter Using S'!'C*M Modeling * Facts Device 1ased *n SP+M VSCS UPQC Signal Detection !lgorit$m 1ased *n PS* Fu//y Modeling !nd Simulation * Di erent System 'opologies For Dynamic Voltage Restorer Using Simulin2 ! "ovel '$ree%P$ase '$ree%,eg !C/!C Converter Using "ine I)1's