1.Briefly narrate the history of graphics hardware technology. 5IMP 2.Give the different applications of computer graphics. 3.

Explain the working principle of the shadow-mask CRT. 4. Write a note on liquid crystal displays(LCD). 5. Discuss different input techniques for graphical interaction. 6. Compare the features of text and graphics mode. 7. List the different graphics functions along with example. 8. With illustration narrate the origin and development of multimedia technology. 9. What is multimedia ? Give different applications of multimedia. 10. What is file format ? Explain different image file formats.IMP 11. Give the steps to use the image printing utility of photoshop.IMP 12. What is OpenGL? Describe the features of OpenGL.IMP 13. With the help of a diagram, explain DVST system. 14. Illustrate the use of getimage ( ) and putimage ( ) function.IMP 15. Explain: how initgraph ( ) function works in ‘C’ language.IMP 16. What are different positioning devices? Explain anyone in detail. 17. Explain the following terms : 8 i) Morphing ii) Rendering iii)Warping. IV)Sampling 18. What is animation ? Explain various animation techniques. 19. What is photoshop ? What is the meaning of gamut in photoshop. 20. list of tools of photoshop 21. What is graphics processor ? Why it is needed ? List some of the graphics processor. 22. Explain why ‘C’ programming language is popular in graphics.imp 23. Define pixel, resolution and aspect ratio. 24. Compare Raster scanning system with random scanning.