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: Mian Muhammad Sarwar Director General (Research)

President Asif Ali Zardari Administered the Oath to Malik Asif Hayat as the Chairman FPSC on 09th January 2013

Chairman FPSC Malik Asif Hayat called on President Asif th Ali Zardari at Aiwan-e-Sadr on 28 January 2013

A view of meeting of Chairman FPSC Malik Asif Hayat with Prime Minister of Pakistan Raja Pervez Ashraf at PM House, Islamabad on 30th January 2013

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Message from the Chairman Chairman and Members of the Commission New Chairman for FPSC Chairman FPSC Called on the President Chairman’s Meeting with Prime Minister Appointments in the Commission Commission Meeting Meeting of the Central Selection Board (CSB) CSS Competitive Examination updates Final Passing Out Examination

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Recruitment Rules General Recruitment for Ex-Cadre Positions Ministry/Division/Department wise Selection Use of IT in Recruitment Process Redressal of Grievances of Candidates Human Resource Development Upcoming Events for 2

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The Commission ensures selections, recruitments and appointments of persons on merit through equal opportunity and
does not allow any personal interest or any other factor to influence the official conduct and performance of its functions.

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Kaneez Sughra Junejo (Member) Mr. justice and transparency based on strict adherence to merit. It is. Online applications will have the facility of receiving instant confirmation and will be able to receive SMS intimations also. The online application system will offer convenience to the applicants in general recruitment cases. FPSC has undertaken to launch all recruitments through Online Application System from next quarter. Therefore. The Quarterly Newsletter of FPSC mirrors all of its activities to carry out recruitments to select the best qualified for Federal Government. Batool Iqbal Qureshi (Member) Mr. the FPSC considers it imperative and foremost to carry out recruitments of qualified individuals with a spirit of fairness. Chairman and Members of the Commission Malik Asif Hayat (Chairman) Mr.www. Being fully cognizant of the need to highlight the quality of human capital. a mission for us to observe the above principles and ensure that integrity and sanctity of the system is respected.gov. The launching of online application system will streamline the process and facilitate the applicants which will significantly reduce processing time of cases as well. which can be done on 24/7 basis rather than just within specific office timings. General (Retd) Niaz Muhammad Khan Khattak (Member) Mrs. Moin-ul-Islam Bokhari (Member) Mr. Naguib Ullah Malik (Member) Mr. Evolving the best system to recruit the most qualified is a continuous process. Muhammad Ayub Qazi (Member) . Abdul Wajid Rana (Member) Mr. Ghalib Ud Din (Member) Mr. They will not be required to furnish copies of documents at the time of online applications. The Commission is focussing on reforming the parameters of merit ensuring transparency in the recruitment process and looking for new ideas/reforms from all its stakeholders to improve its functioning and future implementation in the Commission. New CSS Competitive Examination Reforms are also under active consideration of the Commission where in Preliminary Examination based on MCQs will be conducted before CSS Examination for screening out of the ill-prepared candidates and speed up the selection process within a year. we must strive for improving the system with changing times. Mansoor Suhail (Member) Major.fpsc. indeed.pk 2 Message from the Chairman FPSC Malik Asif Hayat The best resource of Pakistan is Human resource. Muhammad Ahmed Mian (Member) Dr.

This facility will be valid for a period of six months i. Oath taking ceremony was attended by Federal/Provincial Ministers and other high ranking Civil and Military dignitaries. ii) Mr. Karachi. • The applicants. relinquished the charge of Office of Member FPSC on 18th March 2013. Appointments in the Commission i) Mr. at FPSC (HQs) Islamabad.www. President Asif Ali Zardari administered the Oath of office to Malik Asif Hayat at a ceremony held at Presidential camp office (Bilawal House).e. which was presided over by Malik Asif Hayat Chairman FPSC.fpsc. selection and career planning of Government Servants. He expressed the hope that FPSC will benefit from his abilities and vast experience in civil service to ensure that FPSC carries out its work as provided in the Constitution. 2013 and application submission for jobs through Online to be completely activated w. and intimating difficulties in submitting Online applications. Muhammad Ayub Qazi. he would bring about qualitative improvements in the functioning of FPSC as well as the Civil Services of Pakistan. Chairman FPSC administered the Oath of office to Mr. Justice Rana Bhagwandas on 16th December. Muhammad Ayub Qazi.f. The Commission highly appreciated his valuable policy efforts and commendable services for the cause of public service and the Commission. Chairman’s Meeting with Prime Minister of Pakistan Chairman FPSC Malik Asif Hayat called on the Prime. after completing three years tenure. The Prime Minister underscored the critical role of FPSC in merit based recruitment policy making. from 15th April to . Muhammad Ahmad Mian Member FPSC. joined FPSC as Member on 18. Abdul Wajid Rana. would be allowed to submit their applications on plain paper giving detailed particulars.gov.e. Chairman FPSC administered the Oath of office to Mr. Abdul Jalil a BS-20 officer of Pakistan Administrative Service. Important decisions taken in the Commission’s Meeting The Commission in its meeting held in 18th February 2013. The Chairman FPSC also discussed various matters relating to the Commission. 2012.2013. The Prime Minister congratulated Malik Asif Hayat on assuming the Office of Chairman Federal Public Service Commission. retired Principal Secretary to Prime Minister (BS-22).pk 3 New Chairman for FPSC Malik Asif Hayat an officer of the Police Service of Pakistan and serving as Secretary to the President of Pakistan has assumed charge of the Office of the Chairman FPSC on 9th January 2013. appointed in FPSC on deputation as DG (Admn) was relieved from FPSC on 15th March 2013 on his promotion to join National Education Foundation as Managing Director (BS-21). The President congratulated Malik Asif Hayat on his joining the new assignment as Chairman FPSC and expressed the hope that with his vast experience in civil services. discussed in detail agenda items related to Reforms in General Recruitment for Ex-cadre Positions as well as CSS Competitive Examination and made following decisions: (i) • Reforms in General Recruitment Press note for awareness of the intending candidates and general public for Online submission of applications to be issued in March. retired Secretary Finance (BS-22). who do not have access to internet facility. Chairman FPSC Called on the President of Pakistan Chairman FPSC Malik Asif Hayat called on the President of Pakistan at Aiwan-e-Sadr Islamabad on 28th January 2013. He assured the new Chairman FPSC of Government’s full support in his endeavours.02. Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf. Abdul Wajid Rana. at the PM’s House on 30th January 2013. addressed to Secretary FPSC who will seek approval of the Commission. joined FPSC as Member on 22-03-2013. Retiring Member Mr. Transfer Mr. after retirement of former Chairman Mr. next quarter.

based on MCQs. • Answer Scripts of Screening Test will be marked on OMR and result will be announced within 15 days of conduct of Examination. prior to CSS Competitive Examination to be conducted for Screening Out of the ill prepared candidates. • To determine the eligibility of the candidates for posts requiring experience. Centre wise break up of the registered and appeared . the candidates short listed through written Tests (MCQs).gov.02. at the ratio of 1:5 for merit vacancies and 1:3 for Provincial/Regional quotas vacancies. The CSB considered cases of promotion of officers from BS-19 to BS-20 & BS-20 to BS-21.2013 in and the in all 11447 appeared examination. Postal Services and Excadre Officers of various Ministries/Departments.pk 4 15th October. Police Service of Pakistan (PSP). who were deferred or remained absent in first phase. will be required to furnish requisite documents within 15 days of the receipt of intimation from the Commission.03. Customs & Excise Group. 48 Meeting of the Central Selection Board (CSB) Presided by the Chairman FPSC After joining the FPSC as Chairman. Main Examination (including Compulsory/ Optional subjects).fpsc. ii) Psychological Assessment and Viva Voce Psychological Assessment of 389 candidates and Viva Voce of 572 candidates qualified in written Examination-2012 was completed in first quarter of 2013. Audit & Accounts Group Psychological Assessment and Viva Voce of the remaining 227 candidates will be scheduled in Phase-II.I) Peshawar Completed in December 2012 • Candidates found ineligible for Interview and rejected on account of deficiencies in required documents and experience will be given a right of Personal Hearing after the Interview on the same day. of Candidates 178 08-01-2013 to 17-01-2013 54 Karachi 22-01-2013 to 13-02-2013 118 Lahore (Phase-I) Multan 19-02-2013 to 16-03-2013 1-03-2013 to 29-03-2013 174 • Candidates who qualify the Screening Test as per standard set by the Commission will be eligible to appear in CSS Examination. Secretariat Group.www. Information Group (IG). was held in second phase on 27-03-2013 at Islamabad. 2013 was conducted simultaneously at 21 cities from 23. which is likely to be completed upto 3rd week of May. About 450 officers were recommended related to Pakistan Administrative Service (PAS). • Viva Voce Schedule 15-01-2013 to 08-02-2013 19-02-2013 to 22-02-2013 05-03-2013 to 14-03-2013 25-03-2013 to 06-04-2013 To be Continued in April 2013 No. Malik Asif Hayat presided over the meeting of the Central Selection Board (CSB) on 11th to 14th February 2013 held at Establishment Division. Commerce & Trade Group. 2013. CSS COMPETITIVE EXAMINATION UPDATES Competitive Examination 2012 i) Medical Examination Medical Examination of candidates of CSS Competitive Examination-2012. Competitive Examination 2013 Written part of the CSS Competitive Examination. Psychological Assessment & Viva-Voce: • Screening Test.2013 candidates to 09. • Syllabus for Screening Test comprises two papers. as detailed below:Centre Psychological Assessment Islamabad (Phase. one paper on “General Abilities” and the other on “General Studies” is proposed by the Commission. A Committee of two Members of the FPSC will dispose off the representations filed by the candidates. (PAAS). Reforms in CSS Competitive Examination • (ii) CSS Competitive Examination will comprise Screening Test. 2013 after which no hard copy of application will be accepted by the Commission. Foreign Service of Pakistan (FSP).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Ministry of Interior. 11796 candidates appeared in these tests. General Recruitment for Ex-Cadre Positions During the quarter January-March 2013. Out of 15640 applicants. Advertisements posts in BS-16 and by various above which were FPSC released 03 consolidated advertisements for requisitioned Ministries/Divisions/ Abbottabad Bahawalpur D. Capital Administrative and Development Division(CADD). following activities were performed for recruitment against excadre i. Ministry of Human Rights. 59 posts 2013. Ministry of Housing and Works. Foreign Service of Pakistan 2. ii. Information Group 12 3. National Archives. Sukkur. Quetta. GB Council Secretariat. Peshawar. Karachi. Police Service of 23 Pakistan 4. Ministry of Commission conducted interviews of 146 short listed candidates made recommendations for 38 posts in BS-16 to 21. Ministry of Environment. Failure .I Khan and Gilgit. AGPR and Federal Board of Revenue.G.www.2013. D.Khan Faisalabad Gilgit Gujranwala Hyderabad Islamabad Karachi Lahore Larkana Multan Muzaffarabad Okara Peshawar Quetta Rawalpindi Sargodha Sialkot Sukkur Total 335 240 73 160 568 45 358 760 2252 1516 4594 235 543 105 150 1898 537 886 300 147 296 15998 229 165 54 120 381 26 258 539 1592 1098 3395 157 373 69 108 1305 409 631 220 108 210 11447 Departments during 1st quarter of 2013.gov. Group/Service Appeared No. iv. during 1st quarter of 2013: S. Schemes and Screening Tests Syllabi for Professional/ Final Passing Out Examinations The Commission conducted following Final Passing Out Examinations of CSS Probationer Officers who completed Specialized Training Programmes (STP) for different Groups/Services. Prime Minister’s Secretariat (Public). and the Recruitment Rules During Janruary-March. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Resources. Ministry of Ports and Shipping.pk 5 candidates was as under:Name of centre No.I. Ministry of Law and Justice. Commission approved recruitment rules for 15 fresh cases and 24 revised cases of various posts in Ministry of Defence. Ministry of Finance. Multan. while 14 cases of Recruitment Rules were under process during the period under report. Conduct of Professional/Screening Tests Professional/Screening Tests Phase-I/2013 for Excadre posts in BS-16 to BS-19 were conducted from 18-02-2013 to 21-02-2013 at Islamabad. Office 46 Management Group Absent Passed Failed 01 03 Result Awaited Test Schemes and Syllabi for 63 recruitment cases were finalized during the first quarter of the year 2013 in consultation with concerned Ministries/ Divisions/ Departments and after approval of the Commission. Lahore. of appeared candidates Railways. of registered candidates No. these were placed on FPSC website for advance information of the candidates. Intelligence Bureau. Ministry of Information and Broad Costing. Ministry of Overseas Pakistanis.Khan D. 623 positions in various Ministries/Divisions/ Departments. 42 1. Federal Public Service Commission. iii. Interviews conducted by the Commission for Ex-Cadre Positions During the quarter against January-March.fpsc.

which were processed by I.519 SMS were sent to the candidates on their given mobile phone in respect of major events. The PC-1 has been approved by the Department Development Working Party (DDWP) in its meeting held on 18-03-2013. 01. Admission Certificates. The Commission on receipt of requests from concerned Ministries/ Divisions/ Departments recommended 25 alternate nominees who were next on merit in waiting list for different recruitment cases. Alternate Nominations Occasionally. Brief positions of various posts are as under:BS Called for Nominations Failure Posts Applicants Finalized Interviews made report Use of IT in Recruitment Process i) General Recruitment During the period January-March 2013.T Wing. in response to consolidated advertisements No. v) Online Recruitment System of FPSC The PC-1 of Online Recruitment System (Phase-II) of FPSC was finalized and forwarded to Electronic Government Directorate.pk 6 against 21 posts was reported. centre detail etc was provided for CE-2013 and General Recruitment of Professional/ Screening Test Phase-1/2013.gov. iii) Online Services a) Application Submission of General Recruitment In response to consolidated advertisement no. Timetable. The main cause of failure was non qualification of interview by the candidates. Ministry/Division/Department-wise Selection Selection of Officers in BS-16 & above for various posts was made in following Ministries/Divisions/ Departments during January-March 2013:Ministry/Division/ Department Ministry of Defence Ministry of Housing and Works Ministry of Interior Ministry of Religious Affairs Ministry of Railways Cabinet Division Capital Administration and Development Division Planning and Development Division GB & Kashmir Affairs Gilgit Baltistan Secretariat Total Council Basic Pay Scales 16 09 --04 -02 ----15 17 05 01 01 -04 ---01 02 14 18 01 ---02 -----03 19 01 -----04 01 --06 Total 16 01 01 04 06 02 04 01 01 02 38 During the period under report. . Summary bio-data of 157 candidates were produced for conduct of interviews. 02& 03/2013. admission certificates.www. date and time of the test. interviews and Personal Hearings. total numbers of 42. Attendance List/ Sheets and other required reports pertaining to 15640 candidates called for Professional/ Screening Tests Phase-01/2013 were generated.998 applications for CE-2013. Commission received 21132 applications.876 applications were received Online which were processed by IT Wing. including roll no. etc.12/2012 & 1. attendance lists/ sheets and other required reports were generated for conduct of CSS Competitive Examination 2013 at various stations. b) Admission Certificate Information Facility to view Online admission certificate particulars. Hardcopy of the admission certificate were also generated and dispatched to the candidates through postal service. ii) Competitive Examination 2013 IT Wing processed 15. including schedule of tests. 2/2013. 28.fpsc. the principal nominees recommended by the Commission for different position(s) do not join for one reason or the other. iv) SMS Based Information Delivery System 16 17 18 19 20 21 Total 17 17 11 13 0 1 59 717 1317 29 69 0 2 2134 50 57 6 31 0 2 146 15 14 03 06 0 0 38 02 03 08 07 0 01 21 v.

Data Control Officer (BS-17) retired on 03-03-2013 having reached the age of superannuation.3. were duly uploaded on the website well in time.F. advertisements. Director Legal (BS-19) 2. Muhammad Asif. dated 28.2013. at New Delhi. . following participated “Organizational in job-related Development and Officers on Change Workshop Management “conducted at Establishment Division from 28.03.3-12/2008HR-I. Name of Officer A workshop on Information Communication Technology was hosted by Union Public Service Commission of India from 22-24 March 2013.2013.gov.pk has been an important source of information dissemination to the general public as well as candidates of various posts.No. • Scrutiny of the candidates appeared in CSS Competitive Examination 2013. Farooq Ahmad Hassan. Riaz Ahmad Private Secretary (BS-17) was promoted to Private Secretary (BS-18) w. Upcoming Events for 2nd Quarter of 2013 • Conduct of Psychological Assessment and Viva Voce of remaining candidates of CE 2012 to be completed up to 3rd week of May 2013. total 309 such cases were pending in various Courts of Law. Pir Muhammad Ishaq.2013 Mr. All major events. • Conduct of Professional/Screening Tests PhaseII/ 2013.www.2012 vide Notification No. On 31st December 2012.E.2013 to 1.05.pk 7 vi) Workshop on Information Communication Technology S.2. • Conduct of Final Passing Out Examination for various Occupational Groups/Services. Officer Retired from FPSC Mr. Website Manager (BS-17) was promoted as Quality Assurance Officer (BS-18) against deputation vacancy and assumed charge of the said post on 27. To enhance the capacity of the FPSC employees. Redressal of Grievances of Candidates Candidates aggrieved by the Commissions’ decisions have a right to make Representations/ Review Petitions to the Commission under Section 7(3) of the FPSC Ordinance 1977. Mr. • Development of Test schemes and syllabi for various recruitment cases to be advertised by the Commission. Human Resource Development Human Resource Development is very important to improve efficiency of the staff.Tahir Iqbal.T) (BS-20) Mr. Chief (I. Appeals/Petitions submitted by the candidates mainly relating to Competitive Examinations. Any candidate who is not satisfied with final decision of the Commission has the right to prefer an appeal in the High Court as per territorial jurisdiction of the Court.gov. • Launching of 100% Online submission of applications of General Recruitment for Ex-Cadre Posts. • Announcement of final result of CE-2012 • Distribution of vacancies C.3. 1. total 29 new cases were instituted against the Commission while 03 cases were decided by various Courts of Law. recommendations etc.f 24.fpsc. Appointments By promotion Mr.fpsc. Secretary FPSC and Chief (IT) attended the workshop. A presentation on “Information Communication Technology (ICT) implementation at FPSC” was made by Chief (IT) in the workshop. • Interview programmes for various Ex-Cadre positions are scheduled to be conducted in 2nd quarter of the year at HQS and Provincial Offices of the Commission.1. pre-selections. During the period JanuaryMarch 2013.2013 FPSC’s website www. • Processing of Personal Hearing of rejected candidates.2012 amongst the Provincial/Regional/Women/Minorities quota. vii) Website Management Mr.e. Muhammad Riaz System Operator (BS-16) was promoted as Data Control Officer (BS-17) and assumed charge of said post on 27. Section Officers Promotional Examination and HR cases etc are subjudice at various Forums/Courts of Law.

Degree College. Ph.G Khan: Jamshoro: Khairpur: Chitral: Muzaffarabad: Larkana: Govt. Bahawalpur. 091-9217337. Wahdat Road Lahore.758/ A/ A-2. No.gov.pk 8 Provincial Offices of the Commission Lahore: 31-Civic Centre. No. Ph. 0243-9280288 Government Degree College Chitral. Jampur Road. No. Khan Ph.I. Gilgit City Gilgit. Fax No. 0966-9280284 KH-88. Fax No. Ph. Mustafa Town.091-9217869. Konodas Eidgah Road.081-9201304 Karachi: Quetta: Regional Offices of the Commission Multan: House No.No. Galaxy Twon Bosan Road Multan Ph. Sukkur. 042 99260205 HM-2 Bath Island. Karachi. Fax No. Sukkur Co-operative Housing Society.www. 041-9200645 Post Graduate College. 061-6536500 Banglow No.. Sectt. No. No.042-99260201.02199250926. Sarwor Street.071-5630510 Awan House 23/C. Ph. Ph. 074-9410551 . Khairpur.B-85. Muzaffarabad Ph. Ph.I. No. Peshawar. Ph. No.29.Khan. Ph. Larkana. Ph. Shikharpur Road. 064-9260380 University of Sindh. No. Peshawar: House No. Nazar Road. 0943-412682 AJK Public Service Commission. Faisalabad. No.Khan: Gilgit: FPSC Information Centres Bahawalpur: Islamia University. No.05811-920687 Sukkur: D. Quetta. Ph. South Circular Road. Sharah Samungali Jinnah Town. No. Near Faqirni Gate D. behind Rehman Medical Complex.G. Ph. No.No. Fax No.fpsc. Jamshoro Ph. D.No.1437/5. 0621-9250238 University of Agriculture. Ph. No. House No. Sector B-2 Phase-V. 021-99250159. 022-2771681-9 Shah Abdul Latif University. 058810-920214 Old Civil Faisalabad: D. Hayatabad. 081-9202955.