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4)' 5)(
67-8&( -8 !9:;<=<<< -. !9>?@; ,&AA&-.
B)C).3) D-7 EFG$H<I?
!"#$%%%& FJ&7*$K307()7 L.*)* ?<
5&.)$,-.(J 6)7&-*
L.*)* ?< !)M()NO)7
B)C).3) 16,161 2S,44u (S6.S) 4S,Su4 S6,4u8 (22.9)
5)( 67-8&( U R%-''T
28()7 F01
(9u4) 1,764 (1S1.2) 8Su 4,462 (81.u)
L07.&.Q' M)7
!J07) -. D3AA/
G&A3()* V0'&'
(u.27) u.S9 (14S.8) u.27 1.49 (81.9)
(1) EPS of the Group for Q3-2012 and YTD-2012 have been computed based on the pre-IPO share capital of 300,000,000
shares. EPS of the Group for Q3-2013 and YTD-2013 has been computed based on the weighted average post-IPO share
capital of 335,866,667 and 315,995,555 shares respectively. The EPS based on the weighted average number of ordinary
shares in issue and the EPS on a fully diluted basis were the same as there were no potentially dilutive instruments as at 30
September 2013 and 30 September 2012.

!&.Q0M-7)= I> 5-C)NO)7 H<I? - NoneyNax Financial Seivices Ltu.
("NoneyNax" oi "the Company") announceu touay that the Company anu its
subsiuiaiies ("the uioup") iecoiueu net piofit aftei tax ("NPAT") of S$8Su,uuu
on ievenue of S$4S.S million foi the nine-month enueu Su Septembei ("YTB")

Revenue ueclineu to S$4S.S million fiom S$S6.4 million in YTB-2u12 uue to
lowei ievenue fiom the ietail anu tiauing of pie-owneu jewelleiy anu watches

This is the iesult of a uelibeiate uecision to inciease allocation of inventoiies to
ietail outlets to offei customeis a wiuei selection of pie-owneu jewelleiy anu
watches, coupleu with lowei golu piices in the thiiu quaitei enueu Su
Septembei 2u1S ("QS-2u1S") compaieu to the equivalent quaitei last yeai ("QS-

Even though YTB-2u1S ievenue uecieaseu by 22.9% as compaieu to YTB-2u12,
the total gioss piofits
fiom the pawn-bioking segment anu the ietail sales of
pie-owneu jewelleiy anu watches weie unaffecteu.

The SuX Catalist-listeu pawnbiokei, ietailei anu tiauei of pie-owneu jewelleiy
anu watches saiu that it iecoiueu ievenue of S$16.1 million in QS-2u1S, a S6.S%
ueciease fiom QS-2u12.

”Gross profits” is defined as the difference between “Revenue” and “Material costs”

The uioup iepoiteu a net loss aftei tax of S$9u4,uuu in QS-2u1S mainly uue to
the iecognition of a one-time, non-iecuiiing expense of S$1.2 million, ielateu to
the Company's Initial Public 0ffeiing ("IP0") on SuX-Catalist completeu on 2
August 2u1S.

This IP0 expense was pieviously uiscloseu in the IP0 offei uocument anu
iecogniseu this quaitei as pait of the S$2.6 million inciease unuei "!"#$%
'()$*+$+", fiom S$1.S million in QS-2u12 to S$4.1 million in QS-2u1S.

NoneyNax has iecently outlineu a multi-piongeu stiategy in its IP0 offei
uocument to stiengthen its position in the inuustiy, incluuing expansion of its
netwoik of ietail outlets, iefuibishment of its outlets, anu inciease in maiketing
effoits to soliuify its bianu.

In view of the above, the Company has embaikeu on an aggiessive maiketing
campaign since }uly 2u1S in conjunction with its IP0 exeicise, anu iecently
launcheu two new ietail outlets on Seiangoon Roau this August.

The uioup has also iuentifieu seveial stiategic locations to expanu its netwoik of
outlets anu will make the appiopiiate announcements in uue couise.

In line with its stiategy to expanu opeiations, othei significant costs incluueu a
S1.S% inciease in employee benefits expense, fiom S$S.7 million in YTB-2u12 to
S$4.9 million in YTB-2u1S. It also iecogniseu a wiite-uown of S$u.1 million fiom
a loss on plant anu equipment anu inventoiies in YTB-2u1S uue to the fall in golu

Bighei uepieciation in ienovation anu plant anu equipment uue to the opening
of new outlets anu the iefuibishment exeicise also leu to a Su.1% inciease in
uepieciation anu amoitisation expense to S$u.6 million in QS-2u1S fiom S$u.4
million in QS-2u12.

The Company has also announceu a stiategic shift fiom tiauing to ietailing of
pie-owneu jewelleiy, which offeis highei maigins. It aims to impiove same-stoie
sales by incieasing in-stoie inventoiy thiough laigei showcases to offei
customeis a wiuei iange of pie-owneu jewelleiy anu watches.

Eainings pei shaie, on a post-IP0 fully uiluteu shaie capital base of S16.u million
shaies, uecieaseu to u.27 Singapoie cent in YTB-2u1S fiom 1.49 cents in YTB-
2u12. The uioup's net asset value pei shaie as at Su Septembei 2u1S incieaseu
22.7% to 16.11 Singapoie cents fiom 1S.1S cents as at S1 Becembei 2u12.

Commenting on the iesults, Executive Chaiiman anu Chief Executive 0fficei, Ni.
Petei Lim, saiu, "We aie investing in the long-teim giowth of the Company with
the implementation of oui multi-piongeu stiategy anu a shift fiom tiauing to
ietailing of pie-owneu jewelleiy."

"To enhance shaieholuei value, we will continue to fine-tune anu put in place
measuies to stiengthen the Company's founuations to facilitate aggiessive
giowth. We aie alieauy seeing piomising iesults fiom these initiatives, anu the
management is confiuent on the piospects of the uioup."

Baiiing any unfoieseen ciicumstances incluuing laige anu unexpecteu
fluctuations in golu piices, NoneyNax expects to see continueu giowth in
pleugeu loans anu ievenue.

,++-$. /* 0$#123 /3 "#$ 4%/-) 56 7$89 :/*+-2"1*"+ ;"$ <".
,)*&0 X Y.C)'(-7 P-.(04( Y.8-7N0(&-.
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Singapoie u49S94
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2O-3( ,-.)/,01 D&.0.4&0A !)7C&4)' %(*@
Listeu on SuX Catalist since 2 August 2u1S, NoneyNax Financial Seivices Ltu.
("NoneyNax") is a pawnbiokei, ietailei anu tiauei of pie-owneu jewelleiy anu
watches. Since establishing its fiist outlet in Yishun in 2uu8, NoneyNax quickly
expanueu its ieach to the mass maiket. Touay, NoneyNax is one of the laigest
pawn-bioking chains in Singapoie, with 29 outlets conveniently anu stiategically
locateu acioss the islanu.
NoneyNax is piouu to be awaiueu the ,=!>??9 @,=!>??9AB??CD foi its
commitment in meeting anu ueliveiing customeis' satisfaction anu :1+$E%-+"
FGG%$.H"$. ;1I*0%/J$% in Singapoie foi faii tiauing anu tianspaiency. It is also a
iecipient of the =H*K1)/%$ '(G$22$*" =$%LHG$ FI1%. commissioneu by =;8,M4
MoneyMax Financial Services Ltd. (the “Company”) was listed on Catalist of the Singapore
Exchange Securities Trading Limited (the “SGX-ST”) on 2 August 2013. The initial public
offering (the “IPO”) of the Company was sponsored by United Overseas Bank Limited (the

This announcement has been prepared by the Company and its contents have been
reviewed by the Sponsor, for compliance with the relevant rules of the SGX-ST. The Sponsor
has not independently verified the contents of this announcement.

The announcement has not been examined or approved by the SGX-ST. The Sponsor and
the SGX-ST assume no responsibility for the contents of this announcement, including the
correctness of any of the statements or opinions made or reports contained in this

The contact persons for the Sponsor are Mr. Khong Choun Mun, Managing Director,
Corporate Finance and Mr. David Tham, Senior Director, Corporate Finance, who can be
contacted at 80 Raffles Place, #03-03 UOB Plaza 1, Singapore 048624, Telephone: +65
6539 1177.