Report on Students Understanding of Management as a Field of Study and its Contribution to their Career

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Students pursue Management study not only to enhance their career opportunities but also for some other reasons among which major reasons are an increased consolidated business network. 12-10-2013 : Detailed study and analysis of the survey reports. 16-10-2013: Submission of final report. Purpose of this Survey: Last few years have seen a drastic downfall in the number of students pursuing their Masters in Business Administration (MBA). . lower return on investments as fees are high and many more.timesofindia.indiatimes. The reason for this is found to be lower ). not on the basis of its background or domain knowledge.”Professional courses losing sheen in Gujarat” (http://articles.INTRODUCTION: Management studies are an important aspect that facilitates improvement of leadership qualities in the students. Management courses in different areas prepare students to face the constantly advancing corporate world and impart effective people-management skills. 09-10-2013 : Preparation of the survey form and its distribution. Timeline:      07-10-2013 : Submission of proposal of the report. Students opt for the management study not only because it provides them an immense number of opportunities in the industry but also changes the perception and their beliefs towards the life giving them the positive approach in pursuing their goals towards the life. but the crisis and the situations lead it to be a formal. Management is the act of coordinating the efforts of people to accomplish desired goals and objectives using available resources efficiently and effectively thus the study of management is the most demanding and the most promising field of study. Management is the most contributing field of study nowadays which helps students to cater a large number of industries. but on the basis of the cultivated analysis and learning processes during the management studies. Hence a survey needs to be conducted to study student’s understanding of management as a field of study and its contribution to their career . new skill and knowledge acquisition and holistic perspective for the business world. quality of teaching. More number of the colleges offering MBA Degree across the country are shutting down and closing the offering of the program along with that the institutes offering courses have many seats remaining vacant. Management study since its inception had not been in a systematic way it is. 15-10-2013 : Proof reading and final corrections. systematic and the most significant field of study which contributes to a much greater extent in today’s world.

educational level. spouse employment. MBA Entry is difficult and exit is easy in MBA where as compared to courses like CA/CS entry is easy but exit is difficult. .professional competence. Background Literature: Opportunities for MBA  POPULARITY OF MBA QUALIFICATION Effective management is the key to success for any venture. job profile etc. OUTCOME OF DIFFERENT INSTITUTES Good institutes focus on case studies. No quality education but surety of job High fees and no surety of job  PROFESSIONALS VS.  Getting attracted by the social group.overall development of student as a manager which result in quality student compared to other institutes. geographical locations.summer training.Metholdology The report would be based on the study of various research papers.  Lack of information among youngsters. MANAGEMENT EDUCATION SCENARIO       Reputed universities and institutes Institutes by industrial houses because of surety of job. state University. first year and second year. salary package.  WHY MBA AS PER THE STUDENTS?  For economic gain. The demand for MBA graduates keeps growing because management provides the capability and skills to maximise individual and organizational productivity. females. academic performance. Private University. The analysis would be based on various aspects like job satisfaction. MBA AND CAREER  PERSONAL VARIABLES The personal variables that could effect career advancement are gender. parents' economic status. parents' educational level. survey which will be followed by discussion and proof reading. etc. males. The survey form would be based on the sample size which will be 60. parents' occupational level. which proceed further with proof reading and discussion.

effective communication. etc or parents' educational and occupational status. and they are committed to making your recruiting experience both positive and productive. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BUSINESS AND MANAGEMENT The paper is about the study which was conducted to assess the effects of MBA degree on enhancement of skills and career advancement. and analytical skills. Study also focuses on some intervening variables for instance stress management. Their goal is to be the school of choice for MBA hirers. MIT Sloan MBA EMPLOYMENT REPORT 2011-2012 MIT’s personalized approach to meeting the needs of the wide variety of firms that recruit MIT Sloan students and graduates ensures students will receive the attention they desire from MIT Sloan. They should posses multiple skills in management of business affairs and this study emphasizes on these capabilities which are prominent aspects of MBA degree holders. Business education is getting importance and growing day by day globally.e.  There is significant relationship between Ethnical Regional considerations and career advancement of MBAs.Socio-economic status may influence the career advancement depending on the ethnic status. self confidence . hiring an MIT Sloan MBA for the organization is always a great investment. Different questions were asked for acquiring data about these enhanced skills of MBA degree holders. parenting style and family members' interaction styles has a greater influence on career development than either family structure -size. time management. Different tests were applied for getting the true understanding about relationship between different variables and detail discussion about the tests and their results. birth order. interpersonal skills. Thus MBA’s should have diversified competencies and students should be capable to tackle different aspects. number of parents.  There is significant relationship between need for power and career advancement of MBAs. . They conducted a survey for this and based on this we will take into consideration all the aspects into our survey study. Whether the students are looking to hire one summer intern or ten full-time employees.  SIGNIFICANT VARIABLE IN CAREER ADVANCEMENT:  There is significant relationship between professional ambition and career advancement of MBAs. Parents are the single most influential factor in the career development.  There is significant relationship between promotion process and career advancement of MBAs. Family functioning i.

Department of Sociology. soft skills and increase knowledge of all skills. University of Sargodha. Thenmozhi Professor Department of Management Studies Indian Institute of Technology Madras Chennai 3) Career Development Report By MIT Sloan for year 2011-2012 4) Perception of Factors Affecting the Quality of Higher Education: A Study on Selected Private Universities in Bangladesh By:. The University of Faisalabad. The University of Faisalabad. Asian University of Bangladesh 5) Perceived Effects of MBA Degree on Skills Development and Career Advancement: The Case of Pakistan By:. it develops intellectual skills. References: 1) The Effect of Selected Independent Variables on Career Advancement of MBAs 2) Evolution of management theory Research By:. To see whether it helps in an individual’s personality development. Depart of Government & Political Science. How it helps to fulfil their expectations.Dr. Babak Mahmood (Corresponding author) Assistant Professor. access to cutting edge technology and competency.Dr.Ayesha Saba Department of Business Studies. To check whether it helps in shaping an individual’s career and enhances their job profile. Faisalabad. Md. Pakistan . To see whether it improves the quality of life. flexibility. Secondary Objectives:        Skills developed thorough management studies.Primary Objective: a) Students approach towards management as a field of study and its importance in today’s culture. Habibulah Senior Lecturer. b) Management enhancing the students career and giving the direction to their life. Faisalabad. Pakistan and Aroosa Khalid & Sumaira Aslam Department of Business Studies. How important it is going to be for a student’s career. Sargodha. openness. Pakistan . Also to see whether management studies have something different to offer from other programs.M.