Where Is The Support?

Adult Bullying Is Hard To Battle Alone
Have you ever tried to reach out to your co-workers or friends to tell them about your adult bullying situation, but they 'weren't there' for you? Why does this happen? The top three reasons why support may not be present for you when you are faced with an adult bullying situation: 1. hey do not know what to do to help! stopping adult bullying is not a topic they know how to coach. ". hey do not reali#e that listening and empathi#ing can help, even if they do not know what other actions to take. $. hey might not care enough to help. %&ost people do'would care if they knew how to help solve adult bullying problems(. Here's What Situation: ou !ight "#perience When ou Share our Adult Bullying

) *ou are interrupted ) hey don't want to hear you out - they +ump in, trying to tell you what to do - they e,pect you to be able to -fi,- your adult bullying situation right away. ) hey listen in order to hear gossip, not for your best interests. ) hey disagree with your feelings about your adult bullying situation. ) hey change the sub+ect fre.uently or allow themselves to be interrupted. ) hey revert the conversation back to themselves/ -0h yeah, that reminds me of the time when...) hey use condescending statements such as -How is your bullying situation coming along?What $an ou %o To Secure Support To Help Handle Adult Bullying?

1. 1hoose a friend or co-worker who is kind and a caring, empathetic listener. Who do you know that is kind? ". 2et your friend or co-worker know they do not have to listen in order to solve the problem - you simply want their caring and concern. $. 3or advice, seek professional help and guidance. 4f you choose a therapist, choose someone who has a specialty in conflict resolution and workplace bullying. 5sk about their results so far. &ake sure you feel comfortable with them. 6. 3or support at work, ideally you should be able to approach your boss for understanding and protection. 4f your boss is the bully, you can try an 758 %7mployee 5ssistance 8rogram( or H9 %Human 9esources( representative. :efore approaching these more formal support routes, ask if they have a workplace bullying or adult bullying

2ast but not least.. . *ou can begin to get a feel for how far you want to take your situation. .policy and procedure plan in order to assist a target with adult bullying. co-worker support can be very influential and powerful. Having two or more co-workers who are willing to serve as witnesses or support while you take a formal approach to your support needs can be key.