The Top 10 Reasons Why the HR Process 'Might Not Be Working for You

If an organization does have a workplace bullying process which employees can use, does it even work? Like any movement of change in society, we must start with awareness; once aware, then effective leadership is required to create the change. ou cannot change what you do not acknowledge; you cannot lead without authority. !uman resource professionals, often the "go#to" department for workplace bullying complaints, are often held responsible for handling employee grievances. $hy are only %& of employees using a grievance process? '. !uman resource professionals are often not responsible for protecting the workplace culture, meaning if the culture goes unprotected, they often have their hands tied and they cannot affect true systemic change from where they reside in the company. (. !uman resource professionals are not trained in dealing with workplace bullying from an organizational management standpoint. ). In addition, !uman *esources are often not even trained or have the time to assist employees with coping skills to handle workplace bullying situations. +. If !* does have the workplace bullying coping skills to transfer to employees, then an additional challenge pops up, !* has very little authority over the target"s boss -%.& of bullying occurs with one"s boss/ in order to support the target by trying to stage a conflict resolution or intervention. 0. Let"s face it, when it comes down to where to put one"s energy, !* does not report to the employees like an elected official would report to their "people". 1he role of !* is to keep the employer out of court. _________________________________________________________


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ou can begin to help co#workers and !* become more familiar with workplace bullying issues by suggesting the $ Day Bu%%y &ree at Work '( )ourse. 2eel free to pass along this free resource so the awareness can foster at every level.

To recei*e your &ree $(Day Bu%%y &ree at Work '()ourse to he%p you stop "orkp%ace +u%%ying, c%ick here. • 3o you want a tip to know how to suggest the $ Day Bu%%y &ree at Work '( )ourse to your co#workers and managers? 4heck out 5alerie"s video clip to help you out called, 6!ow 4an I 7et 1hem to Listen6? 4lick here8


.>#((( of =ully 2ree at $ork to help you craft a workplace bullying policy that works. in fact.9. e<hausting and so comple< that many !* professionals don"t have the "e<tra" time. pages (. some are even being bullied too. stamina or proper resources to manage the situation effectively.p%oyers )an Do. wanting to move through the case. and "overly" emotional. inarticulate. most !* departments and managers are not trained to know what to do. systemically -what the organization can do/ as well as coaching on coping skills. . And for Be<t $eek. =e sure to check out -What '. ?ven if someone did have the full authority to deal with workplace bullying and take measures to stop it. !* meets both the bully and the target. -2or a '. @any !* professionals do care.' session with 5alerie to help you help your organization stop workplace bullying click here to set up an appointment time/. 1he bully is a high producer and getting rid of the bully seems harder than getting rid of or moving someone who is now appearing "less productive" due to the added stress. Ho" the Bu%%y /*oi s /ccounta+i%ity to a Workp%ace Bu%%ying Po%icy . '. $orkplace bullying cases are often drawn out. might dismiss the target"s needs altogether. 1he bully will position the target as "weak" and therefore the target might now be seen as a liability. the bully stays. !*. =ottom line. >.nce the case finally gets attention. and one cannot hold the bully accountable to an agreed upon standard or code of conduct. :. 1he organization does not have a workplace bullying policy so it"s not a disciplinary issue. 1he bully comes across as capable and charming and the target has been worn down by the e<haustion and might display behavior that is unconvincing.