Celestic Town Explore the town for treasure, then head to the central plaza and speak to the

Galactic Grunt standing the entrance to a cave. Answer "Yes" to his question, and then beat his Beautifly and Croagunk in battle. When he runs off, an elderly woman will approach you and notice that you have the Old Charms Cynthia gave you. She'll take the Charms and direct your attention to the inside of the cave, where you will learn about the three Legendary Pokémon. She'll then give you HM03 (Surf), which you can't use outside of battle until you beat the Gym Leader of Hearthome City. Leave the cave, speak to the blue-haired Cyrus, then return to Hearthome. Return to Hearthome City Head to the Gym with fully healed Pokémon and get ready to answer some riddles. You have to answer these mathematical equations correctly or fight a Trainer as punishment. Here are the questions and answers to the conundrums, in case your math isn't up to snuff: What is 3 plus 5 plus 7? 15 What is 12 plus 28? 40 What is 3 multiplied by 13? 39 What was the answer from the first room? 15 By answering that fourth question correctly, you'll gain access to the room where the Gym Leader, Fantina, awaits. Heal your Pokémon if they're hurt, then attack! BOSS: Fantina Fantina's Pokémon are Ghost-type, so Normal, Fighting, and Ground-type Pokémon will be no use to you here. Use Dark-type Pokémon if you want your attacks to actually be effective. Fantina's first Pokémon, Drifblim, has a lot of HP but isn't particularly tough; the same isn't true of her second Pokémon, Mismagius. Hammer it with everything you've got, and make sure to cause it to faint from the yellow health zone, because if you get it into the red zone without killing it, Fantina will use a Hyper Potion. Her final Pokémon is a Level 34 Gengar, which is a cakewalk compared to Mismagius. For defeating Fantina you'll get 4,320 Pokédollars, TM65 (Shadow Claw), and the Relic Badge! Five down, three to go. Mine Badge Exit the Gym to find Cynthia; seems she's got some information regarding Team Galactic's devious schemes in the city of Canalave, which is located directly west of Jubilife City. Make tracks to Jubilife, and exit west to Route 218. Route 218 The following Pokémon may be fought here: Shellos Gastrodon Wingull Floatzel Only four Trainers here, so you may as well fight them for the money and EXP. Now that you have the Shadow Claw, head to the dock and Surf via the northern or southern route toward Canalave. Pass through the building at the end, speaking to Dawn's father before you enter Canalave. Canalave City Enter the first house you come to and speak to the woman inside to receive TM48 (Skill Swap), then check the house north of the Poké Mart for the Move Deleter, who will, obviously, let you delete moves you've taught your Pokémon that you wish to rescind. You've got another battle with Rival coming up, so heal up your Pokémon before crossing the bridge to the west. Rival shows up with a Level 31 Staravia and a Level 30 Heracross along with his usual Pokémon, but he's pretty easy to beat as usual; only the Heracross might give you some trouble, but not much. When you've bested him once again, continue west to Canalave's Gym. You'll have to manipulate some elevators to reach the Gym Leader here, but it's not all that difficult. Take the elevator on the far right up to the next level, then take the southern elevator back down to fight the Ace Trainer. Now take the western elevator to the second level, then take the elevator to the west. Take the next elevator up to the third level, then ride the northern lift, and then the next one up. Now keep riding the lifts to the east until you reach a Black Belt, who you should fight. Now go south and take the two platforms to reach the other side of the wall. Ride the next elevator down, battle with the Ace Trainer, then ride the lift she was guarding down to the first level. Finally, ride the red elevator to the Gym Leader, Byron, who reveals that he is, in fact, Roark's father! BOSS: Byron Byron's Pokémon will be immune to all types of attacks except for Fire, Electric, Water, Fighting, Ghost, or Dark, so bear that in mind when choosing who to send out. He'll first throw out a Level 36 Bronzor, who has high defense but low offense; use Fire and only Fire-type attacks against it. Next is a Level 36 Steelix, which is pretty easy to beat if you use a Water-type Special attack. Finally, Byron pulls out a Level 39 Bastiodon. Defeat it quickly with a Fighting-type Special attack, and don't let it just sit around with low amounts of HP; if so, it will use Rest to completely restore them! Defeating Byron nets you 4,680 Pokédollars, TM91 (Flash Cannon), and the Mine Badge! Six down, only two to go. Icicle Badge As you leave the Gym, Rival will ask you to join him in the Library, here in the western end of town. Head there and climb to the top floor, where you'll find Rival, Dawn, and the Professor! Professor Rowan asks the three of you to find the three Legendary Pokémon from the three lakes on this continent, sending Rival to Lake Acuity and Dawn to Lake Verity. That means you'll be taking care of Lake Valor, but just as you're about to set out on your journey there, a loud explosion goes off as Team Galactic detonates a bomb...at Lake Valor! Get there immediately! Return to Lake Valor Return to where Cynthia gave you the SecretPotion at the lakefront to find that the two men who were previously blocking the path ahead are nowhere to be found. Head up to the lake to find that it has been completely drained. Go west to do battle with a Galactic Grunt, then go south and fight two more to reach an entrance to a cave. Head inside to find yet another Team Galactic Commander, Saturn. Save your game, then speak to him to trigger a boss battle. BOSS: Commander Saturn This won't be a difficult battle by any means. You'll have to take down a Level 35 Kadabra, a Level 37 Toxicroak, and a Level 35 Bronzor. Nothing too outrageous, just use your strongest attacks to end the battle quickly. Upon defeat, Saturn mentions that Team Galactic is probably up to something at Lake Verity near your hometown of Twinleaf, so that should be your next destination. It's just northwest of Twinleaf Town. Lake Verity You'll find Professor Rowan here, having it out with some Team Galactic Grunts. The Professor tells you to hurry to Dawn, and you'll have to Double Battle twice on your way to her. After the two battles, heal your Pokémon, save your game, then talk to Commander Mars to face her in combat once more. BOSS: Commander Mars, Part 2 Mars's Level 37 Golbat and Bronzor won't be much of a deterrent for you; just handle them as you normally would. Mars's other Pokémon, however (a Level 39 Purugly) might be a bit of a challenge. It has high attack and likes to put your Pokémon to sleep, but a high-leveled Fighting-type Pokémon of your own will make mincemeat of it.

Candice. It's currently being guarded by Galactic Grunts. Speak to the Grunt here and listen as he explains this buildings Warp Panels to you. You can stay at the Snow Lodge to heal your Pokémon on your way to Route 217. Take this Panel to another area next to a staircase. Head either north up the slope and over the bridges or down through the snow-filled valley to the west. save your game. and asks you to travel to Lake Acuity to check on his status. Route 216 Sneasel The following Pokémon can be fought here: Sneasel Snover Graveler Machoke Meditite Noctowl Zubat This cold-climate area is continually pelted by hail in battle. keep a close watch out for a house on the western side of the route. meaning that if you decide to fight them all. Battle her Medicham with Flying or Ghost-type attacks. she'll mention something about returning to headquarters in Veilstone. then continue through the mountain until you pop out on Route 216. anyway? You'll need to slide around on the ice. and a Level 40 Golbat. Talk to the Team Galactic member outside the building to receive the Storage Key. then go through the door to find Cyrus. Route 217 The following Pokémon can be fought here: Medicham Sneasel Snover Machoke Meditite Noctowl Zubat Route 217 is smack-dab in the middle of a horrendous blizzard. located in the northeast corner of the city. Head inside to find four levels of the Gym. Take the stairs in the northwest corner out of the basement. Mars reveals that Team Galactic has obtained the three Legendary Pokémon. then the next set down to the basement. and take the one on the left. so head east into Snowpoint City instead for now.040 Pokédollars. Take the Warp Panel on the right to find TM49 (Snatch). so first head to Eterna City and head west through Route 211 until you're back in the mountain. Professor Rowan fears for Rival's life. then head west to Lake Acuity. then takes off. and the time has come to dual. Coronet to reach it. a Level 43 Sneasel. Unlock the first floor door and head up the stairs to fight two Grunts. Climb them. Don't miss it! Speak to the man inside the house after you pick it up to receive the Icicle Plate. After the fight. and as such both movement and visibility will be vastly reduced. then fight the Grunt standing next to the two Warp Panels. then head to the Warehouse in the northwest corner of town. then ascend the stairs and fight the two Grunts you come to. Head up the stairs. TM72 (Avalanche). then return and take the left Panel to a room with another Panel in it. Descend the stairs you arrive at. You'll end up with 5. Climb the next set of stairs. He is not. Surf north on the elevated path to the stairs heading down to the middle level. Mt. Coronet. then head north to find a large underground lake. unfortunately. take it. Finally. There are also gobs of Trainers here. You'll find three Warp Panels beyond them. then take the Max Revive. which opens all the doors in the building! Use the key on the door to make your way back outside the Warehouse. all covered in ice! What kind of gym is this. killing it quickly before it has a chance to use its Bulk Up stat-raising move. For being the leader of the feared Team Galactic. then enter the Galactic Veilstone Building through the front door. fighting the Trainers you bump into and crushing the snowballs in your path (if you've gathered enough speed) to reach the Gym Leader. then take the Warp Panel you come to. Only one more to find! Beacon Badge Heal your Pokémon at the Pokémon Center. and climb the stairs there. Go inside and unlock the door. since you can't unlock the north door just yet. friendly. it will take you quite some time to trek all the way through this area. but another powerful Fire-based attack will most likely crush it in a single blow. Since Rival looks like he's doing all right.Defeated again. you may as well follow her! Return to Veilstone City It's time to infiltrate the Galactic Veilstone Building. her Level 42 Abomisnow may seem tough. Proceed to the northeastern exit of the route to reach the Acuity Lakefront. BOSS: Cyrus Cyrus uses a Level 40 Murkrow. Head past the spot the Grunts were previously guarding to see Rival battling with Commander Jupiter. Take the TM36 (Sludge Bomb) and the Galactic Key. Candice's Level 38 Sneasel can be taken down just as quickly with a strong Fire or Fighting-type attack. Go east. Use your strongest Rock-type attacks to slaughter all three of Cyrus's Pokémon. BOSS: Candice Candice will start the battle with a Level 38 Snover. where more of the Trainers are located. Northern Route The following Pokémon may be fought here: Chingling Clefairy Golbat Graveler Machoke Meditite Use Defog when you hit the basement to open up your visibility. As you trudge through the snow. Head down the corridor to three more Warp Panels. Snowpoint City There's virtually nothing for you to do here besides the obvious: the Snowpoint City Gym. damaging all Pokémon that aren't Ice-based. on the north side of this house you'll find HM08. You want to take the bottom-right one to the east. one in the room to the north and two to the east. and the Icicle Badge. which you should immediately take down with a Fire-type attack. Now go back and take the Panel in the room to the north this time. then take the Dusk Stone and proceed into the basement of the Galactic Veilstone Building. his Pokémon are laughable. the leader of Team Galactic. . You'll need to travel through the northern section of Mt. You'll end up next to another Panel. which gives you the Rock Climb ability. Rest on the bed in this room.

the Legendary Trio shows up to stop this from happening! Now's the time to put a stop to Cyrus! BOSS: Cyrus. and the Golbats with Ice. up the stairs. then go north down the stairs and over the bridge to the east. Luxray with Ground-type attacks (Earthquake again). BOSS: Commander Saturn. Return to Mt. Capturing Dialga/Palkia If you're fighting Dialga. too. Find him there. then north into a cave. Approach the group. so get to Hearthome City and take Route 208 there. TM57 (Charge Beam) and the Beacon Badge! You can now move on to the final section of the game. Sunyshore City The flame-haired Flint will approach you as you enter and ask you to fight this city's Gym Leader. Step on the red switch on the gear. then head west to another cave. and the Octillery with Grass or Electric-type moves. who tells Dialga/Palkia to start wreaking havoc on the world. Steel-type on the Skuntank. and the southern path has less. Use Ice. Part 2 Cyrus has a Level 45 Honchkrow. Route 222 The following Pokémon may be fought here: Chatot Wingull Gastrodon Floatzel Mr. but don't waste a Master Ball on it. and north to two Grunts.. Head inside. use Dusk. Professor Rowan and Dawn then show up and inform you that you must either destroy or capture Dialga/Palkia to save the world from certain doom. Head east now to the next room. Mime (Diamond Only) Glameow (Pearl Only) Purugly (Pearl Only) There are two paths you can take here: the northern path to Sunyshore has more Trainers on it.. Ambipom with Fighting-type moves. counter it with Fighting and Ground-type moves for big return damage. Fighting-type on the Weavile. then move to the left gear and hit its switch. then go south until you reach a blue switch. a Level 47 Ambipom. and Golbat. heal at the Pokémon Center. Once again. which you should press. Go east. east of Lake Valor. then splits. Use Fire-type attacks on the Bronzors. then Rock Climb to the next level. Electric. Defeat the Raichu with a Ground-type attack (Earthquake is particularly effective). while Jupiter boasts a Bronzor. Defeat them on your way to the mountain's peak. Rock. and that's your cue to heal your Pokémon and save your game. Descend the stairs. expect nothing but a brutal offense coming your way. After you either capture or destroy Dialga/Palkia. Cross the bridge gear onto another. Coronet. and the red switches rotate the gears 180 degrees. then head over the gear bridge to the next room. talk to him. then follow the path to the top of the mountain. Coronet. BOSS: Mars and Jupiter Mars has a Bronzor. and approach Volkner. Walk to the green switch and hit that one. Defeat them as before.right now. fight the Trainer. The way to the Gym Leader is now open. Luckily.You'll get a Master Ball for defeating Cyrus. Electric. north. a Level 45 Gyarados. Continue until you enter a room containing Commander Saturn and the Legendary Trio! Saturn is quite miffed about his previous loss to you. and a Level 46 Crobat. in case you feel like powering up (as you should). The blue and green switches here rotate the gears in the room either clockwise or counter-clockwise by 90 degrees. only a few levels higher. You have to follow Cyrus to Mt. who says he no longer needs the Legendary Pokémon and decides to travel to Mt. then enter the cave which leads to Victory Road. Swim up it. By winning. a Level 48 Weavile. Purugly. then cross over the gear bridge to reach a green switch. Defeat the Trainer here in battle. Jupiter. so heal up. then Surf over the water and Rock Climb up to the very back of the cave. Now go southwest a ways. Your next destination? Sunyshore City. Exit north to Route 223. Continue north all the way to the end of the route. Fighting-type with the Purugly. or Timer Balls instead. at the lighthouse in the southeastern corner of town. then head to the Gym. Step on the blue switch in the middle three times. Coronet The following Pokémon may be fought in this area: Bronzong Medicham Clefairy Golbat Chingling Bronzor Machoke Enter the southern cave of Mt Coronet off of Route 208. and a Level 47 Octillery. Part 2 He has the same Pokémon he did the first time you fought him. and wants to make up for it. use Rock Climb to head up the crevasse. where you'll encounter a large waterfall. you should use Dragon-type attacks. Cyrus will awaken Dialga (or Palkia in Pearl). On your way north to Route 223. Talk to Flint and he'll step away. . Head through the opening in the wall. Step on the middle gear and hit the switch on the right gear. Hit it twice. Try to capture the Pokémon. you'll obtain 5. save your game. Go south now. Skuntank. Pokémon League Route 223 The following Pokémon can be fought here: Tentacruel Mantyke Pelipper Surf north of Sunyshore. speak to Jasmine on the beach for HM07 (Waterfall). then step on the other gear with a red switch. and Golbat at her disposal. and Rock. Use Rock Climb inside the cave. Fight the two Grunts here. This leaves only you and Cyrus. then head back past the gear bridge. then continue east to Sunyshore. then proceed through the ruins where you'll find Mars. battling any of the Trainers you see here to boost your Grass and Electric-type Pokémon. or Rock-type attacks on Honchkrow. Volkner. then follow the path east to the exit. Ultra. BOSS: Volkner Volkner possesses the following Pokémon: a Level 46 Raichu. the Pokémon League. you'll be free to finish your quest for the eight Badges. then get off. Defeating Cyrus forces him and the two Commanders to bolt. and take it to another section of the building. so you need to speak to the Gym Leader. Electric-type on the Gyarados. Electric. or Psychic attacks. Follow him to a Warp Panel. Rival shows up to fight alongside you for this battle. If you're facing off against Palkia. Psychic. then hit the switch. Step on the red switch. allowing you inside.880 Pokédollars. Get back on the middle gear. and Cyrus. Head to the Valor Lakefront and head east down the previously-blocked path to reach Route 222. damaging all non-Icetype Pokémon in your arsenal. or Ice on the Crobat. walk off it. then go to the other platform and climb the stairs. Twice defeated. Saturn will step aside and allow you to press the big red button that sets the Legendary Pokémon free! Return to the room where you fought Cyrus and take the southern Warp Panel to get out of the building. a Level 49 Luxray. and Mars & Jupiter will attack you! Luckily. using your strongest attacks. The Sunyshore Gym is currently experiencing some power difficulties. it will be hailing in your battles. Press it. Rival heals your Pokémon after the battle. Take them both for maximum EXP.

Heracross. or Fire-type attacks on Lucario. then east to some Zinc. heal your Pokémon. Fire on Bronzong. or Psychic on Roserade. and continue west and south to some stairs that will take you to the first floor. It's now time to take on the Elite Four. west. Rock. and Beautifly with Rock. all between Level 48 and 53. you must face Lucian. Ice. talk to the person standing in front of the door to be allowed access to the League. and head through the door to register yourself and your Pokémon as the new Pokémon League Champions! Congratulations. Ghost. or Psychic for the Roserade. fight the Birdkeeper there. Steel. Floatzel. or Ice. who you met in Sunyshore City. a Level 63 Bronzong. Ice. Mime. Bug. Go west past an Expert to find the Razor Claw. Fighting for the Snorlax. Rock. Rival will show up for your final confrontation with him. Flying. BOSS: Lucian Lucian uses a Level 59 Mr. Next is Flint. Go down. Fire. a Level 57 Steelix. Head up the stairs by the Expert. the Whiscash with Grass. buy whatever you need from the Poké Mart (10 each of the Full Heals. then head north. Full Restores. and Flying. a Level 63 Milotic. you'll need to be that strong to face the Elite Four. and the Sudowoodo with Fighting. defeat him and take the next staircase down. Ice on Garchomp. Fire. Take them to the second floor. Grass. and Fighting on the Lopunny. Grass or Electric on Milotic. or Dark on Alakazam. Climb it (with Waterfall. or Dark on Drifblim. a Level 60 Gastrodon. BOSS: Bertha Bertha has a Level 55 Quagsire. Ice. You have just finished the trials of the Victory Road! On to the Elite Four! The Elite Four Head up the large Waterfall. Back on the first floor. Use Ground. Fighting. or Water on Steelix. a Level 54 Vespiqueen. When you're ready to put this dungeon behind you. as Lopunny counters all of them! And finally. and first up is Aaron. You'll soon come across some boulders and a rock that can be smashed. for you have reached the highest rank of any Pokémon collector! You may now choose to continue playing the game.Victory Road The following Pokémon may be fought here: Machoke Medicham Graveler Goldbat Onix Steelix Kadabra Floatzel I would suggest leveling up your Pokémon here until they've all reached Level 55. and Fighting. or Psychic-type attacks. Ground. So basically. or just take some time to relax and pride yourself on all your hard work. then push the boulder north to the Trainer. a super-powerful Grass-type Pokémon can get you through all give of Bertha's Pokémon. a Level 60 Medicham. Push the top-most boulder west here. You've defeated all of the members of the Elite Four! Good job! Unfortunately. Grass or Electric for the Floatzel. Revives. Flying. or Water on Infernape. or Grass. then head north to some stairs going down. rarer Pokémon. and a Level 63 Lucario. Heracross with Flying. Flying. Cynthia will tell you to climb the platform. then go north for a Full Heal. of course) and go west to find a Dragon Tamer. and a Level 57 Lopunny. Electric. a Level 54 Heracross. Flying or Ghost on Medicham. Mime. then west. Stick to physical attacks with Lopunny and avoid your Special-moves. or Dark on Spiritomb. Rock. Roserade. Head south and push the boulders out of your way so you can continue south. Fire. Snorlax. then up the cliff to the east to fight another Dragon Tamer. a Level 56 Hippowdon. Bug. scouring the land for even more. Psychic. and Hyper Potions is a good investment). Ghost. Electric. then Surf north to a waterfall. Next is Bertha. Rock. Looks tough! Use these types of attacks to counter each of her Pokémon: Ghost. and save your game! Now approach the door to the Pokémon League. or Dark-type attacks on Mr. BOSS: Flint Flint uses a Level 58 Rapidash. a Level 58 Drifblim. Ghost. but don't jump off. and an Infernape. then go back. a Level 56 Golem. or Water-type attacks on Rapidash. Push the boulder on the left down one tile. head over the bridge and go east to some steps leading down. Make your way around the cliff to a Black Belt. Cross the bridge afterwards to the exit. or Ice for the Staraptor. . Ground. break the one smashable rock. and north again to some stairs. then head into the Champion's Room to face Cynthia! FINAL BOSS: Cynthia Cynthia will wield the following Pokémon: a Level 61 Spiritomb. and a Level 59 Girafarig. Ground. Psychic. Drapion with Ground. or Water for the Infernape. Use Bug. Flying for the Heracross. a Level 61 Infernape. Take down the Dustox with Flying. Take the southern waterfall down to TM59 (Dragon Pulse). Go south. Surf over to the Psychic. Fire. and a Level 53 Beautifly. you still must beat the Pokémon League Champion and claim the throne that you so rightly deserve. Grass on Mastrodon. the Golem with Water or Grass. the Hippowdon with Water. Use these types of attacks to beat his Pokémon: Rock. Your best means of attack: kill the Quagsire with Grass-type attacks. a Level 60 Alakazam. and Bug or Dark-type attacks on the Girafarig. and this time he's got six Pokémon with him! BOSS: Rival If you picked Turtwig way back at the beginning of the game as your first Pokémon. defeat the Tamer. a Level 55 Whiscash. head over the bridge to a ledge and Rock Climb down. Vespiqueen with Rock. Heal your Pokémon fully. Rival will have a Staraptor. and a Level 56 Sudowoodo. Ground. Upon defeating him. a Level 60 Roserade. a Level 57 Drapion. BOSS: Aaron Aaron has a Level 53 Dustox. Do so. Return to where the bridge goes north. a Level 66 Garchomp. With all six of her Pokémon defeated.