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Question 1 A code system is a. A concept associated with an explicit machine-recognizable identifier b. A unitary mental representation of a real or abstract thing; c. A set of unique codes that represents a corresponding set of classes in the ‘real world’ d. An atomic unit of thought Question 2 One of these is an external but internally maintained HL7 code system a. ISO 3166 country codes c. SNOMED CT b. LOINC d. RxNorm Question 3 One of these UML diagrams is NOT a BEHAVIOR DIAGRAM a. Use Case Diagram c. State Machine Diagram b. Activity Diagram Question 4 Actors in UML use cases are a. Optional containers for functionality b. Discrete units of interaction between a user (human or machine) and the system c. Abstraction of things or concepts that are subjects of interest in a given application domain d. Human or machine entities that use or interact with the system Question 5 Activity diagrams are used to a. Specify the attributes of a class b. Illustrate the organization of the system components c. Organize and define the static information that is relevant for a given system or activity d. Show the different actions that need to be carried out to accomplish the goals of (a part of) a system Question 6 In a class diagram, classes are represented a. using a circle with the class name at the center b. using a square with the class name at the bottom and the attributes at the top c. using an oval with the class name at the bottom and the attributes at the top d. using a rectangle with two horizontal lines through it Question 7 What would you use to indicate that one class is a more specialized version of another?

a. A special attribute depicting the relationship b. A generalization relationship c. A package d. A composition relationship


Fields can be in any other order and nothing would change. Network E.. There is no problem if shorter data is sent. ANSI defined Question 12 Define which of the following sentences better describes HL7 v. A specification defining an architecture for a computer application for the healthcare domain B. Is specified in the MSH segment. Open source B. Fields within messages should contain exactly that byte count. TCP/IP based D. Controller Question 9 At what level of the ISO/OSI model does HL7 v2. Field separator 2 . Session C.. B. It is fixed.Question 8 One of these is not a stereotyped object in a sequence diagram a. Between 0 and N D. Is optional.. It is specified in the MSH segment. How is each field or attribute length defined in the segment definition table. Depends on the field separator Question 14 Select the option that better answer this question: How much DG1 segments can be included in this message according to this abstract message definition? [{DG1}] A. Boundary d. It is the minimum length. Between 1 and N B. A data base model D. Exactly 2 C. A messaging application E.. A router for clinical information message exchange C. Between 1 and 5 Question 15 The only HL7 V2. Link B. A protocol for exchange of clinical information Question 13 From the following options select one that completes the sentence: “The sequence of fields within a segment… A. A. there can be problems with messaging parsers. Cannot be modified and is defined in the segment definition table D...x is. A. B. If shorter data is sent. communication environment" A.2x A. Entity b. Question 11 Complete the phrase by selecting an option "The standard assumes a . Application Question 10 Choose only one option from the sentences listed below. D.. C. C. Attribute c. Error free transmission C.x delimiter that cannot be replaced is A. It is the maximum length..

choose one answer: A.. Subcomponent separator Question 16 Which one of these is not a trigger event for HL7 v2. The MSH segment D.. C..x? A... Segments are uniquely identified by a three character code C. An encounter for an inpatient was scheduled D. and the IN2 must be before IN3 B.. Component separator D. Is impossible within the message. Can appear 0. A radiological observation was generated C. A patient was admitted in the ER Question 17 To include a IN2 segment in a ADT^A01 message. and the IN2 must be after IN1 D..B. You must include at least an IN3 segment.. Segment separator C.n times D. The patient identification segment B. Segments cannot be optional B. If present. The visit information segment Question 20 The NK1 segment in a ADT^A01 message.choose one answer: A. must appear only one time B. Can appear 1. Segments can be repetitive Question 19 Which part of the message contains an identifier for the type of message and trigger event in an ADT message? A. Segments are field groupings D.n times  3 . Cannot repeat more than 2 times C. You must include at least an IN1 segment. The printer in ward 18 is broken B. You must include a GT1 segment (Guarantor Information) C. It must be done outside it. There are no preconditions Question 18 Which one of these sentences is not true? A.