Miskin Theatre Assignment Sept/Oct 2013

DAILY/WEEKLY EVALUATION (INCLUDING ACTION PLAN) Your daily accounts are clearly documented and at a good standard. They are honest and interesting to read, as they are in place and cover each session discussing your personal development and that of the choreography. Throughout your next blog you need to make sure that you are setting yourself clear and challenging targets at the end of each of your weeks. Setting targets will able you to monitor your own progression and helps lead you in the right direction to succeed. STRENGTHS AND WEAKNESSES You have identified your strengths and weaknesses throughout this process discussing what has gone well for you and what your areas for improvements are, but make sure these are always in your separate tags and not mixed within your daily accounts, as they will be clearer for the reader to find. Make sure that you are always suggesting ways of improving and maintaining them also. DIRECTOR NOTES/RESPONSE You have shown that you have listened to your feedback from your directors and these have been clearly documented, However like your strengths and weaknesses make sure they are in their individual tags. You need to now begin to suggest ways in which you are going to improve on these so that your directors can see you understand what needs to be implemented to progress forward. RESEARCH You have mentioned information on the artists used throughout your Without Words piece, however you needed to also discuss your own personal thoughts and feeling on the music and how you felt this impacted the choreography. You also needed to speak about the lighting and how you felt this moved the piece along.
Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) Brief IV’d by Bronagh Lagan Lindsey O’Malley and Vicky Wyatt

Miskin Theatre Assignment Sept/Oct 2013

SPELLING/GRAMMAR AND LAYOUT Your spelling and grammar is to a good standard, however always read back through your work to prevent the odd spelling and typo mistake. OVERALL GRADE Merit Director’s Comments: Your logbook is to a good standard Cydni and you have shown that you have clearly stayed on top of your work. Keep this up throughout your next process, as being able to reflect back on the work you have learnt has a huge impact on your progression. Throughout this process Cydni you have approached your sessions in a mature and professional manner, however you need to be carful, as at times you can become a little talkative. You have shown a good progression in all areas, as you have pushed yourself at times to your full potential. You need to continue to push yourself both in sessions and independently on the different exercises we do throughout our Friday afternoon sessions so that throughout your next process you have the strength and flexibility to perform more complex choreography with the correct style and dynamics Targets: Work independently on your flexibility and core strength by using the exercises we do throughout our Wednesday and Friday afternoon stretch sessions. Keep experimenting facially throughout your next process, by researching and analyzing more dance videos on YouTube or even going to see a variety of dance shows




Level 3 Diploma in Performing Arts (Dance) Brief IV’d by Bronagh Lagan

Lindsey O’Malley and Vicky Wyatt