Sujit Lalwani - An Amazing Energy that Moulds Social Entrepreneurs C3W was a great event or me as it !

rought me in close touch to someone a!out whom " love to share with you all# "t is di icult to !ecome inspring person or even one person$ it is ever more di icult to !ecome an inspiration spea%er and to lead every moment o li e in inspiring manner# &ut it is not di icult i you see him in action# "nspirational Lectures to a million' (housands o ans'' )undreds o small projects that will !ring smiles to millions''' and an online magazine that has !een prepared or !illions'''' " am tal%ing a!out Sujit Lalwani$ hardly a *uarter o a century old on this planet$ !ut spar%s tremendous enthusiasm$ energy and positive attitude# )e is truly in ectuous and mesmerises people in seconds# )e visited our +niversity and too% away the attention and direction o all the students who listened to him# )e is an engineering gradate$ !ut " would call him a !orn entrepreneur# Even !e ore completing his engineering$ he was an entrepreneur and was a!le to turn ideas into actions# )is outstanding %nac% in solving pro!lems through small solutions gave him the opportunities all around himsel ,which were pro!lems or others-# )e started o *uite success ully networ% mar%eting !ut ound that he was made or something more meaning ul# )e started again rom zero and it too% him only a small time to reach pinnacles in what he was trying or# )e is now a recognised inspritational spea%er$ writer and motivator# )e comes with a encompassing soul that cares or this planet$ the people around and or human values# )e ta%es up social cause one a ter another and converts them into enterprising solutions and is so enticing with his ideas that all his enterprises are thronged with passionate teamwor%ers# Son o an entrepreneur$ Sujit didnt ta%e the easier route o settling down in esta!lished !usiness o his ather$ !ut he too% a new course or himsel $ the path never chosen !y any o his predecessors# )e carved out a niche or himsel in this competitive world with his shere capa!ility# All these achievements at a young age has not changed his li e vision$ he still is the same person attached to the ground realities o li e# &orn on .e!ruary /0$ /123 he is the ounder and 4irector o "+"(E &usiness Solutions 5vt# Ltd# popularly %nown as "nspiration +nlimited,"+-$ ounder o charity 36meals which advocates to prevent ood wastage and also the author o an inspiring

!oo% 7Li e Simpli ied'7 )e loo%s at pro!lems as possi!le solutions and his solutions are !ased on local resources$ local people and local initiatives# )e invites young generations in solving the pro!lems o modern times# )e mo!ilised people to use old newspapers to convert them into paper !ags - "+ 8ewspaper &ag 5roject - which ena!led people to evolve newer methods o paper re-use# )is achievements out-age his physical age# )e has emerged as an inspirational writer$ orator$ planner$ e9ecutor and entrepreneur# )e is now listed in visiting aculty : visiting resource person in a large num!er o well esta!lished instituions# )e is also a listed spea%er with Moscow Spea%ers &ureau# )e was the ;ne <oung World Am!assador who represented "ndia at the "nternational Con erence o ;ne <oung World,;<W-$ =>// held at ?urich$ Switzerland# )e was also the returning am!assador and a Spea%er or the ;<W con erence held at 5itts!urgh in the month o ;cto!er$ =>/=# )e was invited !y the plenipotentiary o the 5resident o @ussia to share his ideas at the A"S"( @+SS"A .orum held on May =BC=6$ =>/=$ an "nternational (ourism .orum# )e was among the /6 <;+@ &"D <EA@ =>/= .inalists chosen rom over 6>$>>> participants rom over =/= countries# )e was recognized with the award o E)igh Service to Society at a very <oung AgeE !y L";8S Clu! in the year =>/> at State Level# )e was also interviewed on (A1 8ews as Success story rom &angalore and Suvarna 8ews or his social initiatives# )e was interviewed on 8epal @adio 12#2.M as a <outh "con and has eatured in 8ews re*uently in 8epal ever since# We had created a team or hospitality and logistics o C3W# (his team consisted o our energetic and enthusiastic students# (hese students were as under F @isha!h rom /st year &&A Amit 5atha% rom =nd year &#Com ,Corporate Secretaryship-

Aditya rom 3rd year &#(ech#

5rince rom 0th year &#(ech#

(his team got a new name rom Sujit F (eam /=30# (his team got inspired rom Sujit Lalwani and started many projects or social development# ;ne o the project that this team has ta%en up is to re-use paper ,used one side- or preparing note!oo%s or poor students o government schools# Let us hope that they do something outstanding in this project#