Which graph represents the sound wave with the highest pitch?


The diagram shows an electromagnetic spectrum. Which diffraction pattern appears on the screen? 3. 2 . The diagram shows an arrangement of apparatus for light diffraction experiment.2.

*/ m s"1.*/ m ) */0 m 1 012 m 1 3 .The waves at P. m ( .amined +# using A !"ra# ' gamma ra#s ( ultraviolet ra#s ) in&rared ra#s -. He hears the echo of his voice . Q. a passenger's bag is placed in the baggage scanner. R and S are P A ' ( ) *. What is the distance +etween Ahmad and the wall? A 2/* m ' 20. The velocit# o& sound in air is . ltraviolet !"ra# $icrowave !"ra# Q !"ra# ltraviolet %n&rared %n&rared R $icrowave %n&rared ltraviolet ltraviolet S %n&rared $icrowaves !"ra# $icrowave At an airport.! seconds later. Ahmad shouts in front of a high wall. The contents in the +ag are e.

)* s? 4 . ) cm and period of ). What happens to the total energ# of the oscillating s#stem? A %t remains constant & %t decreases ' %t increases 0. A s#stem is oscillating at its natural fre$uenc# without damping. ! is A ' ( ) a tuner a &ilter a detector a modulator 2004 3. Which graph represents a wave with amplitude of (. The following is a bloc" diagram of a radio transmitter.2.

B. Which diagram shows the correct pattern o& re&lected water waves? 1/.4. The diagram shows an inter&erence pattern o& two coherent water waves o& sources. does destructive inter&erence occur? 5 . C or ). P and Q. Which o& the positions A.

The echo o& the waves is received 2. Which graph represents amplitude modulated waves? 6 . o& the sea. Which phenomenon indicates that light is a transverse wave? A ' ' .eflection ./ s a&ter the transmission. D.efraction -olari.11. The diagram shows an ultrasonic waves transmitted &rom a +oat to the sea+ed to determine the depth. The speed o& the ultrasonic waves in water is 1-// m s"1.. What is the value o& D? A 3+* m ' 3-/ m ( 1-// m ) .ation /iffraction ) 2005 1./// m 1 2///m 12.

(. %n a 5oung6s dou+le slit e. Which pattern o& the waves&ronts will +e o+served in the +asin? 1-. red &ringes are &ormed on the screen when a red light source is used. What will +e o+served i& the red light source is replaced b# a blue light source? A 0umber of fringes decreases & &rightness of the fringes increases ' /istance between fringes decreases 12.periment. 7 . Water is dripped at a constant rate into the +asin as shown in the diagram +elow. The diagram shows a wave&ront pattern produced +# a dipper vi+rating at a &re7uenc# o& 12 89 in a ripple tan:. A tilted +asin contains water.

and . ! and 5. )estructive inter&erence occurs at A ' ( ) .What is the speed o& the waves? A ' ( ) 1 13 2 cm s"1 0 cm s"1 12 cm s"1 10 cm s"1 . Which statement is correct a+out the re&lected and incident waves? A The speed o& the re&lected waves is the same as the speed o& the incident waves ' The wavelength o& the re&lected waves is shorter than that o& the incident waves ' ) The fre$uenc# of the reflected waves is lower than that of the incident waves The directions o& the re&lected waves are alwa#s at right angles to the incident waves 10 The diagram shows the wave pattern &ormed +# waves &rom two coherent sources. 8 .2 cm s"1 The diagram shows the wave&ronts o& a plane wave incident on a plane re&lector. onl# Q onl# P and Q .

The most suita+le graph to represent the a+ove situation is 21 The process of combining audio and radio fre$uenc# signals is "nown as A ' ( resonance damping modulation 9 . %t will produce a loud and high pitch sound.14 The graphs show the cross"sections o& water waves. Which wave has the greatest energ#? 2006 2/ A thin guitar string is strummed hard.

T and 1 have the same phase Wave energ# is trans&erred &rom position &rom S to The wave length is the distance +etween S and The particle at oscillates in a direction parallel to the direction o& the wave propagation )iagram 14 shows ripple tan: with a sloping +ase and a vi+rator +eing vi+rated. Which o& the &ollowing wave patterns can +e seen on the screen? 10 .) recti&ication 22 )iagram 10 shows the cross section o& water waves. Which o& the &ollowing statements is true about the water waves? A ' ( ) 2.

A&ter 1/ seconds.2* )iagram 2/ shows the inter&erence patterns &or water waves &rom two coherent source S1 and S2. 11 . the su+marine detects the re&lected wave. W h i c h o & t h e & o l l o w i n g s h o w s t h e superposition o& the waves at point 5? 2- )iagram 21 shows a su+marine transmitting ultrasonic waves directed at a +ig roc: on the sea +ed.

4 :m 3. . Q and S .(alculate the distance o& the su+marine &rom the +ig roc:.0 :m 1-.> A ' ( ) 1 ..<elocit# o& ultrasonic wave = 1 -2/ m s"1.2 :m 1-2.and 2 .and . )iagram 22 Wavelength is the distance +etween the points A ' ( ) .1. and 3 12 .2 ?$ .2 :m 2007 22 )iagram 22 shows a wave pattern on water.

23 /iagram !+ shows a load being oscillated on a spring. which o& the &ollowing displacement"time graphs represents oscillation o& the load &rom P to Q and +ac: to /? 13 . )iagram 23 'ased on )iagram 23.

changes when the waves are re&lected? A ' ( ) )irection o& propagation Wavelength @r e7uenc# Speed )eep area )iagram 24 24 )iagram 24 shows water waves propagating in an area o& di&&erent depths. Which o& the &ollowing diagrams shows the propagation o& the waves correctl#? 14 .)irection o& wave propagation 20 Shallow area Which o& the &ollowing characteristics o& waves.

/ )iagram 13 shows the displacement"distance graph o& a wave.2008 .cm s"1 1// cm s"1 1-/ cm s"1 ./ 89. What is the velocit# o& the wave? A ' ( ) -/ cm s"1 3.1 What happens to the wave length and the magnitude o& the velocit# o& water waves when it re&lected? Wave length $agnitude o& velocit# 15 . The &re7uenc# o& wave is -.

%n which diagram will destructive inter&erence occur when the wave meet? 16 .. Which phenomenon e.plains the propagation o& waves at !? A ' ( ) Re&lection Re&raction )i&&raction %nter&erence .A ' ( ) nchanged %ncreases )ecreases %ncreases nchanged )ecreases %ncreases nchanged .2 )iagram 10 shows water waves passing a +loc: o& roc: in a river.

.* What is the correct relationship +etween the wave length o& an electromagnetic radiation and the energ# it carries? A ' ( ) Wave length Short Short Aong Aong 1nerg# carried 8igh Aow 8igh Aow 17 .