As you might be aware, the annual Global Peace and Unity conference is just around the corner. It‟s a big event which is likely to draw tens of thousands of Muslims to its doors, and yet sadly, many of the attendees will be unaware of how unislamic this event really is. From cat walks, to free-mixing, to interfaith dialogue and the promotion of non-Islamic concepts such as democracy everything about this police backed event stinks of hypocrisy, and so this short article has been written to lay out, in plain black and white, why it is haram (prohibited) for any Muslim to attend. 1. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY CONFERENCE PROMOTES FREE-MIXING WITHOUT A DIVINE PERMIT There are certain permits Muslims must have in order to be in a place where there is free-mixing. Such permits include Hajj, seeking medicine, eating, trade, studying Islam etc. There is absolutely no permit to be in a freemixing arena such as the Global Peace and Unity event where there are open concerts, comedians and platforms given to the kuffar (non-Muslims) to promote non-Islamic concepts such as democracy and interfaith. 2. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY CONFERENCE PROMOTES IMITATING THE KUFFAR (NON-MUSLIMS) IN THEIR DEPRAVED LIFESTYLE E.G. CAT WALKS, COMEDY SHOWS AND SINGING AND DANCING Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, “Whoever imitates a people he is one of them.” [Abu Dawood] Allah (SWT) says, “Put together the disbelievers and those people who follow them and what they worshipped together.” [EMQ 37:22] In the tafsir of Jalalayn, Umar bin al Khattab (ra) explained that this verse refers to those people who imitate the disbelievers and in the same Tafsir, Ibn Abbas (ra) and Nu‟man bin Bashir (ra) stated they are those who are life them i.e. like the kuffar. It is completely prohibited for a Muslim to imitate those who are destined for the hell-fire i.e. non-Muslims. 3. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY ‘SPEED DATING’/MARRIAGE FUNCTION VIOLATES THE RULES OF ENGAGEMENT IN ISLAM The Shariah (Islamic law) is very specific on the process of marriage and engagement. There are certain Islamic etiquettes such as: all communication to the woman (by the man) being through the Wali Amr (father or male relative of woman). It is not from Islam for women to give their personal details to foreign men, or for them to meet prospective men without the presence of a Wali Amr, nor is it allowed to free mix with many men and women with everyone looking for prospective partners. 4. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY CONFERENCE PROMOTES THE POLICE’S AGENDA OF OPPRESSING MUSLIMS AND ARRESTING THEM AND SPYING ON THEM VIA ‘PREVENT’ It has been admitted that supporters of the GPU and some of the speakers invited to the event are the British police. The same police who under the guise of tackling „terrorism‟ arrest innocent Muslims, pay hypocrites to spy on Muslims, and encourage Muslims to hand their brothers and sisters over to them and their oppressive judiciary. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), “Whoever earns a bite of food by reporting or spying on Muslims, Allah will feed him the equivalent in hellfire, and whoever wears clothes earned from spying against Muslims Allah will clothe him with hellfire. [Sahih Bukhari] 5. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY CONFERENCE GIVES A PLATFORM TO TAGHOOT MPs AND ENCOURAGES MUSLIMS TO LISTEN TO THEM The first pillar of belief (Tawheed) is to reject anything followed, worshipped or obeyed other than Allah (SWT), and that includes members of the British parliament (MPs), or indeed anyone taking the role of legislator in contradiction to sovereignty and supremacy belonging solely to Allah (SWT). Allah (SWT) says, “The right of legislation is for none but Allah.” [EMQ 12:40]

6. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY CONFERENCE GIVES A PLATFORM TO APOSTATES In the lineup of speakers at the GPU are well known lackeys of the government who have sold their Deen in this life at expense of the Hereafter i.e. have become apostates. These include MPs such as Shahid Malik and members of the Muslim Council of Britain such as Iqbal Sacranie. An example of the kufr (disbelief) of the „Muslim‟ Council of Britain can be seen on their website in its latest article, „Remembering the Brave – The Muslim contribution to Britain‟s armed forces‟ where it states, “The MCB has worked with all three Armed services to encourage Muslims to serve their country.” Allah says, “Do not take the Jews and Christians as friends, they are friends of each other; and whoever amongst you takes them as a friend, then surely he is one of them. Surely Allah does not guide unjust people.” [EMQ 5:51] 7. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY CONFERENCE SPREADS FALSE IDEAS ALIEN TO ISLAM SUCH AS FREEDOM FOR ALL AND DEMOCRACY The theme of the GPU this year is Freedom for all. This is in total contradiction to the basis of Islam which is submission i.e. istislaam. Muslims believe that every action must be in accordance with the Shariah and that we will be held accountable for what we do. Democracy is another concept alien to Islam, because it separates Allah for life‟s affairs (secularism). Those who believe in democracy also believe that God may or may not exist and that you are free to do as you wish in this life, which is in complete opposition to the Islamic aqeedah (belief). 8. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY CONFERENCE AIMS TO COUNTER TERRORISM i.e. SHARIAH, JIHAD ETC. With the police and British government being one of the main supporters of this unislamic event it goes without saying that their agenda of targeting Muslims under the guise of tackling terrorism will no doubt be pursued as well. In fact, when one looks to the definition of terrorism in the Collins dictionary, “The systematic use of violence

and intimidation to achieve political ends” it describes the British government perfectly. How ironic it is that a conference titled „Global Peace and Unity‟ is backed by those who spread war and disunity! 9. THE GLOBAL PEACE AND UNITY CONFERENCE GIVES A PLATFORM TO JEWS AND CHRISTIANS TO PROMOTE THE KUFR IDEA OF INTERFAITH Allah described the Jews as the Cursed nation and the Christians as the misguided nation and He described the Muslim nation as the best nation with the best Deen. The Islamic verdict on interfaith is that it is an innovation on the Aqeedah (belief) level, it is a call for Kufr (disbelief) and leads to inevitable apostasy from Islam. It violates the sanctity of Allah, His Books, the Messengers and all the previous prophets. It violates the domination and abrogation of the Quran, over whatever was before. It invalidates the finality of the message of Islam and invalidates the Prophethood of the final Messenger Muhammad (peace be upon him). Allah (SWT) says, “The Jews say Uzair is a son of Allah and the Christians call Christ the son of Allah. That is a saying from their mouths; in this they but imitate what the disbelievers of the past used to say. Allah‟s curse be on them: how deluded they are from the truth!” [EMQ 9:30] CONCLUSION The Global Peace and Unity conference is another attempt of the Shaytaan (devil) and his alliance to take the Muslim Ummah away from the pure understanding of Islam and keep them busy in the desires of this life, the haram, kufr and misguidance. We sincerely hope that this article demonstrates how it is clearly forbidden to take part in this unislamic event, and prevents as many Muslims as possible from buying tickets or (if they have already bought them) to tear them up! We also advise everyone to spread this message to their friends and family, on facebook, twitter etc. and let everyone know the corruption of The Global Peace and Unity conference! Allah says, “You are the best nation produced [as an example] for mankind. You enjoin what is right and forbid what is wrong and believe in Allah…” [EMQ 3:110]

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