Sub: Environmental Engineering

Topic : Noise Pollution

Impacts of noise, permissible limits of noise pollution, measurement of noise and control of noise pollution.

1. According to the Noise Pollution (Regulation and Control) Rules, 2000, of the Ministry of Environment and Forests, India, the day time and night time noise level limits in ambient air for residential areas expressed in dB(A) Leq are (A) 50 and 40 (B) 65 and 55 (C) 55 and 45 2. The (D) 75 and 70 pressure used in the 7. 6. The sound pressure level is measured at 5 N/ . Find out the noise level in dB. a) 27.95dB b) 30dB c) 40dB d) 50dB The three-hour day average values in dB are 48, 54,56,52,61 and three-hourly night average values in dB are 36, 42, and 48. What is day equivalent noise level, night equivalent and day-night equivalent noise level. In dB a) 56.29, 44.41, 55.68 b) 55.68, 44.41, 56.29 c) 44.41, 56.29,55.68 d) 44.41, 55.68, 56.29 60dB (A) re: 20MPa noise is accompanied with another 60dB (A) re: 20MPa. What will be the total noise? a) 60dB b) 120dB c) 63dB d) 66dB 50dB (A) noise lasting for 55 minutes is followed by 90dB (A) noise lasting for 5 minutes. What is leg of this noise a) 79.2dB b) 7.92dB c) 80dB d) 8dB the day. What are the average noise levels at the location? a) 74.05dB c) 50dB b) 64.05dB d) 40dB

reference 20μPa 10μPa

determination of sound pressure level is (A) (C) (B) (D) 20db 10db

3. The cumulative noise power distribution curve at a certain location is given below.


The value of L40 is equal to (a) (c) 90 dBA 70 dBA (b) (d) 80 dBA 60 dBA 9.


If the distance from a noise source is doubled, find out the noise levels i.e. noise level will increase by dB.


The noise level at a particular location is 65dB, 70dB and 78dB measured during an hour of

10. 10 decibel(dB) increase in sound level will increase the loudness of sound by a) 2 times b) 5 times c) 10 times d)none


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Sub: Environmental Engineering
11. Noise limit in silence zone as per Indian standard in a day and night in dB(A) a) 50, 45 b) 40, 50 c) 60, 40 d) 70, 40 12. Units of frequency a) Hz b) M c) N 13. I dB= a) bel’s b) c) 1 d)

Topic : Noise Pollution

d) kg

14. Reference scale of sound pressure a) 20 b) 2 c) 20 d) 20 15. The maximum sound level which can be tolerated by human ear is a) 180dB b) 18dB c) 50dB d) 100dB 16. Sound level of jet aircrafts in dB a) 100 b) 120 c) 140 d) 200 17. What is the average of 40, 50,62,72dB re:20MPa a) 60 b) 56 c) 63 d) 70


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