ProMAX Flow archive/test_bahi/hmd

1. —————Add Flow Comment————— 2. —————Add Flow Comment————— 3. SEG—D In !t 4. "esam le/Desam le 5. #eader $al!es 6. Dis% Data &!t !t 7. —————Add Flow Comment————— 8. Dis% Data In !t 9. Interactive S ectral Anal'sis 10. —————Add Flow Comment————— 11. Dis% Data In !t 12. Interactive S ectral Anal'sis
descri t stat!s tma* altstore /0 10 —————Add Flow Comment————— Name Text Value "Processing flow comment:realiser le s ectre !e fre"#ence !e ces files $%A en enle&ant bien s#r les &oi!s" rocessin+ .low .comment Enter comment 20 30 Disk Data Input Name .orei+n label hist ro sorto t ida_o t %e'nam s%e'nam t%e'nam %e'list iterate thdronl' 50 60 Select dataset Pro a+ate in !t .ile histor' -race read o tion Interactive Data Access, Select rimar' trace header entr' Select secondar' trace header entr' Select tertiar' trace header entr' Sort order list .or dataset "ead the data m!lti le times, Process trace headers onl', Text "ead data .rom other lines/s!rve's, "No" "01_RAW_DATA" "Yes " "%ort " "No" "'iel! file $D n#mber " "Recor!ing c(annel n#mber " "No trace (ea!er entr) selecte! " "*+**,*-+*6,*.+-0,-*+-/:1+10*01" "2emor)" "No" "No" Value &!t !t Dataset Filename (ew) or E*istin+) File, "ecord len+th to o!t !t S%i "01_RAW_DATA" "New" 0.0 "16 bit"

com ress -race sam le .ormat

rimar' dis% stora+e, "Yes "

mem_sort Presort in memor' or on dis%,

sr_o tion &verride in !t data4s sam le interval, "No"

time window ta er t' e Percent .t_o tion !nwra show_trace_data show_.or sortin+ and trace label Dis la' the avera+e ower s ectr!m.0.t.or sortin+ and trace label Secondar' header .or the re—FF.0 "No" "None " "Yes " "No" "Yes " "No" "6anning " . Dis la' the re—FF.re8_ran+e in+ Data selection method Dis la' data b' traces or ensembles.comment Enter .lat a!to_.0 .time window Set . -ime) sam le) linear or no hase shi. Text Value "%ingle %#bset" "3nsembles" 1 "'iel! file $D n#mber " "Recor!ing c(annel n#mber" "Yes " "!4 Power " "5inear " +1.erence ower Dis la' the avera+e hase s ectr!m.re8!enc' dis la' ran+es a!tomaticall'. Pre— . ensembles er anal'sis location Primar' header . ensembles between anal'sis locations 1 a!to_ ower_ran+e Set ower dis la' ran+es a!tomaticall'. 90 :0 —————Add Flow Comment————— Name Text Value "Processing flow comment:le client no#s a !eman!er !e mettre en e&i!ence / R_5$N3% ens#ite !e selectionne #ne gamme !e tem s et faire le s ectre !7o# on a c(anger !ans les cles comm s#it regar!er DD$ " rocessin+ .0 "Yes " "Yes " "Yes " (!mber o. Dis la' the selected trace data. ma in+ .Interactive Spectral Analysis Name selection_method an_t' e n!m_ensembles ens_ an_inc rim_%e' sec_%e' show_ave_ ower ower_t' e ower_ma re.*_ ower show_data_ta er ta _t' e ct_.or ower s ectr!m "e. a!to_ hase_ran+e Set hase dis la' ran+es a!tomaticall'. -' e o. (!mber o. scalin+ ._ ower show_ave_ hase shi.time window.or ower s ectr!m -' e o. Dis la' the FX ower s ectr!m. 7nwra the hase s ectr!m.low comment .