Sermon 101

JOHN 5:31-47
When Jesus was in Jerusalem He healed a man who had been sick for 38 years. This brought him into conflict with the religious leaders because Jesus healed the man on the Sabbath !ay. When Jesus called "od His #ather they wanted to kill Him. $isten to the defense of Jesus to the religious leaders%

"If I bear witness of Myself, My witness is not true. 3 !"ere is anot"er w"o

bears witness of Me, an# I $now t"at t"e witness w"i%" He witnesses of Me is true. 33 &ou "a'e sent to Jo"n, an# "e "as borne witness to t"e trut". 34 &et I #o not re%ei'e testi(ony fro( (an, but I say t"ese t"in)s t"at you (ay be sa'e#. 35 He was t"e burnin) an# s"inin) la(*, an# you were willin) for a ti(e to re+oi%e in "is li)"t.

-ut I "a'e a )reater witness t"an Jo"n.s/ for t"e wor$s w"i%" t"e 0at"er "as )i'en

Me to finis"-t"e 'ery wor$s t"at I #o-bear witness of Me, t"at t"e 0at"er "as sent Me. 37 1n# t"e 0at"er Hi(self, w"o sent Me, "as testifie# of Me. &ou "a'e neit"er "ear# His 'oi%e at any ti(e, nor seen His for(. 32 -ut you #o not "a'e His wor# abi#in) in you, be%ause w"o( He sent, Hi( you #o not belie'e. 33 &ou sear%" t"e 4%ri*tures, for in t"e( you t"in$ you "a'e eternal life/ an# t"ese are t"ey w"i%" testify of Me. 45 -ut you are not willin) to %o(e to Me t"at you (ay "a'e life. 41 "I #o not re%ei'e "onor fro( (en. 4 -ut I $now you, t"at you #o not "a'e t"e lo'e of 6o# in you. 43 I "a'e %o(e in My 0at"er.s na(e, an# you #o not re%ei'e Me/ if anot"er %o(es in "is own na(e, "i( you will re%ei'e. 44 How %an you belie'e, w"o re%ei'e

47 -ut if you #o not belie'e "is writin)s. $et us look at these witnesses these testimonies and e*idences. in w"o( you trust. This was foretold in 2saiah 43. 4. an# all fles" s"all see it to)et"er/ for t"e (out" of t"e :O. "ow will you belie'e My wor#s'( (John 5:31-47) Jesus defended Himself before the religious authorities in Jerusalem. 2n 2saiah 30%4% 9!"e )lory of t"e :O. The )ro)het of "od John the son of . $isten to 2saiah 30%4% 9!"e )lory of t"e :O.< .< 5es.8 "as s*o$en.4 identifying himself as the one )re)aring the way of the $ord. you woul# belie'e Me/ for "e wrote about Me. He )resented the testimony of John the son of .& "onor fro( one anot"er. John 1uoted from 2saiah 30%3. Jesus )resented witnesses and e*idences that He was sent by the #ather as +essiah.acharias the )riest had )reached to multitudes of )eo)le. John )re)ared the way of +essiah the glory of the $67!. The religious authorities had sent to him and asked him /Who are you'0 John had told them that he was the *oice of one crying in the wilderness.the witness of the miracles signs.the testimony of the #ather the testimony of the Scri)turesand the writings of +oses. an# #o not see$ t"e "onor t"at comes fro( t"e only 6o#7 45 8o not t"in$ t"at I s"all a%%use you to t"e 0at"er/ t"ere is one w"o a%%uses youMoses. John the )ro)het )roclaimed when Jesus +essiah came% 9-e"ol#= t"e :a(b of 6o# w"o ta$es away t"e sin of t"e worl#=< (John 1:29) 5es Jesus is the sacrifice for sins for transgressions for ini1uity.acharias the )riest. John bore witness to the truth8 Jesus +essiah died for all )eo)le in the world. 0or if you belie'e# Moses.8 s"all be re'eale#.His works.8 s"all be re'eale#.

. 2n !aniel @%&3. When Jesus was ba)ti=ed by John in the Jordan 7i*er "od had said to those )resent to hear 9!"is is My belo'e# 4on.&A "od foretold that +essiah would come before the destruction of Jerusalem and the tem)le by the . (John 5:37). (John 5:36) 5es Jesus did miracles and signs in Jerusalem.icodemus was right. w"o sent Me.< (John 3:2) . The religious authorities knew that *ery well. t"at t"e 0at"er "as sent Me. How tragic for them. He was s)eaking the word of "od to them. Jesus said 9&ou sear%" t"e 4%ri*tures for in t"e( you t"in$ you "a'e eternal life/ an# t"ese are t"ey w"i%" testify of Me. .abbi. :ut they did not belie*e Him. :efore this . They were angry with Jesus because He had 9ust healed a sick man on the Sabbath. How sad. . in w"o( I a( well *lease#. . "as testifie# of Me. This healing which they admitted )ro*ed that Jesus was sent from "od. His witness was 9-e"ol#= t"e :a(b of 6o# w"o ta$es away t"e sin of t"e worl#=< (John 1:29).3 5es John was indeed the burning and shining lamb calling 2srael to re)entance in order to )re)are the way of +essiah in fulfillment of 2saiah 30%3. Will you belie*e him' Jesus +essiah the Son of "od has a greater witness than John. we $now t"at &ou are a tea%"er %o(e fro( 6o#/ for no one %an #o t"ese si)ns t"at &ou #o unless 6o# is wit" "i(.4. Jesus said% 91n# t"e 0at"er Hi(self.< (John 5:39) 5es there are )ro)hecies in the scri)tures which foretold in detail about the +essiah. .< >Matthew 3:17) These religious authorities had not heard but others who were )resent had heard. t"e wor$s w"i%" t"e 0at"er "as )i'en Me to finis"-t"e 'ery wor$s t"at I #o-bear witness of Me. ?lso Jesus was standing before them. Jesus said% 9.icodemus a ruler of the Jews a <harisee had come to Jesus and said /.

2n "enesis &B%3 "od )romised ?braham that in His seed all nations would be blessed. There are more than 300 )ro)hecies about Jesus +essiah which He fulfilled in detail. There are others but listen to what +oses wrote in !euteronomy 18%1A. an# will *ut My wor#s . He was8 2n <salm & "od foretold that His +essiah His Son would ha*e a world wide kingdom.!. He was8 2n <salm 1B%10 "od foretold that +essiah the Holy 6ne would be raised from the dead.1@% 91n# t"e :O. -ut if you #o not belie'e "is writin)s. He does and He is8 5es the scri)tures bear witness of Jesus +essiah.< (John 5:45-47) 5es +oses wrote about Jesus in the first fi*e books of the :ible Ha Torah. I will raise u* for t"e( a @ro*"et li$e you fro( a(on) t"eir bret"ren. He was )ierced8 2n 2saiah 43 "od foretold that His ser*ant +essiah would be an offering for sin.A "od foretold that His Son would be Cing on the throne of !a*id his father. A0.echariah 1&%10 "od foretold that He would be )ierced. 5es He does8 2n 2saiah @%B. you woul# belie'e Me/ for "e wrote about Me. He is8 2n . in w"o( you trust. Will you belie*e in Him' 5es the Hebrew scri)tures bear witness that Jesus is +essiah the Son of "od. A0. 2n "enesis 3@%10 Jacob foretold that +essiah Shiloh would come before the sce)ter de)arted from Judah which ha))ened in ?.!. He was8 2n <salm 110 "od foretold that !a*idDs $ord +essiah would rule and reign and 9udge the nations and also be the High <riest after the order of +elchi=edek. 0or if you belie'e# Moses.8 sai# to (e: >?"at t"ey "a'e s*o$en is )oo#. He is8 2n !aniel @% &B "od foretold that +essiah would be cut off. $isten to Jesus% 98o not t"in$ t"at I s"all a%%use you to t"e 0at"er/ t"ere is one w"o a%%uses you-Moses. "ow will you belie'e My wor#s.3 7omans in ?. The fifth witness of Jesus is +oses. He did8 2n +icah 4%& "od foretold that +essiah would be born in :ethlehem.

Fonfess your faith in Jesus +essiah the Son of "od.< (Deuteronomy 18:17-19).>&E The works. ?men . 5ou can ha*e an eternal home in the hea*enly . 7e)ent of your sins. Turn away from sin. (John 3:5) 5ou will then be in the Cingdom of +essiah. an# He s"all s*ea$ to t"e( all t"at I %o((an# Hi(. Will you belie*e that +oses wrote about +essiah Jesus the )ro)het' 5ou can.miracles of Jesus. :e ba)ti=ed into Him into His death buried with Him through ba)tism into death that 9ust as +essiah was raised from the dead by the glory of the #ather e*en so we also should walk in newness of life. (Romans 6:3-4) 5es you can become a child of "od born again of water and the S)irit.ew Jerusalem. 5ou can ser*e Jesus +essiah as your Cing and Sa*ior. 1n# it s"all be t"at w"oe'er will not "ear My wor#s.>3E the testimony of the #ather "od >3E the Scri)tures >4E +oses. Will you come to Jesus +essiah' Will you seek the honor that comes from "od' Will you be sa*ed' Will you ha*e the lo*e "od within you' 2f you will you can belie*e in Jesus to be +essiah the Son of "od. w"i%" He s*ea$s in My na(e. I will reAuire it of "i(. We ha*e studied fi*e witnesses that Jesus is +essiah the Son of "od% >1E John the <ro)het. 1:13). ( o!.4 in His (out".

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