JUVENTUS PREMIUM MEMBER internAtiOnAL subscription form including the Supporter Card Program

Each part of this form shall be filled in and returned (ALL THE 12 PAGES ATTACHED) to the post office box 1074, Centro Corr. - Via Arsenale 11, 10121 Torino, Italia together whit two passport photos and Identity Card photocopy

£££££ *Name ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ *Surname £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ *Gender M£F£ *Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) ££/££/££££ Country of birth £££££££££££ *Place of birth £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ *Province ££ *Tax Code ££££££££££££££££ *Residence address £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ *Civic number £££££ *Postcode £££££ *Province ££ *City ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ *State ££££££££££££££££ Country ££££££££££££££££ Telephone £££££££££££££££ Mobile umbre ££££££££££ Email ££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££
*Title (Mr./Ms.)
1 2 1 2

*Identity Card Details


Identity Card


Passport n°


issued by ­_________________________________________________

££/££/££££ expiration date ££/££/££££
issued on

To be completed in case the applaier is under eighteen years old: The undersigned, as a parent or guarantor of the above mentioned minor, declares to consent to his/her participation to the program, taking full responsability about it

££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ *Surname £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ *Place of birth £££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££££ *Date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy) ££/££/££££ *Tax Code ££££££££££££££££
*Name uSegnature of the applicant ________________________________________________________________________________
In case of minor, the guarantor shall sign

*Member Code (if you have it already)



1. Personal data entered in these fields will be used only if the consent to their processing has been ticked - see box: “conset to data processing” 2. Should the applicant be under 18 years old, the postal address, the e-mail address and the telephone number will belong to the parent or to the guarantor or will be under their direct control. In this case the consent to the data processing will be signed by the parent or guarantor.

“Juventus Premium Member International” Basic Program . .To have never been convicted. no. no. £agrees £ disagrees to the processing of personal data by the Data Controller for profiling activities and/or marketing studies.Statement of Personal Data): £ agrees £disagrees to the processing of personal data by the Data Controller in order to verify customer satisfaction and/or for the purpose of promoting Data Controller’s products and/or services other than those listed in the Juventus Premium International Member Program signed by the person here concerned.Personal Data Processing Document Annex 2 .Membership Terms and Conditions Annex 3 . 401 (denial of access to places where sports events are held). 6 of the Law dated 13th December 1989. SIGNATURE OF PARENT / GUARDIAN) AUTHORIZATION TO PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING (Art.Stadium Membership Terms and Conditions Annex 4 . text messaging or e-mail.“Juventus Premium Member International” Basic Program . (Presidential Decree) 445/2000. . 23 of Legislative Decree 196/2003) The undersigned (name and surname) ______________________________________ having read the attached file (Attachment 1 . £ agrees £ disagrees to the communication of personal data by the Data Controller to third parties having business relationships / contracts with the Data Controller for promoting their products or services. pursuant to Article 46 of D. The Data Controller shall be allowed to send short notification messages or newsletters.R.Not to be the recipient of measures under Article. CONVICTION AND PENDING PROCEEDINGS: The undersigned.P. being aware of the fact that making false statements shall be punished by the Penal Code (Criminal Law) and special laws. as identified above. or currently be under any accusation of crimes committed during or because of sporting events. about Juventus or products and services offered by Juventus partners. by data co-controllers for purposes of promotion of business initiatives in compliance with the procedures and limitations stated in the present document. Place and Date _______________Signature of applicant: _______________________ (in case of underage. also by automated devices. £ agrees £ disagrees to the processing of personal data by other partner companies involved in the Premium International Member Program. SIGNATURE OF PARENT / GUARDIAN) Attachments to Application Form: Annex 1 .SELF-DECLARATION STATING NO CRIMINAL RECORD.Not to be subjected to the preventive measures provided for in the Law dated 27th December 1956. ______________________. states: .Stadium Member: Terms and Conditions .1423 (preventive measures against people threatening security and public morality). Place and Date __________________Signature of applicant: _________________________________________ (in case of underage.

Personal details may also be processed for additional purposes specified in sections 3 and 4. S. the provided personal data will be transmitted to local police authority in order to ascertain the requirements according to D. headquartered in c.08. 3 promotional activities and/or marketing studies. including monitoring customer satisfaction and/or promoting and proposing new services and/or products. this will ensure that specific requirements will be fulfilled before signing the agreement. providing your agreement signed at the bottom of this document. readable by special systems that are authenticated by means of distinctive credentials at a variable distance. 7. Systems without specific credentials can not detect the card and acquire the identification data. no.2009 (Ministerial Decree). Italy and controller of the handling of personal data. .The data may also be communicated through the use of radio frequency chips. 4 marketing activities. SpA.M. The appointed person responsible for the data processing is the pro tempore Marketing and Sales Manager who is appointed by the Data Controller. Data controller and data processor: The Data Controller is Juventus F.p. Should the applicants enforce their rights under Article no. or even by other partner companies involved in the Convention Program. text messages and newsletters related to Juventus or products and services offered by Juventus partners. would like to inform you that the personal details collection and processing are prerequisite to the contract execution and will allow the issuance of the Juventus Premium international Member Card. This technology is applied to electronic ticketing systems in case the Juventus Premium International Member Card is used to upload digital credentials to access the stadium.A.so Galileo Ferraris 32 – Turin. since data processing is necessary as per managing the relationship and carrying out the operations. 2 contractual purposes: i.PERSONAL DATA PROCESSING DOCUMENT (Fulfillments related to the Legislative Decree dated 30th June 2003. Considering the above mentioned purposes. regulations or EU legislation (specifically we hereby clarify that the “Supporter Card” represents one of the contributory initiatives committed to guarantee the security of football supporters. no authorization is required. and/or sending short information e-mails. Italia. allowing the applicant to be informed about and to be granted services and special terms related to the “Juventus Premium International Members” Affiliation Program. Data processing purposes: The provided personal data will be processed by Juventus for the following purposes: 1 legal purposes: i. to execute the contract.so Galileo Ferraris 32.C. Failing to tick the consent and/or to sign it will be considered a denial. Torino. lower than 10 cm. they can contact the Data Processor by writing to the following address: Corso Galileo Ferraris 32.196) Annex 1 Juventus F. to fulfill obligations under the law. Moreover. This card has the features of “Supporter Card “ (Stadium entry pass). featuring encrypted transmission of identification data loaded in the card (more precisely the numeric codes stored therein). Methods of data processing: The data will be processed primarily by electronic means and in any case in compliance with the minimum protective security and data privacy.555 and D.e. Personal details are required and compulsory in the cases referred to in paragraphs 1 and 2: denial or failure to communicate the details will prevent us from issuing the Juventus Premium International Member Card and prevent you from joining the Juventus Premium International Member Program.e. see Home Office Circular Letter dated 14/08/2009 no.08/02/2007 no.. Should this be the case. The processing will also help “Juventus Premium International Members” enjoy services and special terms dedicated to them only. Italy. Turin.L.C.15.8 (Legislative Decree). by Juventus FC SpA. The final refusal shall not entail any consequence except not being included in statistical and/or profiling analysis or be informed about any marketing initiatives and promotional advertising. located in C.

transformation into an anonymous form or blocking of data processed in violation of the law and in any case to object. Personal data will also be reported to the local police authority to ascertain the requirements of the D. including the record-keeping of personal data (which could have been filed to system or not registered yet). on legitimate grounds. 196/2003 (Legislative Decree) grants applicants certain rights.Lgs. even if collected for marketing purposes. rectification. the intelligible communication of such data. 15/08/2009 (Ministerial Decree) for the purpose of joining the “Supporter Card” Program. The applicant rights: It is important to remind you that Art.M.A. or act as data processors. The aforementioned companies operate independently as co-controllers.Data Communication: Juventus FC S. aims and methods of processing and the logic applied in case of electronic device processing. delivering of advertisements or direct sales. as well as companies providing services/special terms described in the “Juventus Premium International Member” Program. data subjects are entitled to request updating. 7. . Under the aforementioned provision of the law. especially appointed for the sole purpose of conducting services related to the membership card. to the processing of their personal data. D. designated by the company to deliver feedback to applicants. their origins. will communicate personal details to companies whose business is closely related to the issuance of Juventus Premium International International Member Cards. The complete list of data processors is available upon request by the reference Data Processor. integration of data as well as erasure.p.

The Shopping Card activation norms. including: air travel.juventus. 10121 Torino. envisaged by their home country of residence. with Registered Head Offices in Turin. “Club” shall mean Juventus Football Club S. Juventus Channel. VAT n° and Turin Company Register enrolment number 00470470014 while “Member” shall mean everyone registered in the manner defined by the Club and who are then entitled to the Services/ Benefits foreseen in the type of subscription proposed as per item 2. shared and signed separately upon handing in the Membership subscription form.juventus. and send the form and payment receipt to the post office box 1074.Via Arsenale 11. 3. in this case. The randomly picked User will receive the jersey. provided card activation and cash top up which you can carry out by the Shopping Card automated vending machines located all around the Juventus Stadium. and No.com/membership and pay the relative registration fee by credit card. valid for entry into the sector of the Juventus Stadium “231 Comfort Seats”. 4. In any case. 32. the Club will reimburse the fee paid by a Member within 30 days from receipt of data. Issuance of a card called Juventus Premium International Member Card which works also as a Supporter Card. 2 nights (and breakfast) in a 4 stars hotel. for the allocation of a Juventus jersey autographed by a Juventus football player. its use and cost terms will be communicated by Juventus according to the agreements Juventus will settle with the service provider. arising from the fruition of such service will be at their own expense. All costs of services not here mentioned are at the expense of the User. Corso Galileo Ferraris n. 2. etc.season 2013-2014.In the following terms and conditions. g) All Subjects that subscribe within the period from july 1st 2013 to june 30th 2014 will be taking part to a monthly extraction. S. will have access to the allocation between all the other Members subscribed within such date . at home. correct and true. h) All Subjects subscribed within October 31st 2013 and within march 31st 2014. pay by Postal Draft on postal a/c n°81522708. To ensure correct performance of these Services/Benefits. subscriptions made by those persons whom is forbidden the entrance in sportive structures (and/or . the personal data requested must be up to date. Tax ID No. e) access to the dedicated internet site (www. The aforementioned regulations will be available for users to read by the same automated vending machines spread around the Juventus Stadium. Members undertake to this end to update their data communicated in the registration stage in timely fashion. between all the other Members subscribed at such date. whether envisaged by their home country of residence.New customers can register and then can access these Services/Benefits as follows: A) fill out the enrolment form on the site www.juventus. indicating in the description “Juventus Membership Premium International”.Annex 2 Terms and conditions for use of “Juventus Membership Premium International”.p.A. at its sole discretion. b) access to any convention/discounts agreed with project partners. 1. not to accept a subscription from a Member. The winner will be contacted by Juventus FC and. takes act at present time that will have to fulfil any tax liabilities arising from the fruition of such benefit. The Juventus Membership Card can be used as “Shopping Card” to pay for food and beverages by bars and refreshments areas inside the Juventus Stadium (or by other venues/areas which will be specified by Juventus in the future).to an exclusive trip to Turin (Italy) for two people. takes act at present time that any tax liabilities. in compliance with the Home Office regulations (Supporter Card joining terms and use conditions are read. 2 tickets for a match chosen by the Company between any Juventus’ match in Serie A TIM . made out to Juventus FC. Annex 3 well describes the above mentioned terms and regulations). The Club reserves the right. if interested in taking benefit from the opportunity. The winner will be contacted by Juventus FC and. The subscription will offer to the Member the following Servicies/benefits: a) Welcome Pack sent at home. Data will be processed in accordance with the manner as per the notification provided to Members during the registration procedure. ..p. d) access to any competitions and/or events organised by the Club during the year of membership.. B) fill out the enrolment form on the site www. Centro Corr.The Club proposes a type of subscription named “Juventus Membership Premium International”.com/membership) f) possibility of transferring name and surname to the company tools such as Juventus store.com/membership. sent at the expenses of Juventus FC.Services/Benefits as per article 2 will be provided/delivered after ascertainment of effective payment that shall be exclusively made in the manner described above. c) preferential channel during the season tickets campaign and at ticket offices at the Juventus Stadium in Turin. Before the game a guided tour inside the Juventus Stadium will be arranged. if interested in taking benefit from the opportunity.A.

Members are required to uphold the rules of “netiquette” (appropriate conduct while online) such as. 41/2007. the latter merely organises the flow of messages sent by Members. 6.. 5. 14. patents. Members entirely accept every and all responsibility for the contents of messages. Members are not allowed to copy. its representatives. 7. pretext or risk relating to or arising from the use of the Services/Benefits provided by the Club. by way of example but not limited to: know-how. source code. Moreover. actions or messages carried through the Internet from Members to the www.Members expressly acknowledge that the Club is the owner of all intellectual copyrights concerning the Services/ Benefits (including. no type of Service and/or Benefit will be provided to Members. software.com/membership/contact.The Club may not be held in breach of its obligations nor liable for damage due to non-performance of all or part of the Services/Benefits arising from failure or non-operation of the electronic communication system for causes outside the sphere of its foreseeable control. for the behaviour of Members. power cuts. texts and materials they divulge and will be required to waive the Club as regards any claim or pretext by third-parties. 11.The only relationship between the Club and the Member is the one associated with the supply and provision of the Services/Benefits included in the type of subscription as per item 2.the entrance tickets purchase).juventus. natural disasters. The Club offers no warranty that the Services/Benefits meet the requirements of Members. Members may at all times change their password by following the instructions provided by the system at www. software applications. Members undertake to notify the Club immediately using the info box at www. of any request for damages or recourse and to reimburse the Club for every cost arising undertaking pretexts or actions by third-parties against it concerning damage caused by Members or by third parties through the Services/Benefits provided to Members. acknowledging sole liability and undertaking to waive the Club.juventus. without any prior control of such messages and inasmuch both the Moderator and the Club accept no responsibility for the contents enclosed by Members. 8.com/membership site through the implementation of newsgroups. or allow third-parties to do so through the use of the Services/Benefits provided to Members. with the exclusion of every other type of legaleconomic relationship.Every Member will receive a user ID and password. malfunction of computers and other electronic devices (even if not an integral part of the Internet network) malfunction of the software installed by Members (as well as actions by other users or other persons having access to the network). with Premium International regard for data protection standards.Members acknowledge that the Services/Benefits are used at their exclusive risk. the Club acts as a supplier of virtual spaces where some of the Services/Benefits. databases etc.com/membership site envisages a “Moderator”. 9 . The Services/Benefits are provided “as found” and “as available”. texts and materials with a waiver on their part concerning any financial consideration. The Club is not liable. user or otherwise of the communication system. inasmuch. When using any of the Services/Benefits mentioned above. sell. by way of .Enrolment is valid for one year from effective registration and is not tacitly renewed.com/membership. texts and images sent on their part or by third-parties in their name through the Services/ Benefits. grant or transfer to third-parties or create works deriving from any right of the Club. as well as subjects linked to or controlled by it. in any way and for any reason. etc. blogs. Even when one of the services on the www.Members undertake to use the Services/Benefits exclusively for legitimate purposes and as permitted by current legal regulations.juventus. notwithstanding the moral right to be acknowledged as the author. any unauthorised use of their user ID and/or password or every other security infringement which may come to their knowledge. 13. every Member accepts exclusive responsibility for every activity within the scope of the Services/ Benefits and undertakes to waive and hold indemnified the Club in relation to any claim.com/membership site or any other site that may be linked with the Club and inasmuch hereby declines any responsibility in this regard. modify. unavailability of telephone connection lines or other suppliers of network services. employees and any partner of the Club. the possession and use of which is at the sole responsibility of the Member. laws concerning the protection of intellectual and industrial copyright and standards concerning telecommunications. even if not to their knowledge.juventus. notice boards.).As regards to the Juventus Community that will be set up on the www. texts and materials they divulge through the Services/ Benefits provided by the Club. Members are forbidden to re-sell or make any other commercial use of the Services/Benefits provided by the Club. The Club does not enact any vigilance or control of contents. will not be accepted. projects. unless Members renew their subscription through the channels that the Club will make available. assign. by way of example: fires. personal pages. Members. included in the package. The Club assumes authorisation on the part of Members to use images.juventus. At the end of this annual term. will be liable for any infringement whatsoever of third-party rights concerning images.The right of Members to use the Services/Benefits is strictly personal and non-transferable. including. sublicense. even if not to their knowledge. are offered. as well as the data and other materials provided by the Club or in any case made available by it to Members. 10. as per L. 12. and in any case without prejudicing the rights of any third party.Members hereby declare ownership of the rights to use images.

may be used by JUVENTUS FC S.com/membership site any materials or contents protected by industrial copyright of others without authorisation of the owner.A. 8. refraining from divulging inappropriate material.com sites. damaging to the reputation of others or in any case contrary to public order or decency or likely to cause damage or offence to other Members or third-parties. terminate or modify the supply of part or all Services/Benefits at any time by giving an advanced notice of 30 days that will be notified through the official site www. or in a manner likely to cause harassment. through display and distribution of photographs in the www. abusive. Whenever Members do not wish to provide consent for such uses. racist. they should send. chain letters or for unrequested and mass distribution of e-mails. the Club may at any time suspend or interrupt in full or in part the provision of Services/Benefits to Members in the following cases: a) when a Member does not provide updated. 19. together with the enrolment form.p. always using manners and expressions in keeping with standards of educated behaviour. in any way whatsoever. Members express their consent that photographs depicting them. .juventus. obscene or otherwise reprehensible or which may infringe intellectual or industrial copyright or other third-party rights. divulge material that is obscene.com/membership site for legitimate purposes.example: -use the Services/Benefits implemented on the www.com/membership and/or www.A.juventus.Members are not entitled to withdraw from the contract for the supply of Services/Benefits as settled out in Articles 64 and thereafter of the Consumer Code being an agreement for the supply of services related to consumers’ spare time..p.A. controversy or claim arising from the relationship between the member and the Club shall be submitted to the Turin Chamber of Commerce and settled as per the “Regolamento di Conciliazione” adopted by the Turin Chamber of Commerce.juventus. b) when a Member uses the Services/ Benefits for illegal purposes or in a manner that is illicit. upset or damage.juventus.juventus..p.Subscribing the enrolment form. If the parties intend to have recourse to ordinary Judicial Authorities. on the occasion of sporting and/or other events and images sent by Members to JUVENTUS FC S.com/membership site to threaten or molest other Members.A. b) through other communication methods of JUVENTUS FC S. d) when a Member. a written notification to the Juventus Client Service (www. calumnious or defamatory. harassing. as per Article 55. -do not use the Services/Benefits implemented on the www.juventus.. -do not divulge through the Services/ Benefits implemented on the www. exploitation. damaging.p.juventus. shall be considered by the Club an implied consent. threatening.These terms and conditions are subject to substantive Italian law and the Parties agree that any and all disputes. to minors (violence. on the basis of objective elements. that is authorised to eliminate the material thereby notified and to adopt the provisions envisaged by Article 15 and in any case any other remedies envisaged by law.A. -do not use the Services/ Benefits implemented on the www. item 1. is involved in conduct finalised towards active participation in episodes of violence during or because of sporting events or such as to create a risk to public safety during or because of said events.com.juventus. for the following purposes: Advertising and promotional purposes. intending thereby the possibility of using images in a) advertising campaigns of JUVENTUS FC S. taken by JUVENTUS FC S. -do not divulge through the Services/Benefits implemented on the www.com/membership site.com/membership site for commercial and/or advertising purposes.juventus. vulgar. Infringement of the foregoing rules of Netiquette may be notified by any Member to the Club. The lack of communication of such non-consent not provided by Members. such as: HJ|Magazine and any other media developed in the future. at its complete discretion. etc).The Club may.juventus. 16. -respect and uphold the topics inherent to the area of interest of the www. c) when a Member uses the Services/Benefits to transmit or swap viruses. Italy. defamatory. paedophilia. 17.p. complete and true personal data. detrimental to the privacy of others. letter b) of this Code.com/membership site for the foregoing purposes. 18.juventus. 15.com/membership/contact) attesting that they do not consent to the display of their personal images on the www.Without prejudice to the other remedies provided by the law. the competent court of justice shall be the courts and tribunals of Turin. e) when a Member infringes the dispositions of items 6. 9 and 13.com/membership site any information that is confidential or damaging to the privacy of others.

to be announced by Juventus). The rules for activation. the previously mentioned rules will be available to users at the various automatic vending machines inside the Juventus Stadium. the issuing of a “Stadium Member” card too. use and costs linked with shopping card services will be communicated by Juventus based on the agreements that the club will establish with the service provider. the Club will guarantee. The “Stadium Member” card can also be used as a “shopping card” to pay for food & beverages at the bars and restaurants/refreshment areas inside the Juventus Stadium (or at other such areas in the stadium. . in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry of Interior (the subscription terms and usage conditions of this “Stadium Member” Supporter card. following activation and charge of the card. besides the services/benefits identified in the previous Attachment 2. Cardholders can charge their cards at the various shopping card automatic vending machines inside the Juventus Stadium. separately signed for acceptance when submitting the application form. are described in detail in attachment 4).Annex 3 “PREMIUM MEMBER internAtiOnAL” BASIC PROGRAMME “Stadium Member” terms & conditions To those who subscribe to the “PREMIUM MEMBER international” programme. This card comprises the functions of the “Supporter Card”.

• it makes stadium access procedures easier. • the card exempts supporters from specific restrictions that may be imposed for reasons of public order on the event of matches played by Juventus in Italy. it can be loaded with access credentials to sports facilities. • produce a valid identity document (passport or identity card or. 3. 2007. 2009 (Ministerial Decree). The data will be safely transferred to admission ticket sales systems / services / products offered by Juventus FC SpA. The detection of the card happens exclusively in close proximity (in a range of less than 10 cm). no. specific reading devices or. 401. as it is compatible with any sales system adopted by any ticket office issuing admission tickets (upon purchase. What is the Supporter Card? The “ Supporter Card “ is a membership card to join the “Supporter Card Program”.p. even if issued for that purpose. or currently be under any accusation of crimes committed during or because of sporting events. Issuing procedures and reasons for card rejection 3. Supporter Card holders are required to bring along and produce a valid identity card.p. The card allows access to more streamlined sales processes through the transfer of personal data stored in it directly to issuing/release/payment systems.Terms and Conditions The following terms and conditions refer exclusively to the Supporter Cards which Juventus FC S.1 When applying for.Annex 4 “Supporter Card” . These facilitations may be granted only by institutions and authorities responsible for public order and safety.so Galileo Ferraris 32.. or in the Law of 27th December 1956.L. The card in itself is not evidence of having purchased an admission ticket. • in case of impediments arising from computer system checks in compliance with the Home Office Decree dated 15th August 2009. February 8th . art. The card is issued in compliance with the procedures provided by the D.1.A. 8 of the D.M. 2007 no. Special readers authenticate the processing using specific credentials. allowing the holder to enter through turnstiles. applicants shall: • fill in and sign the form addressed to Juventus FC S. Systems without specific credentials can not detect the card and acquire identification data. Italy is responsible for. This does not prevent the possibility of being subjected to additional security checks and of being asked (and the obligation to comply with) to produce a valid identity card. 8. if requested). It helps the holder to easily purchase admission tickets for the “guests” sectors during national games and/or high-risk matches. 2.. 1. In fact. • self-certify that they are not recipients of the measures referred to in Article 6 of Law 13th December 1989. 1423. when failing to show or producing incomplete documentation required by sub. ticket offices and all companies enjoying a set agreement with Juventus. namely: • people currently undergoing DASPO (that is prohibition to enter any sports events) or one of the measures reported by . will confirm the possibility to benefit from it. 41. no. this pass is valid in any stadium and grants fans the following benefits: • it facilitates the purchase of admission tickets. should any technological equipment be unavailable. cards feature a personal data storage system which retains all the details stated when submitting the Application Form. The Supporter Card is the only evidence to be entitled to participate to the “Supporter Card Program”.A. or to have never been convicted. if any. solely for children under 14 years old. Health Insurance Card). Cards grant their holders all the basic services of the above mentioned program. both at home and away. This program is one of the special terms referred to in Article. 3. • commit to comply with the Code of Ethics by signing the proper document. (Law Decree) enacted into law dated April 4th. 3. Data will also be transferred to admission check systems upon entering the stadium where the event will take place or the service will be purchased. no. appropriate paperwork.2 The Supporter Card cannot be temporarily released in the following cases: • upon application.C. August 15th . Features of the chip and methods of use This card features a radio frequency chip which enables encrypted data transmission. since it can also be used to verify that the ticket matches the holder (Supporter Card holders are required to bring along and produce a valid identity card if requested by Stewards or Police officers). Turin. • As a digital device.

that is the customer closest place of residence or domicile. the competent Court is that in Turin.1423 27/12/56 (the so called prevention measures).p. or is subsequently cancelled for the reasons above mentioned. in the manner provided by the Home Office Decree dated15th August 2009. including security measures for the protection of personal data. Provided personal data will be processed by Juventus FC S. where it qualifies as a consumer under Law. under the operations described in paragraph 1. the DASPO time is taken off the 5-year period of card denial. In case of acquittal or DASPO measure amendment. unless other prevention measures are in force.A opinion. If the supporter has already suffered from DASPO (that is prohibition to enter any sports events). 4. The card will immediately be up and running by the time of its release/delivery until the expiry date printed on it. by sports clubs and treated for the mere purposes of the program. For the same purposes.Personal Data Processing Document). 206/2005.A. 5. to exclude from the program (resulting in the cancellation of all the “Supporter Card” features and any privileges associated with it) the following people: • supporters who. in the Juventus F. the provided data may be processed by other sports clubs who you might ask for a ticket. S. . 3. No authorization is required for processing data in the “The Supporter Card Program”. Juventus FC shall have the sole obligation to inform the applicant/holder about the issuance rejection/erasure of the card without further and more specific explanations. even in case of first degree convictions (the rejection lasting 5 years). 6.3. personal data can be transmitted to Law Enforcement agencies and or third parties responsible for the IT ticketing services management. including during the transfer stages on the event of matches away. 401. 3. The impediments’ assessment is carried out by reporting personal details to police headquarters. with reference to the same episode. no.Law no. interpretation.C. or police or partners reports. that is to say the crime report or the conviction.p. for crimes committed during or because of sporting events. 3. including pending sentences. data processor would like to inform you that the data collection and processing are required so to manage the participation of supporters to “The Supporter Card Program”. the impediments are to be considered immediately forfeited.C. since data processing is necessary as per managing the relationship and carrying out the operations. subject to any cancellation and invalidation on the grounds mentioned in sub art.4 If the card is not issued for lack of any of the above requirements. application. have failed to behave in accordance with the rules of the “Code of Ethics” which has been adopted pursuant to the National Observatory on Sports Events directives.3 The customer accepts the indisputable right of Juventus FC S. no. SpA.A. or pursuant to the Law of 27th December 1956. Please note that. Validity of the card The card is valid until the expiry date printed at its back. Personal Data Processing Document Juventus F. Any dispute concerning the validity. In case the above mentioned impediments intervene at a later time from card release.p. • supporters liable for breaching regulations governing the use of sports facilities. for the purposes and under the conditions in the attached document (Attachment 1 . If either party appeals to ordinary judicial authorities. • supporters charged with established measures under Article 6 of Law dated 13th December 1989. Governing Law and Jurisdiction The terms and conditions regarding the use of the Supporter Card are governed by Italian laws. or • people who have been found guilty of stadium crimes. 1423. execution and termination of these Conditions and of the contract between the customer and Juventus will be submitted to the Chamber of Commerce of Turin and settled under the Rules of Conciliation adopted by the latter. Personal data will be preserved for the time prescribed by law. No. the Supporter Card will be invalidated.

Place and Date ______________________________Signature: ____________________________________ (IN CASE OF UNDERAGE. 3.The undersigned (name and surname) ___________________ certifies having read and received a copy of the above mentioned Supporter Card Terms and Conditions and having nothing to oppose Place and Date ______________________________Signature:____________________________________ (IN CASE OF UNDERAGE. 1341 of the Civil Code. SIGNATURE OF PARENT / GUARDIAN) . the undersigned specifically endorses the art. SIGNATURE OF PARENT / GUARDIAN) Under the provisions of art.

in the case of underage. In this way you get a photo properly centred. NO driving license) whose details will be reported in the application form. the document must be the guarantor’s • Tax Code • Receipt of payment (a duplicate copy should be kept as purchase evidence) V.J1 . which is neither ‘too’ close ‘ nor ‘ too far Duplicate documents in attachment • Valid applicant identity document (ID card or passport.Section 2: passport photos Passport photo (general characteristics) • The submitted photos must be identical to one another • The photo must be recent (not more than six months old) and in colours • The size of the photograph must be 50 mm high by 40 mm wide (standard passport photo) • The photo should not be written and must not be damaged • Photographs must be printed on paper with high quality and resolution • The background must be clear and even • The photo must portray the person only. featuring no other objects or people • The photo must show the entire top of the head and shoulders.