Title: Advanced Geometry Author name: Harish Chandra Rajpoot (in short H. C. Rajpoot).

Blurb: This book deals mainly with the analysis of solid angle which makes it
unique one. It provides a thorough analysis in an easy-to-read style. It analyses, systematically & logically all the concepts of article & their applications to enable the learners to comprehend the subject with ease. So far, the article of solid angle needed to be improved in order to put it in the practice for case-studies & engineering applications. The articles discussed in this book deal with the analysis of 2-D & 3-D figures in Geometry which have wide applications in the fields of photometry as well as radiometry. The main objective of writing this book is to provide information to the learners of higher education as B. Tech, B.Sc., educators, Academicians and to put the important articles in the practice in order to make their uses for advanced-studies & engineering applications in photometry, space science & radiometry as far as it’s possible. It deals with chapter-wise exercise of numerical problems both solved & unsolved which are the key features, signifying the uses of articles dealt with in this book. The best attempts have been made by me in order to make this book error-free & user-friendly by ironing out the errors which came to my notice.

Salient Features of book:
1. A new theory with basic fundamentals of applied mathematics & physics 2. Solved examples of numerical problems 3. Chapter wise summary & long exercise &
4. Wide applications of solid angle in Geometry, Photometry/Radiometry & Space science.

Note: I hereby claim that all the articles in the book are created & rest are modified by
me. H.C. Rajpoot

Author Bio/photo:

I am a B. Tech. student of Mechanical engineering (final year) studying at Madan Mohan Malaviya Engineering College, Gorakhpur (U. P.). I did my high school from D.A.V. Inter College, Mahoba (U. P.) & Intermediate from Oxford Model Inter College, Syam Nagar, Kanpur (U. P.). After a long & deep study, I could complete this book written on my interesting subject “Advanced Geometry”. I offer my great sense of gratitude to my parents & elder brother M r. Chandra Shekhar Rajpoot who always, inspired, encouraged, helped & have been showering their blessings on me. Also, I am thankful to all my teachers specially M r. Upendra sir, a teacher of physics, who not only taught & guided but also helped me with all the aspects in my studies & inspired me to do something different in the field of education. He had been my best guide & directed me for such a work. Hoping my work will be useful for others & wishing my readers a profitable & enjoyable journey through this book.

Dedicated to

My loving parents