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Nipacide P 430

Fungicide for sawn pinus radiata timber of specific action against stain fungi and moulds.

Concentrated suspension of carbendazim

Characteristics *)
Aspect White to beige liquid suspension Density 20°C 1,16 g/ml Active content 5 gr/! Carbendazim

Stora!e sta ility
&n sealed containers, '&()C&$* ( +, can be stored during one %ear. We recommend that '&()C&$* ( +, containers are protected from e"treme temperatures and the e"posure to direct sunlight.

pH ( 10% in water ) appro". #

Solu ility in water $ispersible at an% proportion

*) These characteristics are for guidance only and not to be taken as product specifications. The tolerances are given in the product specification sheet. For further product properties, specifications, safety and ecological data, please refer to the MSDS.

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Clariant Colorquimica (Chile) Ltda. BU Industrial & Consumer Specialties Santiago

)fter impregnation. The $uality of our products is guaranteed under our %eneral &onditions of Sale. the 0olumetric anal%sis s%stem pro0ided must be used./ 0/0 suspension dissol0e . "ny e#isting industrial property rights must be observed. 7he use of submerged heli" agitators is recommended. . for stic6 arrangement pac6ages and 14 sec. &n order to 6eep the acti0e ingredient homogeneousl% suspended. &t is ad0isable to remo0e periodicall% the sawdust accumulated in impregnation baths in order to pre0ent it for absorbing acti0e material from solution. wood should be air dried from 1 to . :nder high humidit% and low temperature conditions. >ersion= 1 ? '*'. is applied b% non-pressure processes that is dipping. is used together with '&()C&$* ( 4+ and '&()C&$* ( 5 4 in one impregnation bath in order to obtain lumber protection against all common deca% fungi and moulds. <afet% goggles and protecti0e glo0es should therefore be worn when handling the product. in 33. 1. . directl% to the '&()C&$* ( 5 4 solution5 the amount of product should be e"actl% measured before adding it to the solution. da%s and with rain protection. preferabl%.#. to obtain a . *. $ % &e!istere' (ra'emar) y Clariant (rinting date= 1+-11-.. Dippin! We recommend to full% dip the plan6s in the impregnation bath for at least # seconds. We recommend adding '&()C&$* ( +. liters of '&()C&$* ( +.. ma% cause irritation to s6in and mucous membranes. For such purposes. feet2.'&()C&$* ( +. steeping or spra%ing of an aqueous suspension of the fungicide. which should be abo0e ./ 0/0 1 0olumetric ratio 2.n prolonged contact '&()C&$* ( +. ranges between . in order to fi" the fungicide. since the surfactants present in '&()C&$* ( 5 4 will produce e"cessi0e foaming. )ir in8ection is not ad0isable. 6 .. it must be longer. Therefore !t should not be construed as guaranteeing specific properties of the products described or their suitability for a particular application.. This information is based on our present state of kno ledge and is intended to provide general notes on our products and their uses.. Concentration of use of '&()C&$* ( +.. Sa#ety precautions .g. and . Further information is gi0en in the safet% data sheet which is a0ailable on request. Steepin! We recommend to full% dip the plan6s pac6age for a period not lower than 3 sec. liters per m" of wood 15 ml of solution per inch of plan6s 9 1 inch " 1 inches " 1. it is necessar% to ensure a proper tan6 agitation. &mmersion time of freshl% sawn timber must ensure a proper retention of the fungicide on the wood. under roof conditions. '&()C&$* ( +. for plan6 pac6ages without stic6 arrangement. 7he concentration of the steeping bath should be controlled and regularl% ad8usted to 6eep a constant concentration of the fungicide.4 liters of water.

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