Recylicing of “Grey water”

Project Report for the course Environmental Studies for Mechanical Engineers (ME3003) Submitted in partial fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the degree of achelor of !echnolog" in Production Engineering by S#$EE% E&&# (Roll No: ''0'(3PE, Semester: 5) %)&#S &*M#R (Roll No: ''0+(+PE, Semester: 5)
-)S#M*.EE- & & (Roll No: ''0/0+PE, Semester: 5) M#-) 1*S1#- (Roll No: ''0234PE, Semester: 5) # 1)S1E& 51#-.#- (Roll No: ''0034PE, Semester: 5)

and R#$EES1 5 P (Roll No: ''0/0(PE, Semester: 5)

Department of Mechanical Engineering NATI NA! INSTIT"TE # TE$%N ! &', $A!I$"T no(em)er *+,-

r7 $#8. (&2ide). Department of Mechanical Engineering. in partial f2lfillment of the re32irements for the a5ard of the achelor of !echnolog" in Mechanical Engineering from -ational )nstitute of !echnolog". -)S#M*. National Institute of echnology. s2per(ision.5ER!)6)5#!E This is to certif. M#-) 1*S1#. !alicut "lace: NIT.1EE. 5alicut and this 5or6 has not )een s2)mitted else5here for the a5ard of a degree4 .(Roll No: ''0034PE) and R#$EES1 57P (Roll No: ''0/0+PE) 2nder m. that the report entitled /RE$'$!IN& Engineers (ME3003)) ).EES1# !. $alic2t Date: .. .& & (Roll No: ''0234PE)4 # 1)S1E& 51#-. %)&#S &*M#R (Roll No: the Project done (to f2lfill the re32irements of the co2rse Environmental Studies for Mechanical ''0/0+PE). S#-$EE% E&&# (Roll No: ''0+(+PE).#. 5alicut .- Professor and *+.(Roll No: degree of # &RE' 0ATER1 is a )onafide record of ''0+(+PE).epartment of Mechanical Engineering. -ational )nstitute of !echnolog".

We would also like to thank all the members of mechanical department for their cooperation and help at various stages of this project work. !ours sincerely "ikas #umar $anjeev %kka Manibhushan &bhishek 'handan (isamudeen # # )ajeesh ' * . Anand Sir for giving us an opportunity to do this project work and providing us all support and guidance which made us to complete it on the time.8EME-T The success and final outcome of this project required a lot guidance and assistance from many people I am extremely fortunate to have got this all along the completition of our project work. Whatever I have done is due to such guidance and assistance I would not forget to thank them. JAGADEESHA T who took keen interest on our project and guided us all along till the completion of our project by his valuable guidance and constant encouragement.E. We are extremely grateful to him for providing such nice support and guidance Though he is busy in own work. We respect and thank Mr. We wish good luck to all the members of the shop.#5&-9:. We owe our profound gratitude to our project guide Assistant Prof.

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